Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Celebrate Daughter’s Birthday

Determined not to let marriage and the birth of their daughter hinder their careers, Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) left their daughter in the care of Hawick’s parents in Hong Kong. Due to their constant separation and a marriage triggered by an unplanned pregnancy, the couple has been plagued by divorce rumors many times.

Recently, Yang Mi traveled to Hong Kong to celebrate their daughter Noemi’s second birthday. Hawick went to the airport to pick her up. Although they have continued to deny discord rumors, their actions seem to speak louder. The once-loving couple who used to gush about one another appeared cold, as they made their way back to the car without holding hands.

Sharp-eyed reporters also noticed that they were not wearing their wedding rings. Yang Mi also only stayed in Hong Kong for a mere seven hours before traveling back to Mainland China again for work. Although Hawick accompanied his wife to the airport, the couple kept a distance from each other and was seen to have zero interaction. All the while, Yang Mi bent her head and was on her phone, her expression seemingly glum. It was only when the couple stopped for a short interview that Yang Mi revealed a small smile, despite continuing to keep her head low.

Later that night, Yang Mi shared a photo of her daughter’s birthday cake on Weibo. In what could have been a subtle attempt at putting out any divorce rumors, Hawick also uploaded a photo of the family cutting Noemi’s birthday cake together.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Honestly if I was a celebrity in HK, I’ll keep my head low too as reporters there write so many garbage!

    In an out in 7 hours for own daughter birthday. Sigh…What can I say, work is priority it seem.

    1. @happybi so pitiful…hardly see her parents and mum only spent 7 hours to celebrate her birthday only to dash off right after that.

  2. I can’t wrap around how both parents prioritize work over their daughter. What a pity!

  3. I read another news in Chinese, it said that Hawick is staying in Hong Kong this month (June) to celebrate Father’s Day with his daughter.
    It is Yang Mi that fly back to Beijing to continue her filming. Yes, Yang Mi stay only 7 hours for her daughter B-Day, and she fly back to Bejing. Hawick accompanied her to the airport only, not sure if he getting on that same plane back to Beijing. The Chinese news I read said he staying in HK to celebrated Father’s Day with his dad (Lau Dan) and his daughter.

    The Chinese news I read said despite their daughter not have their mom (Yang Mi) for Mother’s Day. But at least Father’s Day their daughter have Hawick (their dad) with them. Sounds like Hawick staying in HK for Father’s Day, then he will fly back to Beijing for filming.

    Anyways, it is clearly that Yang Mi and Hawick priority work over their daughter. Because if you look at Moses and Aimee for example. Moses clearly is NOT rich like Hawick/Yang Mi. Because Hawick film ALOT of China drama, and that make more money. Plus added on to Yang Mi wealth, they are quite loaded if you compared to Moses and Aimee.
    But Aimee clearly prority her children above her career.

    Same with Julian and Anita Yuen. Anita clearly priority her son more than her career.
    Both Moses and Aimee, Julian and Anita are example of couples who priority their family over their career.
    On the other handed, Hawick and Yang Mi seem quite loaded, but Yang Mi still put her career first. It sad to see that her daughter who is 2 and was raised in Hong Kong by grandparentes for the past 2 years.
    Anyways, different couples have different views on career and family. If career is what Yang Mi and Hawick chose then that is what it is. I still hope they spend more time with their daughter though.

    1. @yangrongfan

      Cant really compare these couples decision because their situation are different.

      Anita was 35 yrs old when she had her son. She already achieved what she wanted to achieve. The baby was planned.

      Aimee is not that popular. Not an A list at TVB. Getting promoted yes but no guarantee that she would make it very far. She is also in her 30s when she had her 1st child.

      Yang mi on the other hand is younger. Her career is still on the rise. Lots of opportunities. Have the potential to achieve more. Was only 26 yrs old when she fell pregnant.

      I dont think its right to neglect a baby like this. But i know why they r in this situation. It was an unplanned pregnancy. So is it better to have the baby and neglect or abort the baby since you know your not ready?

      1. @1nit since she made the bed, she should sleep on it whether it is comfortable or not…since she has decided to give birth, she has to do her part as a mother…seriously how much money is sufficient? if one has 10 million, someone is not contended will want 20 million. this marriage looks doomed at the rate they spend more time apart than together.

      2. @janet72 What ‘do her part as a mother’? I didn’t know there was a universal way for that. You have working moms, stay at home moms, moms with help, mom without, moms who are solely the caretaker of the child and moms who are solely the breadwinner of the house. How they choose to raise their child is nobody’s business but their own. Working is not always only about money you know. And being a mom is also not only about being a caretaker. Why can’t Hawick be the main caretaker then?

      3. @peanutbutterjelly

        Yep agree. No standard written anywhere that i know about.

        Yeh I wonder y Hawick doesnt slow down too. He is in his 40s so dont think he could achieve more than what he already achieved. Unless he has the mindset of a man should be the breadwinner.

      4. @janet72

        Your comment is like ‘you got raped because you wore short shirt’.

        She choose to have intimacy doesnt mean she must have kids. Or expect to have them. We are in the 21st century. We all know that intimacy is not just to make babies.

        Working doesnt always mean earning money. It could be achievement. She might want to win Best Actress 1 day. Or be highest earner in Asia etc…

        Plus they earn big but they could also b spending big too.

        Yeh their marriage may seem to not be going strong according to the media. But it may not be how it is written.

      5. @1nit
        Very true. You can’t really compare couples since everyone is different at different stages in their life.
        YM is probably much more famous than HW back then and she is still young even if he is in the 40’s. Who would want to be stay at home mom esp when she’s still famous and in demand? Who will say no to more money that’s coming in like water?
        Every single one of them you said was so true. Anita Yuen like her career was going anywhere back then and also biological clock ticking. That Aimee-God, she’s promoted yes but she probably knows herself is such a bad actress, lets pop those out first hahah lol….
        Just b/c she will be a stay at home mom will improve the marriage come on anything can happen in life whether you are a stay at home mom or a superstar there are no guarantees in life. Baby was probably unplanned since she’s still a star and is not willing to give that up yet when she’s been practically a child star and if you are happy in your career you can’t/won’t give it up that easily. Some ppl might think that giving to grandparents to take care might be BETTER/SAFER than giving it to strangers but that’s just my thought on it.

  4. HK is definitely not the place for stars who want privacy :s

    But in their case, I really don’t understand how parents could only spend so little time with their child who is btw really young… Work is important but family time too.. Plus children grow really fast and it’s not like they don’t have money..;

      1. @unknown
        that’s what I am thinking. I mean the guy hitting 40’s and made it BIG outside of TVB like that’s easy? He must be thinking dig up more gold now and live a better life later?

  5. Sigh… Feel sorry for their daughter. She must feel very left out from her parents. It seem like Hawick care more for the family than his wife. I think his wife need slow down her work for a little bit that way she will have more time to spend with her daughter like each every one of you say the daughter still young she need her parents by her side the most that way she feel more care and love each day.

  6. I think there is some truth to their deteriorating relationship. It wouldn’t surprise me if they announce the divorce in a year or two. They hardly spend time together as a couple and as a family. I feel bad for their daughter.

  7. Well none of the couples who have had kids are also starting their own companies, are both equally in hot demand, and not to mention, in their acting prime.

    I think their company is really taking a toll on this couple. Start-ups are really difficult and time management is nigh impossible. Even if they wanted to spend more time with their daughter, who can take care of her when both parents are so busy with their respective careers?

    It’s unfortunate but understandable why they had to take this step. Maybe they had sign contracts, maybe they’re thinking about their futures and their daughter’s future, maybe they want their daughter to grow up more independent…I don’t know the reasons but I can see why these factors could affect them

  8. I bet this wouldn’t be news if it was Hawick who left after 7 hours. Good lord, what century is it that a mother is a woman’s mandatory singular identity that she must matriculate into once she has a baby.

    I am pro-family and babies, but personally, parents can’t just drop everything in life—it is a transition.

  9. I think it is smart to leave their daughter in Hong Kong in the care of Harwick’s parents. At least the daughter is with family, grandparents! IF Yang Mi and Harwick decided to leave their daughter in China with a maid then it would be serious neglect.
    Has anyone thought of why they didnt leave their daughter with Yang Mi’s parents?
    I’m certain Harwick’s parents would do a better job and have more respect with local media, rather than China media who are quite vicious.

    It is a real shame to hear that Yang Mi only stayed in HK for 7 hours. Does she not care for her daughter enough to spend more time? Its awful. Clearly one could reschedule work to start a bit later?! Anyways

    The couple’s none-interaction at the airport does not necessarily mean that they are cold to each other, maybe they are just sick of the media/paparazzi and just want to get out of the airport asap!

  10. Nothing is wrong with being brought up by grandparents. Many kids were when both their parents need to go to work to support the family. Grandparents are also part of the family and they would love their grandchildren to bits. Way better than leaving them with maids or childcare center.

    1. @ kidd

      When kids are looked after by grandparents, they will normally see their parents in the evening and weekends. Where as Hawick & YM seem to not see their child often as they are busy working in mainland china.

      To me its not just the child that is losing out. Hawick n YM is missing out on seeing their child grow up and they wont get the love from the child since they didnt put out the time and effort to bond. Got to invest to get a return.

    2. @kidd agreed. Problem is perhaps grandparents may spoil the grandchildren.

      Parents need to work to earn a living. It is a necessity.

  11. I guess we are looking at it from a Western perspective. In China at least a lot of children are left with their grandparents in their hometown while their parents leave to work in the major cities. They only get a family reunion once a year during Chinese New Years.

    The only thing different is that Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are both rich are can afford to stay with their children but the vast majority of parents who leave their children with grandparents are not.

    But I guess it is their decision as to what they do. I don’t believe it should be necessarily Yang Mi that should give up her career just because she’s the mother. She is way more famous than Hawick and runs her own studio. Hawick only got famous since he started dating Yang Mi and that’s when he started getting more jobs.

    1. @phixster nah hawick got famous on his own. He starred in this romance demented drama that got really high ratings in China and from that point on, started getting more jobs. Dating yang mi added to his notoriety plus he’s in like a thousand dramas a yr. He’s a very busy guy.

      1. @coralie Ok I agree that he got noticed by that drama (which had the most messed up storyline ever). But he was not considered A list famous until he started dating Yang Mi. The amount of jobs that he has been getting in the last few years were definately due to his relationship with Yang Mi and thus getting producers/ audiences to know who he is.

      2. @phixster idk this is an issue of perception and timing I guess. I think it’s one of those cases where he was already popular and getting more famous, but happened to get link to yang mi around that time and it increased his notoriety. I genuinely think he was famous already before YM because I know how popular that drama was – in China, if you have one very good representative work, you are game in for both fame & opportunities, see NIF cast.

      3. @phixster
        Yes, I remember that series. That was some messed up book but it was popular so they made into a drama series as always. Seriously, it’s messed up but he was commandingly good in there. That’s literally the show I was like Hawick Lau who knew lol….So he really already became a bit famous from that role I think but he always had leads anyway b4 that so it’s not like he just suddenly got popular from the g/f. Yes, probably even more a household name after dating an even more famous g/f.

  12. With all the expository comment on parents outsourcing their responsibility to grandparents, almost none has touched upon the apparent fissure on a marital relationship that was doomed from the start. With all their flaws the tabloid writers, I believed, actually got it right by stating that this marriage was triggered by unplanned pregnancy and marked by extended separation. What has been left out is that it is also based on the unilateral exploitation of the younger partner by the older one and it has been kept running through some type of mutually agreed arrangement. He wants to keep this relationship going,at least the semblance of one, as he knows his current career success is predicated upon hers. Therefore, no one should be surprised that his PR operations kick into high gear whenever there are any scrutiny by the press.

    1. @aiya I personally don’t like may-december relationships as I consider them extremely exploitative for all parties involved. but in this case, theyre both relatively popular actors and hawick is the owner of the work studio so maybe in this case, yangmi is the one exploiting him

      1. @coralie I would agree with you if the facts (prior to their hookup) were such that he had been a successful producer (like Yu Zheng) with his studio cranking out mega hit dramas left and right while she struggling to look for a break. Unfortunately, the facts do not bear this out.

        It is pretty much a consensus that he owes his new found success to their hooking up.

      2. @aiya

        I disagree. Hawick was very popular already before they started dating. They both got where they are on their own not due to their relationship.

        Check out all the dramas that he was main lead prior to dating. Its a long list.

      3. @1nit You can believe in whatever as you’re entitled to your own opinions. In the many dramas you referred to prior to the hookup he was in support roles mostly.

        BTW, check out Phixster’s post above if you want to

      4. @aiya i was around when that drama first aired – “sealed with a kiss” and he was main lead there. that drama was a sleeper hit and everyone on the web had nothing but good things to say about it (though i only watched the first episode and stopped) and it was very controversial at the time. he became well-established after this series and gained credibility as an actor and went on to lead a lot more dramas. perhaps he was not on par with yang mi when it came to notoriety, but make no mistake – he was earning a lot already before she came into the picture and he was well-known – he even states here that he earns more than her: http://www.jaynestars.com/news/hawick-lau-i-earn-more-money-than-yang-mi/. but whether you’ve heard of him or not, depended on what news circle you follow.

      5. @coralie
        Again I agree wholeheartedly….He already managed to made a name for himself in that drama before they hooked up for good. You can’t call him the IT guy of china but he was still in demand on those mainland dramas. In fact, I think he was the lead w/her that’s how they met and got together. She definitely probably was more famous/popular than he was back then but still I don’t think that he got his fame from YM is totally true. My mom was watching that drama and I thought he was just cute and refreshingly evil but a cute evil character he played. Girl was chub in there but they actually looked pretty cute together on that drama. Messed up character but it was entertaining while watching it.

  13. Reality speaking, as love cools down and you’re much comfortable with your partner, this is what happens. Perhaps they had an argument, but because headlines are so lifeless, anything about their relationship shedding a negative light concludes to divorce assumption.

    Hong Kong’s paparazzi is really a pain in the butt. On the other hand, Korea’s paparazzi will hunt celebrities down until the couple admit they are dating. After that, they just leave them alone, with maybe a “check-up” report occasionally. Or well, maybe it could be Korean celebrities are better at hiding lol.

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