Grace Wong Shows No Makeup Selfie: “Embrace Your Flaws”

By on March 13, 2018 in NEWS

Grace Wong Shows No Makeup Selfie: “Embrace Your Flaws”

In celebration of International Women’s Day last week, Grace Wong (王君馨) shared a no makeup selfie. Unafraid to reveal all of her flaws, Grace’s bold move was cheered by fans. Grace urged other women to be happy with their own looks and accept their flaws.

Grace’s husband, Daniel Zhang, likes her makeup-free face. “My husband said I look fine, but that’s because he’s my husband. I originally posted the photo for my girlfriends, but passed it to my fans. Too many people now are afraid to take photos without using photo editors. I hope everyone can embrace and appreciate their true selves.”

Grace understood that women are always dissatisfied with their own looks and want to look even better. Even though Grace appreciates the features God has given her, she was also unhappy that her aging skin has become more dry and less elastic. Grace admitted, “I thought about getting botox when I’m 35 to maintain my current looks.”

However, Grace still prefers to maintain her looks through natural methods whenever possible. She has been going to the gym more consistently to stay in her best form and hopes to avoid getting botox when she is older.


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8 comments to Grace Wong Shows No Makeup Selfie: “Embrace Your Flaws”

  1. funnlim says:

    I don’t think a face without make up as flaws or make up as covering flaws. That’s wrong mindset. I’d rather think those like grace who without makeup looks nothing like the face we know. I would think perhaps without make up grace is just rather ordinary and nothing special. Those are not flaws. Those are what you are.

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @funnlim very well said. The mindset of people amaze me in this day and age. A makeup free face is not a flaw, to think so is ridiculous. Like I said, these celebs just look ordinary without makeup. I have seen prettier non celebs without makeup. Anyway, good of Grace to do a real makeup free photo. The make up free photo’s that I see of celeb women are anything but, especially the Hollywood photos.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    ‘Unafraid to reveal all of her flaws’ is a bit of a bold praise. There are more flaws to people than just facial features. Everyone has positives and negatives to personality too…

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  3. coralie says:

    It’s much harder to bare her real face if she wasn’t married, I think. But still, good on her to do something outside the usual standards of beautiful, PSed and glamorous celebrity image.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      I don’t think it is particularly brave and she is releasing the picture to gain a bit of exposure. She does not look that great without make up so it might be a bit of failed mission. I guess it shows us that celebrities are not perfect…

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      • coralie replied:

        @jimmyszeto the thing is, celebrities don’t like exposing themselves looking like death or plain jane because it ruins their image. and papz love to bring up ugly photos of them anytime they can or when the celebrity is down in the dumps. so that’s why it’s brave of her to put it up herself when there’s no obligation to. you can say it’s for exposure…but there’s lots you can do aside from doing bare face to gain that exposure.

        speaking of which, people should do a #flawsandall movement so it highlights the imperfections each and everyone of us has in order to counter this PS’d frenzy Hollywood has. it’s damaging to the psyche to see perfect celebrities all the time.

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      • bubbletea replied:

        @coralie very great points you brought up. No celebrity is perfect. I agree with you. A lot of folk had this silly notion that celebs are perfect and should be worshipped. I say it was brave of Grace to post that make up free selfie
        The reason…. Fans have this physical perfect image of their idols. To post such a selfie could disappoint a lot of fans and Grace could lose a lot of her fan base. We all know that fans are the ones who keep these celebs in the business. Yes Grace is brave to to that. A ‘ll so like you said, do it before the paps post am unflattering photo of her.

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      • m0m0 replied:

        i totally agree. it’s brave for her to put up a pic like that. even ordinary people get worried when their pics get posted online — no, it’s not a matter of privacy, just that they don’t look good enough.

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