2018 TVB Anniversary Awards Nominations Announced

TVB has announced its nominees for the upcoming 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards, kickstarting a month of speculation and discussion before announcing the final winners on December 16th, 2018.

Currently, Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了> actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Threesome <三個女人一個「因」> star Mandy Wong (黃智雯) are netizens’ hot favorite to win TV Queen. Mandy is already at a head start in the race when she won Singapore and Malaysia’s My Favorite Actress at the TVB Anniversary Gala last week.

As for TV King, there was talk that the ultimate winner may end up being a black horse, but many netizens are now banking on Dicky Cheung (張衛健), who will be starring in TVB’s The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>, premiering on December 3rd. Being so close to the awards date, Dicky’s chance of winning will not be high, however, TVB has awarded non-TVB artistes the TV King honor before, such as Dayo Wong (黃子華) in 2013 and Anthony Wong (黃秋生) in 2015.

Other notable Best Actor nominees include Lau Kong (劉江) for The Forgotten Valley <平安谷之詭谷傳說> and Eddie Kwan (關禮傑) for OMG, Your Honor <是咁的,法官閣下>, both first-time nominees.

Check out the list of nominees below!

Best Drama

Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <·回家之開心速遞>
The Forgotten Valley <平安谷之詭谷傳說>
Watch Out, Boss <波士早晨>
Threesome <三個女人一個「因」>
Birth of a Hero <翻生武林>
Apple-colada <果欄中的江湖大嫂>
Daddy Cool <逆緣>
Stealing Seconds <棟仁的時光>
Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計>
Succession War <天命>
Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了>
The Stunt <特技人>
Another Era <再創世紀>
Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>
OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>
Fist Fight <兄弟>
Wife Interrupted <救妻同學會>
Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>

Best Actor

Lau Kong for The Forgotten Valley
Raymond Wong Ho-yin for Apple-colada
Wayne Lai for Daddy Cool
Carlos Chan for Daddy Cool
Kenneth Ma for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Edwin Siu for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Ruco Chan for Succession War
Lai Lok-yi for Who Wants a Baby?
Shaun Tan for The Stunt
Roger Kwok for Another Era
Benjamin Yuen for Another Era
Pakho Chau for Another Era
Joe Ma for Life on the Line
Matthew Ho for Line on the Line
Ben Wong for OMG, Your Honour
Eddie Kwan for OMG, Your Honour
Vincent Wong for Fist Fight
Mat Yeung for Fist Fight
Dicky Cheung for The Learning Curve of a Warlord
Tony Hung for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Best Actress

Louisa So for The Forgotten Valley
Grace Chan for The Forgotten Valley
Mandy Wong for Threesome
Eliza Sam for Apple-colada
Rosina Lam for Daddy Cool
Natalie Tong for Stealing Seconds
Nancy Wu for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Alice Chan for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Selena Lee for Succession War
Elaine Yiu for Succession War
Ali Lee for Who Wants a Baby?
Tavia Yeung for Another Era
Niki Chow for Another Era
Moon Lau for Life on the Line
Grace Wong for OMG, Your Honour
Louisa Mak for OMG, Your Honour
Rebecca Zhu for Fist Fight
Sisley Choi for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Most Popular Male TV Character

Wayne Lai as Ho Wing-nin in Daddy Cool
Carlos Chan as Chung Ting-kwok in Daddy Cool
Benjamin Yuen as Tsang Tung-yan in Stealing Seconds
Kenneth Ma as Yam Sam-shu in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Edwin Siu as Ho Lei in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Ruco Chan as Heshen in Succession War
Shaun Tam as the Jiaqing Emperor in Succession War
Lai Lok-yi as Elvis Yip in Who Wants a Baby?
Pakho Chau as Ching Hoi in Another Era
Joe Ma as Mak Tsoi-tin in Life on the Line
Matthew Ho as Cheuk Ka-kit in Life on the Line
Ben Wong as John Fan in OMG, Your Honour
Eddie Kwan as James Yiu in OMG, Your Honour
Oscar Leung as Charles Chiu in OMG, Your Honour
Hugo Wong as Michael Lai in OMG, Your Honour
Vincent Wong as “Fever” Cheung Fei-fan in Fist Fight
Mat Yeung as Leo Ha in Fist Fight
Hubert Wu as Lee Yan-long in Wife Interrupted
Dicky Cheung as Dik Kei in The Learning Curve of a Warlord
Tony Hung as Ma Tan in The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Most Popular Female TV Character

Joyce Tang as Hung Sheung-sin in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Rebecca Zhu as Ku Man-yi in The Forgotten Valley
Mandy Wong as Evie Fong in Threesome
Grace Chan as Sau Tsoi-sam in Birth of a Hero
Eliza Sam as Barika Lee in Apple-colada
Crystal Fung as Chan Yuk-man in Apple-colada
Rosina Lam as Aki Chong in Daddy Cool
Natalie Tong as Kris Ching in Stealing Seconds
Nancy Wu as Wong Chun in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Alice Chan as Princess Taiping in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Selena Lee as Empress Xiaoherui in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Elaine Yiu as Changmei in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Ali Lee as Ellen Tong in Who Wants a Baby?
Samantha Ko as Katina Hui in Who Want a Baby?
Gloria Tang as Chu Siu-wai in Another Era
Kelly Cheung as Mandy Man in Life on the Line
Grace Wong as Ophelia Mok in OMG, Your Honour
Kaman Kong as “Sitting” Ma Sze-ting in Fist Fight
Moon Lau as Jill Chiu in Wife Interrupted
Sisley Choi as Cheung Yuen-yuen in The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Best Supporting Actor

Jimmy Au for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Louis Yuen for The Forgotten Valley
David Chiang for Birth of a Hero
Jazz Lam for Apple-colada
Andrew Yuen for Apple-colada
Willie Wai for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Savio Tsang for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Joel Chan for Succession War
Jonathan Cheung for Succession War
Tsui Wing for Who Wants a Baby?
Bowie Wu for Another Era
Karl Ting for Another Era
Joey Law for Life on the Line
Arnold Kwok for Life on the Line
Bob Cheung for Life on the Line
Oscar Leung for OMG, Your Honour
Hugo Wong for OMG, Your Honour
Jackson Lai for OMG, Your Honour
Telford Wong for Wife, Interrupted
Raymond Wong for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Best Supporting Actress

Joyce Tang for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Mandy Lam for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
Zoie Tam for The Forgotten Valley
Crystal Fung for Apple-colada
Kaman Kong for Apple-colada
Elvina Kong for Daddy, Cool
Jacqueline Wong for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Susan Tse for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Akina Hong for Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Stephanie Ho for Succession War
Angelina Lo for Who Wants a Baby?
Samantha Ko for Who Wants a Baby?
Gloria Tang for Another Era
Jeannie Chan for Life on the Line
Kelly Cheung for Life on the Line
Pinky Cheung for Life on the Line
Kirby Lam for OMG, Your Honour
Tiffany Lau for Fist Fight
Toby Chan for Fist Fight
Vivien Yeo for The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. not sure about the serie but D-icky Cheung should win the award as he experienced and acting skills is already way above other nominees.

    1. @vodka Problem is, Warlord won’t have finished airing by the time the awards ceremony rolls around, so if D-icky gets it, most likely it won’t be because of his performance in that series (rather, for other reasons such as tenure or the fact that this will be his last TVB series ever). If I remember correctly, the only other time TVB gave the TV King award to someone when their series didn’t even finish airing yet was the year Dayo Wong won it (and of course there was some backlash that resulted from it).

  2. Haven’t watch: Succession War, The Stunt, Stealing Seconds, Threesome, Another Era, Fist Fight.
    Not Aired: Wife Interrupted, Learning Curve of a Warlord

    So none of these included

    To be honest, a lot of these nominations are pretty crap.

    My picks:
    Best Drama
    Life on the Line

    Best Actor
    1. Lau Kong for The Forgotten Valley
    2. Carlos Chan for Daddy Cool
    3. Wayne Lai for Daddy Cool
    4. Ben Wong for OMG, Your Honour

    Best Actress
    Louisa So for The Forgotten Valley
    Ali Lee for Who Want’s a Baby?

    Most Popular Male TV Character
    Carlos Chan as Chung Ting-kwok in Daddy Cool

    Most Popular Female TV Character
    Alice Chan as Princess Taiping in Deep in the Realm of Conscience

    Best Supporting Actor
    1. Bob Cheung for Life on the Line
    2. Tsui Wing for Who Wants a Baby? (I think he did better in his guest appearance in Forgotten Valley though)

    Best Supporting Actress
    Zoie Tam for The Forgotten Valley
    Angelina Lo for Who Wants a Baby?
    Mandy Lam for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold

  3. TVB really needs to do like top 8 for nominations instead of top 20 or whatever. For example, were any of TVBs dramas NOT nominated for Best Drama??? Seems like they’re all on there… they might as well not release a nomination list.

    1. @melia880 That category includes ALL dramas that aired this year (basically the time period between last year’s award ceremony and this years) — so yes, that category is kind of pointless….they should’ve narrowed it down to make it a true “nominations” list….

  4. Why is “Birth of a hero” nominated?
    It was the worst series in 2018. Only Ben Wong did anything good. Story was horrible. Acting stiff. Plot stupid.

    1. @elizabeth Yea, exactly. To be honest, alot of the nominations this year make absolutely no sense. Like for example, how the hell did Kenneth Ma and Edwin Siu get nominated for DITROC when Steven Ma was technically the lead in that series? And Moon Lau for LOTL when she wasn’t even the female lead in that series? Though for me, the most ridiculous nominations are all the ones for Learning Curve of a Warlord and Wife Interrupted, since neither series has even aired yet (and won’t have finished airing by the time the awards ceremony comes around).

      I have a feeling this year’s awards show is going to be a crap one like last year….

      1. @llwy12 uh, if Moon Lau wasn’t the female lead, then who was?

        Also can’t expect TVB to shove Kenneth and Edwin into the supporting category, considering their “status”. Besides, I believe they were billed as co-leads.

      2. @bern Screen time and story-wise, Kelly Cheung felt more like the lead IMO…but okay fine, even if it’s equal screen time, then that means Kelly and even Jeannie Chan should’ve been nominated as well in the same category. Why choose only Moon?

        As for Kenneth and Edwin, “status” shouldn’t matter. If the role is supporting, then it should be supporting nomination, regardless of the person’s status. For example — on the movie side, Kara Hui is A-list actress with over a dozen Best Actress wins to her name, yet she’s also been nominated (and won) for Best Supporting Actress for movies where she legitimately played supporting roles. So no, I don’t buy the “status” thing….if Kara with her status can take on supporting roles and be nominated for them, then why not Kenneth and Edwin?

      3. @llwy12 moon is the female lead of life on the line. i feel like kelly barely had much screen time compared to moon and jeannie (not that they had much in general) as the drama was mainly focused on the male leads.

  5. Surprised that Eddie Kwan is a first time nominee.

    Based strictly on acting Mr. Lau Kong and Louisa So rightfully deserve the BA. But obviously that’s not the case. I would like to see Carlos Chan win. I hate how tvb has like a hierachy for these things, rewarding their “sons”… and then if all else fails, give it to a veteran that doesn’t really care about the award.
    It’ll be interesting to see who wins the most improved female artist thid year since it’s mostly the miss hks who btw, really don’t outdo one another.
    I’m interested in watching Wife Interrupted. Finally some young faces as the lead characters. Hopefully it means a more concentrated storyline.

    1. @bubbles23
      Not surprised about Eddie never nominated because in 1980s and most of 1990s TVZb did not give awards. When he returned, he had mainly played support or 3rd line lead…

    2. @bubbles23 Not surprising at all actually, since the Anniversary Awards didn’t start until 1997 (Eddie was most active at TVB in the late 80s/early 90s), plus when he had left TVB in the mid 90s, it was on bad terms (like “tearing up the contract” kind of bad), so of course TVB was only going to give him crap roles when he returned in the post-2000s era. He’s getting slightly better roles now since there is barely anyone left at TVB now who can take on those roles, but knowing how fickle TVB is, might not last….

  6. I’d give TVB some respect if they award Lau Kong the BA, but we all know that won’t happen.

    1. @anon Yea, me too. If Lau Kong gets it, that will redeem TVB just a tad in my book. If they give it to Carlos, I’m fine with that too, since acting-wise, he absolutely deserves it (giving it to him would truly be rewarding based on acting, which would also redeem TVB a tad in my book). But 99% sure neither one is going to happen, so I guess TVB’s reputation is destined to continue to be in the toilet, lol….

      1. @llwy12
        No chance of the above happening. It will be a business decision to award to promote their long contract binded artistes. Best actor will be Benjamin or Shaun. Best Actress will be Mandy or Ali. They will be forced to reluctantly give Favourite Character to Carlos. TVB have already showed their sneaky motives and intentions by pushing Mandy to BA Malay and Singapore when nobody could remember she was even in the running. Don’t think many can even recognise her even in Hong Kong….

      2. @jimmyszeto True…though my guess is that they aren’t even going to give Favorite Character to Carlos. If they do decide to give TV King to Benjamin or Shaun or one of their other contracted artists, then most likely Favorite Character will go to Joe Ma, since LOTL got such favorable reviews and the hype at the moment from most audiences (in the forums at least) is for Joe to get TV King (which has a likelier chance of happening if TVB decides to go the “safe” route, since Joe’s performance overall was well-received by mainstream audiences). Carlos’s other disadvantage (other than the fact that he isn’t a “biological child” which in this case doesn’t really factor since Joe Ma isn’t biological either) is that his series was one of the first ones to air this year, so most audiences have probably forgotten the series by now. So basically, whether Carlos will get Favorite Character consolation prize or walk away empty-handed really depends on who they end up giving TV King to…

      3. @jimmyszeto I’m actually happy that they nominated Lau Kong in the TV King category. In all the years he’s worked for TVB, this is the first time he’s ever gotten a nomination in the lead acting category (and at 72 years old, he will likely go down in history as the oldest nominee ever for that category). The media interviewed him about his nomination and he was super humble — he said he was surprised to see himself nominated because he doesn’t consider himself the main lead in the Forgotten Valley series (he said that Raymond Wong is the lead, not him). He also said that after being in the entertainment industry for nearly half a century, he’s pretty much seen it all — good and bad — so for him, winning or losing doesn’t matter. Regardless though, he still thanks all the audiences and fans for their support.

        Now that the official nominations are out, I’m rooting for both Lau Kong as well as Carlos Chan — I know neither one will win given how TVB operates but still supporting them anyway.

    1. @jimmyszeto Happy to see Eddie nominated as well, though of course he’s not going to get anything, since we all know how TVB works. Luckily he doesn’t need the recognition, since his career is already established enough where he doesn’t have to rely on TVB at all (which is why he’s pretty much fine with whatever roles TVB throws at him).

      Btw…coincidentally, there’s a really nice interview that Eddie did with Mingpao Weekly that just came out this past weekend. He talked alot about his family but also recounted some fun memories from his acting class days. Great trip down memory lane! 🙂

      1. @llwy12
        Would be fun to hear Eddie talk about acting class since he started really early and we have heard pretty much everyone else talk about their acting class days. To me Eddie certainly wasn’t one of the more talented actors of the 1980s but did provide us with a gem of a performance in ‘Battle Amongst the Clans’.The series did not reach ‘The Bund’ status and he could not push on to become a popular 1st line lead compared to the ‘five tigers’.We started seeing a different side to Eddie in the early 1990s where his strength became goofy comedy roles which were totally contrast to the most serious roles he was given in the 1980s. His best performance to date since is return is ‘Swipe Tap Love’ where I felt he should have won ‘best supporting actor’. His ability in comedy is still shining through. Eddie acting is going from strength to strength now so TVB will have to take notice. No chance for Eddie to win Best Actor though. If TVB feel there is demand to award veterans then they will just manufacture some ‘lifetime awards’ to hand them over to keep everyone happy but we know those awards are meaningless and won’t be recognised in history. Actually the Best Actor and Best Actor won’t be recognised as legitimate in history anymore with likes of Natalie Tong then maybe Mandy Wong winning. Along the same lines as Raymond Lam winning Best/Most popular Male Singer….

      2. @jimmyszeto Yea…I love hearing all the old acting class stories. Eddie was part of the “superstars” class (he was in the same class as Tony Leung and Stephen Chow) and in the interview, he recounted some funny memories about Francis Ng (how he was afraid to do some of the stunts in martial arts class) and also confirmed that Stephen Chow was already really funny even back then (and his thought process was different from everyone else’s — when the class was asked a question, everyone gave the same answer except for him, who always had a different answer). The part I enjoyed reading about most though was Eddie’s relationship with Tony Leung, who he said played a huge role in him staying in the entertainment industry — when they filmed Police Cadet ’84 (which is another ‘must-watch’ classic by the way) together, Tony helped Eddie with his acting each time they were in a scene together and really helped bring out the best in him — of course, it was that series that ended up putting Eddie’s name on the map (and deservedly so, as Eddie did a wonderful job in that series — his character ‘Ho Jeh’ is actually the one that most audiences remember the most after Tony’s ‘Kit Lo’ and Sean Lau’s ‘Fit Lo’). That series was extremely important to Eddie because he was planning on leaving the industry if the series failed — instead, the series ended up launching his career. And yes, loved him in Battle Amongst the Clans (where he held his own opposite the phenomenal Chow Yun Fat, who was already a household name at that point).

      3. @llwy12
        Seen ‘Police Cadet 84’ many times. Didn’t like Eddie’s character at all in the series because too feminine and didn’t match with Maggie. He was a bit more fun in ‘Turbulent Decade’. Yep. ‘Battle Amongst the Clans’ Eddie, Mimi Kung, Chow Yun Fat, Sean Lau, Lui Fong, Kenneth Tsang, Andy Tai, Benz Hui. What a cast! Considering the number of series Eddie has appeared in, he hasn’t been given many opportunity to lead big productions. Limited to ‘The Link’ in the 1990s really. Watched that whilst growing up and ‘Eastern Heroes’ alongside Hacken Lee where Eddie played a cheap looking batman….

      4. @jimmyszeto Yes, his character in Turbulent Decade was more fun, but his performance didn’t really stand out given the spectacular “all-star” cast in that series. And to this day, I am still waiting for Eddie to pair up with Mimi Kung again in another series to make up for what happened to them in Battle Amongst the Clans (and yes, that scene still makes me cry every time I re-watch!). True that he hasn’t been given too many opportunities to lead though – from the 90s era, the only 3 series I remember him truly leading in (meaning 1st lead as opposed to co-lead) were: The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain (the first one that came out in 1990), Swords of Conquest (which was 1991’s anniversary series), and Rise of the Taiji Master (which was technically Eddie’s last series with TVB even though it was made in 1994, since TVB didn’t air the series until 1996 and he “got fired” shortly thereafter). While I loved his performance in The Link (though he was technically 2nd lead), I think his most representative work in the 90s was Swords of Conquest – the one and only anniversary series where he was 1st lead and pretty much carried the series himself…doubt TVB will give him that opportunity again….

      5. @llwy12 Did you remember that time-travelling telemovie that Deric Wan did that parodied several famous series? Eddie was really funny in his small role in the Genghis Khan arc.

        I thought that Eddie was good but did not stand out when there was heaps of talent in the 80’s and he got sort of shoved aside to weak shy boys or villain playboy roles. I first started paying attention to Eddie as he became more confident and had more screen presence in the 90’s. I think that getting married made him mature a lot on screen.

      6. @elizabeth Yes, I remember! The telemovie was called “The Thief Of Time” (羣星會). That was such an awesome movie — all the cameos from famous stars alone made it well worth watching (and yes, the parodies of TVB series were hilarious).

        Yes, agreed that getting married helped Eddie’s acting mature onscreen as well. Hopefully TVB will cherish him more and give him more opportunities now that there is so little talent left over there.

  7. Cannot believe the snub Steven Ma has received from TVB as neither Kenneth nor Edwin were even really leads in DITROC.
    Anyways, rooting for Vincent Wong, deserving yet again.

    1. @ledge I also feel both were supporting but let’s say they are “co-leads” as everyone is trying to argue they are — that still doesn’t explain why Steven Ma wasn’t nominated. If all 3 are co-leads, then all 3 should’ve been nominated.

      BTW, it’s being reported that supposedly, Steven Ma got snubbed because he’s hosting a program for HK Open TV (I-cable’s free TV arm which was formerly called Fantastic TV). Reporters asked him for his thoughts about being snubbed and whether he thinks it’s because of him working for a rival station and he pretty much responded that to him, the program he is hosting means more than any TVB nomination ever will. Good for him!

  8. Is the list everyone from xx date to cut off date? Because if not, it shows it is rigged. Because a series that has yet to be broadcast is nominated shows rigging even if Di-cky probably deserve a nomination.

    Dayo Wong and Anthony Wong were deserving rightful winners. If they hadn’t win, awards lose all credibility.

  9. Philip Ng and Steven Ma performances aren’t good enough to be ahead of actors who haven’t even had their series broadcast according to that list…

  10. Not sure if this years nominations are worse or if last year’s was… I think we had a much better year in terms of female character development. The male character growth is where it’s really lacking this year.

    Best Drama:
    It’s a toss up between Life On The Line and The Forgotten Valley for me. I’m more inclined to say LOTL because it was more recent but I do remember chasing TFG with more anticipation when it came out.

    Best Actor:
    Honestly, I don’t have any strong feelings about it this year. I feel lukewarm about most of the contenders this year. If I had to choose on acting alone (character aside), Lau Kong takes it. That said, I’m sure Carlos Chan was fabulous but I didn’t get around to finishing Daddy Cool.

    Best Actress:
    It’s 100% Ali Lee for me. She has shown so much improvement over the past 5 years and has proven that she has the acting skill to play a variety of different roles. More recently, I’ve discovered that she really does have a certain charismatic quality for humor. I also find her acting very controlled and her voice is comfortable to listen to. She’s definitely one of my top 5 favorite new actresses of TVB. Louisa So from The Forgotten Valley would be my second pick.

    Most Popular Male TV Character:
    This list is also hard to choose from – not due to too many qualified options but too few…if I absolutely had to pick from this list, it would be Edwin Siu for Deep In The Realm of Conscious or Matthew Ho for Life on The Line only because I found their characters least annoying from this bunch. Huge improvement with Matthew Ho this year but I do think he needs to work on his voice a bit more. Knowing TVB though, this one will probably go to Ben Yuen or Pakho…maybe Joe Ma because LOTL was so well-received.

    Most Popular Female TV Character:
    Gloria Tang for Another Era takes my pick. Even though the drama sucked and I couldn’t finish it, I did enjoy all of Gloria’s scenes! She is also among one of my favorite newer TVB actresses but more on this below…(most improved category)

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Arnold Kwok for Life on The Line! I know he won’t win because I think that seniority does play a bit of a role with these awards but Arnold did GREAT as No.6. If we were to compare Matthew and Arnold who were both in Tiger Mom Blues last year, I actually see a bigger improvement with Arnold. Likewise, comparing both of their acting post-Hong Jie death in LOTL, I feel that Arnold’s crying and grief was more natural and touching. His crying scene after discovering the bird’s nest was one of the top scenes for me in the entire drama.

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Really sad that Lenna Yeung and Claire Yiu weren’t nominated for this category. They were both fantastic in Who Wants a Baby and 100000000x better than Samantha Ko who did get nominated. Lenna was also great in Life on The Line. From this list, my picks are Mandy Lam, Zoie Tam, Kaman Kong, or Jeannie Chan in no particular order. I thought they all did right to their characters and the script writers. Mandy Lam continues to entertain me in Lo and Behold. Zoie Tam out-acted the hell out of Grace Chan in The Forgotten Valley. Kaman Kong was good in her sad and crying scenes when Wong Ka Lok died. Jeannie Chan had great chemistry with Law Lan and their scenes were extremely touching.

    Most Improved Male Artist:
    Hubert Wu as he deserved it last year in my opinion. Hoping he pulls off a great performance in Wife Interrupted so that I’ll feel more justified in my pick.

    Most Improved Female Artist:
    I think Gloria Tang is one of the quickest improving artists of all time. I remember thinking she was the most terrible actress I’ve ever watched when she debuted in 2014’s The Ultimate Addiction. Who knew that only 4 years later, she would not only become watchable but even…dare I say…pretty good?? I think she’s pretty and natural on screen now. She also has a silly quality that reminds me a bit of Stephanie Ho, whom I liked a lot prior to her Fred Cheng scandal.

  11. As previously mentioned I don’t understand how people can be nominated for a show that hasn’t aired yet.

  12. I Only watch
    Dady cool
    Forgotten valley
    Life on the line

    So This My top 3

    Best actor
    Dicky Cheung “My youth idol”
    Carlos Chan
    Lau kong “alway like his mad face”

    Best actress
    Louisa So “will not win, too bad”
    Mandy Wong “strong actress”
    Ali Lee “must had won last year”
    On of This 2 ladies will win.

    Best SActor

    Matthews Ho
    Raymond Wong
    That other Guy who died in life on the line

    Best Sactress
    Zoi Tam
    Moon Lau
    Rosina Lam”she is more supportive then lead in daddy cool”.

    Best drama
    Forgotten valley!
    I like the story And its different then other drama’s that Tvb had Made last couple of years.
    Like excorcist meter

  13. How can TVB snub Steven Ma like that, after he returned to film a drama for them? To add insult to injury, Edwin and Kenneth who were in supporting roles (or at best second and third male leads) got nominated in both categories. The list of best actors and actress nominees include some very undeserving names such as Grace Chan, Moon, Louisa Mak who got nominated for roles that weren’t even meaty enough to qualify as leads in their respective dramas. The list should emphasize quality over quantity so that only truly deserving ones get nominated. It should be whittled down by half at least.

    1. @passingby TVB is essentially punishing Steven for producing and hosting a variety program for a rival station. Doesn’t matter if his series was the highest rated series of the year or that he was billed as “first male lead”….or the fact that Steven is not managed by TVB so he’s free to work for whoever the hell he wants…..in TVB’s eyes, they still see it as a “betrayal.” That’s TVB for you – still as petty as ever!

      This is exactly the reason why I always say that veteran artists shouldn’t return to “help” TVB film series…it’s not like TVB is going to be grateful for one, and two, TVB is still going to prioritize their own people (as well as their own needs) ahead of their guests. So yes, TVB is essentially “using” these veterans to boost their own profile and then casting them aside when they are no longer needed. The lesson from all this (to the veteran artists mainly) – unless you’re at Anthony Wong level (or have his “I don’t take crap from anyone so you better play by my rules” attitude), don’t return to TVB to film…it’s not worth the time or the effort…

      1. @llwy12 Trust TVB to be so petty smh. Their treatment of Steven is so shameful. Well most of their nominations are crap and the awards is getting to be such a joke that winning is almost embarrassing.

  14. These 2 belongs to ‘Succession War’ not ‘Conscience’.

    Selena Lee as Empress Xiaoherui in Deep in the Realm of Conscience
    Elaine Yiu as Changmei in Deep in the Realm of Conscience

  15. Benjamin Yuen for Another Era

    This is a strange choice. Benjamin is the undisputed lead in ‘Stealing Seconds’ while he looks more like a supporting character in Era. He should have been nominated for ‘Stealing Seconds’.

    And why is Frankie Lam not nominated? Has he also ‘betrayed’ TVB in some ways?

  16. after last year, i’ve already lost hope in tvb listening to what the audience has to say about who deserves the awards but below are what i feel should be the winners this year.

    best drama: life on the line
    i think this drama definitely deserves this award because it was touching, had a great cast, stuck to the topic with some love stories and had loads of discussion. most importantly, it had good ratings, which is very important to tvb bosses lol. tbh, i feel like tvb’s dramas this year aren’t that great so i honestly didn’t know which drama i would root for until i watched this.

    best actor: joe ma / vincent wong
    honestly, i think joe did absolutely fantastic in life on the line and acted natural and made the audience touched. each and every line was done well and after watching him this time i really have begun to like him a lot more. the only downside is that he isn’t a tvb managed artist but i think he deserves it this year. the alternative choice for me would be vincent, although he already got this award last year, i can’t see anyone better on the list and although fist fight has only aired for a week, i do like his role and his acting is good, so if he got best actor again i think it would be reasonable.

    best actress: mandy wong / ali lee
    mandy’s performance in threesome this was really good and her acting as female lead has definitely caught the eye of many audiences. i also think she is capable of winning best actress after winning sg and malay’s award, so hopefully she gets the award because she’s worked hard these few years. the only bad thing being that threesome did not have a good airing slot at all, it was on the weekend and ratings were low. if not mandy, then i think ali deserves this award too because since last year, her performances have been absolutely exceptional and she really was amazing in bb is here, plus the good ratings proves how much people love her.

    favourite male character: carlos chan / chris lai
    i really liked carlos in daddy cool, he was a fresh new face, had good acting skills and gained lots of recognition. although, he’s not a tvb managed artiste, he really deserves this award because he had the right expressions and everything his character needs. my other choice is chris lai, he was great alongside ali in bb is here, i’ve been liking him since come home love but bb is here really made me have an even better impression of him. he’s had loads of experiences and this year, he’s definitely done well.

    favourite female character: ali lee
    assuming mandy gets best actress, i think ali would definitely be the perfect choice for favourite female character. from all the feedback i’ve heard from her role in bb is here, many say that she was the main reason people even watched that drama, and i do agree to some extent. she really kept the drama alive and played her role pretty on point.

    best supporting actor: joey law / bob cheung
    i genuinely don’t have any favourites for best supporting actor this year, but if i had to choose it would be these two because they really have done well in life on the line and literally made me cry so many times. i’m pretty sure they won’t get this award as they are still pretty new and still need to brush up their acting skills a bit just to gain more experience, but as supporting actors they did great.

    best supporting actress: jeannie chan
    jeannie was my favourite in life on the line. her acting was probably the best and i can see lots of improvement, especially her touching crying scenes with law lan. i really hope she gets this award, but she’s not a a tvb managed artiste so i don’t think so, but she did really well. i would’ve also picked lenna yeung for bb is here, but pity that she doesn’t have a nomination, i think she deserves a nomination as she did a great job.

    (tbh, supporting actor/actress this year is really unpredictable as no one had an exceptional performance but hopefully whoever wins is reasonable!)

    most improved male artiste: matthew ho
    i think matthew did great in life on the line. his character, was acted out well and he made it sad, he made it funny. he definitely has potential in the future and has been one of my favourites these few years. out of the list, he definitely has done the best this year although the other participants i’m all fine with.

    most improve female artiste: crystal fung
    i’ve been look at crystal’s performances since she won miss hk 2016 and she’s done well in almost everything. she can act, host and she’s pretty. i think she really well for her first drama in apple-colada and i totally got the vibe she was trying to bring out. her crying scenes were also pretty good for a first time. she’s also a great host, she’s absolutely hilarious in young & restless and i can see her becoming a very successful artiste in the coming years. i wouldn’t mind roxanne tong either, but i felt like last year, her performance impressed me more. kelly cheung is also good, she’s nice and fresh and her acting is acceptable for a newbie, i feel like she has a higher chance of getting this award this year as she is being heavily promoted next year. anyone on the list is good, so i don’t mind.

    best on-screen partnership: f4 (matthew ho, joey law, bob cheung, arnold kwok)
    i personally loved these four from life on the line and the bromance between them. they were hilarious in every way possible and i liked their friendship in the drama. they’re also four handsome guys that have done well this year.

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