Netizens Vote for TV King: Ruco Chan’s Fandom Trumps All

With the 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards coming in just two weeks, the Hong Kong media outlet Oriental Daily decided to do a popularity poll, asking netizens to cast their votes on who they want to be this year’s TV King and TV Queen.

The poll, which is being conducted on Facebook and on its app, asked readers to select their choice for TV King and TV Queen from this year’s nominations. A staggering forty actors and actresses are nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, which will be held on December 13, 2015.

Ruco Chan Trumps All; Louis Cheung With Most Views

Captain of Destiny’s <張保仔> Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), who was already crowned TV King at Singapore’s StarHub TVB Awards and the TVB Star Awards Malaysia, easily climbed to the number one spot in the poll. He received 907 likes on the first day, 494 more likes than Momentary Lapse of Reason’s <收規華> Louis Cheung (張繼聰), who landed in second place. However, Louis’ profile video received the most clicks, totaling 9,631 views. Ruco’s video only received 3,638 views on the first day. Third place was Lord of Shanghai’s <梟雄> Anthony Wong (黃秋生), who had 173 likes with 931 views.

Louis is aware of the poll and is very grateful for his fans’ support. He read each and every comment left by fans, thanking them. His wife, singer Kay Tse (謝安琪) also urged her fans on Facebook to support Louis.

Linda Chung Beats Hot Favorite Nancy Wu

Ghost of Relativity’s <鬼同你OT> Nancy Wu (胡定欣) may have won TV Queen at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia, but she is still a little behind Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) when it comes to fandom size. Linda, who starred in this year’s Limelight Years <華麗轉身>, may not be receiving as much TVB Best Actress buzz as Nancy, but she did beat out the Ghost of Relativity star in Oriental Daily’s TV Queen poll on the first day.

Linda received 307 likes on the first day, defeating Nancy, who only obtained 277 likes. Third place was Lord of Shanghai’s Alice Chan (陳煒) with 245 likes, and Nancy’s costar Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), her TV Queen twin at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia, landed fourth place with 185 likes.

Last place was Young Charioteer’s <衝線> Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), receiving only 16 likes. Her costar Him Law (羅仲謙) is also last place in the TV King race, with only 26 likes on the first day.


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  1. I am hoping for Alice Chan to win for her role in LOS. So far, it is her best series ever since she got with TVB.

    1. reply to nori : I completely agree with you! Alice Chan is an amazing actress. She did soo well in Lord of Shanghai portraying Yiu Gwai-sang (姚桂生).
      This year she has had quite a few TV shows – LOS, and With or Without You 東坡家事 as Lau Yeut O ! She’s soo funny in this series !! And the latest one Angel In The Making – 實習天使 !! She needs to have a leading actress role !! Come on TVB give Alice Chan more opportunities and seriously dont waste time on Sisley Choi

  2. I really don’t get the buzz with Linda, she’s pretty and alright at acting but singing wise, she’s not that great at it.

    1. @melodylai, she’s good in Limelight Years, the best since A Journey Called Life, very cute and natural.

      Hope TVB’s darling couple Ruco and Linda win TV King and Queen this year.

      1. @genxx11 My favorite Linda role was actually in “A Journey called Life.” She was great with Steven and its not the same goodie two shoe/constantly crying role that she keep being typecast in!

    2. @melodylai: Agree totally, Linda’s singing is not great, too high pitch and like grasping for air. I find that she seems to sing with a lot of effort, but yet it’s not ear-candy, quite unnatural. Her acting has improved over the years but still not TV Queen material yet.

      1. @lml1977, Myolie Wu won TV queen before, I think Linda has at least reached her level. Of the 5 previous fadans, Tavia and Myolie’s acting improved first, then Linda and Kate caught up. They are at least Gigi Lai’s level though still far from Sheren Tang’s level.

  3. Like I said before, the rating for COD is behind LOS and even Momentary Lapse of Reason but Ruco ‘s drawing power is too strong . Because of him, I believe a lot of them including myself are turning on the TV to watch COD just for him. Without him , I would nvr watch COD.
    As a Ruco fan for many years, I will support all his dramas. But to fair, comparing the plot of LOS and COD, LOS is a better one. Anthony deserve the TVB award in HK for his impressive acting though I would like Ruco to get it:)

    1. @rcel: yes, many viewers watched COD because of Ruco for sure. I sure did !! This year, I only watched 3 dramas — Eye in the Sky, COD and The Empress of China. Ruco totally deserves the TV King award for his 11th Prince role in COD. As a diehard of Ruco, I can only pray and hope for the best!!!

    2. @rcel Even if another good actor be putting on it also people will love watching COD especially the young one. Not because ruco’s acting was extraordinary. Just because the story plot is interesting by time traveling. Anthony is well deserve to get the best actor as his acting was stunning in LOS.

      1. @lam86 If you have read my previous post, there were 3 points that I have highlighted in case u dunno:
        Firstly, I did mention that LOS is a better plot than COD.
        Secondly , I said that Anthony and Wayne acting are better than Ruco though Ruco will eventually reach their standard.
        lastly, Anthony deserves the TVB award in HK for his impressive acting.
        Certainly , without Ruco in the COD drama, people would still watch , but from the forum that both here and in Malaysia, people are rooting for Ruco and this something that I firmly believe will affect the drama rating.

    3. @rcel COD fared better thna MLOR. It is only slightly behind LOS which considering the pulling power of the veterans is considered no mean feat. Ruco can very well man the fort.

  4. linda cannot sing, but better than grace in terms of appearance.

    COD cast was terrible…but ruco’s role as 11th prince saved the drama. honestly, i can’t think of another actor more worthy than ruco to win the tvb KING award. there is something about ruco chan which is very attractiv

    1. @janet72

      Linda Chung prettier than Grace Chan? O_O

      I’m not a fan of Grace as I find her voice unappealing, but she’s hell of a lot better looking than Linda, especially so when Linda is off-screen. She puts little to no effort on beautifying herself.

    2. @janet72 ruco still not deserve to win tv king in hong kong. Not deserve yet. Work harder first. He still dont have any great drama that people every day waiting to see him to act. People love COD because of the story plot. Look back at the past TV kings standard and history of their dramas, ruco still has a long way to go.

      1. @lam86 Ruco had won 2 overseas TV King awards and beaten Anthony Wong in LOS in Malaysia hahaha Ruco is a versatile actor, can take any role but Anthony Wong is restricted, he may be a movie king but is a thing of the past. The new age TV King is Ruco Chan

      2. @yummysukiyaki hahaha yummy. Are you that naive? Those singapore and malaysia awards are just mickey mouse award to make some artists happy and make them to stay with tvb. If you can win an award in Hong Kong or China and thats matter. because those directors from hk or china that going to determine their future. Not from myr or sg. hehehe. I am just being honest. Ruco still has a long way to go before can win Best Actor in Hong Kong.

      3. @lam86 Are you implying that the judges in Singapore n Malaysia did monkey biz, only H K n China judges are good and others are lousy?. Come on I think you are naive not me hehehe 70% came from fans voting, 30% from judges, 3 countries have the same standard to determine who is the winner! Please wake up! Btw, Ruco is leading again at Facebook, if you think the 3 veterans are great, vote for them, stop attacking people in this forum, its opinions dude! Viewers know best, OK? TVB cant rig awards anymore, the truth has revealed in Facebook!

      4. @yummysukiyaki no yummy. You have poor comprehension. I did not say the judges from MYR and SG are lousy. But the awards from MYR and SG dont weigh much in determining their future. You are still too naive in reality. Those directors from HK and mainland that going to determine the artists’ future. Only if you can win in Hong Kong or Mainland then you’re really proud. Awards like in SG/MYR just to promote tvb drama and TVB company. Getting awards there wont increase your market value.

  5. My wish list. If you don’t care, move on. I don’t need your 2 cents to tell me my wish is wrong. Feel free to reply with your wish list though 🙂

    BD: Limelight Years
    BAs: Anthony Wong, Liza Wang
    BSAs: Eddie Kwan (even though it’s not for LoS role and I have no feel for the others on the list), Elaine Yiu (because I can’t pick Alice Chan for this category lol)
    MPMC: Ruco Chan, Alice Chan (I took back what I said about her having no chance to win this. Since she did extend her contract, I feel more confident that she’ll win something this year. Still 99% certain she won’t win BA though. So hello pat-on-your-back prize!)
    MIA: Mat Yeung, Rosina Lam

    I used this nomination list as my baseline:

  6. Agree that Linda’s off-screen look with the nerd glasses sort of conceals her beauty, she must have bad myopia and choose to be comfortable when not working. However, she is better looking than Grace Chan when you compare both, dolled up coz Linda can look very chic, she’s the only TVB fadan who can still look good standing next to famous models like Lisa S, Ana R etc.

  7. Prefer that they give more opportunity to their loyal leading lady, Tavia Yeung. Miss her on screen.

  8. Agree with Lml 1977 comment on COD. A lot of them like me r watching COD of Ruco. Th reason why I think Ruco is great and deserve the award is as follows:
    actually I have been writing my views of all the siu sangs acting skill sometimes back under a different account , but somehow my account was deactivated:)

    Chen Hao- overrated by TVB ( sorry chen Hao fan- dun bash me). His acting if u notice, is v stiff . Bt perhaps TVB “top one” has that perception that he was good , thus was given many opportunities. I will nvr watch his dramas .

    Raymond Wong- another stiff one in acting

    Raymond Lam- fairly good but left TVB
    Ron Ng- was heavily promoted by TVB initially but fade away . Anyway he is not a versatile actor though I dun dislike him.

    Roger Kwok- veteran actor with good acting skill but I dun fancy his dramas.

    Wayne Lai- I was v impressed with his acting in No Regrets. Quite like his acting but still will not watch all his dramas if the plot is not nice.

    Kenneth Ma- average acting but was quite impressed by his role in LOS

    Kevin Cheng- ok, some of his dramas are still watchable.

    Bosco Wong- dun reali fancy his drama

    Unlike all the above siu sangs that I mentioned, Ruco starting line was not as smooth as them. He was in 2nd line or 3rd line status for quite sometime before he proved himself. Even in COD I got the feeling that TVB “top ones” wanted to give Bosco a chance to shine and maybe as a platform for the TVB award in HK by casting him as main lead but he pulled out due to work schedules. imo, Ruco was jus a 2nd lead in COD as planned initially but he prove his worth ! This is something I respect him despite not v well utilized by TVB. I am not sure if TVB failed to recognize Ruco talent and drawing power ?
    Ruco fans- it will be sometimes before we get to watch his dramas:(

    1. @rcel LOL why do ruco’s fans keep bashing other actors to try to prove that he is better ?
      it is not working …

      1. @ivan pls dun get me wrong if u have read what I have written in my previous post. as sime of them have mentioned , I agree that individual’s view is subjective. I do not go for personal attack on the actors character so I dun think I bash them .Rather I just share my opinion which you have right not to agree. Likewise , u have the not to like Ruco and I respect that too!
        In my other post , I commented that Anthony acting is superb and he deserves the TVB award in HK though he is not my idol .

    2. @rcel A likable and talented actor go where also can survive and success. But i doubt he can shine if he leaves tvb. He still dont have the likable feel. People can always love raymond lam, kevin cheng and roger kwok. But for this ruco its hard for me to like him. As he ages, he looks a little better. During his youngers day, you see his face in the drama also feel very hate. Doubt you watch his younger age drama.

      1. @lam86 perhaps u watched TVB drama but I would like to draw to your attention that 1996, when Bobby And Wong hei cast in the drama, could not rem the drama name, Ruco was a calafe at that dun doubt and assume.

      2. @rcel of coursed i watched all tvb drama from at least 1990 till now. Or else i wont be commenting. Ruco looks better now compare his younger days but still a long way to go .

      3. @lam86 I miss out . What I gg to say was that perhaps u watched Tvb drama more than me. On the other hand, of course I have watched Ruco in his younger day!

      4. @janet72 yup, looks is very important to determine your success. Looking back at the past TV kings in tvb anniversary, all having likable attitude and look. Gallen is legend. Wayne although not handsome but having luck at older age but his acting no doubt exceptional and a loyal staff with good attitude.

      5. @lam86 it’s ok if you don’t llike ruco . Tonnes of us here in JS and elsewhere love him. His face may be hateful to you but we love him just as much for his handsome looks as well as the way he treats his fans.

      6. @isay I am sorry if you feel offended but that is reality. That is why his career cant shine to certain standard yet. But of course everyone has room for improvement and he just merely dont have what it takes to become best actor yet in Hong Kong or Mainland.

      7. @lam86 chill dude. You don’t offend me cos your opinion is your own and does not represent the majority here who love Ruco, that’s all I’m saying. hak yan chang or not is gin yan gin zi.

      8. @isay hehe, the majority here is just a super small data sampling. When you put the whole population in HK and China in picture, thats the fact he is not significant at all. Just that he really can act and tvb is lacking of actors now so he given opportunities but does not mean that he is successful and popular. That is another story. hehe.

      9. @lam86 The fact that he really can act (quoting you, no less) plus his good looks already make Ruco the man to watch in the near future. His fan base is growing every day so whether you like his face or not is not important. There are just some faces I dislike for no particular reason either.

      10. @isay Can act does not mean will be successful. Future is future. But the fact that in HK and Mainland he is not a successful actor yet.

    3. @rcel Aside from ruco, there are many great and talented actors such as Mak Ka Lun 麦嘉伦, Dickson Lee 李家聲, Eric Li 李天翔, David Do 杜大偉, 歐瑞偉 Jimmy Au who has been working in TVB for decades, but never get promoted. They are always stuck with playing minor supporting roles.

      1. @unknown which is why a couple of months back, I commented that it is v difficult for 2nd or 3rd line artiste in TVB who has been stuck in such status for a long period to be able to move up the ladder to become Lead. Ruco was stuck in 2nd or 3rd line status before he was given the opportunity to prove his worth. I am not saying he has the best acting skill. As I have mentioned before, Anthony and Wayne are better than him. But as his fan, I will support him all they way and I think he can only get better.

      2. @rcel As i said earlier, in entertainment industry is not looking at your acting skill only. There are many more criterias that you got to fulfill before you can become successful and popular. Not like if you have excellent acting skill then you will receive recognition and awards. Dont always just blame for TVB. If the actors are well deserved and popular, those film or drama directors will automatically find them. If you’re not popular and good enough jus stay with tvb until you can survive outside.

      3. @lam86 Precisely, this is what I was related in my previous post. No one is blaming TVB as what u have commented. I have already stated v clearly that Ruco acting skill can’ t compare wif Anthony and Wayne at this moment and that LOS is a better plot than COD. But why did COD still clinch the best drama and best actor award? Obviously everyone noe, Ruco has a huge fan base which is why he was so well received. If he is not likable as what majority would agree, do you think people will root for him?

      4. @rcel You have comprehension problem. Of course people would be blaming TVB since they working for tvb but they cant look at the whole picture. TVB is just one of a company. If a person can shine,he goes where also can shine. Just like Raymond lam, once left tvb got offer 100M from Emperor Entertainment.

        As i said awards in Malaysia and SG weigh not much. TVB just giving the awards there to promote tvb and want to make the people happy. Ruco has a huge fan base is just your assumption. How huge is your huge? lol. If he really so famous in SG and MYR, then many directors in SG or MYR have been offering him unlimited movie/drama opportunity if your assumption that he has huge fan base is true. hehe. Dont be too naive and judge based on the awards outside of HK and China :p

      5. @lam86 cmon , I notice you like to use ur own perception to bring people down. I do not know how huge the fan base is, but based on the current situation it is already good enough that so many ppl are rooting for him. Who is naive in the first place?assuming that Tvb wanted to make ppl happy, it has to depend on the Fans whether to root for him。Dun be naive , do u think fans nowadays cannot judge for themselves. Raymond lam and Chen Hai used to be the hot items here before Ruco, did any of our the SG directors invited them to film here?

      6. @rcel Just passed by because you asked if LF has been invited by any SG directors, the answer is yes. He was invited to be in a SG movie in 2008 but TVB denied. For Moses, if you read the tablos, there are invitations for him from other countries as well. However, TVB, as their management company in the past, denied many chances by their sole decisions.

        You can continue with your argument.

      7. @alluka, RCEL, lam, Isay -this place is getting a bit Is like Ruco camp v rest of the camp.I myself is a supporter of Ruco but I won’t be taking any sides.
        RCEL- you may have missed out when you said that LF was not invited but you might not be entirely wrong. alluka- correct me if I am wrong- I can’t recall CH was asked by any SG director to film here?
        Lam- while I agree with you that Award in HK and mainland are more important, what RCEL said might not be wrong.I must admit that SG and Malaysia award serves as a very important platform for advancing their career in HK and maybe Mainland. This the awards are significant. I just got the feeling that TVB emphasize more than before on south east Asia market.
        Isay- agree with you that Ruco can act and he will only get better.
        Everyone – let move on and hope that we can engage in more constructive conversation and views in the future.

      8. @a111 Because you asked me so Im here to answer. LF was invited several times but the one I knew the most was the one in 2008. However TVB declined as they thought SG movies are not necessary for them to send management artists to act in. SG and Msia may be important market to TVB but out of all, TVB artists only reached to TVB SG and Msia awards. Not that SG and Msia markets are opened to them due to winning those StarHub or AOD awards, because those awards are still awards of TVB for TVB people. I only see some working okayish in SG market such as Jessica Hsuen or Selena Li who has acted in SG series/movies but they both worked there when they were not contracted with TVB. SG has their own artists, this is why TVB artists are just the magnets, not really the person breaking into their market. It leads to the fact that the TVB artists then will come back to TVB after filming under invitation in SG or Msia (if any).

        In SEA right now, like the rest of the world, value the Korean and Chinese young stars much more than TVB artists. It is the fact. You cant compare any current TVB artists with those Korean stars (for example Lee Min Ho?) or TFBoys, Li Ya Feng of China (fandom side).

        For Mainland market, it is even harder to TVB artists in general. Only few names can have investors to star in Mainland series/movies as lead. Even Ron Ng who acted in approximately 10 Mainland series can get 2nd lead now. And only after he left TVB, he has meaty roles in so-so budget series. Bosco, as top artist of TVB, only can get supporting roles in big budget series. LF, with the support of music fans and EEG, only can get lead in big budget but not the blockbusted series. KC, with BBJX, only can get lead in so-so to big budget but not the blockbusted series. It shows how hard the outside world is to TVB artists. China is now having their new patch of famous artists with huge fandom (when I mention of huge, I would like to refer to at least 10,000 fans in a function, FC with at least 30,000 members and around 100,000 votes on online polls) such as Li Ya Feng, Wu Yi Fan, Lu Han, William Chan, etc. so they dont really have the demand for TVB artists who are much older than their new artists. In the age of those TVB artists, they also have established artists, including some previous TVB artists but established career in China for over 10 years. I can say that to break into Mainland market is impossible to the current artists of TVB, who have never been there or work there once or twice. They are already over 30s, they can get leading in TVB series but in China series, they are supporting at best.

        Additionally, Mainland and also other countries such as SG and Msia require artists to speak Mandarin. Of course they can speak Cantonese but it will affect because the mouth is not fit. But many of the current TVB artists have terrible Mando, it limited their chance. Who want to invite a not-so-famous artists who cant understand what the director and other artists speak?

        So better to not dreaming about other markets. The current TVB artists are mostly loved by Catherine Tsang and Sandy Yu who are running power in TVB. Catch that opportunity. The fans should stay cool and support them to stay in TVB as long as possible.

      9. @rcel Why raymond lam needs to accept offer from SG and MYR? He already got 100million deal from emperor group and many drama opportunities in the mainland. Try not to argue ignorantly. But for your RUCO he has none other than TVB. If he leaves tvb now he can earn no recognition at all. Its not my perception but a fact that RUCO is not any successful or popular actor in HK and Mainland where his main incomes are come from. If not because tvb wanted to make them happy or the fan just voted for the sake of voting, do you think nancy wu can crown as best actress in malaysia award? Those awards weigh not much except feeling proud and would not increase your pay check. Only if you getting awards in HK or mainland and you will see much opportunity and recognition from directors! I guess you still a young man so i wont blame your naiveness. Cheers..

      10. @lam86 I am merely quoting from U. You were saying that if Ruco is so successfull, then SG and MY Directors would look for him.if that was the case ,my interpretation would be, LF and CH were a hot items then, why they are not approached? (Of course alluka corrected me by saying they are being approached but Tvb declined.
        Well Alluka – mistake is mistake and I admitted .btw . Thk for correcting!)
        However , lam86- the point is there is no hard and fast rule that SG and MY directors must invite him to film if he is famous.? Is this a benchmark to show his popularity?
        Pls don’t sound as though you have tonned of experiences . I may not watch as much dramas as you, but certainly I stand firm that Singapore and Malaysia awards are an important platform for him. And that he can clinch both in Singapore and Malaysia is an achievement in his own right. Of course , I knew v well from the start that you only think HK award is the only one that was important . I do not deny that but I feel clinching both Singapore and Malaysia awards are equally excellent . At least he was well received in this aspect. That is an achievement.

      11. @rcel Ruco had offers for movies in Malaysia and HK but were rejected by TBB. BTW, someone often emphasizes on the market of Mainland China, I know whose fan she is. Ruco’s achievement this year has aroused attention.
        Overseas markets are getting more important as the HK market is going downhill. Anyway, I will stop here, dislike arguments.

      12. @66ksc cool :)agree wif u. Sometimes it is good to disengage in meaningless conversation . Take as step backward so that we can walk. 2 step forward

      13. @66ksc i have the same suspicion. Anyways i agree with you that arguing is pointless since we’re just going around in circles.

      14. @66ksc: Ruco also had drama offers from Taiwan. TVB turned them down coz Ruco’s schedules conflicted and hence he didn’t got to Taiwan. And yes, overseas markets are important. TVB needs to sell their dramas to cable stations such Astro, Starhub. These TV stations will only buy dramas of the artists whom their local viewers support. The popular ones will also get invitation to perform overseas which is another source of revenue for TVB.

      15. @rcel yes agree. I think TVB emphasize more than before on South East Asia market and to receive awards both in Singaoore and Malaysia is a great achievement. He definitely has great potential to go far.

      16. @a111: SEA is a revenue generating market for TVB. Ruco is popular in Singapore, Malaysia and even Cambodia. This guy will go far if given the opportunity and I hope this will happen sooner than later…

      17. @lml1977 yes agree. Which is why I lend my support to RCEL. He/She has been involved in so much debate here. And I agree with RCEL that getting both awards in Singapore and Malaysia is an achievement.Ruco will go far

      18. @rcel So it proved of your ignorance that LF was not approached by any directors from SG but problem is LF already got lots of offer from mainland and HK. He dont need other offers from oversea as he dont have much time.Hey boy i am not arguing about who is famous. I am arguing about being a successful actor and your RUCO is not currently. Those Singapore and Malaysia awards wont increase his paycheck. If he is so successful try getting an award in HK or mainland. But yelling on mickey mouse awards from oversea that TVB merely just wanted to promote its drama business.
        Its like you feeling so proud by getting champion in Carling cup. But UEFA group stage cant even get top 2. lol. I know fact is not good to be heard. Cheers..

      19. @lam86 well, a mistake is mistake and I admit that. Sometimes it is good to know one shortcoming that full of oneself .
        This shall be my last reply to you. Enough is enough . Pointless engaging in meaningless conversation.
        Let me say again. You may have to eat your words .you said that you are talking about successful and not famous. Contradict! Pls look again at your posts .you are saying this since Ruco is so famous, why no SG AND MY directors looking for him ?so now you are saying “you are talking abt successful and not famous” I will not dwell any further on this matter . And lastly, quote what u have said” HK award is more professional . 50% Judge and 50% audience. So this won’t be manipulated by audiences”
        Ya, I have my shortcomings , I admit , wrong is wrong.
        But , are that ignorant, are fans robot? They can be manipulated ? . So u mean the audiences can be Manipulated?? , hey pls vote for who And who!!
        Is time to disengage !!

      20. @lam86 To correct your line, actually LF only accepted 01 China series per year and focus on other stuffs such as music and movie. He wants to develop in movie field more than breaking into China market. This is why he chose EEG out of 05 big companies offer him. If he wants China market, he chose Huayi Brothers who is one of biggest Chinese media company.

      21. @alluka I am just merely explaining that he got lots of opportunities in HK and Mainland but not arguing on why he chose EEG. But RUCO probably cant get any recognition if he leaves TVB now but @rcel talked until like RUCO so famous and successful. Duh.
        Good in acting does not mean must be successful. In fact Ruco acting is better than Louis Koo if comparing their time traveling drama alone and also other dramas. But at least for now RUCO cant be successful like him and i’m still doubting he could in the future but of course everything is possible. We shall wait and see but currently definitely not.

      22. @lam86 . u really know how to twist and turn. From start to end, I have nvr talked abt Ruco is “so famous and successful” . Pls spend time to read thru the post than to engage in such meaningless conversation. I merely mentione that I will support him all the way and glad that he was able to clinch both awards in Singapore and Malaysia. But anyway, until the cow come home, u will nvr convince.
        So I won’t clarify anymore . U may say whatever u like. Got it?

      23. @rcel yes agree. As a Ruco supporter , I know where you come from..let us (all Ruco fans) wish him well and hope he is able to Film more dramas. Others things , we don’t bother.

      24. @rcel You have poor comprehension. I am just stating awards in Malaysia and SG dont weigh much and wont increase their pay check. And the fact that he is not a successful actor in HK and Mainland yet where his main incomes are come from.

      25. @lam86: actually, I’m wondering why you keep bashing/discrediting Ruco? No one is bashing Raymond Lam here (if you are a Raymond fan).

      26. @lml1977 Dont get wrong. I did not bash ruco. I am just stating out the fact he is not a successful actor in HK and mainland only. Thats it.

      27. @unknown Yea…definitely feel sorry for those talented artists who toil at TVB for decades without any recognition.  Jimmy and Dickson especially, as both are excellent, talented actors who’ve been with TVB for close to 30 years now (never left to pursue greener pastures like other artists) yet they’ve been relegated to largely ‘kelefe’ roles in recent years.  Jimmy especially should be getting more recognition, as he is so underrated and under-utilized despite having the looks (one of the few actors who actually looks good in both modern and ancient costume and everything else in between), acting skill (consistently good since the 80s), versatility (he can play a wide range of roles, from good guy to ultimate villain), etc.

        Ok, back on topic….so it looks like onTV is doing yet another TVB-related ‘poll’, eh?  I’m actually starting to suspect that onTV is affiliated with TVB somehow, as they’re coming across more and more like a promotional vehicle for TVB stuff, especially with the timing of their polls and ‘features’ (i.e. they had that Miss HK poll awhile back ago when the pageant was going on, the midnight timeslot series poll about 2 months ago, now they’re doing a TV King/Queen poll right before the awards).   In any case, after what happened with the midnight timeslot series poll earlier, I sincerely hope that onTV doesn’t make the claim again that TVB will ‘honor’ their results, since that was obviously a load of baloney last time.  To be honest, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what the polls say, as TVB doesn’t listen to audiences anyway – they will give the awards to whomever they want to give them to and find a way to justify it either way…so probably not a good idea for fans of these artists to put so much weight / emphasis on these polls (besides, these polls don’t represent all audiences anyway…)

      28. @llwy12 I love dickson and jimmy.. both good actor.. def. under utilized… I also like Eric and for a bit thought it may get more opportunity but then went back to playing villain roles.. sigh…

    4. @rcel Agree with your analysis in general. Viewers in many forums said they watched COD just because of Ruco, and lots of praises for his performance,saying he deserves tv king. Comments on artistes are personal perception and not the monopoly of Ruco’s fans, otherwise what’s the forum for. On the other hand, Ruco is often bashed by haters, fair chance, can’t be avoided as a celebrity. This is my first and last opinion in this subject.

      1. @66ksc agree. I always reminded myself that “bashing” mean personal attack on the artiste character which I would not do so. Bcoz I do not know them personally so it is not right to do so. But what I will do as what lot of viewers would do is to share view on the artiste acting performance which I do not expect everyone to agree with me and it is normal. Having Said that , which is why every artiste has their own fan base bcoz each individual has their own preference . Ruco has a huge fan base both in Singapore and Malaysia and this goes to show that he is likeable.
        In my previous post , though I dun fancy roger drama but I commented that he has good acting Skill. So this is a opinion call and no bashing as what some of them may interpret this way.

      2. @rcel of course roger has good acting skill. He can be an evil , a nice guy and also the funny one. So versatile. Your ruco still need more training and better control on his expression if he really wants to be successful in hk and mainland. hehe.

      3. @lam86 agree that Roger is a versatile actor and can act in different roles.But imo, of course Ruco can act well too. I dun tink he need more training . He need a well written script.

      4. @lam86 I love my Ruco. I only watch those dramas acted by him and don’t bother others. I don’t know what’s acting skill but am only attracted by my Ruco’s acting. My Ruco is the one and only one reason for me to choose which drama to watch. I only vote for him and spend my valuable time for him. Others are nobody in my eyes.

      5. @groundhog hehe, if that is the case you better wish he never become successful in HK or mainland. Or else he will surely leave tvb and follow Louis Koo/gallen lo path. But i doubt he can survive in movie industry or mainland market. So it should be happy for you to watching Ruco’s tvb drama for at least another 10 years coz no where he can go currently. hehehe.

      6. @lam86: Actually, Ruco is popular in mainland…probably not as popular as Raymond Lam or Louis Koo, but he has his fair share of fan base in mainland. Just go to his weibo and there are lots of mainland fans leaving him messages. While filming COD in Hendian and Wuxi, his mainland fans visited him on set. Frankly, for Ruco, he hasn’t been placed in many big TVB productions so his promotion is kinda slow. COD is his biggest production to date. For Raymond, he was given good roles in many big productions with strong cast. Hence he became more popular quickly. Of coz, Raymond has a likeable face, which is a plus point. Ruco (to me) is good looking and more manly. So to each his own. One man’s meat is another man’s posion.

      7. @lml1977 as a LF fan I feel offended by your comments. Would you mind just protect your idol without putting others down by hinting that LF is only popular thank to others or not goodlooking or not manly enough (to you). You may say you are not the one who dragged him in but it doesnt mean you should continue to drag him in and put him down that way. Should I remind you that LF was in TVB for 16 years so he of course has been in big and Small series. However he has never had an aniversary series to prove that he is not that promoted. He is in his current position not solely because of TVB.

        Moreover you only assume that lam86 is a LF fan without evidences. Do you think LF fans should be blamed for her /his comment? And as a result, all LF fans should bear to see idol to be put down? If you feel unhappy because your idol is put down, why you still do that to others? Because others are able to do so but not your idol?

        I believe that all unrelated guys to this topic including LF, Moses, etc. should be casted out of this argument. Their popularities do not have any relationship with others. Each person each career. Fans can go to protect idol without putting others down.

      8. @alluka I dun think Lml1977 is bashing LF. In fact, lml 1977 does a comparison saying that LF has a likelabe face, that all 🙂

      9. @a111 @rcel I find that comparison is offended enough. So does her/his comment that LF is popular because of grand series and strong cast. It is not bashing but putting him down. It hinted that his popularity was built not because of his ability but promotion and others’ help. I doubt you will find ok when someone say that your idol doesn’t have true talent and be leading by promotion. Or if I say someone is more manly and good looking. You dont feel ok, I dont feel ok.

        At the same time, s/he also said that she assumes lam86 is LF fan so s/he put that comparison about LF. Necessary? You think lam86 is bashing your idol so it is fine when saying something not good about someone that you assume to be idol of lam86? Seriously need to stop that retaliation.

        Again, remove unrelated people out, especially the ones who left TVB. They left TVB so TvB award dont have a thing to do with them.

      10. @alluka you may have misinterpreted Lml 1977. Lml1977 is not criticizing Raymond Lam and just merely commented that he has a likeable face while Ruco looks more manly. No element of bashing involved…lok

      11. @lml1977 lol, you judge based on weibo? duh. I doubt he can survive if he leaves TVB now. And your analysis on LF is wrong. He got so successful in HK and mainland is not because of the big TVB production. The most important reasons because of connection,luck,hard work, likable face, and SKILLS! It needs lots of attributes to makes one succeed. He trained so hard in dancing, a talented singer, and can act.

      12. @lam86 Yes, I have read your previous post in this forum wher u mentioned that” it is hard for u to like Ruco and that in his younger day, u see his face u also hate”. I respect your view as everyone is entitled to have different views. Obviously, u like Roger more than Ruco , this is normal.
        But on other hand, I find Ruco likeable . I am not sure if he needs more training and control on his face expression in order to be successful in hK and mainland as what u have commented. Many artistes imo r v good in acting but do they succeed in Hk and China? To me COD Is a lousy plot bt still Ruco”s drawing power is irresistible which there r so many fans rooting for him .
        tink I will stop here and move on 🙂 ….let hope all our idols are doing well in their career.
        Cheers everyone

      13. @rcel I did not say that i am Roger’s fan. I am just merely stating out the fact why Ruco’s career still could not shine in Hong Kong and Mainland.

        To be precise, his face abit like “hak yan cheng” in cantanose. :p
        cannot blame him though because face also fixed liao le.

      14. @lam86 I did not say u r a Roger fan if you have read what I have mentioned in my previous post. They way u commented about Ruco and Roger in your previous post clearly showed that you like Roger more than Ruco.Well, to each his/her own , everyone is entitled to have their own views. To me, I find Ruco likeable and that is good enough. Btw, Ruco is much younger than Roger and Wayne..There is still a high possibility that he can shine in hik (he is already quite well-received in HK) and China.

      15. @rcel of course there is a possibility in the future but i just merely stating the fact why he could not shine currently. There is also a possibility to cure AIDS in the future. :p

      16. @lam86 Well, this is jus ur perception on him. To me, he is currently well received and that is good enough. Of course anything is possible in the future, Incurable diseases might also be cured.

      17. @rcel Not just perception but a fact. He is not any popular or successful actor in HK and mainland yet. Of course for possibility anything also possible. You also could possible to become a billionaire in the future..

      18. @lam86 well, There is no point in engaging in such a meaningless conversation if you insist this is a fact. To each his own.

      19. @rcel: Yup, no point engaging in this meaningless conversation. Let’s just support Ruco and pray/hope for the best for him. He is really talented so good things will come his way…hopefully sooner than later.

  9. Ruco’s fandom is very powerful this year, he has almost 4K likes now, he’s a hot favorite and has a good chance to win in hk

    1. @genxx11 hong kong award is very professional. Thats why they divided to 50% professional judgers and 50% audience so there will be no biased. Or else it can be easily manipulated by the audience vote.

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