Nicky Wu Gives 60% of Company Shares to Cecilia Liu; Worth 1.8 Billion RMB

The lavish wedding of Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) took place yesterday in Bali, Indonesia. Although Nicky’s first marriage with Mainland Chinese actress Ma Yashu (馬雅舒) ended after only three years in 2009, he cherishes his current marriage with Cecilia. Nicky decided to prove his love towards Cecilia through his actions, by making Cecilia the majority shareholder of his production company.

Paid Father’s Debts for 12 Years

In the industry for two decades, Nicky’s acting resume is accomplished, starring in a long list of films and television dramas that have been successful in the Greater China Region. While he was popular, Nicky used a large portion of his income to repay his father’s financial debts, which took 12 years to finally clear.

Shouldering the family’s finances since he was a youth, Nicky always believed in saving and investing for the future. In 2007, Nicky had already owned seven Thai restaurants in China and Taiwan. He also owns a pet shop in Taiwan, a real estate company in Japan, as well as his own production company.

The success of 2011’s Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> allowed Nicky’s career to peak in China, helping him earn over 100 million RMB last year and cement his status as one of China’s richest celebrities. On the other hand, Cecilia’s filming and endorsement fees helped her earn 35 million RMB last year.

Although it was reported earlier that Cecilia was extremely frugal while planning her wedding, the details of her wedding dress proved earlier gossip to be false. Cecilia’s wedding dress was designed by the lavish French brand, Carven, and is worth 3 million RMB. Similarly, Cecilia’s traditional Chinese dress cost 300,000 RMB, as the designer required one year to hand-sew. The couple also spared no expenses on the ring, as Cecilia’s diamond ring, which costs 12 million RMB is designed by De Beers.

Nicky did not mind spending millions on the wedding to give Cecilia lifetime memories. Prior to the couple’s wedding banquet, Nicky transferred 60 percent of his company’s shares, which is estimated to be valued at 1.8 billion RMB, to Cecilia’s ownership. This made Cecilia the majority shareholder in Nicky’s company. While some fans fretted over Nicky’s move, others applauded his generosity towards his wife.


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  1. Dannng nicky is generous af. So much for being frugal lol.

    Lurve Cecilia’s dresses and wedding looks in general.

  2. wow what a generous hubby if this is true. may they be blessed with a happy marriage and many kids!!!

  3. I do believe this is a marriage of love. I do think it will last. However if this is true, I feel Nicky is acting with his heart rather with his head, much like how he did with his 1st wife. Maybe Cecilia wanted to be frugal but he dotes on her. Now I know why the wedding took so long since her dress took 1 year to make. Anyway classy affair even with the high cost. I do think they will last. With his gesture, which is very generous, it may show to his wife he is serious in this marriage.

    1. @funnlim Although Nicky’s gift is generous, I don’t think it was necessary for him to give Cecilia 60% of his company shares. Perhaps it may be a gesture only, but trying to run the company together as a married couple may be more cause for headache due to differences over business matters.

      He could have set up a charity under her name for a cause she cares about. I find that to be even more romantic.

      1. @jayne
        While she may be the majority shareholder, I highly doubt she will be personally involve herself on the day-to-day operations of the firm, which seems to be a conglomerate of a bunch of unrelated businesses that are all running themselves.

      2. @jayne giving her 60% shares is indicating she is the major shareholder. running a company involves money and different people have different opinions.
        i prefer LSS’ gown taken during photoshoot in NZ more than her Carven piece.

    2. @funnlim. I agree with you. You can also tell that he learned from his past mistake with his 1st marriage that not just working & making money only but also nurturing his marriage (since dating LSS) and spending time together whenever they can. I believe this marriage will last and hopefully they will have a little LSS or NW soon.

      Off the subject a little: I think LSS’ mom is very pretty also. Also LSS is getting more beautiful now. I think when a person is happy – it shows.

  4. Perhaps symbolic like a woman keeps the purse of a man. And evade tax, i think. Kidding. Charity is cute but not practical in the sense it is him telling her here keep my money. You run the household i work. That sort of thing. I dont think she is expected to run the company. Maybe part of her dowry.

  5. Is this report right? 1.8b? On this same page, there is a post, its headline, Rosina Lam’s husband is worth 2b. So, Nicky should be worth much much more than Rosina Lam’s husband. Wow. Hope for him (after his trials), the girl really love him, and it is a forever (till old, for better or for worse) thing. When such money come into play, somehow, it tilts one’s perspective of the relationship. In 1 photo, the bride does look smitten though.

    1. @kangaroo money aside, i hope this girl really treasures him. repaying father’s debts and his ex-wife’s betrayal is really tough…wow! spending so much money on a wedding, flying in flowers as well.

  6. Cecilia such a lucky girl married a rich man and a good looking one too. Does anyone know what happened to Nicky ex wife? Like how come they got into divorce? I also wonder if he did spend this much money on his first marriage if not then that means he really does love Cecilia very much and he is such a good son who helped his father to pay off his debts. Congrats to them again.

    1. @asian2015 I didn’t know he took 12 years to pay off father’s debts! Thought I read somewhere that his ex wife didn’t marry the angmoh she had affair with. First marriage Nicky gave 5 carat wedding ring…2nd wedding, also 5 carat de beers. Wow!

      1. @janet72
        Yes, he did since his dad’s business failed and he ended up in great debt that Nicky had to work hard for many years just to pay it off. Many admired him for his filial piety to his father. No,his ex wife did marry that Austrailan guy and has a son now. Luckily Nicky did not have kids with her or it would be more trouble for him. But glad he has found Cecilia and he is happy now.

  7. I wonder if Hu Ge and Han Dong came or not? Too bad Kevin,Lin Geng Xin and others did not make it. It would be like a BBJX reunion if they all made it.

      1. @alluka
        Really? I did not know they weren’t close but then again,I have seen some who invite everyone they know regardless if they are close or not. As long as they do not hate them,they would invite them. I guess Nicky only wanted to invite people he likes and is close to.

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