TVB Releases Female Dance Version of Hubert Wu’s “I Was Here”

For the 2017 JSG Awards, TVB recruited former Miss Hong Kong winners and contestants Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), Veronica Shiu (邵珮詩), and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) to cover Hubert Wu’s (胡鴻鈞) “I Was Here” <到此一遊>, the theme song to the 2017 TVB hit drama The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的>. Their music video was released on Facebook through See See TVB, and attracted over 300,000 viewers within a day.

The music video, which cost over HK$1 million to make, draws its influence from K-pop music videos.

Jacqueline shared, “The two zombies in the beginning were actually portrayed by Auston Lam (林師傑) and Daniel Chau (周志康). They spent over seven hours in the makeup chair. It definitely wasn’t cheap to do! We’re really grateful of them for taking the time to do it for us.”

For the music video, TVB hired an international film crew for the cinematography. The video was shot at six different sets, including the church on Discovery Bay. Famous Hong Kong tattoos artist Gabe also offered his help for the music video.

The five girls performed their single at the 2017 JSG Awards, which was held on December 30, 2017.

“I Was Here” – Female Version

“I Was Here” Live Performance


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  1. If TVB has trust on them, please make them sing a new song. People will like to compare them to Hubert and it will be unfair to them.

  2. it felt like they were cosplaying kpop girl groups…still not the real thing and don’t feel professional enough

    i don’t even know why they bother -.-

  3. Why did TVB spend money to make this for? The dancing is OK and in sync but the singing is soso and voices are weak. They look like they are lip-syncing in the second video with the “live” performance. I really prefer listening to Hubert.

    1. @elizabeth They WERE lip synching in the second video — that’s the one from the JSG Awards where they were the opening act…it was beyond horrifying in my opinion…

      This was basically another desperate attempt on TVB’s part to promote their Big Big Channel and also hype up their dismal JSG Awards (which pretty much no one watches nowadays since it’s basically just Voice Entertainment and EEG patting each other on the back). The MV was bad, but the JSG performance was worse…though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as TVB has definitely been sinking to new lows with all their variety programs (first MHK, now JSG). Honestly, TVB needs to stop insulting audiences with this kind of crap day in and day out…

  4. Really tacky Music Video. They not even professional singers/dancers. A laughing stock, what a joke! Alot of these girls arent even popular. Just because they’ve been in a beauty pageant doesnt mean anything to have them in something like this. What does this prove anyways? Makes me cringe watching it. No thanks.

  5. Watch the video. It is kinda pointless. Those girls’ singing skills are far behind Hubert.

    Well, this is not the first time TVB made such MVs. Remember the M Club girls MV and the Raising the Bar girls MV?

  6. Cheesy and cringe worth. K pop girl band wannabes. They definitely spoiled this song for me, yucks!

  7. Cringy….dancing is terrible and out of sync. Song is also not catchy enough for this style of dance.

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