Joe Ma’s Son Wins Eight Gold Medals at a Swimming Competition

Another celebrity athlete in the making! On Sunday, Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) wife Karen Cheung (張筱蘭) shared on Weibo that their son, Ma Zai-xiang (馬在驤) beat his own record with eight personal gold medals at a swimming competition held in Sydney, Australia.

Last week, Xiang represented his high school, the French International School of Hong Kong, at a swimming competition held in Sydney, Australia. There, he won eight gold personal medals, and was the competition’s biggest winner.

“This seals a perfect ending for your high school career,” wrote Karen on Weibo, “and it is also the start of what you will have to face in your fantastic future. Fly high!  Your handwork and commitment makes [your father] and I proud everyday.”

In addition to Xiang’s Sydney wins, he also won a silver 50m freestyle medal for a local swimming competition, beating his own record time.



This article is written by Addy for JayneStar

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  1. Joe man’s son is actually pretty handsome from the pics. i was never a fan of ma, but his son’s hot

      1. @megamiaow On the left picture, he’s the one on the right, 2nd place on the podium. He’s young but not smaller. He does look like his dad and has his built

      2. @jjwong Oh right I read gold medals and assumed it was the one standing on the number 1 step lol

        Yeah the one on the right is good looking but he does look like splitting image of Jo Ma with softer features

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