[Pictorial] Tamia Liu Models New Spring Officewear

By on March 29, 2018 in NEWS

[Pictorial] Tamia Liu Models New Spring Officewear

Mainland Chinese actress Tamia Liu (劉濤), has always been known for her strength in character. One year after her marriage, Tamia’s husband’s business ran into financial trouble and was on the brink of bankruptcy. The 39-year-old Nirvana in Fire star <瑯琊榜> returned to acting to help pay bills and has stood by her husband’s side, through wealth and poverty. In the April issue of LOfficiel Hommes, Tamia models the latest spring trends in officewear, fashions that are feminine and strong at the same time. 

Source: Sina.com

7 comments to [Pictorial] Tamia Liu Models New Spring Officewear

  1. coralie says:

    I really enjoy Tamia Liu’s singing. She’s a great songstress despite her acting roots.

    I think she’s a very strong, good woman, but to get praised constantly for not abandoning her husband when he went through near bankruptcy is lowering the standard for all women. Marriage is for better or worse, for both men and women.

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @coralie Tania Liu deserves praise for sticking with her husband through his financial crisis. Many high profile marriages fall apart when there is a sudden decline in the finance of one of the partners, especially if that partner is the man. Add the fact that Asian men will walk away from the marriage because of their Pride. Tamia was s tree ring and loving enough to help her husband when he needed her the most. He in turn was wise enough to let her be an equal partner in time of need. That is what marriage is all about. Not stupid pride getting in the way. Due to Tamia helping her hubby, he is back on his feet again, financially.

      Also, a lot of women in her position would’ve left, cause they care about what society thinks of them. They also feel ashamed of what is happening so they’ll leave. Friends and family members also encourage them to leave. Yes, Tania truly deserves the accolades for staying for better , for poorer.

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      • coralie replied:

        @bubbletea this I disagree with. I think her story is very heartwarming and very sweet. but that’s what marriage should be about. supporting each other in times of need. it’s a great example of what a marriage should look like, but when people tout it on a pedestal…it’s crushing because it seems like they’re saying it’s so rare (and maybe it is.) not to mention they bring this up about her every time. this does not need to be reiterated constantly.

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      • msxie0714 replied:

        Bringing the subject up constantly is probably due to the rarity of such loyalty in marriage. It wouldn’t be newsworthy if it were a common occurrence.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    i think this pictorial is pretty laughable. given her skinny frame. i believe that she probably works out but given her frame at this age, it’s more likely most of the effort is starving herself rather than working out. girls who workout don’t look like this no matter what age…. look at the new lara croft.

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  3. mangotango says:

    Tamia has always been skinny.

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  4. littlefish says:

    Has no problem about her frame, so what if she starved herself or exercise to keep herself thin, some feels empowered by how they look, might not be healthy, but as long as she’s not anorexic, it’s all good. Plus it’s in her job requirements to be skinny and beautiful.

    My problem is gym equipment is not the office >_> the pictorials are like to look good in these, go to the gym! And I don’t see Tamia’s Normal face structure, the makeup just make she look like any model with heavy makeup, and she’s one beautiful actress

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