Sammi Cheng Moves Out of Love Nest

Singer and actress Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), 46, received a major revelation when her 51-year-old husband Andy Hui‘s (許志安) infidelity was exposed. Caught red-handed cheating inside a taxi with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), 30, Andy apologized to his wife and their families in a press conference almost immediately afterward. Since then, Jacqueline has admitted to her wrongdoings on Instagram and her boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明), 45, has also spoken up. However, Sammi has yet to break her silence. Thus, friends and fans are concerned about the singer and worried that her depression would relapse.

Sammi reportedly moved out of her love nest in Repulse Bay to calm down after no longer able to face Andy. Since the cheating scandal blew up, the star’s emotions are on the verge of collapsing. Despite being accompanied by her family, Sammi is closing herself off – refusing to see anyone, answer her phone, and even sleep. Her family is extremely worried, and good friend Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) is also concerned about Sammi’s state of mind.

In the past, Sammi said she was able to get out of her depression thanks to her faith. On top of that, her obsession with working out in the past few years allowed her to release endorphins that would contribute to her happiness and help ward off depression. However, she was forced to suspend her active lifestyle earlier when her knee got inflamed. At one point, the celebrity required crutches to walk, causing her to be bored and unhappy. Originally, she was nearing recovery, but then news broke that her husband had an affair.

In light of recent events, Sammi’s record company temporarily halted her work, hoping to give her enough space to rest. Her record company said they don’t have a comment on the status of Sammi’s wellbeing for now. As for Andy’s management company, a representative said there are no updates from Andy yet.

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    1. At least they don’t have any children together, which makes a divorce/separation a lot less complicated (albeit, not any less painful), should she decide to go that route.

  1. Hope her family and close friends will look after her, Sammy might look tough but inside she sensitive and can break down any moments. This is shocking especially from the man she loved for so many years.

  2. If it weren’t for the painful memories, Andy should be the one moving out, not Sammi. I hope she has good support.

    1. @jjwong aw, the rest of my response got wiped out… i said something that heart goes out to Sammi. Hope her faith, friends and family are there and support her through this. Hope she allows to be help and let them help and not shutdown. Add oil!

  3. Paco just announced that Andy’s HK Coliseum concert originally scheduled for September has been cancelled. Not sure about Sammi’s concert, scheduled for July, which she has been prepping for since early this year. To be honest, if working will help her heal and take her mind off the pain of what happened, it might even be better to immerse herself in her work so she isn’t left alone with her thoughts. Whatever she decides to do though, I know all of HK will continue to be behind her. Stay strong, Sammi! Praying for you!

  4. I hate that Sammi and Kenneth are suffering when it was Andy and Jacqueline’s wrong. Really hope that she has a good support system to help her through this. Getting cheated on is already tough to handle with prior history of depression but to be such a famous person and to have all this dirty laundry aired out must be way worse :'(

  5. I am not making any excuses for indiscreations of Andy Hui, as full stop, what happened was totally wrong and unexcusible, however, it takes two to have a marriage and i think, even though i really like Sammi, i think she does put her career in the top spot of her life and places so much pressure on herself that being married to her is probably not an easy thing to be in. Whether it was a joint decision not to have children but yes its a good thing they do not have any children, but then is it a good thing??? Was the career put first before family?? I am very surprised with Andy Hui’s nativity to think that someone who is so high profiled and being married to someone so high profiled he wouldnt get caught. As for the taxi driver who had the recording, could he or the taxi company be treading on privacy laws, as the camera are there i suppose for their safety rather than spying on passengers??? As for Jacqueline, i think she will really need to think hard and long about her future and the people she has hurt in her part of this. I do not think Sammi will divorce Andy Hui as they have been together for a long time, however it will take a very long time to even get to step one of repairing the damage. I think they both need to take time out together and assess their marriage and work out what has obviously broken down, hopefully they can find a way out in order to mend this, as walking away and divorcing is just so easy. As for her mental state, if she is not willing to seek help, there is very little anyone can do other than be at her side and wait for her to ask for help. Andy is a very talented artist and hope this does not end his career, as it would be a waste. The fact that he has admitted and apologised, even though some may say its only because he got caught thats why he has done it, but he has done what he had to do in public, he now has to do everything he can in private and earn back the trust and love he has for his wife first and foremost if he wants that or if she wants him, as for the both of them, popularity only last as long as the public want to see or hear you, but your family they are there for life and worth a life time to fight for them.

    1. @shorty 100% disagree any finger pointing to Sammi. I’m not her fan honestly. Even if this happens to any other random couple, regardless how broken a marriage is, one should be an adult enough to properly end it BEFORE getting intimate (physically or emotionally) with anyone else. If you’re THAT miserable in a marriage, then gtfo. Don’t use the-woo-me-my-partner-doesnt-give-me-a-time-of-the-day as an excuse to wander. It’s a piss-poor one.

      I do agree the taxi driver recording is creepy and shouldn’t be use like this even if it’s to expose a cheating scandal.

      To a point, I also agree an artist’s career shouldn’t be impact by their personal life. However, if the public dooms JW career due to this, it’s only sweet justice that Andy’s one is over too. But as many had said, his career will bounce back eventually because 1) he is more established and 2) he is a male.

      One more random point to add, if TVB can provide a script for KM to response, they can provide a script for JW facing the public. But ofc they won’t. They always choose a cowardice way for the female and be subs about it, which 99% backfires.

    2. @shorty I dont think having stayed together for a long time automatically warrants the need to keep staying together. The question would be, If they have stayed together so long and the love is so precious, why would Andy Hui have done what he did? If he’s willing to have a small fling for momentary satisfaction, then what value does that love hold, no matter how long term? The years together basically have not meant enough for him to resist fickle temptation.

      Tired of women always having to give the men second chances and then the guy ends up cheating again anyway.

      I know most think she would probably forgive him based on her faith and the years together. Personally I hope she divorces his ass.

    3. @shorty though I agree it takes 2 for a marriage but that is NEVER an excuse to cheat on your partner. This is morale. Imagine the hurt it puts not just on your partner but also on both immediate family.

      Yes you can be tired of your partner. Love can come and go. When there’s no more love, be civilise and get a divorce, not flirting around and get into another relationship just because your partner doesn’t excites you anymore.

      When a woman puts career as her priority, people say she’s neglecting the family or the marriage. When men puts career as his priority everyone praise such a dedicated man. Life isn’t fair.

      Furthermore, I don’t see how Sammi is just all about work and not family.

      1. @cassiemissy Aye, the danger of finger pointing back at the victim because there must have been something wrong with the marriage is not how affairs should be seen. I agree, the option is there to end things first rather than go behind backs.

    4. @shorty I also disagree with pointing the blame on Sammi here. It likes blaming a broken marriage because you can’t have children. He slept around, this might be the first time he got caught, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done it before. And if he was so unhappy, he can divorce her? Blaming it on Sammi is just cheap and low. I like Sammi enough, but I’m not a fan of her, I don’t think I follow her news at all in the past 10yrs, the last movie/songs from her were when 2005! But she, like any other women that are victims of the affair, should not be blamed for whatever their husband did. They have a choice of breaking it off if they are so unhappy!

    5. @shorty To be honest, I’m a bit offended when people say Sammi was too focused on her work and perhaps that’s why Andy strayed. I’m not her fan, but I’ve followed her career since she debuted 30 years ago and she has definitely changed A LOT since then. In the past, she did use to be focused on her work, but her mentality and outlook on life changed a few years ago after she reunited with Andy and decided that work is no longer as important as it was in the past. And if you look at her workload the past few years, she actually has not been working as much as she used to – aside from the occasional concert or movie or attending an event, most of her time has been spent exercising, hanging out with family and friends, attending church and doing things related to her faith, etc. As Sammi herself said in an interview not too long ago, she came to realize the past couple years that her current way of life is what brings her the most happiness….

      So basically, saying that Sammi was too focused on her work and career is actually a false statement given she HASN’T focused on it in recent years. Andy having an affair has nothing to do with any shortcomings on Sammi’s side – he was a jerk for being unfaithful and the sole responsibility should rest on him, not Sammi.

  6. It does appear she focused on her career etc. However, the fact they do not have children may not be a choice, it is hard to tell if health related or choice, we just assume they don’t want children.

    1. @sel3010 I did see an interview on youtube one time and SC did say she doubts she will have children. Not sure if it’s health issues or by choice.

  7. This kind of disgusting man wasted 30 years of her youth. And for what?? Ugh she should have never taken him back. He’s beyond help, just be free and enjoy life while you can Sammi. Although that’s easier said than done 🙁 supporting you!

    1. @sushi373 Sammi’s statement was very vague though. The only part where she was clear was when she asked the media to stop bothering her elderly parents. I honestly think she issued that statement not really for Andy’s sake but for her parents and the rest of her family so the media stops trying to chase them down.

      In any case, no doubt she is going to forgive Andy because that’s what her faith dictates…but whether their marriage will endure, only time will tell….

      1. @llwy12 uh, I would prefer she be angry at him, not forgiving him, let out her anger as it will help her dealing with this better. Being a better person don’t help you mentally. I feel for her, I hope she kick him in the nut like the bad ass she portrayed onscreen lol (I know it’s not her real personality but still lol)

      2. @littlefish Right? Just cuz of her religion let bygones be bygones? Wow….Speechless really!!! Not all women can be bad-asses’ and probably depends on situations as well. Some like Jackie Chan’s wife prob they don’t care as long as they have the trophy wife name & money. Sammi C – She’s neither too old, much more successful, the better looking one in the relationship why does she keeps hanging on after 30 years off/on relationship w/this dude? To her it’s religion & hey some might even call it TRUE LOVE? Who knows why these women hang on for whatever reason. There are other fishes/dogs in the sea/world. Forgive him and for him to be a changed man? Good luck w/that!!

      3. @littlefish @wm2017 Yea, I agree with you…as much as I grew up with Sammi and Andy as a couple and it pains me to see a 28 year relationship go down the drain because of this (not to mention all the sweet memories throughout the years), I also feel that she shouldn’t forgive him so easily just because her faith / religion says she should (I’m also speaking from the perspective of someone who shares the same faith as hers, which is why I wasn’t surprised one bit by her statement). Reading her statement, it’s very obvious the part her faith played in her decision to forgive and while I personally don’t agree with it (there are actually a lot of things I don’t agree with about our religion, lol), I respect it and will support it, especially given the fact that she was unfairly placed in this position in the first place.

      4. @llwy12
        I can understand if Sammi forgives Andy gradually. Like you said 28 years ain’t easy and she must have always believed that he was the one for her, to stay with him all these decades even countless better men she probably could have chosen. A relationship of that length cannot be let go overnight. There are bound to be problems along the way. Though this problem is a lot more serious that what others will encounter. Time will tell…

      5. @jimmyszeto Uhm, not entirely true. Sometimes women as famous and beautiful as Sammi, many felt unobtainable and don’t even try. So she actually didn’t have a lot of choices. So what she left with is maybe a bunch of jerks. Andy could be the king of that bunch, but that doesn’t make it best choice for her. That’s why we see many stars either single or ends up finding their life partner when they are in the 50s. With the men, it’s easier as young women will flock after them. For women, not so much, but also why we see more cases of older women with much younger men (Li Bing Bing).the thing about young people is they are a lot less afraid of trying, and a lot less restrains in showing their emotions, and easier to be charmed. In any case, I think part of the reason why Sammi stayed with Andy for so long is she possibly gets more jerks than nice guys, and also after a while, you will be tired of it all, and just settle for it (from talking to an almost 40yo woman who just kinda gave up on finding a better suiter when she always seems to find married man >_> she was my landlord lol), and accept you can’t do much better, a few hours of happiness at the end of the day beats the loneliness of the searching for the right one 🙁

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