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Aimee Chan Denies Marrying Moses Chan in December

By on April 11, 2012

Aimee Chan Denies Marrying Moses Chan in December thumbnail

Turning 31 years old on April 1st, Aimee Chan (陈茵媺) reportedly received a huge surprise from boyfriend, 40-year-old Moses Chan (陈豪)! Tabloids claimed that Moses had proposed to Aimee and the pair may get married in December 2012! While she admitted that she was very happy dating Moses, Aimee stated that she currently possessed no urges to get married.

Since Moses and Aimee’s romance first emerged in March 2011, the development of their relationship has been closely scrutinized. For several months afterward, the pair were demure before the press, professing that they had good impressions of each other but did not officially date yet. However,  the couple were photographed cohabiting together last September. During the Lunar New Year holiday, Aimee visited Moses’ mother to pay respects. When Aimee’s younger brother visited Hong Kong earlier, Moses took time to take him to local attractions.

Moses and Aimee’s relationship progressed smoothly and they apparently received their family’s blessings as well. An insider revealed, “Moses has had enough ‘fun’ and wished to start a family. Earlier, Moses’ mother did not like Bernice Liu (廖碧儿) too much. She did not possess the intention to get settled down and marriage was not in sight! Aimee Chan was different. Moses’ mother had a very good impression towards her. Although Aimee’s parents have not met Moses yet, they have already praised him for being a good man.”

On March 31st, Aimee took one day off from filming TVB drama, The Confidant <大太监>, in Hengdian to return to Hong Kong. Aimee was eager to celebrate her birthday with Moses, who allegedly prepared a lavish meal of French cuisine and red wine for her. Tabloids claimed that Moses bestowed a Cartier ring upon Aimee, begging her to marry him!

When asked about the details of her birthday celebration with Moses, Aimee responded, “I will not tell you! Anyhow, I was very happy!” Regarding rumors that Moses had prepared a lavish meal and proposed to her, Aimee clarified that it was a misunderstanding. “It’s not like that! The photo was taken in Hengidan, when I was enjoying some red wine. I wanted to share the photo with everyone! Who knew that the tabloids would fabricate such a story!”

Aimee also clarified that she did not possess any current urges to get married immediately. “I only have urges to film better dramas. I have a lot of passion in acting!” When Aimee was teased that her words will greatly disappoint Moses, she responded, “I’ll take it slow! Currently, I am very happy!”

After filming The Confidant, Aimee will appear in a new TVB drama opposite Ruco Chan (陈展鹏) and Selena Li (李诗韵 ). In producer Leung Choi Yuen’s (梁材远) new series, Aimee will portray a director. Aimee’s new series with Moses, Psychological Warfare <心戰>, will be broadcast in Hong Kong in May 2012.

Sources: QQ.com, QQ.com

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Jayne: Aimee’s career is off to a good start in 2012, as she is given many chances by TVB. Wedding bells may be a bit soon, but hope that they remain a happy couple.

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  • Readers' Comments (110)

    1. Jessie says:

      Disgusting. Both of them.

      • sandcherry says:

        Funny, I like her more than Bernice Liu. Aimee is a very sweet girl. If you don’t like her, probably it is because of Moses who fell in love with her too soon after his breakup with Bernice. Not fair for Aimee though.

        • NP says:

          I liked them both before they got together but I really don’t like them as a couple.

          sandcherry, I think you’re right. The timing of their relationship might have made people dislike them.

          But I think another reason is their overdone public display of affection. It’s like they’re rubbing their relationship in everyone’s face. I don’t feel like it’s sincere that way. Almost like a PR stunt.

        • sandcherry says:

          May be that is the true personality of Aimee. She was brought up in Canada and acts like a typical Canadian girl in Hong Kong. There is nothing to hide if she really loves the person (Moses). She is just too straightforward and does not know how to hide her secrets and love affairs. I like this kind of person …… just “yes” or “no”, no grey areas.

        • Dafuq says:

          I can’t help but agree with you. I like her more than Bernice Liu too, but honestly becoming a couple with Moses seemed like an ‘okay’ thing at first, but then it started to get annoying.

      • highliter123 says:


      • kelly says:

        what i think they’re cute together not disgusting, but i don’t think they are married because Amiee still has to work more to get to the top.

    2. sandcherry says:

      Though Aimee Chan does not seem to be as ambitious as Bernice Liu, I don’t think she will get married soon as her acting career is just getting prosperous. Her wedding will be at least a year later.

    3. hetieshou says:

      They are both really annoying…

    4. sandcherry says:

      I agree though, without her relationship with Moses, Aimee will not be a rising star and highly promoted by TVB.

      • Jayne says:

        “Funny, I like her more than Bernice Liu.”

        Aimee appears to be quite straightforward, especially in her romance with Moses. She seems passionately in love with him and does not hide it from the media, where Bernice was much more guarded in her romance with Moses. I also find Aimee’s bluntness to be very refreshing.

        • sandcherry says:


          I totally agree with you. She never denied it but just smiled, unlike Bernice who always denied it from beginning to end. She is a more down-to-earth and genuine person. She never had any negative news until maybe now with Moses.

        • Jessie says:

          @sandcherry: How can you blame Bernice when it was the works of TVB for hiding her relationship with Moses?. On the contrary, TVB highly allow Moses and Aimee to flaunt their relationship.

        • Canto says:

          I wonder why the report says that Moses’ mom did not like Bernice and preferred Aimee.

          Maybe Bernice suffered from bad press. I remembered I used to dislike Bernice as my first exposure to her was that she was chasing after a rich guy at a party and she was embarrassed/ stood up when the rich guy rejected her advances.

          But my sympathy points for Bernice increased after the news broke about the aftermath of Moses and Aimee’s relationship.

          I used to think that Bernice’s face was too squarish and manly but after I sympathized with her I thought that she looked kind of cute.

          Aimee caught my eye in the beginning because she was tomboyish yet feminine and adorable. However in her latest shows, she is still trying to “act cute” in her roles and that is starting to be annoying.

      • jasmine7 says:

        Both of them flaunting, etc, been annoying me for some time already. One word to them :: Give it a rest, put a lid on it. You’re not the first couple to be in a relationship **

    5. Fox says:

      Again, I will only blv they do in love only if they get married.

      For some reasons, I prefer Aimee over Moses.

    6. NP says:

      Where is Aimee from? What kind of accent does she have?

      • sandcherry says:

        Aimee is from Toronto, Canada. She was born and raised in Toronto; therefore her accent should be Canadian. Canadian accent is beautiful to me, not too soft (like American’s), and not too strong (like English and Australian). Sorry, if people don’t agree with me.

    7. Lily says:

      Ok first of all how does the media even know that Moses’s mom didn’t like her? It’s despicable how when these couples are together the media will say how much the parents like the pair, yet when they breakup the media pulls this information out of nowhere. First of all in all of Bernice’s interviews she has always talked about wanting to start a family (actually she was going to settle down at like 23 but plans changed when she won MCI). And then during her years at TVB she’s always saying how she wants 7 kids and a big family and everyone else thinks that’s ridiculous. I don’t see how someone who is always talking about kids would not want to settle down because she’s too ambitious. How about Moses? He’s 40 and never thought of marriage so who seems to be more likely to not bring up marriage? I hate the media and I hope they hop off of Bernice’s behind soon. And Aimee and Moses annoy me but if they’re going to get hitched please do it quickly so we don’t have to hear about it for the next 2+ years.

      • sandcherry says:


        People will change. Bernice was a naive and simple person when she joined the entertainment industry. After many years of glamorous life style, I believe Bernice Liu is not the same person now from the way she talked recently in her interviews. She had not mentioned anything about marriage ever since she was cast for some Hollywood movies.

        I think her ambition now is to act some Hollywood movies. She thinks she has a pretty face and a good command of English language.

        I used to like her some years ago, but not lately due to all her negative news.

        • annonymous says:

          Well, it seems like the media has a huge impact on you. Your thoughts of somebody is so influenced by what the media says.

        • annonymous says:

          Bernice has not been speaking of marriage because the media has stopped asking. Yes, she may have stopped talking about marriage after the Hollywood movie because that is the year they broke up. Wouldn’t she sound desperate if she talks about it when she wasn’t dating anybody at that time?

          It is also natural that she wants to focus on her career now since the media has tarnished her image so badly over one incident.

        • Hannahh says:

          totally agree with u annonymous

        • Jessie says:

          @sandcherry: Uh…Bernice spoke of marriage in a past interview. She emphasizes that she wants a lot of children, but apparently, she is not seeing anyone.

          Wrong. Bernice is not working towards Hollywood. She’s trying to pick up her career again since she was plagued with negative rumors.

          Aimee isn’t that much different from Bernice in terms of career. Aimee strikes me as someone who is ambitious, too. She’s riding on Moses’ success, which is a very smart move. She’s moving up the rank, and we all know it’s not because of her “talent.”

        • Lily says:

          No she is not acting in Hollywood movies. She’s filming dramas in mainland China and signed on with that new Hong Kong channel and will be starring in a new drama soon, so the comment on her filming Hollywood movies is irrelevant. Second of all I never said she was naive and simple to begin with. No one in the entertainment business is truly naive and simple. Just because she wants to start a family does not mean she’s (still) naive and simple. That’s just something she wants to do and even in recent articles she did talk about kids.

          And really the reporters do have to ask for her to say such things because it’s odd to bring that up, especially when she’s single. But here’s an example of a recent article:

          From March 12th, 2012


          Bernice said: “I am still longing to be in a relationship, just my mentality differs from when I was in my early 20s. The only stubbornness I have is, the status is given to the woman by the man. When I was young, dating could be about mutual feelings, but now I have to be a little more practical. I will think more of the future, and will fulfill all the duties of a mother after marriage, have children and have hopes that my future spouse will have the same idea. Growing up in a traditional family, I want to have 7 kids because I love a lively atmosphere, but I believe by that time I’ll have to find a really big place to be able to give my children enough space. Canada isn’t a bad choice and besides the living expenses isn’t too high to raise children there!”

          Her “negative news” are not going to change my views about her because first off all, the media chooses sides and right now they’re on Moses side. If Aimee and Moses break up I wonder whose side the media will take. What the media says is not enough to prove to me that she doesn’t deserve my support. (because honestly, to me, Moses has lost his credibility).

        • Lily says:

          (My comment’s directed towards sandcherry)

        • fez says:

          Bernice doesn’t have any ‘negative news’… those ‘negative news’ turned out to be twisted by the media and possibly 620, and due to the fact that Moses didn’t clarify.

          Moses isn’t all that anymore…. he’s old, and lost his charm. Treating his ex-gf like that – lost all respect for him.

    8. Hannahh says:

      i wanna vomit

    9. Veejay says:

      I just don’t like Aimee not because of the Bernice and Moses incident. it’s because of Aimee’s personality and her high pitch voice that’s so annoying lol.

      • skinnymocha says:

        Agreed. Personally, I don’t follow the news much about this couple or their personal lives, so there’s nothing for me to hate there. However, Aimee’s “acting” coupled with her voice and constant use of English grates on me. I feel like I’m seeing Aimee being “Aimee” on screen… Moses hasn’t been much better these last few years either and I sincerely hope he drops the comedy act. It simply isn’t funny.

        • sandcherry says:

          “Moses hasn’t been much better these last few years either and I sincerely hope he drops the comedy act. It simply isn’t funny.”…………Totally agree. I think Moses can act, but not in comedies. He did pretty good in “When Heaven Burns” as Angus. That was his best performance in the last few years.

    10. thuongtra says:

      Aimee seems to be a “clever person” wrapped in “a straightforward girl”. However I’m fine with her even though her acting (or her roles) is quite annoying recently.
      It is Moses who is much too way disgusting. The vague answer he gave media about his relationship with Bernice is dull and it seems a little malice to not clarify the truth until Bernice has voice out herself. It did hurt the one who he used to love. Is it the best way to treat ex-lover? Or it is 620 that ordered him to react like that and he is a good child to accept and do everything 620 wants?

      • Veejay says:

        If that’s true about Moses hiding the facts of his breakup with Bernice was actually came from 620..then Moses isn’t a good man. Used to like Moses for his previous roles and his down to earth attitude but no more now after his despicable manners infront of the media talking bad about bernice. Again, I don’t hate aimee for dating moses..im annoyed by her voice and way of acting lol..as for moses, his way of handling business really annoys me so bad.

        • Lily says:

          Agreed. I wonder how long their relationship will last (because TVB is pushing the pair so much). It doesn’t feel natural.

      • sandcherry says:

        Well, Aimee seems to be a successful actress then if she knows how to act as a “clever person” wrapped in “a straightforward girl”.

    11. Kidd says:

      “Aimee will appear in a new TVB drama opposite Ruco Chan (陈展鹏) and Selena Li (李诗韵). In producer Leung Choi Yuen’s (梁材远) new series,”

      Leung Choi Yuen loves using Steven Ma. If Steven Ma is still with TVB, Ruco’s character most probably will be Steven’s. I wonder if Ruco will be taking Steven’s place now in LCY’s regular cast.

    12. simplitee says:

      Perfect annoying match since i dislike both of them.

    13. sandcherry says:

      Raymond Wong will be paired up with Aimee Chan in Leung Choi Yuen’s (梁材远) new series, and not Chan Chin Pang. Chin Pang will be paired up with Selena Li.

      • cleo says:

        Thank GOD for that :D

      • Hannahh says:

        I hope Aimee is not leading the series cos really she can’t act.

        Can’t wait to see Ruco n Selena as a pair :)

        • Hannah says:

          Not only is she leading in the new series, the role is also tailor-made for her. -_-

        • sandcherry says:

          Right. Aimee’s role is custom-made for her as a CBC (or ABC) going back to Hong Kong. If she does not have a relationship with Moses, I don’t think she will be promoted to take a 1st lead role in such a short period of time. She has not done many 2nd lead roles yet. Selena Li took a minor 1st lead role last year, Natalie Tong is doing 2nd lead roles, and Nancy Wu is doing 2nd and 3rd lead roles after working for TVB for so many years. In terms of seniority, Aimee Chan is the most junior one.

          However, I have to admit that Aimee Chan looks younger than her age, and she is prettier. All the actresses mentioned above were born in 1981 (Nancy Wu is the youngest one). What a coincidence!

        • Hannahh says:

          OMFG i might give it a pass because she is lead but i really want to see Ruco n selena lol

    14. carebear says:

      Trust me when I tell everyone that Aimee is not just a simple, innocent girl from Canada. She dated a friend of mine during her failed attempt to place in the Miss International Chinese beauty competition.
      After losing, my friend paid for plastic surgery (breast implants) and she also underwent extensive coaching to be cute and innocent for the Hong Kong audience. Sure enough, she won the HK beauty contest and not long after, dumped my friend. Does that sound like a girl you want to bring home to mom?

      • sandcherry says:

        Wow, this is breaking news. I was not aware of it. So her breast implants were true (as per role in “The Other Truth”). Now I have to take Aimee differently.

      • Eunice says:

        I think you meant she failed to place in the Miss Toronto pageant right? But yes, for sure she got breast implants, and soon after went for Miss HK. But maybe she took the implants out now, because her breasts look different from the MHK period.

        carebear, if your friend has evidence, he needs to spill it to HK reporters. The HK audience should see how Aimee Chan is really like!

      • Funn Lim says:

        Why not? After all there is 2 sides to a story. So it is a fight between the manipulative pretentious liar and the hurt vengeful ex boyfriend perhaps?

        I don’t think anyone can pretend so well for so long, more so someone who is such a terrible actress. Of course she is not simple, innocent girl. No one is, unless you have been living in a cave with an IQ of 10 like those Taiwanese idol dramas would like us to believe all young adults are that way. I don’t see her any differently.

      • Veejay says:


        Does your friend still have those pics of him and aimee taken while they were dating? I’m sure HK tabloids will be interesting to buy from your friend hehe. Spill the bean carebear..let HK ppl know that her b00bs “were” fake.

      • Vivien says:

        The rumours of Aimee boob transplant had exist since her MHK days because of the unnatural shape and bigginess of her boobies that time. Of course she denied it LOL

      • Bridget says:

        I’m going to have to echo carebear’s comment here. One of my family friends knows Aimee and her family personally (I’m also from Toronto) as well. Aimee is definitely not simple or innocent as her image suggests. She is quite ambitious and has done some questionable things to get to where she’s at today.

        • Vivien says:

          Hooking up with Moses and make people want to puke at the overwhelming of their ‘love’ is one of the things?

      • peary says:

        Hmm…only her boobs are fake? I thought they made a comment about her chin being plastic too.
        I found a clip of the 2004 Miss Chinese Pageants of Toronto Opening Musical. Janet Chow is also in it

        Isn’t her ex that comic book/graphic artist?? He also drew a little cartoon of her as well. I don’t think he’s gonna be spilling beans not because he is a “gentleman” but maybe because he has a bad reputation.

        • peary says:

          BTW, you can read all the dish about her ex, Pat Lee here: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Pat_Lee#Attempts_at_cover-up

          This guy is not exactly clean. Not paying his employees, not giving credit to his employees, spending company money before bankruptcy…

          “While working with Dream Engine, Pat Lee spent a significant amount of the company’s funds on the campaign of his girlfriend Aimee Chan, who would eventually win the title of Miss Hong Kong in 2006. This ultimately resulted in Pat being asked by Dream Engine and his brother Roger to leave the company.[31] In the fall of 2007, Aimee Chan changed her status on her alive not dead social networking page[32] to “single”. Oops!”

          “In 2007, it turned out that Lee’s personal involvement in his girlfriend’s beauty pageant campaign had resulted in him being unable to meet deadlines for issues of Top Cow’s Cyberforce series. As a consequence, Pat had asked Alex Milne to draw those issues in his stead. After a few issues, what little credit was initially given to Milne was dropped entirely, with Pat submitting the artwork under his own name instead, paying Milne merely a fragment of the money Top Cow was paying him.[35] In addition, Lee later asked Milne to draw artwork for DC’s Superman/Batman #34 as well, again giving his underpaid ghost artist no credit.[36] Eventually, Top Cow found out, resulting in Pat Lee not paying Milne at all for over 20 pages of artwork.[37]”

        • sandcherry says:

          Thank you for your link. I missed that pageant show completely. It is nice to watch it on your video clip.

        • Hannahh says:

          wow this is really interesting

    15. Eunice says:

      I’m from Toronto, so I’ve seen Aimee Chan since she participated in Miss Toronto years ago. I actually had a good impression of her before, but started to dislike her during the time she was in Miss HK. She shouldn’t have won, and even now, I don’t like her acting at all!

      Not a fan of Moses, but I enjoy watching him. I don’t like Bernice, but I do prefer Moses with her rather than with Aimee Chan. It’s funny how people find the couple annoying and even disgusting! :D

    16. P. Tan says:

      I used to like Moses quite a lot until the incident when Bernice suffered quite a lot of bashing from the public and even TVB did not defend her. But I suppose the last straw when through all of this even Moses, who was then supposed to be her boyfriend, did not voice any opinion much less give her any sort of moral support. I then was thoroughly disappointed and lost all respect for him. Thought he was a true gentleman then. Hope he treats Aimee better!

      • Funn Lim says:

        I don’t know. Maybe he felt hurt that she cheated on him or maybe said those things about their relationship being fake? I refuse to believe Moses is that awful.

        • josie says:

          When did bernice cheat on him? After several yrs of dating, bernice felt Moses still didn’t want to commit to her so they broke up. But they had to continue w/ the facade for tvb/business.

          So then she was caught on a date w/ that alastair dude and labeled a cheating golddigger by the media. Even though they had broken up for more than a yr, Moses made no attempt to clarify for her and even played the victim card. Moses clearly only cared about himself and left bernice for dead.

          U can say he was hurt that she had moved on or that she had exposed their lie. But that would make him petty and shows what a coward he is. Moses may not be an all together awful person but the way he treated bernice was definitely awful.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          Josie – that’s pretty much how i understood it as well. Moses had the chance to speak up to “clear the air” about Bernice, but remained silent. Maybe he was a bit vindictive over her leaving him…

    17. NX says:

      No matter if their relationship is fake or not, if I were Moses’s mother, I would probably prefer Aimee over Bernice. Bernice is an MCI, I doubt her way of living would match with the Chan’s way of living and thinking. And the fact that Bernice doesn’t like to use Cantonese as much as English maybe a minus point too. And yeah, Aimee is younger ^^

      He’s 40, she’s 31, it’s good time for marriage.

      • josie says:

        Huh? How does MCI affect lifestyle/thinking when both bernice and aimee are f/ Canada? Their Cantonese is about the same and they both speak a lot of English. The only valid point for mom preference, is aimee being younger. But then her boobs are fake so maybe her personality too?

        In that sense, Moses and aimee deserve each other. I just wish they’d stop pushing their “love” in our faces all the time.

      • Fox says:

        Talking about young, Bernice was young when she dated Moses

      • Lily says:

        Bernice is only 2 years older than Aimee. They both are not aging too badly. Besides, I don’t think age would be a problem considering how old Mr. Chan is. And yea, Bernice was definitely younger than Aimee is now when she was dating Moses. Are you saying MCIs care more about money than MHK? Honestly, it’s just a title. It really comes down to the person. Personally I find Bernice real and down-to-earth in her interviews and responses, which is refreshing considering how most HK celebs act so fake/secretive all the time. There’s something off about Aimee. I’ve never thought of her as a simple person since MHK. I don’t think she deserved her win either. And if you’re talking about the girls’ Cantonese and English skills, Aimee is WORSE than Bernice. I’ve heard her host charity shows when she just won MHK and there was so much stuttering I felt bad.

        However, I must say Aimee and Moses are very compatible in terms of mandarin speaking skills. I’m almost embarrassed for her.



        • Lily says:

          And Bernice’s Cantonese has improved a lot if you haven’t noticed.


          She started knowing nothing in MCI.

        • Lily says:

          By the way, since WHEN did Moses use so much English in his interview? Maybe he’s hanging too much with Aimee.


        • NX says:

          You totally get the wrong feek here ^^. At first I didnt know about Aimee so I thought she was from HK (since she’s a MHK), then I think that’s maybe the reason why Moses’s mother prefer her over Bernice. That’s simply is that. It has nothing to do with Bernice is a down-to-earth person or not, or care about money or not.

          And for your concern, I’m a Bernice fan, and never was a Moses or Aimee’s fan. I like Bernice’s personality (or whatever she appears to be). Moreover, one of the fact I like her is that she speaks and writes a lot of English, which make me feel more comfortable coz I’m not a native Cantonese. However, no matter how I like her, Moses’s mother is said not to like a very much, so I just come up with some reasons that I find possible.

        • Lily says:

          @ NX: I understand why you thought Aimee knew Cantonese cuz she’s an MHK. I just doubt that the media knows Moses’s mom never liked her. They most likely made that ish up.

        • Lily says:

          By her i mean Bernice*

    18. carebear says:

      My friend is also in the entertainment industry now in HK but does behind the scenes work. He doesn’t want to expose her to the media as he’s a gentleman. Funny enough, there should be lots of pictures floating around since a lot of people in the chinese community know both my friend and Aimee when they were a couple. In fact, his name comes up when you google “Aimee Chan”.
      He has taken down his FB pics with her but I’m sure there are pictures still out there somewhere of her before.

    19. Vivien says:

      Adrien Chau now denied that a lengmo is his gf and the lengmo answer imply that adrian is instructed by management. 620 setting some unwritten rules again? ROFL

    20. sandcherry says:

      I thought Aimee Chan has rich parents in Canada. If she does, why did she have to ask her ex-boyfriend to pay for her breast-implant surgery? Her parents could have paid for it.

      I read an entertainment news article some time ago saying that Aimee’s dad bought her a condo apartment and a car in Hong Kong when Aimee decided to stay and work for TVB.

    21. Dudette says:

      I also know someone that knows Aimee’s dad> Her Dad was worried about her future that Aimee was not academically intelligent. She did not do well in school. That is why she decided to participant in Ms HK Pageant when she was 26. She was hoping for a future in acting. She used to hide in her room and cried begging her dad to let her participate. It was her last hope for some type of success. Pretty much her dad called lots of people and begged them to cast votes for Aimee online. Dad also knew TVB people. You could say her title was bought with return favors. :P

      • Funn Lim says:

        If he dad knew a lot of TVB people and I assume those who matters, why join HK pageant? Why not just get her a supporting role straight, or even the lead?

      • Kidd says:

        If her dad knew so many people and can buy her votes, why her boyfriend need to use company funds to fund her campaign for Miss HK?

    22. FromSingapore says:

      This News Is Certainly More Interesting Than Tavia’s.I didnt know aimee was such a person.LOL.(;Awesome Info.Totally support telling the hk press abt aimee FAKE BOOBS.

      • Fox says:

        Why Aimee’s fake boobs must be told to HK press?

        • FromSingapore says:

          Not must larh(;
          i think the Hk ppl would love to read such news.like my ign i am not frm hk so yeah(; Haix.I was a aimee fan.But now…..Haix);

        • exoidus says:

          Bc it’s there job to reveal the truth to the public lar.

          Besides the audience is not only buying her acting skills (not much skills really), but also her appearance as well.

          Therefore they have the right to know that the product they bought isn’t 100% natural but contains plastic and other lethal chemicals, LOL.

        • FromSingapore says:

          But seriously , which actress and actor would confess they did plastic surgeory.

        • Fox says:

          I can’t find why she is a bad person if she did the boobs job.

        • FromSingapore says:

          Lols.I neh say shes a bad person(;

        • Fox says:

          Nope, you just hinted such thing.

      • Toronto says:

        Confirmed by family friends that her chin was touch up too. It is true that nowadays all actresses and actors have some type of surgery done to enhance their looks. Aimee also confessed secretly that she is not really into Moses. But he will certainly open lots of doors for her in terms of media attention etc. Yes, she is not that naive and innocent as one thinks. She knows how to play the game.

        • HeTieShou says:

          If what you are saying is true, then she is only using Moses. Boy IF that were the case, I can totally imagine her dumping Moses and then Moses running back to Bernice and begging for forgiveness… It seemed like Bernice really loved Moses. But then again, don’t know if she still does after everything that has happened.

        • Fox says:

          Do you think Moses is really that into Aimee?

        • NX says:

          For me, I dont think so ^^

        • Bridget says:

          Holy cow, how many people do we have from Toronto on JayneStars who have like 3 degrees of separation with Aimee Chan.

          The power of the internet!

        • Jayne says:

          Hmm…let’s treat it as internet stories for now regarding Aimee’s past in Toronto, much the same way “anonymous sources” are quoted in tabloids. Perhaps something to think about, but it’s still somewhat difficult to validate. I think the collective behavior of an artist (print and tv interviews, type of friends) tells us a lot already.

        • Funn Lim says:

          In Aimee’s case, those who said things about her is within 3 degrees of her. But even if you know someone, there could be misconceptions.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree with Funn that even if you knew someone personally, unless you are really really close to them and have known them for many years, then I don’t think you truly know them. If it is someone that you know through someone else or someone that you only know on an acquaintance level, then I don’t feel that you truly know them.

    23. sandcherry says:

      Feel sorry for Moses Chan. Another failure in his love affairs.

    24. Hannahh says:

      WOw i want to read more dirts about Aimee lol

    25. sandcherry says:

      I am surprised to find out the real personality of Aimee Chan. Always thought she is a simple, sweet and genuine person.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Well being in the circle, there is always an image that you must present but whether that is how you really are or not is a different story….

    26. sandcherry says:

      I don’t mind if Aimee Chan had breast implants in order to win Miss Hong Kong. There are lots of girls doing that, but I don’t like her “fake and cunny” personality to cheat her audience and take advantage of Moses’ popularity to make advancement in her acting career.

      • Hannahh says:

        imo i always find Aimee very fake and always acted innocent and cute. I can’t stand watching her.

    27. Lori says:

      LOL , everyone is like talking about Aimiee . But do any of you have any proof or evidence about this and that ? Hearing from Aimiee family friend or friends friend doesn’t prove anything . It can be all false story like what the reporters make up . Mature up alreadyyy -__- It is like me making fake story of your life . Just mature up , hating on someone doesn’t show how mature you are , just saying .

    28. Funn Lim says:

      Just an observation; all those comments by upset Tavia fans and all, and we were just talking about her nose and lacking charisma. Imagine if you’re Aimee’s fan. I think the comments against Aimee are worse, striking to the core that is her character, from sweet to now questionable.

      Anyway, everyone can’t be that perky and nice ALL THE TIME. Everyone is pretentious, but just to what degree only. I believe her relationship with Moses is genuine. Whatever was her past, unless dug up and widely reported shall remain her past. I don’t think she has ever acted innocent, thought maybe she is pretentious in terms of being nice and happy and jovial? Somehow I find her outside personality like miss sunshine. People change, maybe she changed.

      • Bridget says:

        I like Moses out of camera, so I do hope that Aimee has changed and that they do well. I wish the media would stop throwing their relationship in our faces, though.

    29. virgo says:

      I know Aimee when we were in Ontario College. She is a genuine good girl. She is extremely caring and thoughtful. Don’t ever try to spread fake rumors.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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