Sweet Scenes in “The Legends”

Mainland Chinese drama The Legends <招摇> is currently rising in popularity and receiving positive reviews, as viewers rave on the compatibility of the main couple, their attractive looks and sweet dialogues.

Starring Story of Yanxi Palace‘s <延禧攻略> Xu Kai (许凯) and actress Bai Lu (白鹿), The Legends is adapted from a Chinese novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鷺非香), who also serves as one of the scriptwriters. In The Legends, Xu Kai portrays the demon king’s son Mo Qing. Cursed with a tragic fate, he was locked in a cave for several years, until he got released and saved by devil sect leader Lu Zhaoyao (portrayed by Bai Lu). Since then, he fell in love with Zhaoyao, and continuously protects her during times of hardships.

Viewers find it humorous that the female and male characters seemed to have switched gender roles, as Xu Kai’s character is shy while Bai Lu’s character is bold and charismatic in their romantic scenes. In the latest episode when the couple finally gets to date, this had fans’ melting at the sight of their sweet scenes, and even called them to just “Marry on the spot already!’”

Many of Xu Kai’s sweet lines include: “I’ll protect Lu Zhaoyao” and “In my heart, she is the one and only.” Another golden line that got many fans smiling was seen in a recent episode, when the couple were holding hands and walking around the night markets. After being calmed down by the female lead due to the sight of a competitor contending with him for Zhaoyao’s love, he shyly held her hands and said, “I really want to hide you in my pocket right now!”

Surely, with about 20 more episodes left to air, viewers can continue enjoying Xu Kai and Bai Lu’s amazing chemistry in The Legends.


Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Love this drama! Sooo good. I think the humour portrayed very well. It’s serious, but funny. Not the silly humour kind of drama.

    I think the lines are: “Lu Zhao Yao has me to protect (her)”. “She is my only weakness, and the only source for my strength”. “If you attack, i’ll be your sword, if you retreat, I’ll be your shield”. “To me, she’s the only one in the world” (I think in the article, it said “in my heart, she’s the one and only, which is nice in context, it’s pale in comparison to the previous quotes lol). Not to mention the sweet dialogues between the two leads, when Zhao Yao asked him why he helped her knowing she’s deceiving him, and he replied: my heart can’t help it.

    Ignoring the bad editing, and the drama feels choppy because of that, it’s overall a very nice and refreshing story, where both ML and Fl are strong without the need to make one look weak (in term of actions and rationales).

    Plus all the kissing scenes are hot!
    Totally recommend it 🙂

  2. So far there are 3 cdramas that I’ve read rave reviews. This one, HSDS and Good Bye My princess. I am preparing to watch the latter 2 but this one.. is it that good? Xu Kai isn’t an expressive actor. I am not sure.. and I am sick of dubbing. I love Ming Lan because the non dubbing. Made me hate William Feng less, because I love his accent.

    1. @funnlim Uhm, HSDS has rave reviews? So far I’ve only seen bad talk about it lol, apart from a pretty cast, nothing else seems to be stood out?

      Dubbing as in using another actor’s voice? Which is like 90% of the drama. Didn’t know minglan use their own voice.

      Regarding Xu Kai, I came in without watching yanxi, and he did the role very well, I couldn’t complain lol, he fits the role very well 🙂

      I didn’t check the rating, but my impression is GMP is topping the rating chart, then the legends, then HSDS. In term of acting, I think the legends ace the other two (from main to supporting casts). In term of plot, the legends is a lot more refreshing lol. Also the chemistry is very good 🙂 the only thing bad about the legends is it doesn’t have the budget of GMP, and so the editing suffered quite a great deal, plus silly cuts

    2. @funnlim I’m not 100% sure but from what I’ve heard of Bai Lu & Xu Kai, I think the drama is actually not dubbed. It sounds like their original voices. I’m close to 100% sure for Bai Lu but IDK about Xu Kai as I haven’t heard him speak quite as much…but he basically sounds the same as he does in interviews and BTS clips, so if he’s dubbed, they must have used someone who sounds like his brother.

      There are a lot of technical issues with the drama (scenes are cut wrong, music abruptly stops/starts/overlaps, stuff is just out of order and all over the place so the storyline is made to be hard to follow even though it really shouldn’t be) but overall it’s great compared to the rest. The acting is great and I actually really like the 2nd female lead, who does a LOT of the earlier scenes as she plays both characters.

      Xu Kai’s character is reserved but he’s expressive enough in the ways that matter for his character – a bit awkward, a bit shy, just kind of cute/”adorkable.” You can see in the behind the scenes clips that he and Bai Lu are probably dating IRL as the rumors have it – there were a few kissing scenes that definitely turned into REAL kissing scenes, unless the actors these days use tongue LMAO

      The biggest technical issue is that the 5 minutes of cut scene before the opening credits are taken from somewhere in the middle of the episode, so often you see the climax of the main fight from the episode, which is stupid and out of place. And then they don’t even show it again DURING the episode, so as you’re watching there’s a lead up to the fight and then it cuts right over it and the characters are left standing there. Really makes you wonder WTH is the director thinking with the editing.

      On the plus side, there aren’t excessive flashbacks (except for that one dragon scene, you will know exactly what I mean) and pretty few repeated scenes in general, at least up to ep 30. Weirdly the main songs of OST also aren’t played very much in drama.

      The CGI is awful in a lot of parts and I wish chinese directors would stop using it for simple things like ropes & chains, which always “float” on the actors and looks so stupid. Using real props would be cheaper and look better, but they’re in love with bad & unnecessary CGI.

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