Kevin Cheng Wants to Date Grace Chan

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Kevin Cheng Wants to Date Grace Chan

Making headlines with their 22-year age difference, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) finally admits that he is interested in pursuing 23-year-old Grace Chan (陳凱琳).

After romantic rumors surfaced during their collaboration in Blue Veins <殭>, Kevin and Grace were both quick to state they were only friends. Although Grace was photographed entering Kevin’s apartment, Kevin explained she was only there to borrow DVDs.

However, after the cast’s filming trip to the Netherlands, Kevin and Grace’s relationship seemingly solidified, making them more open to reveal the true status of their relationship. Without hesitation, Kevin said, “We had a lot of time to get to know each other and we both feel very comfortable when we talk to each other. She is someone who has a great personality. I really admire this girl. I’ve said it before – I need to get married and have children. Please give us a little space for dating.”

Kevin added, “When there is time, I would like to go out for dinner or the movies together, so we can understand each other more. I have to let her learn more about me first.”

Disregards Age Gap 

Besides complimenting Grace on her unpretentious personality despite coming from a fairly wealthy family, Kevin said their large age gap does not affect them at all. Kevin expressed, “She has a lot of wisdom. Perhaps because we were both educated overseas, we have adapted a more Western mentality and are able to communicate easily. We both enjoy movies, TV shows, and foreign talk shows. We have conversations about a lot of topics.”

Grace also reiterated that age is nothing but a number and believes it should not be a factor that affects a couple. “I don’t think age gaps are a set back – even if the woman is older than the man, it’s not a problem. In order to be friends, the most important thing is to look at their personality and see how they treat others.” Complimenting Kevin for his thoughtful personality, Grace revealed that Kevin treated older artistes such as Helen Law (羅蘭) with respect and often treated the cast to snacks.

Since Kevin indicated his interest in asking her out on dates, Grace did no mind spending more time together, “Sure, if there is time. We are good friends.” She added that she did not see dating as a conflict to her acting career, “Even if I were to date in the future, it is good to share problems with my boyfriend and support each other. This will help my career too.”


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20 comments to Kevin Cheng Wants to Date Grace Chan

  1. funnlim says:

    Still doesn’t answer whether they are dating.

    If he wants kids, and marriage, he should start looking for an older woman who is ready to settle down. Grace is just starting, she probably wants to date a few years.

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    • jayne replied:

      @funnlim I believe Kevin’s answer hints that they are in the early stages of dating. Kevin and Grace are very generous in their praises of each other. In the conservative HK circle, if an actor states that he wants to ask out an actress, I believe it means that they are already going out, but they don’t want to air their relationship so publicly.

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    • rika replied:

      @funnlim At least she’s “older” than Hannah Quinlivan.

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  2. arc78 says:

    The dark-haired goatee look really does not suit Kevin at all.

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  3. jadio says:

    And here I am thinking I was too young for Kevin Cheng at 26… XD

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    • hkeni replied:

      @jadio HAHAHAHA i’m the same age as Grace and i’ve always had a humongous crush on Kevin…and thought i was too young for him ahha =P guess not

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  4. tess says:

    So they are really dating, huh? The thought of she was still an infant when we was 22 makes me feel disgusted. Well…guess love is blind…

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  5. chocobunny says:

    Kevin sounds interested but Grace is more guarded. Somehow still think this is all made up for some publicity only.

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    • hkeni replied:

      @chocobunny it sounds like a publicity stunt to me too, kevin’s never been so open about his relationships…what makes this one different other than to promote the drama?

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  6. dramadrama says:

    It’s scary when Kevin emphasise on wanting to get married and have kids. Like wtf. He may be old to be a dad, but Grace career just picked up. So she have to get ready to be pregnant and be a mum now???

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  7. alluka says:

    KC calls Grace “Honey” already so it seems to be a real date.

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  8. chinakat168 says:

    To me age is just a number.

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    • dramadrama replied:

      @chinakat168 try to say that again if kevin is willing to date a 67 yrs old woman.

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  9. pikap says:

    Kevin asking anjaylia’s bf how he handles no sex was probably in preparation for dating grace. The media mentioned that she’s a Christian and that she’s a virgin and doesn’t believe in premarital sex.

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    • spearmintx3 replied:

      @pikap YEAAAAAH! i was thinking back about the sex report about him asking anjaylia too! It all makes sense now, i guess he was already interested in Grace at the time thats why he asked !

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  10. freedalas says:

    We should not be speaking generally about the age-gap issue between a couple. Arguments for and against will go nowhere. We should instead by directing our comments on specific couples. In this case, Kevin and Grace. As I said somewhere earlier, they really look great together. Both are attractive with pleasant demeanor. As the saying goes, “they look great on each other”. So why not? On the other hand, we have Cho Lam and Leanne. Though age-gap is not an issue with these two, but they look awful together. One is tall and attractive, the other short and ugly. And that’s I call totally incompatible!

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    • dramadrama replied:

      @freedalas so your argument is only skin deep…

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      • freedalas replied:


        oh yeah? here we are not embarking on an general intellectual discourse of may-september relationships, which at best are just academic. we are talking about a specific couple and to me Kevin and Grace have passed the first test of looking great together and the second of being very comfortable and a third test of being open about it. Compare this to Linda Chung and Philip Ng relationship which is not an age-gap factor but yet they neither look good nor comfortable with each other. Worse still, they are hiding their relationship! So stop all high-sounding pretentious arguments and instead focus on specific couples for no two couples are alike that can be treated equally with general comments.

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      • coralie replied:


        WCL & Leanne have aesthetic disparity, but they match in terms of personality, goals and stage in life. Typically women aren’t as concerned about looks as much as men, so…no issue there.

        Linda & Philip have an income gap. That is typically an issue with Asian culture. Asian guys get the labels of being “Soft Rice King” and relying on their women for income. Maybe Phillip/Linda cares about that so they keep their relationship under wraps. OR MAYBE they just don’t like nosy naysayers getting into their business. I lean more towards the latter.

        But age – it is big factor in relationships. Are they both looking for similar things despite the age gap? Is Grace ready to drop her career and be a full time mom? Because that’s most likely what Kevin’s expecting her to do. He’s not young; he wants to settle down. When both parties are at different stages in life, they won’t want the same thing and that pressure to conform to your partner can add to a lot of resentment. Also when an older guy is dating a woman that much younger, there’s usually a sense of controlling that gets involved. They’re scared the younger partner will leave the relationship or cheat on them.

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      • celin replied:


        I totally agreed with what you commented about the three couples.

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