Jinny Ng Exchanges Long Contract for JSG’s Song of the Year Award?

By on December 22, 2015 in MUSIC, NEWS

Jinny Ng Exchanges Long Contract for JSG’s Song of the Year Award?

Jinny Ng (吳若希) has once again snagged the Song of the Year title at TVB’s annual Jade Sold Gold Music Awards, which were held last weekend. Her song “The Secret of Tears” <眼淚的秘密> defeated Liza Wang’s (汪明荃) hot favorite “Limelight Years” <華麗轉身> in winning JSG’s Gold Song Gold Award, the highest honor for the awards ceremony. This year is Jinny’s second year in winning the title.

The 23-year-old’s win, however, didn’t seem to be widely recognized by netizens. According to rumors that were being spread online, Jinny only won the award because she agreed to extend her TVB management contract to five more years. Jinny reportedly had only three years left in her contract before receiving the Gold Song Gold Award.

In regards to this rumors, Jinny said, “The contract was extended a long time ago. It has nothing to do with exchanging awards. The award was determined by results from the TVB Fun app and the public opinion program. Of course, singers who didn’t attend the awards show didn’t win anything. An accounting firm also verified the votes and points, so I don’t think it has anything to with my contract.”

When asked to confirm if Jinny had indeed extended her TVB contract to another five years—totaling eight years—Jinny appeared hesitant. She said her contract with TVB is confidential business information so she cannot disclose anything.

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Jinny Ng Exchanges Long Contract for JSG’s Song of the Year Award?

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  • 7 comments to Jinny Ng Exchanges Long Contract for JSG’s Song of the Year Award?

    1. Profile photo of purplexstraw purplexstraw says:

      I enjoy her songs but I can’t stand her singing live. Singing live, I wish her pitch was more spot on as soon as her first note hit instead of guessing how her first note should sound. Please continue to practice singing well live, this is a skill not a lot of artists nowadays have, which is quite unfortunate.

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      • Profile photo of hkeni hkeni replied:

        @purplexstraw same here, can’t deny that her songs are good, but that’s credit to the composers. her singing is just terrible

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      • Profile photo of kidd kidd replied:


        Same here. Her songs are good, but, her singing is not, especially her live singing.
        I heard Mag Lam sang her winning song of last year “Love is Not Easy”, and it was so much better than her version.

        I’m sure her songs won fair and square among the eligible entries, but the credit are more toward the composers, lyricists, and music arrangers.

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    2. Profile photo of c3stlavi3 c3stlavi3 says:

      who is she? hahaha. if i stumbled upon her on the streets i won’t even know haha.

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    3. Profile photo of melodylai melodylai says:

      why are some people so bitter when someone wins an award just because it doesn’t match up to who they wanted to win? then claims it’s fixed/been an deal made blah blah blah, by no means am I saying some award results aren’t toggled with, but they’re not every time lol!

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    4. Profile photo of mike mike says:

      I wonder if Jinny is liked at all amongst the tvb artists. When she won the award, she undoubtedly had the fewest applauses in the whole night. Actresses and actors sitting on stage beside her just politely clapped and no acknowledgement from anyone whatsoever.

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    5. Profile photo of m0m0 m0m0 says:

      i really don’t think she’s talented enough to be even recognized by name. seriously, if she debuted in the 90s, she would have been a nobody….

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