Li Xiaolu Works Through Marital Problems with Jia Nailiang

Mainland Chinese actress, Li Xiaolu (李小璐), married her husband and fellow actor, Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮), in 2012. The couple welcomed a daughter, Jelena, soon after. Despite a seemingly blissful marriage and successful career, Li Xiaolu risked it all when her extramarital affair with rapper PG One was exposed late last year.

Although there have since been numerous reports speculating the couple’s separation and divorce, the couple have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. Jia Nailiang expressed his confusion, hurt, and frustration, but continued to protect his wife and family and urged for privacy to deal with the issue. Since then, both Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang have taken measures to stay out of the public eye. Both have rejected several job offers and have only been spotted out occasionally taking their daughter out.

Although the couple has remained out of the spotlight, Jelena’s uncle is active on social media and often shares updates about the family’s current condition. Jelena is currently still living with her parents and grandparents. Recent photos showcased a rare appearance of a smiling Li Xiaolu, who appeared glowing and happy, and wearing a ring on her finger. Perhaps the break away from the prying media enabled the couple to work through their marital issues privately after all.

Source: Sina

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  1. To the world, he may be a silly fool, but I’m happy he remained true to himself and chose to reconcile with her admist all of that pressure and shame to divorce her as a punishment for her infidelity. Does she deserve him? Maybe. Maybe not. But what matters is, she seems to be his happiness. At the end of the day, he’s not making a life with all of the netizens who told him to divorce her. He’s just another hot scandal everyone gossiped about but when he becomes old news, all he has left to mend is his broken heart, shattered life, and beloved child to take care of. He made a decision for himself. He gulped down his pride and chose to be with the one person who has the most say, his wife. I’m glad they’re willing to work out their differences, wounds, and scars. I hope they learn from this and continue to balance their marriage healthily. How long will it last? Who cares. Treat each day as if it’s your last. Follow your heart and you’ll have least regrets even if you’re a fool in the end. In life, be a fool for those who are worth it. There’s not too many people we come across that we willingly become fools for.

    1. @lynn90

      I like everything you said here. I hope she knows better to never do it to him & their child again. Some people would say when someone is a cheater, he or she will always be a cheater. Personally I will never forgive my spouse if he does this to me like what she did to her husband. That was very humiliating & that trust can never come back. That’s just me!

  2. @dramas4me

    Thank you. 🙂

    I’m the opposite, too. I’ve been cheated on and it’s not fun.

    I forgave my boyfriend for cheating because we all make mistakes. However, forgiving doesn’t mean that we returned to our normal lives as if nothing happened. Forgiving him allowed me to move forward without any bondage. He doesn’t deserve a space in my heart, life, or thoughts anymore, even as a grudge. Our lives diverge from there. There is only one way out, break up. Once someone cheats, it changes everything. It’s not even about trust anymore, it’s about happiness. When someone cheats, that person placed their desires, wants, and needs before me, before us, our relationship, so I don’t see anything wrong if I were to place myself before him and our relationship, which doesn’t exist anymore, by breaking up. The moment someone cheats, we’re no longer a team. Whatever decisions he makes are for his benefit and whatever choices I choose are what’s best for me. We sort of become strangers again. I don’t threat with break up and drama like many women often do. I do it cleanly, simply, and maturely. This person isn’t going to receive another minute of my time or another ounce of my attention. I didn’t break up with him to save my reputation or pride. I broke up with him because it simply won’t work out anymore. He was a really good catch, tall, handsome, wealthy, amazing, but I don’t regret leaving him. I was a good catch, too, but I would never be enough for a man who isn’t ready.

    I may not have done what Jia Nailiang did, but I admire him, nonetheless. It’s all about staying true to yourself. If you’re happy being the fool, so be it. If you’re happy liberating yourself from the train wreck, do it. There is no right or wrong. There are just choices and consequences. Just decide with the information you have at hand and follow your heart but use your mind also.

    1. @lynn90

      I agree with you here. I rather be single than be with someone like that. I think a lot of time both men/women don’t think about their worth (I don’t mean $) & they are willing to put up with that stuff. One’s dignity is as important as one’s happiness.

    2. @lynn90
      I agree and I think if she can cheat on him once or more times, there is a chance she can do it again. Even if they did stay together for the sake of their daughter or image, are they truly blissful? Lasting is one thing but whether you are happy or not is a different story. Life is too short to be constantly hurt by the same person over and over again.

  3. I just wanna say, infidelity does not always mean a relationship is irreparable. In many examples, couples can survive the attack and make it out stronger than before. I’ve matured in the sense that I used to see cheating in a very black and white way. Now I’m aware there’s many shades of gray. It doesn’t mean cheating is condoned, but it can be remedied and repaired if both partners are ready to accept moving forward.

  4. @dramas4me


    All three of you spoke with such maturity and elegance. I could not have said it better. A lot of folks say that it is hard to trust a cheater in the future. You ladies are right. It is not just about the trust. It is breaking the bond of respect, breaking the bond of love, breaking the bond of care and telling your partner basically , ” you are not enough for me”. That is very humiliating to the other party and makes the partner doubt their ability as a lover. That can bring on anger, depression and many overwhelming negative emotions. Some partners have somehow learn to stay with a cheating partner, and how they do it, I don’t know. However, more power to them. Others like yourselves will chose to break free and that is great. Why stay with someone who belittled you in such a manner if you don’t respect or trust the person anymore. The love you have for this person is the last thing that you will let go of, but sometimes, love just isn’t enough. Forgive and hold your head and your heart(though fractured,) high and move on.
    You also tell yourself, “I love and care for myself and I don’t need this, I deserve better, in fact, I deserve the best”

    I pray that if they are indeed back together, that Jia Nailiang does not cheat on Li Xialou again. I was embarrassed for him and it was not me, so I can imagine how he felt.. The poor child, or any more future children are the ones who suffer.

    1. @bubbletea
      Well said as always! Love is sadly not enough to have a long and loving marriage. I find it sad that he did not divorce her as she does not love or respect him. How can anyone stay with a person like that? I personally think he can do a lot better, but time will tell whether things will work out or not.

  5. Sometimes letting go does not mean the end of the world and maybe giving their marriage another chance will strengthen theirs. Although I don’t agree in his decision, it’s their choice and for whatever reason they have – love for each other, for their child, etc. etc., hope they will remember this reason and stay firm and not to repeat this.

    Time and again I have seen a cheater remains true to his/her nature and continues to be a cheater, only with a different person each time after being caught while the spouse suffers heart breaks again and again until there is nothing left to break.

    Time is too short to be repeatedly getting hurt by the same person. I don’t believe a cheater will change until maybe the cheater gets too old and frail, probably have dementia as well.

    1. @bearbear
      Well said and it is his choice but it may not be his best. First of all, from what I heard she never loved him and treats him like a slave. They only got married because she became pregnant. I also heard she cheated on him more than once but she was caught this time around. Basically with her track record, he is playing with fire. I think he can do better but sadly he is stuck with her at the moment. Time will tell is she has changed or not.

      1. @hetieshou

        What you sad here made me think he must has very low self esteem to put up with someone like her. Also did he ever think how bad an example she showed to their daughter? Even that she is only a child now. Eventually people will tell her about this when she gets older.

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