Ruco Chan Apologizes for Phoebe Sin’s Mistake

The Hong Kong entertainment industry has been filled with many happy announcements of pregnancies and births recently. At Grace Chan’s (陳凱琳) baby shower last week, Ruco Chan‘s (陳展鵬) wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) received some backlash from fans for revealing Grace’s baby gender on social media before the host herself. As it was Grace’s special moment, netizens felt the news should have been announced by Grace instead.

Although Phoebe has already apologized on Instagram that in her excitement she made the post too quickly, Ruco was also asked to comment on the incident. Standing up for his wife, Ruco said, “She was a little upset yesterday, but she had already notified Grace beforehand and gotten her permission before posting. Grace was also the one who gave her the proper hashtags to use. After Grace got calls from the media, she called my wife immediately to communicate so their friendship is not affected at all.”

As both Phoebe and Grace had babies the same year and are now working as social influencers, they became quite close. Understanding the unspoken rules of social media where you need someone’s approval first before posting a photo of someone, Ruco believes that this is just a small issue between Phoebe and Grace. He declared, “I told my wife that if she did something wrong, then she must admit to it. If it is a misunderstanding, then she must explain herself. If anything goes wrong, I will take care of it. She is my wife, so it is my responsibility to teach her.”

Currently filming Super Emissary <超能使者>, Ruco is surrounded by fathers on the set. After co-star Joel Chan (陳山聰) welcomed a baby boy, Ruco exclaimed that he has prepared a large red pocket for the baby and hopes that he will grow up healthy. He joked that he should form a daddy group because all male actors on the set are already fathers, with the exception of Sammy Sum (沈震軒). Due to the pandemic, Ruco he does not plan on sending his daughter to a playgroup but is preparing for her entrance into the school system.


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It’s Going to Be Another Boy for Grace Chan!

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  1. Something I find a little disturbing is how all these older men in may-december relationships always sound a little…patronizing when they discuss their wives.

    Like Kevin Cheng recently mentioned Grace Chan is “old enough to make decisions of her own.” And now Ruco says, “it is my responsibility to teach her.”

    Is it just me?

    1. @coralie Yup I noticed that too. Could be pretty much why they chose to marry women much younger than them; wanted to ‘guide’ their wives and wanted their wives to look up to them.

      1. @boomer I think Ruco does this a lot. He’s always like oh I have to teach her this or that. It just sounds like he doesn’t see her as an equal. It seems like most tvb couples have a huge age gap between the older guy. Kevin, Ruco, Ben, Kenneth.

    2. @coralie I agree. On one hand, he does say he respects her decision to work but then this teaching thing is patronizing. These women aren’t children.

    3. @coralie Nope, not just you! I came here to say the same thing re “She is my wife, so it is my responsibility to teach her.” What era are we living in?? If he replaced “wife” with “daughter” then that’s totally fine! I think this Ruco guy is way more patronizing than Kevin.

    4. @coralie They gotta learn from Moses on how to talk about the wife in public lol Kevin and Ruco sounds like they are living in the 1940s.

    5. @coralie I heard the alarm bells go off in my head when I read that part and was glad to come to the comments to see everyone also found it disturbing!

  2. Protective vs patronizing
    “I trust him/her” vs “I’ll teach him/her”
    “Everyone makes mistakes” vs “She’s/he’s inexperienced”
    “She/he will learn or do better next time” vs “I’ll teach him/her”

  3. Wha-what? “It is my responsibility to teach her?” That does not sound right AT ALL. If my SO said that about me, I would not tolerate that type of patronage, period.

  4. so what if she posted first, big deal. If grace did not post until next week, then many people would have posted before her.

    1. @meilin I agree, Grace has clarified it was okay and it was a happy thing, no need to worry. Unless it’s a engagement or pregnancy announcement then it would be horrible for a friend to announce first. But gender reveals mean close to nothing; I believe Grace revealed it a day later too, no biggie.

      1. @jcc10 I just went to see her post, she didn’t even reveal gender. If the media is talking about her IG stories then… aren’t those “instant” on Instagram anyways? who has time to record and then repost on IG stories…-.-

  5. @coralie I felt that way too immediately after reading the article. Very patronizing. I don’t feel that way so much with Kevin Cheng but definitely with Ruco. I feel like Ruco is very alpha-male, in Chinese, 大男人。It’s a very traditional and old fashioned mindset. Like she is my woman. Therefore I have to teach her how to behave. Very old school. While I like a man that takes charge but we are in a modern era. Be a man that protect your wife and family, yes, but also respect her as an individual and as your equal.

    1. @gnomageddon

      I didn’t follow all Kevin and Grace’s news. But, from the little I read, I also don’t feel Kevin is patronizing towards Grace.
      I remember reading one news where Grace came out to public 2 weeks after giving birth. Reporter asked Kevin about it, and Kevin replied that he did give Grace’s advice, but, he respects her decision. Confinement is a huge thing. It affects the future health of the mother. But, he still respected her decision to come out because it’s her body.
      So, I don’t think Kevin is 大男人. But, Ruco is. Not only by speech, he even did it in front of camera. In one episode of Beautiful Cooking 3, Ruco was one of the guests there to taste the food and Phoebe was one of the many cooking apprentices. Phoebe was cooking her dish and Ruco kept on giving her instructions. Eh, even the celebrity chef there didn’t do that.

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