Alvin Chau Has Another New Mistress?

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Alvin Chau Has Another New Mistress?

A young Hong Kong woman, known by the name Meko Chiu, recently posted a photo of herself inside a private jet heading to South Korea on Instagram and Facebook. The private jet is owned by casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華). Meko captioned the photo with “private jet wif my luv Sai Mai Wah (洗米華) lol” The back of Alvin’s head can be seen in the background of the photo, chatting with his female assistant. She also shared another photo of Alvin and his team waiting to board the plane.

The photos, however, were quickly deleted by Meko after more people discovered the uploads. The woman, reported to be an up-and-coming pseudo-model known for her resemblance to Kay Tse (謝安琪), is said to be Alvin’s new mistress. They reportedly met at a night club and grew close this past September when Alvin’s wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) and mistress Mandy Lieu were away in Europe. Alvin and Meko spent a lot of time together in Macau.

Meko immediately closed down her Instagram page when reports of her “affair” with Alvin were published. She then posted up  a brief message on her Facebook page to clarify her relationship with Alvin, writing, “Actually, I was invited to go on this trip because of a friend. This is my first time meeting Wah Gor. He is my idol. Please do not misunderstand!”

The Hong Kong media contacted Meko, who is still in Seoul, for further clarification. Meko said, “My boyfriend is one of the VIPs for this event, so that is why I got to board his private jet.”

In regards to her message that referred to Alvin as “my love,” Meko said she was only starstruck when she saw Alvin, who she refers to as her idol. Asked if she was afraid that his wife would take offense, Meko admitted, “Yes.”

Alvin is known for his tumultuous relationships with both Heidi Chan and Mandy Lieu, both who have given birth to his daughters earlier this year. Asking if Meko has ever been a third party in a relationship, Meko stressed, “No. It was my boyfriend who suggested me to delete those pictures. I was not expecting to get such a big reaction.” Meko refused to show a picture of her boyfriend as “proof”, explaining, “Not convenient to go public.”

The news of Alvin having a possible new love interest went to Heidi Chan. When hearing the news, Heidi was silent for a while before saying “I am overseas. I will not respond to any questions.” Alvin’s spokesperson said, “Mr. Chau will not reply.” Mandy Lieu’s manager said, “We don’t know what’s going on so no comment.”

Meko Releases Official Statement

Meko released an official statement on her Facebook on November 7, once again stressing that she is not in a relationship with Alvin Chau. She said the following:

  1. On November 4 of this year I met Mr. Alvin Chau for the first time at a Sun City event. I did not know him before.
  2. The ring, watch, and car mentioned in news reports have nothing to do with Mr. Alvin Chau.
  3. I am not a pseudomodel, and I will not enter the entertainment industry. My profession is cosmetology.
  4. I already have a boyfriend, and I am definitely not Mr. Alvin Chau’s new mistress.
  5. The “wif my luv Sai Mai Wah” message seen on my fb yesterday was a prank pulled by my friend, who has access to my fb password. Once I knew what happened, I immediately deleted the untrue post.
  6. I deeply apologize for the storm that this incident has caused.

Source: IHKTV

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24 comments to Alvin Chau Has Another New Mistress?

  1. isay says:

    A leopard never changes its spots?

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  2. alien says:

    Hmmm, I kinda believe what this girl claim?

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  3. nomad822 says:

    We were already saying back then when those TWO were fighting over him, that if they had any self-respect … should have said “Up Yours” and called it quits. Way more dignified and self-respecting; and more importantly- with emotional self peace.

    Instead of getting into classless cat-fights over such a worthless cause (outside of the mega-$$$$$$$$$ involved that he is worth, that is). Ok in the case of Wife – I can see some pt, as she is dissatisfied being the one who fought for and climbed up with him from bottom for his/their current empire. Even then … when it is time to bail out and confront reality, better sooner than later.

    All that $$$$$$$$ cannot buy that inner serenity and security within; if they’re dealing with someone who obviously will err, err and err again, since that inner core is rotten and will never change.

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  4. afan202 says:

    She is just a nobody who was impressed by wealth and wanted her few minutes of fame.

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  5. jjwong says:

    Her eyes are freakishly large. I’m scared of them :$

    And who the eff gives their fb password to their friends? I can understand significant others but just friends? Pfffft. Who the heck wants a friend’s password anyways? That’s creepy both ways.

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    • alluka replied:

      @jjwong Friends with benefit may want.

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  6. dramadrama says:

    @lavender16 I agree with you. Money is not everything, but without money, you are nothing. Rich or poor, you will also feel happy, sad, depress, etc etc… So if I have a choice, I choose to be rich too. But its not up to us to choose! LOL

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    • replied:

      Honest and to the point. lol…Exactly…

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    • riceball120 replied:

      @dramadrama you took out words right out of my word…that’s why i didnt think @lavender16 sounded shallow because it’s true…sadly, people just love to deny it…money isnt everything, but it just happens to be almost everything.

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  7. happybi says:

    once a cheater always a cheater. I feel bad for his kids… as for his wife and mistress, good luck to them as there will always be the next one younger he will find and screw.. guy is a scumbag. I just hope they are protected as he is dirty as hell!

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  8. m0m0 says:

    this guy is really disguisting

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    • replied:


      These women are also disgusting. Disgustingly gold digging with no shame.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Yup.well said since it goes both ways. People are always blaming the guys while the women are also at fault. After all,it takes 2 to tango.

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      • replied:

        I know, ppl always blame the guy but to me both are equally ***shitty***
        Guy will always be more of a pig right and esp since they have money? But why do these women flock to them still??? $$$$$$$$$$$ These women probably don’t see anything but money b/c if you do, why you would get involved w/a married man just cuz of his money. No shame whatsoever!! I have no pity for any of them but of course to them they don’t care cuz once they get involved they get mansions/money everything they wish for whether or not they are in a relationship.
        I always take Isabella Leong as an example b/c it appears she is hooking up w/the guy probably at around 19 or so or earlier since she popped all those kids at such a young age and she’s not even 25 then right? Don’t tell me she’s in love and all that? Young, pretty and in a relationship w/guy that’s ugly, old and prob her dad’s age??? Love? I am sorry, all I am feeling is disgust and gold digging on her forehead same as these mistresses’ above. No shame and just money money money. Of course, they don’t care cuz they are set for life even if they never will get married as some say they are smart? LOL… I will never use smart for these women, just disgusting gold diggers. haha

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      • @hetieshou @kiki

        I don’t agree. Whoever is the married person having an affair is the one most at fault here. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman.

        Sure, you shouldn’t date a married person to begin with, however, the mistresses were not the ones who are married and have a family of their own. It takes two to tango yes but that guy shouldn’t even be tango-ing with anyone else besides his wife in the first place!

        Login or Register before you can reply to peanutbutterjelly
      • replied:


        I don’t expect you to as you had your opinions/stressing on how ABB didn’t have PS right? You have your thoughts on it and I have mine. I won’t stress over it b/c I don’t want to end up like that guy/girl on WCL and LL n went off topic on every post…lol…haha… Everyone has different opinions I an sure as long as we are not bashing intentionally.
        But I do highly think it doesn’t make the women any less at fault just b/c the other party is married and shes not. Women should still know the difference what’s between right and wrong and what’s respectful and shameful. If they know, clearly they will not get into the relationship so the money factor plays a HUGE part of these gold digging women IMO. Both at fault not just the obvious PIG. haha lol….

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      • @kiki


        What’s the point of mentioning my other posts on a totally unrelated topic? Fyi, rhetorical question.

        The way I see it, the mistress’ fault in this situation is:

        -Dating a married man.

        The married man in question’s offence:

        -Having multiple affairs which results in him
        -Breaking his marriage vows
        -Disrespecting and hurthing is wife
        -And kids

        Let’s face it, no person can ‘steal’ another married man/woman if that man/woman is not scum to begin with. Unless they literally put a gun to his/her head and forces the married person to have sex with them. If not, the married person still bears the most responsibility.

        And while we’re at the topic anyway, let me play the devil’s advocate and ask: ‘What is wrong with gold digging?’

        ‘What is the difference between being together with someone because they’re rich and being together with someone because they’re beautiful (and young)?’

        Both equally superficial.

        Honestly in that regard golddiggers and their suitors are a match made in heaven.

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      • akinu replied:

        @peanutbutterjelly correction @kiki was NOT mentioning your other posts but quite frankly referring to someone else’s older posts.

        back on topic, i agree to what you listed for mistress’s fault and cheating husband/wife’s fault. i find more fault in the cheating party side but idk why some stupid people decides to shame the mistress instead.

        @hetieshou really? i always see people shame the mistress and never the cheating husband.

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  9. Rich men having numerous mistresses not unusual, guys adore young chicks and young chicks love money. Wife must keep quiet and endure.

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  10. nomad822 says:

    “Honestly in that regard golddiggers and their suitors are a match made in heaven.”

    AGREE. It’s a business transaction.

    He wants the looks/body/sex … she’s willing to offer all that for all the financial perks she can reap. Including sacrifice reputation (add that of the children of known mistresses) and have fights with wife/competitors. I am sure money and luxury is worth all that slow toxicness festering within. (Bo Weng Kam is a prime example, with then current-competitor 3rd party Michelle Reis)

    It’s not about emotions or caring through thick and thin … IF anything in the ‘relationship’ equation changes.

    You’re on your own babe (this floats BOTH ways = he goes bust financially, she’s gone too = 傅明憲 Gigi Fu is one example. 2 or 3 prime asset penthouses in my city, primeland downtown coastfront – news
    via banking insiders)

    Different strokes for different folks – sure money buys a lot. BUT shoe on other foot = I wouldn’t go out with anyone who puts money (including MY money and MY assets and inheritance) as their top priority (no offence, juz sayin’ ) – because life happens, and GREED is ugly.

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  11. aiya says:

    Does anyone know this Alvin guy is a triad-connected guy?
    His profile is raised only after he had entangled with women from the entertainment industry.

    Anyone trying to apply any codes of moral to a triad guy is a waste of time.

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  12. akinu says:

    While I dislike Alvin Chau with a great passion for his cheating ways but then claims he loves his wife the most, I find Heidi more unbearable for staying in the relationship. And then I have no respects for any of his mistresses for having no self-value and completely degrading themselves by hooking onto married men. But life is life so I’ll just say no more on this guy.

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