Yang Mi’s Production Company is Worth 5 Billion

With her low profile lifestyle, not many peopled may have remembered that it was Chinese actress Yang Mi (杨幂) who established the production Jaywalk Studio, a company so successful that it now worth over 1.5 billion RMB.

In March 2014, Yang Mi and her two managers, Zeng Jia (曾嘉) and Zhao Ruoxiao (赵若尧), invested 3 million RMB into a production studio, then named Jaywalk World Studio (Jiaxing Tianxia). Each of them contributed 19 percent of the shares, being the three biggest shareholders of the company. Uyghur actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) and Yang Mi’s husband, Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau (刘恺威), were one of the first artists to sign under her company.

Over the years, Yang Mi and her team have increased the value of their stock, increasing it to 1.5 billion RMB in total shares. The studio then took advantage of the new stock price issuance and increased the value to 250 RMB per stock. With over 19 million shares, it is estimated that Jaywalk Studio can be valued up to 5 billion RMB.

Some of Jaywalk Studio’s productions include A Clear Midsummer Night <盛夏晚晴天>, V-Love <微时代>, and Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>.

Source: Sina

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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