“Big White Duel” Finale Sparks Controversy

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“Big White Duel” Finale Sparks Controversy

Spoilers ahead for the final episode….

Airing its finale last night, Big White Duel <白色強人> left viewers with a cliff hanger. Many suspect that the opening ending is paving the way for a sequel due to the popularity of the series.

After listening to Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) advice, Ali Lee‘s (李佳芯) character goes to the United States for treatment for her cardiac tumor. Though she recovered well, Ali did not return back to Marshall Paxton Hospital, and instead she joined Doctor Without Borders in a third world country. While she was caring for patients, a group of soldiers marched into her clinic and pointed a gun to her head. With a gun going off in the background, viewers had to decide for themselves if Ali’s character is still alive or dead.

As for Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), they plan to remarry with Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) and Ali as her bridesmaids.

The cast of Big White Duel watched the ending with a celebratory dinner, in which Natalie started a video live on Big Big Channel to share the event. When viewers asked about Ali’s character, she responded, “That noise you heard, Ram Chiang (蔣志光) thought it was just thunder. It is supposed to be an open ending, so I don’t even know the answer.”

Ali explained, “I’m not sure if my character had died or not. But I did grab the gun and fired at the soldiers.” As to why the ending was edited in such a way, the cast remains unclear.

Many viewers were dissatisfied with the unreasonable open ending, especially since the series had held such promise to being the best drama aired year-to-date.

Sources: HK01, Ming Pao

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15 comments to “Big White Duel” Finale Sparks Controversy

  1. tvbrama says:

    I don’t hate the ending, but I definitely don’t like it either. I didn’t expect them to go this route with Kennis’ character. Her being an MSF doctor I liked, but this cliffhanger really annoyed me lol. And I guess this paves a way for a sequel but I would’ve preferred a different way to go down that route. I don’t know what this cliffhanger added to the story to be honest.
    I’m also sad we didn’t actually get to see Tong Ming and Zoe remarry, but I know that the main focuses are the medical reform and the hospital, not the relationship storylines, so I’m not particularly upset about it.

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  2. bearbear says:

    Never appreciate open endings unless the sequel is already in production. To this day I still cannot get over the opening ending of “Looking Back in Anger”.

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    • m0m0 replied:

      didn’t watch the show, how did it end?

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @bearbear Ironically though, there was never a sequel planned for LBIA – the purpose was to make the ending memorable, which it succeeded because that ending has been debated for years after the series aired and even now, 30 years later, people still talk about it (though there’s nothing “mysterious” about it anymore since the producer and the cast let the secret out of the bag already several years ago). I actually thought LBIA’s ending was clever and in my book, it’s one of the best TVB series endings ever (though also one of the saddest ever).

      With that said – I don’t have a problem with open endings, but it needs to make sense….the ones I hate most are when they deliberately keep the ending open for the purpose of filming a sequel, but then the sequel never gets filmed and we’re left hanging. I didn’t watch Big White Duel, but all my family and friends that did watch said the ending was poorly done….overall, from what I read in the entertainment forums, reactions to the ending have been a mixed bag. As much as I like Roger and most of the supporting cast, not planning on watching this series, as it sounds like a waste of time…

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  3. diana80 says:

    Although the ending is kinda rushed, but it is still acceptable. The open-ending gives audience room for imagination, and possibility for a sequel…as it was mentioned above that the ending was edited.

    Anyway, i do hope that Kennis’ story would just end as her being a MSF doctor, but we don’t know whether or not she will go back to Hong Kong…instead of the gunshot scene which left us wondering whether or not she is dead.

    However, BWD is still one of the good TVB drama in recent years & shows that TVB is willing to improve/try a different method in their production, instead of maintaining the tried and proven formula for years.

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  4. xystus says:

    I feel like a lot of TVB dramas don’t know how to write proper endings. So many good dramas ruined by rushed and lousy endings. They are either stupid af or open ending that don’t give you any proper closure at all.

    The only good ending that tie up closures and give a satisfying end to the drama that comes to my mind in recent years is Destination Nowhere.

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  5. vodka says:

    TVB will milk this serie out.. if the sequel doesn’t make it into a TV serie expect a movie, typical TVB strategy now a day.

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  6. nobooo says:

    Lousy ending! Total waste of a good drama nd casts! sixty-four-thousand-dollar question!

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  7. holiday says:

    Really hated the ending how could they do kennis like that? She deserves a happy ending instead of an open ending

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  8. hannah says:

    The ending was ok. But Kennis deserves happy ending.

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  9. lovefaith says:

    I loved Kennis character that I find this character too tragic and yes, she deserve happiness and closure. Looking forward for the sequel. Hope TVB will work on it.

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  10. funnlim says:

    Just saw the ending and I find I have wasted hours in it. Should have just been a medical drama but

    1. the health reform fiasco – so many episodes and we have people flip flopping not because the believe in the reform or disbelieve, just when the plot asks them to. Only one who was true was Dr Lui and also YT of course but Dr Lui never really explained why he hated it and YT’s end speech deserves more punch. The doctors being so highly educated, knowlegable and all, I find it ridiculous none of them picketed in from of the committee because of what they believe in. They are so docile and you know that’s not HK. recent news shows HK people will rise up if they feel injustice and here, to cut A&E which is utterly dumb is something that should have TVB busting budget with CGI people protesting. Instead we have doctors doing silent protest by opening A&E which is also wrong because come on, why then need a governing body? I spent hours wondering where this is heading and in the end it heads to nowhere. So I wasted my hours watching a series WITHOUT an opinion. And the final argument never had anyone said “And you will cut A&E first”, none. I can write a better argument. And government can also write a better argument. So solution? None. Raise taxes maybe.

    2. Love stories – half baked. I know fans love the Zoe-Tong Ming-Kennis and Tak Chai (come one! He’s a bloody dr, no one calls dr tak chai man!!) and his can’t remember her name dr that I wanna slap. I like Macy better. I find the love stories a waste of time. I wanted YT to have a love life but truth is he is the sort of person who is fair as he plays dirty. Interesting. Anyway love story… where? Is there one? a couple who separated because hubby was not home on time for dinner and now he is still not home on time for dinner except they work at same place. I don’t see any heart tugging love story. Oh yea, the part he ran in when she supposedly might have a deadly infectious disease. Very irresponsible, not romantic at all.

    3. Medical procedures – at least some effort here. But this is one series I see a lot of use for Ultrasound. Maybe I am too used to American medical drama which is always so dramatic in the ER/A&E 4. Ending – what on earth was that for Kennis? Do I care? Nope. She can die. I just don’t like the time jump. 5. Tong Ming – his hair, urgh. His genital cupping walk, urgh. He wears leather jacket to a committee meeting. No dress code? But he’s a great guy even if he is flip flopping over his stance on the reform. And his so called secret relationship with chief executive was like the reform; went nowhere. Kenneth was ok because his character doesn’t have much ups and downs. Being a professional doctor, he has to stay calm except that ex wife being sick part. Too calm. I don’t buy him as some great expert. A friend said he looked like a taxi driver strolling into the OR. To be fair, he does doctor ok, except not like a genius doctor.

    6. YT – I get his stance. I understand his predicament. But Roger seems like he was sleep walking.

    7. The ladies – I actually don’t find Ali or Natalie looking like doctors. I actually do feel if there;s a lady doctor who is pretty and all, it will look like Kelly Cheung. As the series went along she shed her girly innocent naive persona which I like. I think she can play Kennis. Between Ali and Natalie, Natalie seems more like a head nurse and Ali does look professional. But as expert genius doctor?I don’t know. I know Kelly doesn’t have much support but I find her watchable. The worst was the one dating Tak Chai. Not bothered with her name. Maybe her character is a strong one but she comes across as insanely needy and the b word. Of all characters, one character I really liked was the super strong Reporter. What’s her name again? I find her consistent and I like how her character is very strong minded and knew exactly what she was doing.

    8. The guys – Ram Chiang didn’t look like a doctor, more so one heading A&E unless he is from China. Always envisioned China doctor looking that way. He could be a male nurse. I mean why not? The rest not much comment except poor Dr Don. One who was a doctor (still is), always play a doctor and should get more role. Matthew should switch with Stephen. Matthew wasn’t believable at all.
    9. Depts – kept hearing ortho, no ortho drs. So many mental case and no psychiatrist perspective?

    10. Overall – oh am sure fans will say dislike the ending, but series is fresh. it isn’t. Other than having actors rightly pronounce the medical terms right (for once! Only Roger faltered a bit), the entire series is same old TVB style. Nothing new. Take away the romance and kennis being sick arc and the whole useless pointless medical reform as main story and focus on patients being first, then TVB has a breakthrough that can be multiple seasons. Like season 1, focus on A&E. season 2, ortho, season 3 etc etc etc with different actors but recurring characters.

    Anyway, one funny scene still gets to me. YT asking the bodyguard of Chief Exec why Tong Ming was so close to CE, what surgery they did, the guy said “I don’t know, it was very secretive, we didn’t even know who was the surgeon until the day of the surgery” and YT asked “So you don’t know what was the surgery” and guy answered “No, I don’t. So it shows how confidential that heart transplant was”. Oh how I laughed.

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    • mike replied:

      @funnlim I caught the part about the secret Chief Exec don’t know what surgery it was and then clearly state its heart transplant too. It was in the same dialogue too so should have been easily caught the error.

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  11. mike says:

    The ending is acceptable if they just cut out the part of the soldiers. There is no need for that rush of a scene and gun shot to create suspense. The tie it all up with the audience knowing she is alive and working as a doctor elsewhere is enough. No need for that gun shot sound at all. It didn’t build anything to the storyline but just add to confusion.

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  12. jjwong says:

    I find the ending a bit fitting because everything in this series went no where, made absolutely no coherent sense, and everyone is all over the place.

    This whole series is a snooze fest! They had a promising start, mainly YT character. I had even thought they did a spin on Shelton of BBT, which I was like holy shyte wow. But I was sadly mistaken. YT went a whole 180. It wasn’t because his motives and character are misread by other . It was he completely changed bc of poor writing. He shouldn’t miss the important reform meeting just bc of a colleague wife surgery; sounds cold but that’s how his character started as. He’s not necessarily cold hearted, just more realistic, practical, logical and not impaired by emotion which was KM’s character. TVB ended up writing same character for 2 actors.

    Every other characters are inconsistent, ott, and stale.

    It’s hilariously funny that every time the docs flex their muscel is simply race through time. It’s not bc of their special, one-off skills that set them apart from good doctor and legendary. I’s only bc they can dp it faster even if it’s the same outcome. Case in point, Hugo’s wife situation. On top of that, they used the whole surgery in spot with bad infection after so need for questioning 2, 3 times. Lol. Come on!

    I also find it even more hilarious that TVB way of making their leads more superior and unique than others is not because they’re truly reasonably above average skilled, they dumb down everyone else around them. Hugo should’ve been main doc for that patient with mirrored internal organ. Kennis was promising star of the hospital suddenly faded just bc KM showed up. If she’s that seey-quay than she shouldn’t be a star to begin with.

    For a huge arse hospital with buttload of real estate and coffee, they sure run out of OR and machines left to right. It would’ve been a good injecting point if that was use as a supporting point of the reform.

    What was the point of the reform??? They essentially went back to the beginning. Absolutely nothing, not a dang thing happened. LMAO.

    Again, another series getting undeserved hype and attention. Maybe this is just TVB paying news coverage. Who knows.

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