Vincent Wong Feels Pressure Working with Philip Ng

Vincent Wong (王浩信) will be working with Philip Ng (伍允龍) for a new TVB drama, and the pressure is mounting

A few days ago, the Legal Mavericks <踩過界> star attended a fashion event with actress-model Angela Yuen (袁澧林). The 34-year-old actor went on a break soon after filming Heart of Greed 3 <溏心風暴3> in July, and spent most of his days at home with his wife and daughter. When the paparazzi snapped pictures of Vincent with his daughter, he urged reporters to respect his daughter’s privacy. At the mention that his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), will be having her birthday soon, Vincent said he is planning a surprise.

After his break, Vincent will head into work for the TVB drama Brothers <兄弟>, an action drama that also stars Pakho Chau (周柏豪), Him Law (羅仲謙), and Philip Ng. Vincent feels “immense pressure” working with Philip, saying, “He has like 20 abs. I need to keep up with my 6 to 8, so I’m going to have to diet.”

Source: Mingpao

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      1. @linvin8
        thanks for sharing. he doesn’t look so built in clothes. if these photos are real, then yes, vincent would have to really work hard to not look scrawny compared to these boys

  1. Just hope the screenwriters write a good story for the series. Great martial arts but bad cliched plot is extremely disappointing. But at least Vincent can act and I have been pleased with all his series this year so far.

  2. Ever since Over Run Over & now Legal Mavericks (honorable mention in My Unfair Lady), I’ve become a huge fan. Idol status in my eyes.

    I’m definitely watching all his stuff from now on and anticipating this collaboration with Phillip Ng (whom I have a favorable impression.)

    Ahh, very excited *_*

    1. @coralie

      Yes…Vincent is a good actor who deserves recognition for his talent and hardwork. I have noticed his potential even before Over Run Over and i knew back then that this guy is just lacked of opportunities to shine.

      I’m glad that he finally made it now…being promoted to leading roles and gaining more and more fans. We definitely need more capable actors like Vincent, so that TVB could have more options for male leads, and we don’t have to end up watching the same male lead in many dramas…the same thing goes for female leads too.

      1. @diana80 What can I say, you have good taste :)!.

        I barely paid attention to him back then. I guess I tend to miss good newbies. Glad someone gave him a chance in Over Run Over. That jumpstarted his career and made me see how amazing of an actor he really is.

      1. @linvin8 Lol I didn’t want to say it since everyone loves Ruco, but I was never a huge fan.

        Vincent, on the other hand, I’m in lurrrrv (with his roles and acting.)

        You should def check out Legal Mavericks & Over Run Over. He was fantastic in both!

      2. @coralie I’ve actually watched every single one of Vincent’s dramas before and was already a fan when he was still a singer. I do like Over Run Over recently watched it again so LM’s ending actually hit me pretty hard.

        I’m really looking forward to Heart of Greed 3 now!

      3. @linvin8 Oh wow, you’re dedicated! Actually now that I think about it, I remember thinking his singing voice in Legal Mavericks was surprisingly decent. I can’t believe you noticed him from all the way back then (when he used to be a singer.)

        I’m still upset over his open-ended conclusion with Tracy in ORO. They never had a good ending together T_T, not even in Legal Mavericks. I feel cheated. But maybe they’re just setting this up so that they’ll collaborate again and finally have a good ending.

      4. @coralie I think it was more of that Vincent has always been in decent dramas, whether he’s playing a big role or not (but somewhat influential most of the time) so there wasn’t really any reason not to watch them. I don’t remember how I came across him as a singer but I vividly remember one of his songs called 別怕 (Don’t Be Afraid). YouTube it! It has very meaningful lyrics 🙂

        Re Vincent and Tracy, yes absolutely a set up! They have such good chemistry that the audience’s investment is already a guarantee if they were to collaborate again. I’d root so hard for them to finally have a happy ending!

  3. Omg so much talent and eye candy. Can’t wait ! Happy that Phillip is filming for tvb again.

  4. You can put together the best crop of actors, TVB will still fail at producing a decent series.

    1. @anon Decent has a new standard. The new TVB series is so called decent and to me they are all fail thus far. Am waiting for the saviour Bobby Au Yeung. Hope against hope.

      I have given up on recent TVB series after investing many hours and days. I just don’t get the mediocrity anymore. They have such good young actors and they are all doomed with terrible series but with decent characters.

  5. Vincent’s next series to be aired before Brothers would be Heart of Greed 3, which is one of the anniversary series this year.

    Hope he will maintain his good performance in the anniversary series, so as to increase his chance to win a significant award this year.

    1. So far, no series really stood out, I sure hope Vincent has a chance for an award with Heart of Greed. With all those male leads for Brothers, I wonder who are the lucky ladies in the cast !

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