2015 TVB Anniversary Awards: Red Carpet Looks

Red carpet fashion has always been one of the more exciting things to look forward to in awards season, and the 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards was no exception. Elegant neutral colors dominated the bright red carpet, with the occasional splash of red and blue to lighten the scene. Though many actresses went for safer looks this year, diamonds sparkled more than usual, and each nominee wore up to $20 million HKD worth of jewelry.

Tavia Yeung: Most Expensive Look

Though Best Actress nominee Tavia Yeung (楊怡), right, chose to go for a safer black color for her tight-fitting dress, she reportedly wore up to $20 million HKD worth of jewelry, including earrings, necklace, bracelet, and two rings, totaling 86-karat. It was the night’s most expensive look.

Other actresses who also appeared in black were Best Supporting Actress winner Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), left, and Most Popular Female Character nominee Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), middle. Elaine’s dress was a solid black, but she definitely stunned with her dress’s plunging back. Pricilla’s ballroom gown was fit for a princess.

Linda Chung: Sexiest Outfit

Known for her innocent and angelic image, Best Actress nominee Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), left, surprised everyone on board when she appeared with a rather risqué black outfit. The dress was sheer throughout, revealing her black bikini top and bottom.

Best Actress winner Nancy Wu (胡定欣), middle, looked sophisticated and elegant with her sheer voluminous gown that changed colors in the light. Best Supporting Actress nominee Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), right, steamed up the red carpet with a sheer white gown that revealed the bodysuit worn underneath. The dress further shined with an extremely daring low back.

Embellished with Gold

Best Actress nominee Liza Wang (汪明荃), left, had on a bejeweled skin-colored maxi dress with jewelry up to $8.88 million HKD, a lucky number. Most Improved Female Artist nominee Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), right, impressed with a pale gold. She wore a bodycon dress that accentuated her curves. Eliza Sam (岑麗香), middle, also gravitated toward gold, with a top embellished with sequin.

Pink to White

Quite a few nominees went for the safer light colors, such as Most Improved Female Artist winner Grace Chan (陳凱琳), far left, who opted for a cyclamen pink dress with a flowery top that flattered her bust. Selena Lee (李施嬅), middle left, dressed like a white swan, with a beautiful feathered top and a splash of pink on the skirt. Most Improved Female Artist nominee Rosina Lam (林夏薇), middle right, had on a rather plain white dress, but it surprised with a golden snake that swirled around the back of her collar and to the side of her waist. Guest presenter Sharon Chan (陳敏之), far right, had on a sophisticated white mermaid gown.

Colors and Prints

Pale colors ruled the TVB Anniversary Awards red carpet, but not all nominees chose to blend in with the crowd. Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) ball gown, left, was black with a tint of deep purple. Mandy Wong (黃智雯), middle, had on an off-shoulder dark teal dress, and Most Popular Female Character winner Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) along with her Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT> costar Moses Chan (陳豪), right, added more colors to the carpet with their matching blues. Kristal shared that she had on over $15 million HKD worth of jewelry, and that her dress was so tight she couldn’t breathe.

Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Female Artist nominee Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), left, wore a lucky traditional red gown, and her With or Without You <東坡家事> costar Vincent Wong (王浩信) accompanied her with a matching black tux suit. Most Popular Female Character nominee Alice Chan (陳煒), middle, and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), right, were the unique stars of the night, choosing to wear patterned dresses with flower print. Alice said she wore $11 million HKD worth of jewelry.

Source: Mingpao, Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Among all the dresses (posted above) worn by actresses at the Awards Ceremony, I like Linda Chung’s the least. She did not look sexy to me at all, but rather cheap in her evening gown.

    Most of their evening gowns were pretty. I like dressy and simple ones. Chinese girls do not have the tall figures to wear those busy and complicated ones.

      1. @kolo I don’t agree this is the definition of “sexiness”. I think she looked pretty ugly and cheap in that evening gown. She does not have the sexy face or sexy figure to make her look sexy!

      2. Linda Chung would look much prettier if she wore a solid black, short and strapless under-dress inside her evening gown, instead of her bra and panty.

      1. @snoopy precisely. If Linda is to wear a bikini top, she should wear a bikini bottom and not a full slip undies from grandma’s cupboard.

  2. Nancy Wu and Mandy Wong’s gowns were beautiful! I could not stop staring at Nancy though, she looked so beautiful last night.

  3. Nancy and Natalie’s gowns are gorgeous, they looked perfect in them. Linda’s gown hmmm… Would have looked hideous or cheap on almost any other actress that night but Linda pulled it off, her long legs peeking through that dress, wow! Ruco looked sexy too in a decent tux for the first time.

    1. Haha, thank god Ruco was wearing something normal for the award ceremony!! No matter I much I love him, I gotta admit his dressing sense kinda suckz…who is his stylist?? He needs to fire his stylist for always putting him in the worst dress list.

      1. @snoopy Though Ruco Chan was wearing Tuxedo for a change, he did not wear any socks for that formal occasion. Moreover, his pants were like casual slacks, short and narrow at the bottom. If someone wears a tuxedo, he should wear decent pants, formal black shoes with black or dark socks, not slip-on shoes with no socks.

        Ruco’s taste is very weird. I can accept it for casual occasions, but not for formal occasions.

  4. Whatever happened to linda? She used to dress elegantly and managed to look sexy without revealing too much. Her dress last nite was cheap horrible and tacky. She looked like she left her house without putting on a dress.

  5. Do not like Linda dress at all. Not sexy and it aged her!

    Nancy look gorgeous! Very elegant dress and it matches her hair really well. I also like Tavia dress.. It’s simple but elegant and it fitted her so well.

    The rest was only Ok to me… Selena does not look good in that color.

    1. @funnlim Ruco had a really crazy schedule for the past month. Before the TVB bday bash on 19 Nov, he was filming for BK2, AFWFW and ICAC. After the bday bash it was back to wrapping up filming of AFWFW and then off to Okinawa for BK2 on 21 Nov. Then back to HK on 3 Dec. Off to Penang on 5th Dec, back to HK the next day. More filming of ICAC followed. Then appearance at Yahoo Buzz award on 10th Dec, off to nite filming after the awards. Then flew to KL on 11th Dec for press conference and 12th public appearance followed by dinner. Back to HK on early flight on 13th itself, arriving in HK at noon and rushing off to the awards show in the late afternoon/evening. Crazy hectic schedule!! Poor guy!

  6. Have to comment on Grace chan’s pushed up breasts, well endowed?! Obviously not, can tell that it’s squeezed up whatever flesh there is unlike Rebecca chu’s which are “well rounded”, lol

    1. @genxx11 Whenever she wears a dress that shows her breasts, she always pushes and squeezes them to look “bigger.” Its obvious because when she doesn’t where a dress she’s flatter than a cutting board.

  7. From a designer point of view, Nancy and Natalie gowns look the best and modern. Grace tavia Rebecca Eliza gowns look like mamasan type. Kristal’s one look like socialite ball gown..
    Mandy and Samantha looks like fairy tale Cinderella ball gowns that are also classy. Linda one look tacky… The rest are too boring and not worth commenting..

    1. For me, Mandy’s dress was ok only. I would rate it B- for making her shorter because of the low shoulder and her hairstyle doesn’t match the dress very well.

      Others are pin point correct!

      1. @snoopy Mandy’s dress is very elegant, but she should wear her hair up. Since she is not tall and had her hair down, she looked shorter with that kind of evening gown. The colour of her dress is very elegant and unique.

  8. Brace yourselves – searing comment time:

    Linda managed to look all kinds of right in the “wrong” way. How does she manage to do that? The underlying garments are fine, if she wanted to go the edgy route. The overlaying piece made her look matronly tacked onto an edgy bathing suit.

    Nancy’s dress is fantastic. Her hair though. I think middle-parted hair just looks too severe for me. If she went ahead with straight glossy long hair, up in a high hair bun, or even a short curly bob or maybe even 30s curly hair, this would’ve been fabulous. But she managed to pull the image well regardless. On someone like Kim K, well, it just makes her look like a balding lady.

    Natalie’s dress is too noisy. The silhouette is great on her, but the lacy prints is too much.

    Liza Wang’s dress is whimsical in a fun holiday-ish gumdrops dress. It suits her.

    Eliza Sam is cute and glowy in that golden gown. Also princessy. Rebecca Zhu’s dress looks too much like lingerie. The material and cut reminds me of it. She looks good in it, just not sure if fits for this occasion.

    Grace went too safe. Her dress has no personality whatsoever. It’s just pink and girly on her.

    Selena’s dress is interesting…I like that dress, but on her, I’m not sure it’s her color? I can see it on some European/American ‘cause the tone would work but the dress is a bit costume-y. Still interesting ensemble.

    Rosina looks very simple but with a dash of class and elegance. Suits her look, but too simple if she intended to win an award with that dress.

    Sharon would not give that mermaid dress a rest. She’s been wearing these kinds of dresses nonstop. It’s like she wants to play it super safe. The dress is cute, but that’s about it.

    Samantha is playing up her assets again, I see. Regardless, her purplish gown is simple & elegant.

    Mandy’s green gown is something out of your normal color range, it’s classy and it’s simple. But the design is also often seen. So very commonplace.

    Kristal finally chose the right gown! This one accentuates her bust line and gives her curvy womanly figure. And the design isn’t often seen. Couple with a chic bob. A+.

    Jacqueline’s gown is cute…a little sexy. Red. Moving on.

    Alice Chan’s gown is summer-flowy. She looks great in it. The print is unique, the cutting is fabulous, and the jewelry and hair makes this one of the more interesting and best put-together outfits of the night.

    Sisley’s gown looks like it belongs on a couch. The gold belt adds a touch of chic and shape to the dress’s cut. I think the cut is good but the print & the belt needs more work.

    1. @coralie I also don’t like Nancy Wu’s hairstyle. She should wear her hair long, curly and wavy. She does not look pretty with her hair up, especially with the part in the middle. Her face is a bit small.

      However, Mandy Wong should wear her hair up for her dress. Her hairdo did not match her ball gown. I like the colour of her dress though, very unique.

    2. @coralie did u all notice nancy sit. when the commentator commented she wore like she is going to attend a royal coronation. that was so hilarious.

      1. @c3stlavi3 no I didn’t but I’m curious now about how she looked lol. I pretty much stopped watching TVB anniversary awards…don’t like feeling disappointed.

  9. Best Dress:
    Nancy Wu
    Mandy Wong
    Tavia Yeung
    Eliza Shum
    Jacqueline Wong

    Worst Dress:
    Linda Chung
    Sisley Choi
    Rosina Lam
    Rebecca Zhu
    Liza Wang

  10. Love tavia’s and natalie’s dresses

    i like the colors on rebecca’s dress

    not loving the color of nancy’s dress

  11. love nancy’s dress the best. eliza’s dress is very cute. hm…linda’s dress is pretty awful but at least she doesn’t look too tacky in it given her slim body.

  12. Love Nancy’s dress, elegant. Elaine, Natalie & Kristal r pretty too. Hateeeeees Linda’s dress, agree that she does not look sexy but rather cheap. Grace’s is ugly too. I think Rosina’s dress is Roberto Cavalli, pretty.

    1. @isay Exactly. It never happens in North American countries. Not sure of Europe. It may only occurs in Asian countries, or maybe just in Hong Kong or Japan.

      1. @janet72 you can say that again. Seems it’s common with the younger generation of actors not to wear socks even at formal dos.

  13. I voted Nancy Wu for the best gown, Mandy Wong 2nd, Eliza Sam and Elaine Yiu 3rd

    The worst gowns I voted is Linda Chung. 2nd worst is Grace Chan

  14. I like Alice chan, although she may be much older than the rest, the way she dressed up is very elegant, she has the figure and height, that is why she looks sexy in whatever she wears. Tavia is simple but nice, gown suits her. Eliza dress is classic. Natalie gown made her look thinner.

  15. Nancy needs more volumn in her hair. Why is the flat, bob cut, scalp hugging style is popular? My memory said those who has similar cut at award won BA, lol. Charm, Kristal, and now Nancy xD

    I dislike Linda and Grace dresses the most The former isn’t sexy, and latter looks like drapping curtains on her.I like Nancy and Elaine dresses the best. Sharon needs to stop wearing wedding dresses. Her wedding was so yesteryear, lol.

  16. Nancy’s gown is beautiful except her chest part looking sagging she needs to wear a push up bra to be firmer.



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