TVB Turns Actors into Male Gods

Besides the popularity of Korean dramas, many Hong Kong viewers are turning their attention to Mainland and Taiwanese artistes. Hoping to retain viewers’ hearts, TVB decided to revamp their actors’ images and make them into more appealing “male gods” in upcoming dramas.

Bad Boy Bosco Wong in “Two Steps From Heaven”

Although Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) has maintained a positive image in television dramas in recent years, he will showcase a new side of him in suspense thriller, Two Steps from Heaven <幕后玩家>. Playing one of the three villains in the series, Bosco is a ruthless playboy who juggles relationships between Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), and Moon Lau (劉佩玥).

Bosco expressed, “My character can’t get more villainous than this – he has absolutely no morals and only has eyes for his career. He also has many mistresses.”

Roger Kwok Eats Frogs in “Fatal Resurrection”

From playing the mentally challenged “Ah Wong” in Square Pegs <戇夫成龍> to a cunning but disabled lawyer in Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人>, Roger Kwok (郭晉安) once again challenges himself in upcoming drama Fatal Resurrection <致命復活>.

Trapped in a cave for over a decade, Roger’s only mean of survival was to eat whatever was available to him – including frogs. Besides devouring frogs for his new series, Roger underwent an intense diet and lost almost 20 pounds for the role. With Roger’s new role – TVB hopes to win audiences’ hearts with the character’s sad backstory.

Time-travelling Hero – Vincent Wong

Taking a spin on the typical time-travelling theme – Vincent Wong (王浩信) and his onscreen partner Tracy Chu (朱千雪) travels back in time for over a dozen times to save the world in Over Run Over <EU超時任務>. Playing the comedic village leader with an old-school accent, Vincent hopes to generate laughs and joy among viewers.

Moses Chan – King of Image Changes

Although 44-years-old, Moses Chan (陳豪) proves that he can still rock the stylish suit and platinum blonde highlights in Fashion War <潮流教主>. Ditching his cutthroat fashion editor image, Moses turns into an intelligent scientist in new fantasy drama My Lover From the Planet Meow <來自喵喵星的你>.

Laughing at his drastic hairstyle change from Fashion War, Moses joked, “I believe that my new hair in the upcoming series will be more liked than the last!”

Kevin Cheng Becomes a Vampire Slayer in “Blue Veins”

Following the popularity of vampire-themed series in Western countries, TVB produced Blue Veins <僵> and cast Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as a 500-year-old vampire slayer who develops feelings for Grace Chan (陳凱琳). Initially a human girl, Grace slowly begins to harbor a crush on Kevin and hopes to turn into a vampire in drama .

Bobby Au Yeung Turns anto a Happy Ghost

Last but not least, wrapping up the 2016 line up is Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) who will try to win viewers with his cheerful performance in House of Spirits <一屋老友記>. Although the series has a supernatural element, Bobby reassures his fans that House of Spirits is far from scary. In fact, he hopes the drama brings nothing but joy and laughter to Hong Kong families.


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  1. From the above artists, the only ones that can qualify as male god is Bosco and Kevin. Why no Ruco?

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      2. @freedalas I feel pity for you that you obviously don’t realize how pathetic you are. It’s ​rather hypocritical of you to point your fingers at others while ignoring, minimizing, and covering up your own faults. Stop looking like a fool. I don’t need to you point out of what you think is wrong with me. You should take a long hard look in the gigantic mirror and check out your own flaws before you call out someone on theirs.

        Up until now you still haven’t answered any of my questions about why do you hate Wong cho lam so much? What harm has he ever done to you to cause you to have so much hatred toward him? Why do you keep on dragging his name through the mud and bring him up into a conversation even when he is not mentioned in the article at all? It’s completely asinine and childish of you to repeatedly insults Wong cho lam for absolutely no valid reason at all, other than the fact that you dislike his physical appearance.

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      5. @freedalas It’s rather hypocritical of you to tell someone not to bring in past issues that are not relevant on this article,when you hypocrite also did the same thing with Wong Cho Lam.You repeatedly dragged his name through the mud and post it on a completely unrelated article. Up until now you are still not attempting to back up your claims regarding to Wong cho lam because you can’t.

        Aside from using insults in your writings, you have no constructive argument on any of my points so then therefore, i must conclude my time with you and not to waste furthermore. You are way too childish in your thinking for my level, your arguments have no substance, and your accusations are worthless to say the least, you have done nothing in your mindless writing but only to use language of insults. You have demonstrate your lack of thoughts and being able to properly prove your points across. But what I am to expect from someone that don’t even have a name and hide behind an alias with probably a fake profile.

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    1. @lml1977

      To me a ‘male god’ is someone who is known for their good looks from the very start. Did you notice Kevin Cheng and classed him as a male God when he was struggling as a singer in the early 90’s? Did you notice Bosco when he was doing K100 before he starred in a drama? Was Ruco known for his good looks when he played as an extra in TVB in the mid 90’s? No

    2. @lml1977
      Look wise, agree with you on Bosco and Kevin. Among those above artists, I think Kevin is aging quite well as he is actually 2 years older than Moses but still looks younger (than Moses) on screen and off. As for Bosco, he used to look best from 2010 to early 2014. Recently, he’s so slim and haggard most of the time but still very photogenic though.

      1. @lml1977 i can’t be too sure it’s not. The body colour differs from the neck and face and the pectorals look too huge for a guy of his build. Overall looks weird and unnatural to me.

      2. @isay: That’s true…didn’t realized the difference in the face/neck/body color. But I do remember seeing Kevin with some abs previously. His biceps are pretty huge.

    1. @isay

      If I were the photo edirot, I would have placed Bobby Au Yeung’s head shot over that torso instead. It would certainly generate more buzz.

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    2. @elizabeth Hey don’t forget about Micheal Miu, Tony Leung, Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Adam Cheng and Micheal Tao or even Jackie Chan. All this mens are one of the god actor too.

      1. @janet72 really? Oh there’s a few more that I forgot to mention them Danny Lee, Anthony Wong, Kent Tong, Simon Yam, Alex Man, Kwong Wah, Patrick Tse and Felix Wong. So what do you think? I personally like Danny Lee he’s one of the greatest one too back in the 80’s and 90’s. Donnie Yen is one of my favorite for martial art movie he is just so cool and Stephen Chow he’s one of my favorite one too for a comedy movies he is just so funny in every movie he’s in.

      2. @asian2015 those days of great dramas and movies are over…no thanks to tvb for being a slave driver. i miss stephen chow movies when i laughed until i can’t stop. simon yam, felix wong, michael miu…these are great actors.

      3. @asian2015 I quite like Michael Miu and Andy Lau but still, in my mind, they are not on the same level as Chow Yun Fat! I think it is just set too deeply in me! I blame “God of Gamblers” for this life-long obsession!

    3. @elizabeth Agree 110%!! Actually, for me, it’s not just back in the 80s and 90s — Fat Gor today is still the ultimate male god with a special charm that is inimitable and irreplaceable! Love him! 🙂

      1. @llwy12 I think it is more than looks that Fat Gor has which has made his popularity survive as he ages. He has this friendly easygoing charisma that just draws attention. I also like his dedication to his wife, friends and he is always polite and sincere. And he does think before he speaks, and there are many ounces of wisdom in what he says, especially in regards to politics. And he has a great sense of humour as well. Love him to bits!

      2. @elizabeth Yes, absolutely! Completely agree that Fat Gor’s popularity goes beyond looks! In addition to the traits you listed, I would also add to that the fact that he is extremely humble for such a big superstar — to me, that’s what attracts me the most, especially since his type of personality (humble, down-to-earth, naturally reverent and respectful to others, etc.) is hard to come by in the entertainment industry (my idol Jacky Cheung is another artist who falls into the same category). I actually wrote a piece about Fat Gor in my blog as part of a book review several years ago and one of the examples I used was how, several years ago, Fat Gor was attending a press conference for a movie he was promoting – after the press con ended, Fat Gor got up and started helping the crew fold up and put away chairs. Most celebrities would either leave or be ushered away to a dressing room to rest or something, but instead, he chose to stay behind and help the crew cleanup. When asked about it, Fat Gor downplayed it with his usual charming humor and even asked why it was such a shock for him to be putting away chairs. Fat Gor is absolutely deserving of all the respect and admiration he’s gotten and no matter how old he gets, he will always be a god in my book!

      3. @elizabeth Yea, that’s the rumor that’s circulating right now, as one of the HK gossip rags published an article claiming Andy’s wife Carol has been going through IVF treatments for awhile and was finally successful end of last year — the article claims that Carol is 4 months pregnant and may finally be able to fulfill Andy’s wish of having a son with this pregnancy. Some reporters asked Andy about it, but of course he gave his typical ‘thanks for the concern’ response, plus his management company said they won’t be responding to the rumor, so not surprisingly, the media is interpreting that to mean ‘confirmation’ from Andy that the rumor is true (lol…typical HK media mentality). True or not, only time will tell….

      4. @elizabeth if you go to you can read the article there. She does look pregnant as her stomach was obvious. If it’s true, happy for them as think they’ve been trying for #2 for a while now.

      1. @aiya Def. aging but not that bad!!!!

        I mean I like most of the people on the list but not because of their looks. None of them are “male god” even at their prime. And personally not even Ruco/Raymond are not consider “male god.”

  2. TVB don’t have any male god’s..

    The closest one is Kevin Cheng but he is past his prime.

    Ruco Chan should be included as he is probably the next on the list.

    Raymond Lam would be classed as one but no longer with TVB now.

    There’s no decent male or female actors with God like charm in TVB.

    They are in Korea now…

  3. I dont see how from the description they are turnd into male gods. How so?

    And most of them are uncles. Usually i am ok but none of them are male or even gods to begin with. Tvb shld start anew.

    1. @funnlim i have never regarded moses as a male god. kevin cheng, yes but that was when he was in scarlet heart…now he has passed that idol stage.

      1. @janet72 Idols need not be younger generation. Kevin can still be one with the right role. For me older actors can be male gods/idols. I just don;t get how the description in the article for the roles they are in makes them male gods. I don’t get it.

      2. @funnlim I would agree that male gods don’t need to be young… but that is certainly the trend in other Asian countries. Some of the Korean actors look like they are barely out of puberty!

        Although not sure if I agree with you re: Kevin. He’s been looking awfully haggard lately. Which pains me to say, because he looked really good just 5 years ago.

      3. @funnlim

        ROFL, True!

        None of those are God. Compared to K eye candy and acting … they all come across as way trying too hard but without the style (Moses up there, just looks like a racoon, sorry).

        Yes enigmatic Mr Chow … uncle or not, he has always been cool and remains cool pretty effortlessly.

      4. @nomad822 lol k eye candy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. They’re mostly boys and pretty ( as opposed to handsome) ones too. Too sissified for me at least. Male God or not, everyone has different preferences but i also don’t see how these roles make them male gods lol. What a silly article!

      5. @isay I also don’t see how the article says these roles make them male gods. I am not saying they are not male gods candidate but how can the role they’re doing make them male gods?! I don’t get it.

        Anyway let me get back to squeeling at Chajumma and his oh so sexy beer foams in Asahi Superdry beer CMs, one of the few products that consistently uses middle aged above 40 men as their spokesperson.

        Anyone curious can first go to youtube and search for Cha Seung Won Scweppes commercial for the better of the two for one singular reason as you shall see for yourself. Two years apart, the guy looks the same exactly in both CMs.

      6. @olivegarden You gotta go beyond idol series or rather young idol series. Aim for those over 35 yrs old, hot bod, hot looks, whether can act or not is debatable but voices always low and looks like a man and when they say 6 feet, they do look like 6 feet. Of course ignore the mascara and BB cream. HK male artistes are short and too thin. That’s the benefit and problem with K drama actor. Certain specifics must be there and there are manlier actors above 40, unfortunately those are in movies. K dramas hate middle aged above 40 actors as leads. A pity, these are the group who can act as opposed to pretty boys actors who basically speak the same barritone and can win any staring competition.

      7. @janet72

        People just jumped onto the bandwagon when Kevin Cheng got popular and the regarded as a male god. Did anyone here in this forum lay a single eye on him when he was struggling in the 1990’s?

      8. @jimmyszeto

        I thought he was really hot in the 90s when he was a singer lol. Looks dont mean you can get to the top in HK tho. He faded out quite quick back then.

    2. @funnlim

      I’m trying to think of a ‘male god’ from Hong Kong. There definitely aren’t many but Alex Fong Chun Sun probably qualifies because he was known for his handsome looks and cool demeanour since the very start of his career. The TVB actors mentioned in this article had barely any fans at the beginning and were largely ignored by current fans until they made something of their careers. Surely they can’t even qualify even as being outstandingly good looking if nobody noticed for years.

  4. How are they even considered to be male gods. Idol maybe. Even with that, they look too old. Bosco I can somewhat agree being an idol status. Moses gives me the creeep, face wise; I do/did like him as an artist so hush flame throwers. Kevin WAS good looking. Now he looks old and haggard, which is fine just not god nor idol quality.

    Gods to me are those with much wider appeal, fan base and versatile. In HK, I can only consider those around Fat Gor, Leslie, 4 Heavenly Kings as gods. These new 2000s-ish club ate nowhere near that status. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them or their acting. It’s just a pity that HK had degraded the values behind ‘god’ and threw around like it’s just a synonym for ‘Mr.’

    1. @jjwong I take the idol status back. These are more pike TVB ‘Yat Got” (brother #1). They’re pretty miniscule outside of TVB. Yes, yes, they have mainland jobs and so forth. Still they’re not close being the idols or gods like entertainers from other countries and previous era.

      1. @jjwong
        I don’t know about the others but Bosco’s popularity is rising in Mainland after 4 of his dramas were aired. He has made to the list of male god there as they just did a TV show for him called “Meeting up with idol/male god” this past February. He is still marketable and with the right projects and promotion, he can go further.

        Btw, have you seen the K9 Cop yet? It’s so pity that the series didn’t do well in HK but his Mainland fans really like the show, one of the fanpages for this drama got 1.3 Billion views. Personally, I think it was an enjoyable series to watch though Bosco didn’t look good in the show at all but acting wise, he did a decent job.

      2. @olivegarden I can see that about Bosco. He can and is probably getting there but he’s still not there yet. Just my opinion. This is like when reporters start calling Priscilla BB or Kitty as a goddess. I mean, I like them as actresses but they’re nowhere near BB/goddess in compare to other “BB/goddess” ladies Dx

        Bosco’s acting in K9 Cop reminded me a lot of K-drama style. It was kind of cute and I did like the series. He didn’t look “good” to me either. He was fit, but too bony looking. He needs more meat! Lol.

  5. I think it depends on how they define “God” status.

    I quite like Moses, just think that the roles in TVB has stumped his growth. But it’s not like his previous good acting should be erased just because he took on bad projects. In terms of skills & experience, he’s certainly up there on the hierarchy. So I would consider him bankable and marketable.

    Kevin used to be hot, was definitely in his prime maybe 7-8 years ago. But TVB didn’t utilize him properly and now he’s hit his peak and just rapidly declining in terms of looks. His acting is okay…I don’t consider him on par with Moses. His saving “Grace” (haha) was that he became a one-hit wonder on the mainland market with BBJX. And now he has Grace to bolster his career and keep him in the limelight.

    Bosco…I never really enjoyed his acting but think he’s passable in terms of acting skills. But he IS single and look younger than the rest of the dudes mentioned here. I think he’s bankable because of the fact that he’s not a terrible actor and one of the last remaining original siu sangs from the crop that was Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, etc.

    Ruco Chan should have already reached that status here…but maybe ’cause he’s still relatively new on the TVB scene and maybe he hasn’t signed a contract with TVB (?) that he’s not given as much publicity as the rest of them. No matter, he’s still beloved by fans. Much like Steven Ma. Both are bankable actors and don’t require much media exposure to stay in the game.

    1. @coralie I believe in this article male gods are implicitly defined as those uber attractive actors. It has nothing to do with acting ability or personality. I know, it is extremely shallow but that’s why this is such a super funny article although I doubt that was the intention..

      The kicker for me here is that they superimposed Kevin Cheng’s head shot on the torso shot of some caucasian hunk, creating such a contrast in skin tone. Also, the inclusion of Bobby Au Yeung in this pantheon of the gods suggests they might as well put Eric Tsang among the mix.

    2. @coralie Your “saving grace” remark was HILARIOUS!!

      Never thought Kevin was a great actor. He does comedy well but if he have to do emotional or dramatic scene, he doesn’t handle it too well. I also did not like his character in BBJX but I can understand why fans like his character.

      I actually like Moses a lot too. He was great in “Heart of Greed.” I actually never find him good looking but there’s something about him that I like.

      I do like Bosco though. Liked him since Dicey Business. Thought he was excellent there.

  6. TVB does not have any male gods however hard they push them to be. If any of them were ‘male gods’ made into bankable marketable movie stars even with average acting. The only actor that has remotely made it into leading a movie is Bosco but without major success as of yet.

  7. They should just make a Hong Kong version of “Boys Over Flower” just like the Japanese, Taiwan, and Korean dramas have already done. That way they can promote four popular male idols.

    1. @peachyogurt ehehhehe I have a good laugh with this. but I can’t think of anyone that can play BOF from TVB.. at least not the younger generation and the older one are not consider boys anymore! ehheheh

  8. Its so sad how there are no younger good looking actors in tvb anymore. Bosco is probably the only one that qualifys here.

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