Moses Chan Does Not Wish to Discuss Bernice Liu Anymore

Tabloids reported that Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) had sent text messages to Moses Chan (陳豪) earlier, begging for a reconciliation. Upset with being linked to her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had broken up with in 2008, Bernice hoped that it will be the last time the media will do so. Without retaining his phone number, Bernice said, “I no longer have any ties with Mr. Chan!”

Appearing at a promotional event yesterday, Moses Chan also said that he no longer wishes to discuss his past romance. Moses stated that no longer has Bernice’s phone number either, asking the media to treat him fairly and refrain from asking any more questions related to Bernice.

Moses revealed that his current girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), did not ask him about Bernice.

Does Not Regard Awards Heavily

Moses’ current drama, The Last Steep Ascent <天梯> averaged 28 ratings points in its initial week of broadcast. Noting that he did not pay close attention to the ratings, Moses felt the audience’s word-of-mouth was more important.

Asked whether he had tried to curry more votes for this year’s TV King race, Moses said, “I have never placed heavy emphasis on awards. It is within artists interest to do what we should. I am someone who wishes to improve myself. It is not to say that I do not wish to win awards, but I will face it with a casual attitude.”

Moses is interested in working opposite artists that he has not collaborated before to generate new sparks. With Dayo Wong (黃子華) and Carol “Dodo” Cheng (鄭裕玲) having a possible chance to be reunited in a new 2013 drama, Moses said that he would like to join the cast. He does not mind playing Dayo’s love rival or even kissing Dodo in the series.


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  1. “Moses revealed that his current girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), did not ask him about Bernice.”

    Smart girl! Better not ask. Moreover he is happy with her, so why keep bringing up Bernice?

  2. Since when did he ever wish to speak about Bernice anyway…

    They could have ended on a good note, but thing’s have come to this. Sad, really. Moses should at least be decent enough to acknowledge – to respect – the time they spent together. Oh well, just let them move on and I hope Bernice finds her happiness~

      1. Not true, come on girls, we guys are not a soccer ball, that you can kick as far away when you like, and suddenly now she wants it back. I say Moses is gentleman enough not to say bad things about her now. Just because she cant get the rich guy, now she wants to come back.

  3. I assume it wasn’t a peaceful ending for these two after what happened last year.

  4. I have noticed since Moses declared Aimee as his gf his career is down down, Aimee doesn’t bring much luck to him so as Ekin Cheng when he is with Gigi Leong his career also went down.

    1. too much publicity as the jilted long suffering boyfriend and when the truth comes out, its mega backlash time for Moses. Doubt Aimee has anything to do with his drop in popularity. In fact, he dragged Aimee down with him!

      1. Really? It seems to be quite the opposite (in terms of her relationship with TVB these days).

        Anyway, Aimee has absolutely nothing to do with Moses’ previous relationships. I presume the majority of the hate she’s garnered is due to her being a truly incompetent actress. I also have no idea how she is in real life – but I get the feeling she’s playing herself in most of her dramas – and somehow her personality just rubs me the wrong way…

        Wasn’t Aimee some Miss HK? (Or Chinese International or whatever?) Was she more amiable back then?

  5. Why would he want to dredge up a past that would show him in a negative light? there is a reason why he never talked about bernice before… it’s because it would damage his reputation.

    1. And for the record – I am a fan of Moses in terms of his acting (although, I prefer him in period pieces).

      1. I think that is when you wonder, can you separate their acting/talent from their personal life?? Regardless of whose fault it was, the past is the past… There is no need to bring it up again. Hope that everyone moves on since what is done is done.

    2. Well as a guy, he should of been “man” enough to stand up to clarify things when Bernice was accused of cheating with Alaister instead of acting like the victim. What kind of man does that? Despicable!!! So of course he doesn’t want to discuss Bernice anymore when it’s clear that he was the scumbag.

      1. Yeah, he is the perfect example of the fake gentleman *pukes*

        TVB likes to promote fake gentlemen, women beaters, cheaters etc.

      2. Mose, the “see lai” killer isn’t only killing “see lai”!!! He’s also appealing to Aimee and Bernice!? I wonder why!

      3. I hate how Moses always talks about Aiimee. I was never amazed with her acting and so I dont have a good impression of her. Although it is the past, Moses should have at least show some respect towards Bernice. It seen like he is using Aiimee to piss Bernice off off or something.

      4. Totally agree about the part on how Moses pretended to be the victim and let the media rip Bernice apart during the Alistair affair. He didn’t even have the guts to acknowledge Bernice as his girl. Despicable behaviour. turn me off Moses and even Aimee as a result of how they handle the whole fiasco. Moses is entitled to change his mind and choose a new partner but he could have done it with more grace.

  6. Well you didn’t step out to help her in the past, so maybe it is a good idea to just be quiet and say nothing, nice choice this time Moses.

    1. LOL!!! I was gonna say “isn’t he a bit too older for Bernice or Aimee?”

      1. hell yea, but he never looks that young to beging with? ahhaha..hes so NOT attractive and so surprised that HKers lable him as ‘see lai’ popular hahaa…
        hes only tall period. that aimee woman, shes actually looking good and young, too young next to him… haha

    2. Moses indeed look like an old man nowadays. He looks olde than Michael Miu.

      1. He’s aging fast or is it his crop! With his charisma gone, wat a pity!

  7. I think Bernice way more attractive than Aimee in my opinion, she has a modern look, sweet smile and sexy image which I couldn’t find those in Aimee.

  8. After all,bernice did spent her youth with him,he should at least show some respect on that.i nv find him handsome nor good in acting.dunno how he got the name si lai killer also.

    1. It’s not about talent to make it in this industry. Moses has social skills to make him a favourite of TVB executives who keep promoting him and help paint him as the victim.

  9. Moses is like Kevin Cheng. He has been in the industry for a really long time before making it in TVB. Kevin probably made it because he is handsome. Moses.. hmm probably his acting is ok, though he doesn’t really look attractive.

  10. I dont believe Bernice sent him sms to “beg” for reconciliation! Dont make sense at all!!!

  11. I laughed at Moses’ comment on kissing Dodo.. despite being “unfaithful” and etc, moses is still a hilarious man 😉

    1. Veejay,
      Moses seemed uncomfortable in the video clip when answering the questions (see my source link in article above).

      I think they were only teasing him about kissing Dodo and he looked uncomfortable when answering. But he said the expected answer, but his expression is more like “Whatever” at the silly press question.

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