Ruby Lin Loses Baby Weight and Looks Great

Forty-one-year-old Ruby Lin (林心如) and her husband, 37-year-old Wallace Huo (霍建華), welcomed their baby girl in January. Ruby has been taking a temporary break from work to recover from childbirth. However, less than two months after giving birth, Ruby has returned to work and recently attended a promotional function in Mainland China. Regaining her slim figure, the new mother also emitted a fresh and healthy glow.

Fans were excited to see Ruby’s return and complimented on how great she looks. One fan praised, “A goddess is indeed a goddess. She recuperated so quickly!”

However, Ruby is still not satisfied with her current figure and expressed that there is still room for improvement.

Despite her recent public appearance, Ruby revealed she does not have plans for filming projects until the latter part of this year. Hoping to spend more time with her daughter, Ruby lamented that this was the first time she has been separated from her daughter since birth. Once Ruby resumes work, mother and daughter will have to spend periods of time away from each other.


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    1. @funnlim Indeed. If they wish to work, they have to maintain their looks and figures. More so for females. She looks more plump than before but still … for a new mum of two months, she must have worked hard to get into shape. Her next project starts in May I heard.

  1. I think those photos were edited. Those photos are from her studio and/or advertising company. Although this time she attended public event, but no photo from other sources. Previous photos were in same condition, if from her or her friends, Alec Su, Vivian, etc, she looked liked teen-aged, bare face, gorgeous. But those photos on the events, film promotions, on the street, or with WH, she looked not young, the face was big and short. Of course, I’m saying she’s not pretty, but actually she’s only beautiful with photoshop

    1. @cuckoo typing error “Of course, I’m not saying she’s not pretty, but actually she’s only beautiful with photoshop”

    2. @cuckoo great insight! in general it’s very misleading to always show women looking immaculate and beautiful after pregnancy. how many women/men look at that and set unrealistic expectations? ofc i know most celebrities have to deal with the spotlight and their looks are income generators, but still.

      1. @coralie I’ve just noticed recently, so I’m slow too, maybe the big contrast made me notice. I also see in these photos her breast is smaller than normal, before pregnancy photos, while during breast feeding the size of all women I know increase 2-3 size. Look at this photo, it’s almost flat:
        I feel like she doesn’t do breastfeeding as she claim in some news

  2. She looks great!! And yes for people who are naturally skinny, probably could lose the weight faster! So jealous!

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