Charlene Choi’s Provocative Role in “The Lady Improper”

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Charlene Choi’s Provocative Role in “The Lady Improper”

Hoping to make a breakthrough in the film industry, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) took on a provocative role in The Lady Improper <非分熟女>. The film is directed by Jessey Tsang (曾翠珊), the winner of the New Director Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Slated to hit theaters in 2019, a one-minute trailer was released yesterday. In a bathtub by herself, Charlene bared her back while washing herself. The clip was shown with Charlene’s monologue, “Although I’ve been married to my husband for four years, I’m still a virgin.”

The story revolves around Charlene’s character, who lives a repetitive life without goals and eventually suppresses her own self after marriage, not knowing what she wants in life anymore. Hoping to leave her boring life behind and finally live freely outside the box, The Lady Improper explores the themes of coming to terms with one’s true identity and releasing the lively spirit inside each person.

Besides the bathtub scene in the short trailer, Charlene started practicing pole-dancing in May for her role. Attempting a rather bold and risqué character, Charlene’s efforts have been met with positive media buzz so far, with many fans anticipating the movie’s release.

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Charlene Choi’s Provocative Role in “The Lady Improper”

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  • 8 comments to Charlene Choi’s Provocative Role in “The Lady Improper”

    1. yuaida says:

      A woman like her should not try to play provocative roles when they don’t have the proper ingredients to start off……….lack of a sexy body, flat-chested and etc. etc……..She should just stick to roles that play out as kiddie roles.

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      • tatsumakijim replied:

        @yuaida Getting the same kind of people doing the same kind of roles in order to fit an arbitrary stereotype is exactly the kind of mentality that makes these movies stale. Having preset expectations of what can and can’t be provocative may be a symptom of watching too many movies that fit into this narrow scope.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @yuaida lol…flat chested…haha I am more shocked w/the way she talks still; like they sound like they are still 18 yo. lol…

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Charlene’s ingredients are suitable for more ‘My Wife is 18’ sequels…..

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      • msxie0714 replied:

        Mature grown-ups are attracted to a partner with a combination of physical, mental and intellectual attributes. Only boys and mentally stunted boobs limit themselves to sexy bodies .

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    2. iciel says:

      Well it’s always nice to see Charlene tackle a new role. She was surprisingly great in Sara.

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    3. coralie says:

      Twins is a combo of half-bucket talent. Not good enough for music and only just good enough for movies.

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
    4. funnlim says:

      Provocative because of actions or because she can act provocatively? Because the former, I doubt it. Not an ounce of sexy in her. If the latter, she can’t even act scared even if a hungry lion is chasing her for real.

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