“The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” Nears Finale  


Entering its final broadcasting week, TVB drama The Exorcist’s Meter 2 <降魔的2.0> has been pulling out tearjerkers in almost every episode, with Pui Pui (Moon Lau 劉佩玥) finally letting go of her feelings for Siu Ma (Kenneth Ma 馬國明), to leave the mortal world. On Jeannie (Jeannie Chan’s 陳瀅) character’s advice, Pui Pui parts with Siu Ma and good friend Li Li (Kayee Tam 譚嘉儀), disappearing into mid-air in his taxi while on the last leg of her transcendental journey.

Pui Pui’s Feelings for Siu Ma

Using Tze Yeuk’s (Mandy Wong 黃智雯)) physical body to date Siu Ma for a day, Pui Pui’s energy levels ended up being sapped by the sea spirit’s influence. Unwilling to part with him, she creates a temporary enchantment to trap Siu Ma within. Accidentally getting entangled are Jeannie and Moses (Mat Yeung 楊明). Understanding Pui Pui’s feelings for Siu Ma, Jeannie uses her own example to advise her against staying and finally convinces Pui Pui to let go of her mortal attachment.

Realizing that Pui Pui has possessed Tze Yeuk’s body to be with him, Siu Ma kisses her goodbye on their last day at the café within the temporary enchantment. Getting back to reality, Pui Pui parts tearfully with Li Li, Jing Jing (Susan Tse 謝雪心), Liz Sze (Gloria Tang 鄧佩儀) and the rest in an emotional scene. Boarding Siu Ma’s cab for the final time, the two realize her dream of meeting up at the usual place for a joyride before Pui Pui disappears in his cab, like the rest of the spirits he encounters.

Moon’s Acting Impresses Netizens

Touched by the scene, viewers remarked about “screaming from start until end” and “crying continuously” throughout the episode. Moon was also praised for her improved acting and natural delivery onscreen, as the sequel had her in touching story arcs where she broke down in front of her own grave, parted with her parents, and finally left Siu Ma’s side. Fans also expressed their empathy towards the character’s sad end, calling her the most tragic female character in The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter.

Promoting the drama on social media, Moon wrote, “I once thought you only owed me a favor–never did I know that your love was hidden deep within. Today’s revelation came just at the right moment, though it was only for a day, but this day shall be eternity. I love you, Siu Ma, goodbye, Pui Pui.”

Zoie Tam’s (譚凱琪) story arc as sea spirit Thalassa will be up next as the drama nears its conclusion.

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  1. Though not as good as the original (which I thought was realllllyy good), I think this is one of the better sequels that TVB have done

    1. @ledge agree. I am enjoying it so far but the first season (and especially its theme song) still pulls at my heart strings…each and every time the intro instruments starts playing…

  2. The sequel has so far been satisfying. I thought it was fresh enough and not totally predictable like most of TVB’s recent works. I’ve been glued to every episode and there were quite a few tearjerkers. The only thing I would say that didn’t really live up to its predecessor, is the pace of the series. This one is much more action-packed and things happen faster. No slow burn like the first one. The theme song also isn’t as catchy, but surprisingly enough, Zoie’s little song is pretty nice. I’ve been humming the tune every once in a while.

  3. love the series! the director said that when he wrote the first part, there are 3 parts to it. I assume the 3rd part will be about mephi, cant wait

    1. @ivan
      i thought mephi would be battled in this sequel. i am fine w/ it in season 3 b/c there’s not enough episodes to cover two demons

  4. love this sequel. i love hubert’s subtheme. i am hoping for a 3rd season. i read that it was intended as such

  5. This drama turns out to be better than I expected….really enjoyed the fun and heart warming parts

  6. By the way anyone here posts comments in dramacool website???
    I need help!!! suddenly I couldn’t post any comments there and fastdrama ….unable to log in but its fine here!!!! anyone can help?? Many thanks in advance

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