Why Nick Cheung Cast Maggie Cheung in “The Trough”

In his third self-directed movie The Trough <低壓槽>, Nick Cheung (張家輝) cast Maggie Cheung (張可頤) as a corrupt cop.  Having collaborated with Maggie in Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love <十萬噸情緣> in 2003, Nick has not worked with her since and did not stay in touch. However, Nick wanted to cast against stereotype and extended the lead antagonist role to Maggie.

When asked why he specifically chose Maggie for the role of a high-level corrupt cop in his movie, Nick said, “When I finished creating the character, I made I clear that I didn’t want this to be a male corrupt cop because that seems too traditional. Then I thought that Maggie would be great for this role. This should be refreshing for both viewers and myself.”

Promising that his new movie will be action-packed and thrilling, Nick smiled, “As an experienced actor, being a director enables you to pick up new ideas. And there’s a phenomenal satisfaction in knowing you’ve accomplished your goal.”

Impressed at Nick’s ability to move from being an actor to director, Maggie said having Nick’s approval is the most reassuring. Maggie expressed, “Now that Nick is directing, he can also see things from an acting perspective. When he was discussing the script with me, it was evident that he was already in character and was very clear about what he wants from this project, and I’m simply the person who will carry out this character role.”

Although Maggie plays a corrupt cop in the movie, Nick said the lines between right and wrong are not always clear cut. People simply make decisions based on the best interests of their current conditions, and one decision usually leads to another, until they can no longer undo the past. Claiming that he and Maggie are not actual enemies in the movies, Nick states that they merely have a difference in opinions and values.

“The Trough” Trailer


Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. 2003 was Maggie’s year. Her chemistry with Nick was excellent as the bickering ex-couple on a cruise ship.

    1. @jimmyszeto I love that series. It was really funny. I don’t remember much now except these two were the leads but both of them and the side characters were also really funny. haha…

    2. @jimmyszeto Yup, both of them were really good in that series – awesome chemistry! You know, it’s interesting, but I never really felt Maggie was a good actress until after she left TVB and I started seeing her performances in movies and other TV series – she’s actually very versatile and in recent years, I’ve developed a newfound respect for her. I’m not a fan per se, but I did love her performance in HKTV’s To Be or Not To Be. Saw a few trailers for “The Trough” and it does sound appealing. Maggie is also leading that new Fox Asia series alongside Francis Ng (which it was announced yesterday will officially premiere on Fox’s Chinese-language channels on 5/24) and with the spectacular cast that she worked with there, I’m sure her acting will be on par…I think 2018 may also be Maggie’s year….

      1. @llwy12
        I felt Maggie was one of the few to come out of Miss HK and settled in nicely into acting straight away. There aren’t many. Amy Kwok was another. Like I say 2003 was a massive year for her. Her performance in ‘The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow’ was brilliant. It’s great that the more veteran TVB actresses(Maggie, Jessica) are now given opportunities in HK movies when it seemed that their time has long gone. Would make a change from seeing difference faces from just male dominated HK movies..

    3. @jimmyszeto one of my favorite TVB dramas ever and i’ve rewatched it a handful of times!! joyce tang and ram chiang were FANTASTIC in their supporting roles. but every time i rewatch it, i feel bad that joyce and ram are both very under-utilized now and mostly given crap roles/scripts.

      1. @kaykay
        A massive fan of Stephen Au as well. He is just so likeable onscreen and although he isn’t a comedic genius, he still manages to be funny just being himself.

      2. @jimmyszeto would have to agree that stephen au really pulled it all together! rebecca chan and angela tong as well! actually, really solid cast in general – almost forgot that lo hoi pang was in it as well. weakest links were winnie yeung and the woman who played maggie’s mom (never found her to be a good actress)

  2. It seems like Nick aged a lots and looks like he needs more sleep and rest too his eyes looks very tired.

  3. Gosh, Maggie looks so different. I dont mean her hair.

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