Updated: 2015 TVB Anniversary Award Announces Nominations

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Updated: 2015 TVB Anniversary Award Announces Nominations

TVB has revealed its first round of nominations for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. The nominations, which includes best actor and actress, were announced live at the 48th TVB Anniversary Gala on Thursday night, November 19.

The 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on Sunday, December 13.

“Best Actor” nominees:
1. Mak Cheung-ching — Come Home Love
2. Johnson Lee — Officer Geomancer
3. Edwin Siu — Madam Cutie On Duty
4. Ben Wong — Raising the Bar
5. Him Law — Young Charioteers
6. Kevin Cheng — Eye In the Sky
7. Joe Ma — Smooth Talker
8. Damian Lau — Limelight Years
9. Moses Chan — Ghost of Relativity
10. Vincent Wong — Brick Slaves
11. Chin Ka-lok — The Fixer
12. Louis Cheung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
13. Ruco Chan — Captain of Destiny
14. Tony Hung — Captain of Destiny
15. Bosco Wong — Under the Veil
16. Bobby Au-yeung — With or Without You
17. Anthony Wong — Lord of Shanghai
18. Wayne Lai — Lord of Shanghai
19. Kent Tong — Lord of Shanghai
20. Kenneth Ma — Lord of Shanghai

“Best Actress” nominees:
1. Priscilla Wong — Madam Cutie On Duty
2. Elaine Yiu — Raising the Bar
3. Grace Chan — Raising the Bar
4. Nancy Sit — My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
5. Sisley Choi — Young Charioteers
6. Kate Tsui — Smooth Talker
7. Elena Kong — Smooth Talker
8. Liza Wang — Limelight Years
9. Linda Chung — Limelight Years
10. Kristal Tin — Ghost of Relativity
11. Nancy Wu — Ghost of Relativity
12. Selena Li — Brick Slaves
13. Mandy Wong — The Fixer
14. Myolie Wu — Every Step You Take
15. Tavia Yeung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
16. Rosina Lam — Momentary Lapse of Reason
17. Eliza Sam — Under the Veil
18. Joey Meng — With or Without You
19. Louisa So — Lord of Shanghai
20. Alice Chan — Lord of Shanghai

TVB held a press conference on November 20 to announce the official nominations for the 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards. See below an updated list of nominees:

“Favorite Male Character” nominees:
1. Oscar Leung — Officer Geomancer
2. Edwin Siu — Madam Cutie On Duty
3. Ben Wong — Raising the Bar
4. Him Law — Young Charioteers
5. Kevin Cheng — Eye In the Sky
6. Damian Lau — Limelight Years
7. Moses Chan — Ghost of Relativity
8. Vincent Wong — Brick Slaves
9. Benjamin Yuen — The Fixer
10. Louis Cheung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
11. Mat Yeung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
12. Ruco Chan — Captain of Destiny
13. Tony Hung — Captain of Destiny
14. Bosco Wong — Under the Veil
15. Joseph Lee — Under the Veil
16. Bobby Au-yeung — With or Without You
17. Anthony Wong — Lord of Shanghai
18. Wayne Lai — Lord of Shanghai
19. Kent Tong — Lord of Shanghai
20. Kenneth Ma — Lord of Shanghai

“Favorite Female Character” nominees:
1. Priscilla Wong — Madam Cutie On Duty
2. Mandy Wong — Madam Cutie On Duty
3. Stephanie Ho — Raising the Bar
4. Angela Tong — My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
5. Liza Wang — Limelight Years
6. Linda Chung — Limelight Years
7. Kristal Tin — Ghost of Relativity
8. Nancy Wu — Ghost of Relativity
9. Vivien Yeo— Ghost of Relativity
10. Selena Li — Brick Slaves
11. Tavia Yeung — Momentary Lapse of Reason
12. Rosina Lam — Momentary Lapse of Reason
13. Grace Chan — Captain of Destiny
14. Elaine Yiu — Captain of Destiny
15. Eliza Sam — Under the Veil
16. Joey Meng — With or Without You
17. Jacqueline Wong — With or Without You
18. Louisa So — Lord of Shanghai
19. Alice Chan — Lord of Shanghai
20. Jade Leung — Lord of Shanghai

“Best Supporting Actor” nominees:
1. Owen Cheung — Come Home Love
2. Koo Ming-wah — Lady Sour
3. Raymond Cho — Madam Cutie On Duty
4. Junior Anderson — Madam Cutie On Duty
5. Ram Chiang — Raising the Bar
6. Timothy Cheng — Raising the Bar
7. Jason Chan — Romantic Repertoire
8. Tommy Wong — Smooth Talker
9. William Chak — Limelight Years
10. Jonathan Wong — Limelight Years
11. Eddie Kwan — Ghost of Relativity
12. Ngo Ka-nin — Ghost of Relativity
13. Timothy Hung — The Fixer
14. Lau Kong — Momentary Lapse of Reason
15. Hugo Wong — Momentary Lapse of Reason
16. Li Shing-cheong — Captain of Destiny
17. Joel Chan — Captain of Destiny
18. Joseph Lee — With or Without You
19. Vincent Wong — With or Without You
20. Willie Wai — Lord of Shanghai

“Best Supporting Actress” nominees:
1. Law Lan — Officer Geomancer
2. Rachel Kan — Madam Cutie On Duty
3. Natalie Tong — Raising the Bar
4. Stephanie Ho — Raising the Bar
5. Jeannie Chan — Raising the Bar
6. Elena Kong — Raising the Bar
7. Ali Lee — My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover
8. Samantha Ko — Eye In the Sky
9. Michelle Yim — Limelight Years
10. Vivien Yeo — Ghost of Relativity
11. Celine Ma — Ghost of Relativity
12. Mimi Chu — Ghost of Relativity
13. Tracy Chu — Smooth Talker
14. Cilla Kung — Every Step You Take
15. Elaine Yiu — Captain of Destiny
16. Kelly Fu — Captain of Destiny
17. Susan Tse — Captain of Destiny
18. Katy Kung — Under the Veil
19. Jacqueline Wong — With or Without You
20. Jade Leung — Lord of Shanghai

“Most Improved Male Artiste” nominees:
1. William Chak
2. Tony Hung
3. James Ng
4. Hugo Wong
5. Mat Yeung
6. Benjamin Yuen

“Most Improved Female Artiste: nominees:
1. Grace Chan
2. Tracy Chu
3. Rosina Lam
4. Ali Lee
5. Jacqueline Wong
6. Rebecca Zhu

New category: “Most Popular Classic Drama”
Lives of Omission (2011)
Brother’s Keeper (2013)
Triumph In the Skies (2003)
The Greed of Man (1992)
The Justice of Life (1989)
The Final Verdict (1988)
Time Before Time (1997)
War of the Genders (2000)

Source: IHKTV

NOTE: This article was revised on November 20 at 11:12 p.m. with the complete list of nominees posted at tvb.com.

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

44 comments to Updated: 2015 TVB Anniversary Award Announces Nominations

  1. funnlim says:

    I watched the show and it was so unfunny. I am not sure why TVB thinks dressing men in women’s clothings is funny. The only bright spot was the whole rumour gossip court, because the comediens were in character. The sketch with Eric Tsang was excruciating to watch, and I don’t get why having someone spit water into your face is funny. I am however not pleased with how Ruco conducted himself; he practically pushed Anthony Wong out, and Anthony is his senior. The singing was god awful too except for the few real singers. The actresses singing were just awful.

    However who is the bubbly one who kept making faces and gestures when she got chosen to participate in the big prize game? The one in blue I think. Another bright spot. And poor Mona Fong (Mona right?), no one bothered with her that she had to shake hands with TVB Buddy the mascot.

    Noisy, irrelevant, messy, clueless, crude, unfunny and basically pointless.

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    • funnlim replied:

      Grace Chan is de-proved. Tony Hung? What were they all watching?

      Anthony Wong for the win. But Ruco will win in Malaysia.

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      • funnlim replied:

        Eddie Kwan should win it for Lord Of Shanghai. He was fantastic.

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    • isay replied:

      @funnlim relax. Im sure ruco pushing Antony out was all done in the spirit of fun where no one is above anyone else and probably all part of the skit anyway. If you wanna be so serious , then might as well say eric was downright rude to say in anthony’s face that he looks like a r-apist (not sure if this word is banned here, thus the spelling lol)

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    • isay replied:

      @funnlim oh i can’t stand that woman in blue trying to act cute and cam-whoring!

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  2. llwy12 says:

    Sad to see that TVB’s lack of originality extends to their Anniversary Gala as well. I just finished watching the skit that Eric Tsang did with Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Ruco Chan, etc. and it was almost an exact copy of a skit that TVB did in one of their variety shows 26 years ago (not the anniversary gala but rather a special gala type show where all of the station’s artists back then participated). The concept was the same (bunch of ‘kelefes’ auditioning for roles, with a director, assistant director, etc), the props were very similar (there was the whole thing with the tea, the baby, the weapons, etc), the overall concept and setup, even the ending part where they replay the clip and cut everyone out except the 2 main artists was EXACTLY THE SAME. The difference was of course the artists (we’re talking the likes of Sean Lau, Francis Ng, Roger Kwok, Deric Wan, etc. who participated in the skit back then, plus without the spitting water thing, which I’m sure was added by Eric and Nat since it’s their typical style). Pretty much what TVB did was take that same skit, change the location and costumes, change out all the artists, modernize the dialogue to fit the artists in the skit, and that’s it. Talk about being lazy!!!!

    The other skit with the gossip courtroom and parody of Three Amigos is also an old concept that was done before (if I remember correctly, I think it was 1989’s or 1990’s Anniversary Gala skit). Of course, the one from back in the day was much funnier and had much bigger stars (such as Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Anita Mui, Andy Lau, etc.), but again, the point is the lack of originality (So does this mean that TVB is going to start recycling all their skits from their previous galas now?). My guess is that TVB probably thinks no one will notice because a lot of the audiences nowadays never watched the anniversary galas from back then anyway and so they’ll get away with it.

    Also, for the classic TVB theme songs segment – sorry, but everyone was horrible (also, was TVB too cheap to invest in a good sound system or something?) I cringed listening to those classic theme songs get completely butchered. The main problem was that they picked the wrong songs and the wrong people to sing them – the 2 theme songs from Legend of the Condor Heroes and the one from Genghis Khan are all actually very hard songs to sing (Jenny Tseng and the late Roman Tam were the original singers of those songs and they are irreplaceable!) — none of the singers they picked were able to handle those songs well. The females were especially bad (what happened to Kristal’s singing – it used to be quite good but it was atrocious last night… though admittedly, Linda’s singing was by far the worst). The last song that they all sang together (theme song from Old Time Buddy) was decent, but that’s a group song anyway so not too difficult to sound decent.

    Oh and don’t even get me started on the stupid nominations list – as they do every year, TVB managed to screw it up again by putting people in there who didn’t deserve a nomination while snubbing others who should’ve been in there.

    I could go on and on about the show (which was once again disorganized as it seems to be every year now), as most of the segments and performances were pointless. Even the hosting wasn’t up to par this year , which I found very interesting given all the veteran hosts…

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  3. phixster says:

    Had the anniversary gala show on in the background while doing other things. It was actually horrible and pointless this, much worse than other years. The items were unimaginative and done very badly. The singing segment was especially bad since they picked out really difficult songs – the male singers were ok (since they were actually singers) but the female actresses were just….

    Even the hosting was worse than usual which is weird since they used the standard veteran hosts. Because of the hosting and the lack of content, the show finished earlier than it should and at the end they ended up saying goodbye multiple times. It was also the slowest scrolling of credits I have ever seen – probably playing at 0.5x speed when normally the credits are played at 2x speed because they go overtime.

    And poor Mona Fong and the CEO – no one went to greet them and no one knew who they were….

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  4. dramadrama says:

    I kinda wish Alice Chan can win something. Her role is LOS is memorable, and her acting is great too.

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  5. moonsp says:

    Entire show were exaggerated, no wonder lesser and lesser familiar artist showing up. The show were not only noisy but pointless. I would rather them not airing it live and move on to watching Lord of Shanghai. Noticed artist like Tavia, Charmaine, Kate Tsui were absent. Mainly blooming all kelefe..I believe Anthony would have gotten tricked to attend this meaningless show. Totally support Anthony in winning the Best Actor award but can the company show some sincere in broadcasting an on air show with valuable artist and performance? Ok the singing from Adam Cheng was great, the dancing performance by the pretty gals were also ok. But the skit was god gracious (you want to name yourself tvb please get a better script written la) It was totally fine to make fun of anyone but the entire show wasn’t it clown enough?Imagine all dressed up handsome and pretty with glowing diamonds but acted like clown? Yes indeed there isn’t any need to complain or get irritated but fans were expecting to watch their beloved artist in their expected image but were all ruined by a show? No more singer besides Alfred Hui and Hubert Wu and Fred Cheng? only 3 of them in the company? (they really sings so well??) What has happened to the management. The show speed so fast that we hardly see the artist speak more than 10 words…just happy birthday? I have a feeling that during the award presentation in Dec is going to have same fate..speed up entire award ..gives away award in the end..we don’t recon the artist that worth receiving them. Malaysia and Singapore probably have better arrangements in terms of broadcasting a live event. They should learn it from Golden Horse award. If I were Wayne Lai, I would have moved on to Movie sector. Look at Nick Chung now..this is probably the main reason good artist are slowly retiring themselves in tvb.

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    • alien replied:

      @moonsp yes I did notice the absence of Tavia and Charmaine. However, I think Kate contact has ended and she did not/had not resigned it hence she was probably not invited to attend it anyway….

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @moonsp I actually beg to differ with the Adam Cheng segment – his singing that night was god-awful. Sure, part of it might have been TVB’s cheap sound system, but I noticed that he deliberately changed his singing tone too and made himself sound ‘kiddie’ (perhaps because he was performing with the younger generation so had to bring his singing down to match them?). I actually got super-annoyed with the way he sang on the show….

      The other thing that irked me was the lack of effort in some of the performances. Like during the group sing and dance segments, some of the artists didn’t even bother lip synching when the recorded song was playing – sure, they can get away with it during the group singing part, but the individual singing they should at least try. So I guess the younger artists nowadays can’t lip-sync and dance at the same time? They can only do 1 thing at a time? The artists in the past could do both – even if they weren’t good live singers, they were able to perfect the lip sync part so the performance would at least look convincing!

      And I don’t know what the heck was wrong with Liza Wang that night but her hosting was completely off – she kept screwing up left and right. Eric and Dodo did their usual, nothing exciting, Nat was annoying as he usually is, and the rest of the hosts were just ‘there’. And yes, everything felt very rushed and disorganized, though that seems to be the norm now with TVB’s anniversary galas ever since Sandy Yu took over as variety program director

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    • funnlim replied:

      @moonsp I can listen to Hubert Wu sing all night unfortunately the actors and actresses hijacked the song segment with their off key singing,

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    • llwy12 replied:

      “I believe Anthony would have gotten tricked to attend this meaningless show.”

      @moonsp Ok, so I was reading some post-reports/articles about the anniversary gala and turns out that Anthony showed up halfway through the gala only because TVB called him up and asked if he could attend. When he arrived, they shoved a script in his hands, asked him to watch some clip (I’m assuming it was the clip of the old version of the skit that I mentioned in an earlier post), and then he went out there and did his thing for however many minutes it was. To be honest, why even bother asking Anthony to attend when there was nothing really for him to do anyway except say a few lines of lame dialogue?

      Anthony already said he has no intentions of attending the Anniversary Awards unless he is invited to be a presenter (meaning that TVB actually gives him something meaningful to do)…since he doesn’t care about the award, he’s not going to attend merely because he is nominated for TV King, even if he is the hot favorite and has high chance at winning the award.

      Oh, the other tidbit that I was surprised to hear — Eric Tsang actually was not originally slotted to be one of the hosts for the Anniversary Gala (in fact, he wasn’t originally on the ‘invite’ list to even attend). He actually was out of town working on other stuff, but decided to return on his own accord and volunteer his services as one of the hosts because of his long-standing relationship with TVB. Also, he revealed that the 20th anniversary Super Trio reunion show that was ‘announced’ at the Sales Presentation actually is not confirmed, as he hasn’t decided whether he will do it or not — there have only been ‘preliminary’ talks between him and TVB up to this point. After Eric said what he did, Sandy Yu followed up by saying that even though Eric truly has not confirmed whether he will film Super Trio or not, she is taking his agreement to discuss with TVB again next month when he returns to HK as ‘confirmation’ that he will film (damn, what kind of an answer is that? ‘Meeting to discuss’ is the same as ‘confirmation he will film’? Hmmm…). Anyway, interesting turn of events…now I’m starting to wonder whether the earlier rumored reports of discord between Eric and TVB have some ounce of truth to them…..

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  6. janet72 says:

    i only watched the male singers in the anniversary show…liza wang does manage to age well but not carol cheng.

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    • chestnut replied:

      The aging difference is indeed very noticeable between Liza and Carol. Carol’s problem is that she exercises way too much which drains her “beauty”.

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  7. alien says:

    I actually felt that the artist are acting like clowns or some entertainer like literally. In the opening, the artist needed to lead the audience into high atmosphere or reactions such as MC”Do you want to win?” Then the artists had to react “YES!” . It appeared quite childish and unnatural.

    Secondly, the artist had to do some kind of dance or moves at the start too. You can see that they are quite reluctant to do so with their moves all over the place and not synchronised and how awkward it all appeared to be. Lack of time to rehearse is always the explaination. You do not see any enthusiasm in them on the anniversary and it’s more like being there for the sake of being there. With their lack of enthusiasm, they lose their charisma and elegance. The cool person that kept his image to me was Bosco. He seemed more natural and remained his cool, he seemed like he didn’t cared at all.

    Thirdly, when Kenneth pants dropped you can hear him blaming the company,”Sorry, company’s item are like this”. I wonder if they would be offended by his speech although it wasn’t highly emphasis. His comment made the entire first part of the introduction of the “great” consume department a joke.

    Fourth, I also noticed the part where Ruco pushed Anthony. I understand how others said it was for fun. I do felt it rude too as his action were so obvious considering Anthony is a senior. Anthony should be respected and a small push of encouragement would be fine. But I’m not making a big commotion out of this as I do not wish to upset Ruco’s fans.

    Lastly, spitting water on people’s face. How is that fun? I found it rather humiliating and disrespectful for the artist. Spitting water on Wayne and Anthony? Wayne really went a Long way to where he is today. He didn’t deserved to be spat on his face even as a joke, and it is so unhygienic also. Maybe thats the life of ‘kelefes’. I hope Anthony didnt get spat and I felt it really unacceptable to do that to him. Just for fun really? Or is there something personal about this? Hahaha

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    • isay replied:

      @alien oh wow. I didn’t think it was anything rude on ruco’s part. It was a friendly push (something we sometimes do to our friends too) which anthony gamely took in his stride. I didn’t think he was offended at all and I’m sure it was all part of the script. In any case, everyone was having fun, senior or not. Anthony was in a good mood and even Eric’s rude comment didn’t faze him one bit. So why are people feeling offended for him?

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @alien Well, those opening dance sequences and performances by the artists are actually a staple of these anniversary galas and were done in past ones too – the difference is really in the enthusiasm and effort.  The TVB of the past under Uncle Six  (Sir Run Run Shaw) was truly a family unit and all the artists were very united – when these special performances came around, it was like a group project where the artists would spend weeks of their personal time practicing and rehearsing together (keep in mind that the artists back then had even more grueling filming schedules than now, as many of them filmed multiple series/programs at once).  Everyone would put 110% effort into it and work together to achieve the goal.  That’s why the anniversary galas of the past (70s/80s/early 90s) were so awesome to watch — the performances were sincere, the skits were funny as hell (loved the ones where the artists had to switch languages on the spot – it was hilarious watching how they try to improvise the dialogue), the musical segments actually featured truly big name singers, etc.   During those years when they still had the competition thing and all the artists would be separated into groups to vie for the Anniversary Gala prize (which was basically just a big old flag and bragging rights, lol), each group actually came up with very creative ideas for their performances.

      Nowadays, things are different because no one cares anymore.  I read an interview the other day (can’t remember which artist it was) who said that in the past, going to work (at TVB) felt like going to your second home – everyone cared about each other, people would hang out to chat when artists were getting their makeup done, they would study their scripts together and give each other pointers on certain scenes,  veteran artists felt comfortable giving feedback and junior artists were like a sponge absorbing everything in, people mingled with each other and truly got to know each other, after filming, the artists would all hang out together, go for a drink, go have dinner, chat, etc. etc. – that was the type of environment that Uncle Six fostered.  Compare that to now, where working for TVB is like any other job – go in to work, do what you need to, go home….nobody cares to give feedback when things go wrong or when artists are struggling during filming (it’s pretty much the ‘hurry up so we can go home’ mentality), artists don’t hang out with each other after work or even try to get to know each other – they just say goodbye, leave, and come back the next day.  It’s not the ‘family’ feel anymore, so no surprise that the lack of unity would extend to the filming process and variety program performances as well.  Everything pretty much fell apart after Uncle Six turned over the reins to his wife and stopped getting involved in TVB’s operations….goes to show how important and valuable good leadership is, not just at a TV station, but at any company really….

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      • kolo replied:

        @llwy12 good leadership is indeed the key facto for succes but i doubt if the quality of tvb drama and shows could have reached the level of the ’80ties even if with sir run run shaw running tvb nowadays. time has changed,the society has changed. in the ’80,’90 tvb had the luck to count on many top talents in his reign,from directors till songwriters,idols,management level everyone was top level. without the right ppl on the right place in the right time, even with the philosophy of sir run run couldnt help.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @kolo Not necessarily expecting them to ‘go back to the 80s’ as we all know it’s virtually impossible…and yes, totally agree that the talent pool is different nowadays, which is also an important component. But what IS possible is to IMPROVE and PROGRESS – that’s really what most of the criticism of TVB nowadays (and not just by me but by many long-time TVB supporters as well as artists/industry people) is about. The problem is that TVB could actually improve for the better, but they choose NOT to because they are too complacent with how things are now, plus no one is forcing them to. I mean, basic things like treating their employees better, increasing wages where it’s necessary (um, some artists have had the same salary for like 15 years – how is that even justifiable given the economy and the cost of living in today’s world??), investing money in the right places (such as in purchasing better filming equipment and doing more on location filming rather than spending billions to purchase broadcasting rights to some program), doing away with some of the antiquated policies that have been in place for years and don’t make sense anymore in today’s world – for example, the whole unwritten rule about not being allowed to speak Cantonese when there are other TV stations present, requiring singers to sign contracts in order to show up on their programs or have songs on their music charts, etc… The list goes on and on. These are all things that are within TVB’s control and they have the power to change, but they don’t (or, more appropriately, they WON’T). How about the situation with artists leaving left and right – of course, artists leave for different reasons, but what has been the most common answer that artists have given on why they left TVB? Money? For some yes, but for many of them, the number one issue was “freedom” (which actually does tie back in to the money thing if we think about it) – given TVB’s many restrictions (both written and unwritten) as well as pettiness and other attitude issues (which ties back to their antiquated policies and the management team’s inability to properly lead), most artists nowadays don’t want to be tied down to only 1 TV station, since it severely limits their opportunities to make money elsewhere (and in some cases, for those who are consummate artists, it limits their ability to grow their craft and pursue their passions). Knowing this and seeing how many artists they’ve lost because of it, why hasn’t TVB done anything about this? Or if they feel they are being misunderstood, then why haven’t they done anything to turn that perception around?

        TVB’s problem is that they are making all the wrong moves (because their management is inept, IMO) that is causing them to go backwards instead of advance forward as they should be with society. It starts at the top (with the leadership) and for a company that relies so heavily on a specialized craft (i.e. acting talent, writing talent, directing talent, etc.) to even be in existence, the fact that they care the least about the source of that craft (the people who work for them) is actually quite appalling – and if they continue to take the same attitude and not do anything (because they feel they don’t have to), THAT is what’s going to ultimately lead to their downfall.

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      • kolo replied:

        @llwy12 i dont think tvb management doesnt want to improve and progress,but i think they values more the past succes formula.you can say the management are inept, if you look at how they treat their employees then you couldnt deny tvb-management is inadequate about this matter,but thats always been the case, in the ’80 and ’90 the work environment are even more harsh. the point is that they were in a position that allow them to do this,in those times they are backed up with a surplus of talents but nowadays look how quick they have changed their policy after many employees left for hktv. also the manager power struggling does contribute to a stagnation more than a progession. how can you unite as a family if there are fractions in the company with each their own interest?
        i agree they are going backward to their glorious days,look at the many vintage songs they served and promote adam cheng as their top siu san in the aniversary show and you can see they are still targeting a specific audience.

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      • moonsp replied:

        @llwy12 totally agreed.

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  8. jjwong says:

    What’s even the point of this list? Every leads practically nominated! Lol. Smh.

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    • isay replied:

      @jjwong it looks that way. I guess they just want to include everyone which is dumb cos some people just don’t deserve to be on those lists.

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  9. mulder99 says:

    Anniversary gala was a bore. I actually fast forward the whole show. Skits were lame…

    Ruco Chan should win for best actor.
    Nancy Wu for best actress.

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  10. genxx11 says:

    TVB is not that bad, I grew up watching tvb anniversaries, agree that the Eric Tsang styled skits are overused but it used to be funny and later they had the Louise Yuen, WCL, Johnson Lee impersonations that were extremely entertaining, I think they outdid their predecessors Lo Hoi Pang and Ah Chan.

    Regarding the singing, I don’t think it’s fair to compare them with Roman Tam and Jenny Tsang, these two are singing legends, so are Alan Tam and Anita Mui, they are highly trained singers. Such singers don’t exist in HK anymore, starting from the era of the Four Heavenly Kings. I enjoyed watching Leon Lai as much as Roman and Alan though he was known for his out-of-tune live singing, he offered a different package. Would it have offered better entertainment value had TVB invited Eason Chan and Joey Yung to sing the classic theme songs? First of all they are not TVB artists whereas Fred, Alfred, Hubert, Linda, Kristal, and Nancy are, it’s something to be proud of. Linda, Kristal, Nancy are TVB’s top fadans and they can sing! Imagine Liza Wang, Gigi Wong, Dodo Cheng or Barbara Yung, Jamie Chik, Carina Lau or Jessica Hsuen, Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok singing, would you have been more forgiving? Charmaine and Tavia simply can’t sing I think.

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    • kidd replied:

      @genxx11 I agree with you. TVB is not really that bad. IT’s just that their business direction is just different from old. I have not watch this years anniversary yet, but, base on the comments, and what they did to the TVB calendar, I think they are trying to fully utilise their resources to promote their product and artist. TVB calendar become promotion tool for their upcoming TV series. Using TVB artists and singers to sing in the gala is to promote their stars. Alfred, Hubert, Fred, Linda are all under TVB ‘The Voice Entertainment Group’.
      What’s wrong with using their own singers to sing their series themesongs?
      Alfred, Hubert, Fred are all good singers.

      I don’t know about TVB’s inside management, but, I can see their effort in trying to improve their series. I greatly enjoyed ‘Under The Veil’, ‘Smooth Talker and ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’, the recent TVB series I have watch/am watching.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @kidd Kidd you must watch.,it is an,absolute mess. I understand the singers part but if you watched you will get the sentiment. God awful singing by the actors and only the 3 singers proper did well so why not let their own singers sing rather than play favouritsm and let actors who cant sing live sing?

        The sketches were awful. The way Mona was ignored was sorta awful. All ideas and budget probably going to miss hk and the award show. Most of the time,it wasn’t funny. And it was so very noisy. And most time,so juvenile..

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      • kidd replied:


        I finally get to watch the Anniversary Gala. I don’t find it that bad. I enjoyed most of the segments, except for the courtroom sketch. Now, that was messy and unfunny. The other sketch with Eric Tsang, I find it hilarious. The only complaint I have is that it’s too short. I agree that the tea spitting is unnecessary though. My favourite part is the Adam Cheng segment with all the stars dancing. They really seem to be having fun.

        As for the classic themesong singing, yeah, that was done badly. I still like this segment because of the nostalgic songs, but, it could have been better organised. Partner the duet singers who has compatible voices and better tune the key to the to suit the singers voice. Linda and Nancy seems to have trouble reaching the high notes while Kristal starts too low (maybe she need to accommodate Edwin’s voice).

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      • ayyh0 replied:

        @kidd This is totally not relevant but those were 3 of my fave series this year too! I think Smooth Talker and Under The Veil are so underrated even though they’re way better than the extremely overrated series like Captain of Destiny.

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      • kidd replied:

        @ayyh0 What a coincidence. 🙂
        ‘Smooth Talker’ still get some talk and praise in this site during its airing. But, ‘Under The Veil’ has no sound at all. It was completely overshadowed by ‘Captain of Destiny’. So underrated.

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      • alluka replied:

        @ayyh0 Coincidently, they are two of rare TVB series that I watched this year. I think Under the veil is a bit blah with mixed stories. The character of Eliza is so cute but the best acting in my opinion belongs to Sonija. I think she improved so much and she made it out in both roles.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @genxx11 “Imagine Liza Wang, Gigi Wong, Dodo Cheng or Barbara Yung, Jamie Chik, Carina Lau or Jessica Hsuen, Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok singing, would you have been more forgiving?”

      The answer is: no, I would not have been more forgiving. I’ve heard some of the above-named artists sing before and despite how much I might like some of them as actresses (or people in general), if they can’t sing, then they can’t sing. Dodo is notorious for having horrible singing (she even said herself that she couldn’t carry a tune even if her life depended on it), Kenix’s singing is bad and so is Jessica’s (which she even admits, though I will give Jessica an “A” for effort, especially after all the practicing she did for that recent concert — her performance actually turned out decent though the fact that both of the songs she attempted that night were intentionally sung together with someone else shows that she doesn’t have confidence in her own singing). As for Carina — sure, she had that popular duet in the 90s plus she’s sung before in various TVB events years ago AND she has alot of famous friends who are GREAT/AWESOME singers…but as she has said herself, she is not a good singer, she got lucky with that popular duet, and she would rather listen to her friends sing than herself. And don’t get me started with Liza Wang — even though she is technically classified as a singer with quite a few popular hits back in the day, her singing actually isn’t that great….she was decent back in the old days, but in recent years, she has definitely lost her touch — nowadays, I cringe every time I hear her sing on Sunday Songbird (which just happens to be at least once per episode, argh…). Barbara I can’t judge her singing as I’ve only heard her sing once in a group setting on a variety program. Jamie I remember sang a few lines in a group song many years back, but honestly can’t remember how she did since it was so long ago, so not going to comment. The rest no comment as I’ve never heard them sing so can’t judge….

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      • genxx11 replied:

        Wah @llwy12, you have really heard so many of the actresses sing hehe. I was just saying, people love to listen to their fav actors sing and are generally more forgiving like they were willing to pay to listen to Jessica sing. It’s entertaining in a different way.

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  11. isay says:

    I’m not entirely convinced that anthony isn’t interested in the BA awards. It’s quite unlike him to show up at the event at last minute unless he’s also keen to give tvb some face. He could have declined the nomination if he were really not keen to take part. His appearance at the anniversary gala is probably part of PR on his/tvb’s part to cultivate a more voter-friendly image for himself . See how he suddenly morphed from foul-mouthed unpleasant Anthony to this genial guy who could take Eric’s insensitive ribbing of him looking like a rapist-killer. I just don’t buy this sudden change in his usual behaviour.

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    • kolo replied:

      @isay “See how he suddenly morphed from foul-mouthed unpleasant Anthony to this genial guy who could take Eric’s insensitive ribbing of him looking like a rapist-killer.”

      yes his gentlemen behaviour is quite obvious lately,although its only a joke of eric tsang,i expected him at least to say something back to eric but its unusual for anthony not saying anything back.maybe he redeem himself for his foul-mouth after being frozen by movie companies?

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      • isay replied:

        @kolo I think he’s just pretending to be Mr Nice Guy to win hearts (votes) for himself cos everyone just loves a nice guy. I could almost hear everyone go “awwwww………….isn’t he such a sweetie, so nice and good natured”. Last Thursday night’s Anthony isn’t the real him.

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  12. genxx11 says:

    Just noticed the new classic drama category, I’m glad to see Brother’s Keeper nominated, its viewership rating was so-so and didn’t win any best drama award but left a long-lasting effect on us viewers. Hope it wins!

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  13. jjwong says:

    Wait, how the heck is LoO and BK be “classic” series? Ithey just aired, how is that classic? On top of that, they didn’t even carry continuous good rating! So how are they defining “most popular”? Shouldn’t this category be either the Best Drama winner of the past and or the true classics like 80s and 90s? What a rubbish nomination…

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    • alluka replied:

      @jjwong I totally agree with you. LOO and BK cant be considered as classic series.

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  14. hamster37 says:

    triumph in the skies !!!!! How can it not win

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  15. isay says:

    I find it rather baffling that Kenneth Ma is nominated in Best Actor category for LOS when his role is that of supporting actor (since he plays Anthony’s younger version and Anthony is one of the leads so how can Kenneth be the lead too since that would mean both have about equal screen time which we know isn’t the case since KM appears in the flashback scenes only?). He should be nominated in BSA category instead.

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  16. dramadrama says:

    Actually, Under the veil seems to be hidden….. I think Eliza deserves to be win most improved actress, but she was not even nominated!!!!! She had many drama series before, and her acting in under the veil really improved a lot. You needed so thing to compare to win most improved right??? Grace have nothing to compare. How is she even nominated for most improved???? This showed tvb never changed with their 1 sided bias!!!!!

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    • janet72 replied:

      @dramadrama eliza sam did well in that M club drama and some other dramas. even jacqueline wong did well in prison drama. something is very wrong with TVB. why are they putting grace chan for most improved???

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