Netizens Reveal Details of Fan Bingbing’s Arrest

By on October 4, 2018 in NEWS

Netizens Reveal Details of Fan Bingbing’s Arrest

On October 3, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) finally admitted to tax fraud through a statement she released on Weibo. The 37-year-old, known for being China’s highest-paying actress, is fined 883 million yuan in back taxes.

The scandal has attracted worldwide media attention, as Fan Bingbing had been missing for over 100 days. Numerous rumors and speculations have come about in terms of how Fan Bingbing was arrested in the last few months, but today, a popular Weibo blogger known as Labi Xiaoqiu (辣笔小球) shared a long post, which revealed the details of Fan Bingbing’s arrest over three months ago.

According to the netizen, Fan Bingbing was arrested in Nanjing, Jiangsu. At the time, she was on the 20th floor of the Dezi Plaza, where she got her fortune taken inside a temple, spending 2 million yuan. The arrest was led by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, with the support of the Nanjing police.

After getting ambushed by authorities, Fan Bingbing left the plaza with a bag over her head. The fortune teller and the boss of Dezi Plaza were also taken to the police station for questioning. All CCTV were temporarily turned off as authorities didn’t want the arrest to go public. Fan Bingbing was taken directly to Beijing by car. If she needed a bathroom break, the police would clear the premises before allowing her in.

“The truth has proven once again that Air Strike <大轰炸> was a big scam,” said Cui Yongyuan (崔永元) on Wednesday. Cui was the man who tipped authorities of Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion, and Air Strike was the film that was involved in Fan Bingbing’s tax misreporting. “Now one person from that big scam has received [her] punishment.”


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8 comments to Netizens Reveal Details of Fan Bingbing’s Arrest

  1. gunit101 says:

    Cui needs to shut up, what he did will have have dire consequences for years to come and again he did it out of spite not because he care for the common people. Cui your turn will come.

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    • msxie0714 replied:


      You can’t purport to speak for the common people, as a high percentage agree with Cui exposing the corruption of the yin-yang contracts.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    If this Cui get sneakily jabbed by a pocket knife one day on a morning hike, I don’t think he should be surprised one bit….

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  3. coralie says:

    So ironic. Wonder if the fortune teller fortold her this kinda future…well, we all know it’s not just FBB who lost her job that day

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    • gunit101 replied:

      @coralie stop being a hater. What job did she lose?? Smh

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      • killers1 replied:

        @gunit101 @coralie @msxie0714 Every day people are not earning enough money and are suffering because they cannot support their family. Instead of money being spread around fairly to help the poor extremely high amounts of money are being given to celebrities to spend on expensive useless crap, like mansions, luxury cars, yachts, designer clothes and brand name watches which they don’t need. Thus, celebrities are earning way too much, more than they can handle!

        Celebrities are way too greedy, shallow and materialistic. Honestly the amount of money that they earn, is already more than enough to settle for life and feed 10 families and it still wasn’t enough for them. They still felt the need to evade tax? Most of these celebrities had already reached the millionaire or the billionaire status. Seriously how much more money is consider enough for them? Despite being multi millionaires, they are still not satisfied and continually strive for more wealth, status and fame. It really makes me wonder how much money do celebrities spend on a daily basic? If a ordinary citizen had a million dollars, they would’ve retired already and settle for life. I guess the biggest reason why celebrities never have enough money are due to their lavish lifestyle. It’s because they’re materialistic, and they’re putting the added pressure on themselves to consume fancy cars, mansions, and a variety of luxury material possessions that they actually don’t need. For these people, it isn’t enough to have $1 million; they want $4 million, and those individuals with $4 million want $10 million and so forth. They have so much, yet it’s not enough because lifestyles expectations increase as their net worths soar.

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  4. gary says:

    I foresee Fan’s popularity will rise even further from now..
    Forget about the report about her lowest ranking in Social
    responsibility thingy..

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