Ruby Lin’s Unphotoshopped Face is “Horrifying”

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Ruby Lin’s Unphotoshopped Face is “Horrifying”

Unphotoshopped pictures of Ruby Lin (林心如)  at an awards presentation were leaked today.  Due to the unflattering light, the 42-year-old actress’ face appeared very wrinkly and her chin was distorted.

Netizens were relentless and said they were highly disturbed by the “horrifying” photos. Some of the comments included: “[She] can appear in a ghost film!” and “I’m breaking into a cold sweat in the middle of the day!”

It is common for artistes’ management agencies to work closely with the media to restrict the distribution of unflattering photos. It was surprising that Ruby’s unphotoshopped pictures slipped through the cracks.

Fans protective towards Ruby blamed her studio for the oversight, “The studio needs to be scolded. Once they are scolded, then they.will [work] seriously.”

Ruby immediately came to the defense of her staff, “It’s not like that! Everyone is very serious towards work. Please be more considerate towards them!” while asking everyone to “speak nicely”.

Once regarded as an “ageless beauty”, Ruby had revealed that every night before sleeping, she will drink a glass of red wine and use a yogurt mask to help renew and tighten her skin. However, it appears that Ruby may have become too busy since becoming a mother last year. Without adequate rest, Ruby is starting to age rapidly. Concerned fans said that Ruby’s husband, Wallace Huo (霍建華), needs to take good care of her.

Fans also noted a big difference between Ruby’s unphotoshopped photos versus the photos released by her studio on Weibo, which showed Ruby with remarkably smoother and youthful skin.

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26 comments to Ruby Lin’s Unphotoshopped Face is “Horrifying”

  1. says:

    * Is there a rule on earth that nobody can age?

    * Is that why everybody is turning over to plastic surgery even
    only at the age of 25 or even younger?

    * Who cannot make ugly faces?
    – Only dolls of course because they can’t stretch their faces. So, whoever don’t have a single ugly pic is not human 😛

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  2. bubbletea says:

    I am glad to see these photos. It shows Ruby’s natural look. Too often, celebrities and their management companies like to cram too many Photoshopped pictures down the public’s palate. They, the celebs, are human like anyone else. Take away the ridiculously priced designer clothing and the pound of makeup, and these men and women are like any average Joe and Joanna. The netizens who said the studio need to be scolded are crazy. They are the ones who need to be scolded, by a therapist. Whoa!, too bad that netizen is breaking out in cold sweats, too bad.

    Ruby has handled the whole situatuon with patience and grace. I salute her for her poise and wisdom. Sime vain celebrity women would have wanted the handlers’ head on platters, but Ruby was understanding and calm, coming to the defense of her staff. I knew there was a reason I admire this woman.

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  3. tiffany says:

    It’s called life. Ppl get old. She’s 42, not 22.

    There are ppl in shock because the majority of the photos are photoshopped. Even in dramas, the good filters/lighting make everything ethereal.

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  4. funnlim says:

    I don’t think she looks horrifying. For 42, she looks amazing. A bit too much make up or powder thus the ghostly look. She wrinkles means no botox or minimal botox. I don’t even think she’s wrinkle. it was the harsh bad light. That’s all.

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  5. mangotango says:

    LOL This is hilarious. Whoever who posted this purposely use the worst lighting shot or who knows photoshop to ugliness? If we can photoshop to make our photos nicer the reverse is applicable. Fortunately, Ruby and a few other 40s actresses are well known for their youthful looks so one such pix is fine. We all age. Better to age gracefully. We cannot defy gravity pull but we can slow down the process.

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    • coralie replied:

      @mangotango Right?! My first reaction was to LMAO cus these pics are hilarious! I don’t know why fans’ reaction to this is instead horror. This is funny! Ppl take these things too seriously

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  6. reece0919 says:

    what the fnck is wrong with this people? Try looking in the mirror and see if you don’t have the same wrinkles as hers.

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  7. bubbles23 says:

    The problem os that ps photos get sho ed down our throats so when we get the i suppose ugly truth we’re like omagawd. Come on. Shes 42 and is raising a kid. Maybe it’s time for a new style so that she doesnt have to try so hard to look young for media’s sake.

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  8. lynn90 says:

    Children do age us women. Haha. Ruby is still very pretty at her age. I don’t care for photos, as they can be tampered with, but her recent videos are fine. She ages gracefully and even if she does, she’s human, she has good and bad days. Those ugly photos were taken candidly, from unappealing angles, and while her face muscles were moving. Netizens are vicious.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      These fans prefer no faces muscle movement and minimal expressions. Botox…

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  9. jimmyszeto says:

    You know that fans are messed up when they are scolding and blaming staff for not photoshopping photos to make their idols look better. These are the same fans that photoshop their own photos before publishing on social media. The same fans that will use Botox and plastic surgery at the earliest opportunity. It’s turning into an very unnatural world we live in….

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  10. dramafan says:

    The first photo was very unflattering of her. However, I believe it was mainly due to the bad lighting, angle of the shot and bad timing. The second and third pictures were much better.

    Ageing is something we all want to slow down or to do so ever so gracefully. But in reality, even the celebrities cant stop/avoid how ageing will affect our looks, body and skin, loss in muscle tone or elasticity.

    Hence, they feel the need to resort to cosmetic or artificial means. I can imagine it would be difficult for them because they are being watched, judged and talked about so often.

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  11. m0m0 says:

    i never regarded her as ageless. her age does show in dramas. never understood the mentality of why artists are duded as ageless, it’s such a burden to carry and pressure on others to imitate.

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  12. shishi says:

    Everyone has a not so flattering photo, no matter how beautiful you are.

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  13. littlefish says:

    i prefer she ages gracefully, able to emote with wrinkles than a stone face with streams of tears >_> And yes, she’s 42, she looks great and beautiful as always!

    Also Ruby does have those dimples around the mouth, with bad lighting, it will create a lot of bad shadow!

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  14. mimi8 says:

    Obviously she’s no longer in her prime but honestly she aged pretty well. What do they expect her to full of Botox or get PS and talk **** about her. She stills looks good it’s just the angle that the picture was taken at.

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  15. iampheng says:

    I’m not a parent myself but in my circle of friends, once they started having kids, it’s like those babies were the center of everything in their worlds. Also, nobody got any good sleep…for like 3 years. haha. Naturally, everybody started looking a little more haggard in our early to mid 30s group. Well, except for me of course, as the only single and unmarried person. Babies even trump good genes, unless you had them when you were truly young (teens, early 20s). Ruby is already looking dang youthful for a new mom with a career in her 40s.

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  16. th3m0ng3r says:

    It’s also the angle and the bad lighting that made her look horrific in that pic. She looks like a wax figure. Tabloids will always use the most extreme photo to generate buzz and attention. She’s not that bad in the other photos.

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  17. jjwong says:

    Those are bad photos. Not because she’s bad looking but because of bad photography. Not saying only photoshop pics should be posted, just saying these are taking badly. Anyone in that situation will look as “ghoulish” as her in those pics.

    Is it just me or does it seem like there are more neg news on her AFTER she married WH? Bitter fans who work in media are getting even or taking out on her? O_o

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    • littlefish replied:

      @jjwong ever since the news of her dating WH broke out, she has been hit with a lot of bad press. She used to have a few bad press here and there, but it does increase 10 folds once she’s involved with WH. Whatever, it seems they are as solid as rocks! So I’m happy for them xD

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      • jjwong replied:

        @littlefish Yea, more neg news about her than neg news on WH after they got together. Guess he has a bigger fangirling-base than her. I’m happy for them too. They seem matching: low key personality, low maintenance, not a limelight seeker, good looking, similar level professional success, and want to start family. Surely this type of none sense negs aren’t effecting them.

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  18. cassiemissy says:

    Her expression is hilarious. What horrifying? Don’t tell me these netizens have not have any bad timing photos of themselves before? This has nothing to do with getting old and wrinkles.. an 18yo girl will look ‘horrifying’ in a wrong angle and wrong lighting.

    And what’s wrong really with these people? Celebrities are human for god sake… they will get sick, get old, get tired, get angry, get lazy just like every normal being. Ageing is a beautiful thing, especially like Ruby now, great career with loving family life. You don’t expect her to stay 22 forever. IMO, she’s even prettier now compare to her early debut years.. elegant lady.

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  19. lia00027 says:

    Well seeing the bias nonsense comments i will say ageless beauty my as*, it looks like she had too many filler and the cin had been fixed with thread more than once hence it will need to retouch again and by the time comes the filler and the thread will make her “ageless beauty” again. Yeah before she had a babyface beauty but she couldn’t defeat time none of us can now of course as a woman she has to preserve the once youth face that she had too bad it looks like she got the wrong doctor but gotta admire her spirit though.

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    • mangotango replied:

      @lia00027 Cannot understand what threads you are talking about. Definitely a hater. LOL. No idea how your [email protected] looks like. Pretty? 😉

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    • littlefish replied:

      @lia00027 Uhm, have you seen her drama? She doesn’t look like the type to even use Botox, you can see the wrinkles in certain normal area unlike a lot of the male stars who swore up and down they don’t use Botox and their crying face is that of a minted paper!

      To me, she’s younger than her age (because I’m terrible at guessing age lol). To my partner, she looks her age, so comments like ageless beauty should be taken with a grain of salt instead of using it to attack the fans or the celebrity 🙂

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