Deng Lun to Star in Chinese Drama Remake of “Goblin”?

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, better known as Goblin, was a Hallyu phenomenon when it first broadcasted in 2016. It pushed actors Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook into superstardom and after a year of sweeping award ceremonies, fans still want more.

According to a source, a mainland Chinese TV station has been looking into adapting the Korean drama for the Chinese audiences. Discussions for the lead actors have reportedly already begun, and the source says 26-year-old Chinese actor Deng Lun (邓伦) is currently in negotiations to play Gong Yoo’s role Kim Shin, the immortal goblin.

Deng Lun shot to fame after starring in 2018’s popular xianxia hit Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉烬如霜> alongside Andy Yang (杨紫). He debuted six years ago in the television drama Flowers in Fog <花非花雾非雾>, which also starred Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin (林心如) and Korean actor Joo Jin-mo.

Goblin won’t be China’s only Korean drama remake this year. On February 26th, it was announced that the Korean drama I Can Hear Your Voice will be getting the remake treatment as well. Confirmed stars in the Chinese remake include Kim Jin (金瀚) and Stephy Qi (戚薇).


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  1. Meh. Chinese drama/movies should focus on original work. Even if it sucks, it is still better than remakes. Cash grabs on popular dramas will only bring down the industry.

    1. @jetmasters agree! And whenever there’s remakes fans will have high expectations for story/quality/acting. Should put more effort into original stuff instead of copy pasting a drama with different actors.
      China’s version will most likely be longer than the original too, extra nope for me

  2. I think he fits the role of Lee Dong Wook’s more haha
    Anyways, I didn’t like Goblin, so I don’t know about this remake..

    1. @michelle2805 wow, I don’t like goblin either lol. Made it to 6, and found it meh!

      And they need to stop doing remake because when they do, it’s nothing like the original, it’s stretch out and it Superbad!

      1. @littlefish lol I love how we have similar taste for many dramas hahaha yeah, I stopped after watching 2 episodes. I don’t know why it was so popular in Korea.
        Anyways, I’m already on episode 4 for The Legends! 😀

  3. I can’t see him either as Kim Shin or Grim Reaper….Maybe Kim Shin’s nephew….forgot his name…

  4. I loved Goblin and to this day, I don’t think it’s because of the plot lol. The plot was lackluster IMO, but the emotional payoff packed a punch. The drama was more character-driven than anything else and the actors deserve all the credit for its success. I loved it for its ability to deliver intense burst of angst, pain, grief, brief humor and camaraderie all in one package.

    Deng Lun doesn’t have the maturity to play Gong Yoo’s role. He feels more like Lee Dong Wook (though I think he would be a far better LDW as LDW is stiff IMO). But with that said, I’ll still be tuning in! Sometimes China surprises people with its remakes and I hope this one will follow that example

  5. Funny how Yang Zi’s english name is Andy Yang, was wondering who the hell was that?

    Andi and Andie might be understandable…but Andy??

      1. @msxie0714
        Charlie is the more feminine/cuter version that derived from the original name Charle. Charlie is uncommon for females, but it actually wouldn’t sound that awkward.

        Some male names just come off really masculine, even the cuter nick name for them would still sound more strictly for male.

        Andrew -> Andy
        Thomas -> Tom -> Tommy
        Johnathan -> John -> Johnny
        Frederick -> Fred -> Freddie

  6. Sorry but China needs to focus on originals. 90% of remakes suck. Besides, Goblin wasn’t that good to begin with

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