Yoyo Chen Receives Praise for Her Acting

With the current airing of TVB drama Life after Death <那些我愛過的>, viewers were delighted by Yoyo Chen‘s (陳自瑤) refreshing role as Sabrina, a flirty and fun-loving insurance agent. Viewers felt that her acting has an added level of maturity.

Having a great time filming for Life After Death because the character is very different from her previous roles, Yoyo would stay in character when interacting with her co-stars even when the cameras were not rolling.

Even Yoyo’s 8-year-old daughter watches the drama every night and finds her character to be very funny. “She keeps laughing while watching! There is a scene where my character falls down the stairs, and [my daughter] pretends to do the same and then asks me if she did well! It makes me really happy to see her like my acting.”

As her husband Vincent Wong (王浩信) is known for his detailed performances onscreen, did Yoyo ask him for acting advice? Reluctant to give details every time Vincent’s name is mentioned in an interview, Yoyo said coyly, “Not telling you. He’s really busy anyway.”

Aside from showing maturity in her acting, Yoyo also believes that it is important for artistes to keep themselves in top condition in order to be prepared for any new role. Known for her fit physique, Yoyo focuses on living a healthy life and exercises regularly and eats a balanced diet.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. She’s really a highlight of the drama. It really does seem like she and Vincent live different lives. I hope they aren’t staying together just for optics or their daughter.

  2. Wow, such a simple question and the way she replied really seems like trouble in paradise!! That’s a shame as they seem like a really cute couple.

  3. She looks super fit! Props to her for her physical image.
    However i noticed she takes a deep breath before she speaks everytime in the drama..

  4. I always felt that she is an underrated actress and her husband is overrated

  5. yoyo has always had potential. don’t know why tvb didn’t promote her. she was very pretty when she was young and acts well. i don’t know if tvb will promote her now, still not too late.

  6. Yoyo Chan always acted quite well when she was young, but she had a lazy intonation in speaking her dialogues. Now she has got rid of it, but she is a bit old vs. those young and pretty actresses in TVB. However, I still think TVB should give her a chance to move up to 1st lead roles. If Samantha Ko could do it, Yoyo Chan should be able to do it too.

  7. I like Yoyo, she’s pretty, hot and acted very well in her role in that drama, a confident successful women. Vincent really dumb to not appreciate this girl!

  8. I wonder if they’re separated already? I guess they’re not announcing for the sake of their daughter and Vincent’s image (translate that into $$$ that comes with endorsements, jobs etc).

  9. Love Yoyo – this series is okay but Yoyo and mark are great I think. I wanted Priscilla to be great but so far I find her okay. Frankie and Shiga are unbearable though

    Unpopular opinion but I love Vincent and his acting. I also think that they are just both super private and don’t publicly talk about their personal lives. At least that’s what I hope because I don’t wish for them to be miserable

  10. Is it true that she wasn’t at the award show when Vincent won Best Actor? If so, I can’t see them being together anymore and should go find their own happiness.

  11. I like Yoyo Chan, she can act, body is fit and pretty. Just hate it wen TVB always cast her either villain or vixen. Wish to see her in more positive role, she has the potential and talent.

  12. If they’ve already separated , they should just say it. The interviews are getting so awkward when Vincent’s name is brought up and vice versa when yoyo’s name is brought up during Vincent’s interviews. It looks pretty obvious they aren’t on good terms / probably separated.

  13. I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t care for her character in this drama. And while she is very fit and has a great physique, I find her looking and sounding old and a bit haggard compared to the rest of the cast. But then again, I never found her super attractive nor cared for her acting to begin with. I don’t dislike her but don’t care for her either.

    And I agree with everyone else. Seems pretty obvious Yoyo and Vincent are not on good terms, perhaps even separated already. It sucks because they really have the husband and wife matching features so you’d think they’d last. But I guess not. They should just announce it so the media would stop asking them about each other and making things so awkward for them.

    1. @gnomageddon
      she’s a few years past 35 (when age starts to show on most people) so it’s natural for her to look aged. she got a very nice body though. the only one that i feel looking good past 35 is alice chan and michelle yim. they seem to be getting prettier as they age.

  14. @m0m0 yeah I know she’s a little older but she is the same age as Priscilla and I think that even though both actresses are slim, the fact that Priscilla still has baby fat on her face and her big round eyes make her look more youthful than Yoyo. Yoyo’s skin seems thin and lacking elasticity. It’s not her fault. Just genetics and a result of normal aging. But just saying that compared to some of her peers like Priscilla (same age), Zoie Tam (same age), and Snow Suen (1yr younger), Yoyo doesn’t seem to be aging as well.

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