Plastic Surgery Fail: Zheng Shuang’s Apples of the Cheeks Are U-Shaped

Mainland actress Zheng Shuang (郑爽) won the hearts of many with her pure image in the 2009 hit, Meteor Shower <一起來看流星雨>. After she gained recognition, she was repeatedly speculated for having underwent cosmetic surgery. In 2013, the 27-year-old admitted to the rumors, and said she wanted a change. Despite publicly sharing that, she continued to stardom with her role in the 2016 Chinese drama, Love O2O <微微一笑很倾城>, and was praised as a goddess. However, a Weibo blogger with over seven million fans uploaded a couple of unedited photos of Zheng Shuang at an event recently to point out her plastic surgery failure.

In the images, Zheng Shuang was dressed casually in black from head to toe. Her light make up caused her face to look sallow and her usual youthful aura was not present. Many netizens slammed her for attending the event in such casualwear and said she looked sloppy. But others were more concerned about the actress’ facial features. Not only did her nose appear lopsided but the apples of her cheeks also created a U-shape. On top of that, there were signs of sagging. Scared netizens said the goddess is broken.

The blogger who posted the photos believes there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but Zheng Shuang’s face shape and features do not match. The social media user said Zheng Shuang destroyed the proportion of her original features after she “opened” her eyes. In addition, the removal of the rhinoplasty in her nose caused it to collapse.

After seeing the recent photos, netizens commented that “she should regret it in her heart,” “ this nose is too strange,” “like a witch,” “she has no features now,” and so on.

Source: Hk01

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  1. I thought she was so pretty in Love 020. I didn’t know that was already a new face. She is hardly recognizable now! She looks terrible. The plastic surgeon should be fired and sued for ruining a pretty face!!

  2. She started getting PS at her early 20s which is not necessary at all. I know celebrity depends upon their looks but she is beautiful and young to begin with, she can have it when she reach around 40s….Too young to have PS cause her facial structures still changing and if she keeps getting more PS she will looks like MJ…

    1. @niangniang
      i think she admitted to it b/c of a failed relationship. she thought she wasn’t pretty enough and that was why the relationship ended. it’s sad that people would blame their looks as suppose to what they did or personality traits that caused the breakup.

      1. @m0m0 For that ZH guy right? Please!! He’s not even that attractive in the first place? haha Lol…I don’t understand women esp already good looking beautiful women. Why would you change your face for a guy? No matter how pretty/unattractive you are they are bound to be bored eventually. It’s human nature. Sigh…. She was/is so cute before. I don’t watch any of her shows so I am not sure how much she really changed but I just saw clips of her outburst on that reality show JS posted on here and I thought her behavior was really odd not even looking at her face. LOL haha….Like she was on drugs for that kinda of outburst over a game?

      2. @wm2017
        i thnk many ppl suspected that she took drugs too and her behavior was odd. i am surprised that she’s still getting work

      3. @m0m0 I guess suspecting and catching them doing it are totally 2 different things. I mean I thought China puts a big emphasis on such issues? Guess not. I remember that Fahreheit dude forgot his name was shocked. lol…haha.. I was too when you look her face, she’s got this cute girl next door sweetness who knew. Just her mannerism, aura & outburst was odd that day. Since she’s still getting so many roles guess they never pay attention to that crazy episode of hers.

  3. I think she got the derma fillers injection not PS nowadays ppl dont really have to go under the knife for beauty of the face one needle is all you need

  4. i didn’t know cheek implants was a thing. too funny, if people didn’t point out her cheeks, i’d thought it was just natural.

  5. I saw her in “Yan Yuan De Dan Sheng” and thought that she was the most good-looking Chinese lady I have ever seen!

    1. @linda but I was watching the show with my family on our big TV, and bigger screens make “already good-looking” people look WAY better!

  6. I thought her cheeks resemble the Singaporean Fann Wong at one point. Those were quite “in” a few years back. But it definitely looks overdone.

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