Partying Till 3 a.m., Sharon Chan Feels Guilty Over Son’s Sickness

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Partying Till 3 a.m., Sharon Chan Feels Guilty Over Son’s Sickness

On New Year’s Eve, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) brought her husband and two-year-old son to her friends’ party. Other couples there were in Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and his wife Priscilla Wong (黃翠如); Stefan Wong (黃致豪) and his wife, and Tony Hung (洪永城) and his girlfriend. The friends rang in the New Year together and partied until 3 a.m. The next day, Sharon’s son, Eddie, came down with a high fever and the flu, making her very anxious over her son’s sickness.

Feeling guilty in taking the family out so late, which led to her son’s fatigue and eventual high fever, Sharon shared her feelings on social media, “My heart sank to the bottom. My baby had a high fever all night. His face was very red, and the fever hasn’t gone down despite taking medication. After seeing the doctor today, he was diagnosed with flu. My heart feels like it was knifed. It’s Mommy’s fault in taking you out until so late, in which you didn’t get enough rest and got sick. Seeing you suffer, I feel very guilty and responsible. Hope you get better soon. Mommy will bring you to see cars.” Fans tried to reassure Sharon and said it was not her fault.

Since giving birth two years ago, Sharon has noticeably decreased her work load to spend more time with Eddie. In a previous interview, she had said, “If something were to happen to my son, I wouldn’t want to live anymore. His life is very important to me. If there is a mishap because of a little mistake, I would go crazy!” Because of her anxious nature over Eddie, it’s understandable why Sharon felt guilty after he came down with the flu this time.


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15 comments to Partying Till 3 a.m., Sharon Chan Feels Guilty Over Son’s Sickness

  1. mike says:

    If she cares as much as she does, she really shouldn’t have kept him up past 3am. Quite surprised did stayed that long, she should learn to be a responsible parent through actions and not just want to get a “like” on social media.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    ‘A little mistake’ for taking her son to a party till 3am? I would call it a little mistake to accidentally forget to put the child to bed at past 8pm. Looks like another mother who is interested in enoying herself and showing off her child to friends rather than thinking deeply of the child’s well being….

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  3. potatochip says:

    The kiddo probably was exposed to flu last week and it was unlikely the late night cause him to have fever.

    It was probably not a great idea to stay out late, but it’s understandable. It sounds like a rare event. Other kids were present. It was at a friend’s house and not some club. Little guy probably napped or fell asleep early there. Staying out late at a friend’s or family’s house is something I think most parents have done.

    She is not a bad mother over this one episode. She is not selfish. I tell parents that there is enough guilt as a parent, no need to add on to it yourself.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @potatochip however lack of sleep reduce your immunity and make you more susceptible to illness. While the kids can possibly nap in a different room, but her son is a toddler and possibly won’t be able to settle with that many people around (toddlers are pretty smart at catching on, my 19mo would not nap if we are at a party and this is during the day).

      I do get you try to lessen her guilt, however, part of being a parent is giving up late night party 🙁 basically go home around 9-10 is a good time. Everyone makes mistake, she will learn 🙂

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    • jayne replied:

      @potatochip I like your relaxed attitude to parenting. You sound like an experienced mother. 🙂

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      • potatochip replied:

        I would not have posted about my kid’s illness on social media, but I think Sharon did as a form of confession. She sounds like she really feels guilty and that is punishment enough. I think it is unrealistic to expect one to avoid all late nights once you become a parent. Kids should be the most important people in your life, but you shouldn’t revolve your world around them. That is not healthy for them or for the parent.

        @jayne Thanks! I try to be even-tempered, but kids challenge you in a way you never expected.
        Even though it is very difficult at times, I believe in modeling the behaviors I like them to learn. So if I want them to not sweat the small stuff, be consistent but also able to adapt to unexpected changes, be kind and non-judgmental, I have to try my best.

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    • mike replied:

      Think the main issue is not just she made the kid stay out past 3am. Its that she said all that stuff on social to get a ‘like’ and sympathy. A normal parents probably just went home after dinner to put their kids to bed in NYE or at most wait until 12am and then leave immediately to get their kids home. They do that to protect their children and keep them safe. They won’t go bragging on social to tell the world they take care of their children. Meanwhile, we have Sharon here making her child stay past 3am and then going on social and say all that stuff for attention.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Maybe Sharon is still learning but as a father, I am extremely anxious that my children sleep early because that is a parent’s instinct. My children was tucked up in bed before 10pm which was much later than usual on New Years Eve. Loud Fireworks going on outside but who cares. The children need their sleep…

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    • m0m0 replied:

      yeah, a flu doesn’t happen the next day after exposure. people get exposed to the flu days in advance and the symptoms just show up days after exposure. she’s not a bad parent for partying out late. i think she’s just being regretful but doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent. conversely, the alternate does not make one a good parent either. it’s the presence with the kids that the makes one a good parent.

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  4. littlefish says:

    I don’t see the need for her to public this? If you see it’s a mistake you make, take it in and move on? Why public it? To get bashed? To get sympathy? To get assurance you didn’t do anything wrong? To be relevant? Anyway, not celebrity so I wouldn’t know what’s going through their little pretty head. Also say sorry to your son personally n not via media, not like he can read/care >_<

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      I think Sharon wanted to post it on social media so we can be witnesses and she can assure herself that she won’t do the same next time. It’s probably not the worst idea but in the end we can give her all the confidence but it will depend on herself. For a celebrity, it is really tough to settle down when in previous years, everything in life has been going 100mph and plenty of excitement…

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  5. cutie777 says:

    She could have leave her son at home with a babysitter if she knew she had to stay up this late then maybe her son wouldn’t have flu. So that’s her husband holding the son? At first I thought it’s Wayne Lai?

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    • jayne replied:

      @cutie777 Yes it was a couple’s party with their kids. The man to Sharon’s right is her husband; he’s an owner of a lighting business.

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  6. jjwong says:

    If Sharon is to blame, her husband is as guilty. They were both there.

    That being said, this one incident doesn’t mean they’re bad parents. I believe it was unintentionally.

    Also not surprised that she aired to public though. 99% parent, ppl on general tend to go to social media. We’re all attention wh*re, lol. Curious if the husband took to his social accounts too.

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  7. coralie says:

    Wow, comments in here are so harsh…

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to tell people when I make mistakes. Not for attention or for sympathy, but just to assuage my guilt a bit. Getting it off my chest makes me feel better and I learn from my mistakes better by hearing others share their experiences or even just for assurance that everything will be okay.

    Now, with that said, do i care that Sharon Chan made a mistake with her kid & that she feels super guilty? Not in the least. She has lost all her relevancy a long time ago for me. But I won’t point fingers at her and call her a bad mother. She’s blaming herself enough.

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