Charlie Yeung Welcomes Twin Boys

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Charlie Yeung Welcomes Twin Boys

After an on-and-off relationship spanning more than two decades, Charlie Yeung (楊采妮) finally tied the knot with her long-time Singaporean boyfriend, Qiu Shao Zhi in 2013. Last year, Charlie became pregnant with twins. Yesterday, the 42-year-old shared a photo of two baby blue cribs and announced that she had given birth to twin boys via Caesarean section.

The couple named the older twin Ignatius and little brother Aloysius, who were born in March one month earlier than their due dates. As a first-time mother, Charlie reflected thoughtfully, “My dearest babies, thank you for coming into our lives and letting us experience love in another way. Daddy and Mommy welcomed you both with gratitude in our hearts. We promise to love you with all our hearts. We also hope that you will grow up safely and healthily in an environment filled with love and gratitude. Here, we would like to thank the doctors and nurses who helped us welcome our two babies. To all our caring friends who asked about us, we cherish all your blessings and well wishes. Thank you!”

Charlie’s good friends and fellow founders of the non-profit Hope Foundation, Valen Hsu (許茹芸) and Angelica Lee (李心潔), left congratulatory messages on Charlie’s post. “Congratulations dear! Your godmothers are very happy! Grow up safely, precious babies. Your mother must be exhausted… your godmothers will go visit you soon and give big hugs to your exhausted mother!”

Angelica, who had also given birth to twin boys last August, responded to Charlie’s post, “Two adorable little angels have arrived! Your godmothers will fly over and visit you both soon, dears! Giving birth to a set of twins is not easy for mom. Add oil!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Charlie Yeung Welcomes Twin Boys

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      So many twins… IVF?

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      Those baby names sounds so archaic…

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        The next son should be named Mencius

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          @msxie0714 LOL! And the next one Confucius

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          @coralie To be followed by a daughter whom shall be named Facetious.

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      What names… .. happy for them though.

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