Amy Kwok Once Kicked Sean Lau Out of the House

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Amy Kwok Once Kicked Sean Lau Out of the House

Sixteen Best Actor nominations and eight years later, Sean Lau (劉青雲) won his second Best Actor win at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards on April 19. Married to former Miss Hong Kong Amy Kwok (郭藹明) for 17 years, the couple appears to have the ideal marriage. However, Sean has a fiery temper and in one of their marital fights, Amy kicked him out of the house.

Winning Best Actor for his performance in Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3>, Sean thanked his family for supporting him through the years. He was emotional when he thanked Amy for keeping him grounded in their marriage.

Vivian Chow Was Matchmaker

Amy has always been an important figure in Sean’s life. They met on the set of TVB drama The Greed of Man <大時代> in late 1991. However, the two did not start dating until two years later, when their The Greed of Man costar Vivian Chow (周慧敏) brought them together again. Sean and Amy married in 1998  fellow actors Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Anthony Wong(黃秋生), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Cheung Tat Ming (張達明), and Dayo Wong (黃子華) were the groomsmen.

Since their marriage, Amy has gradually retired from acting. Opting not to have children, Sean and Amy believe that one of the secrets to a happy and long marriage is mutual trust. “No matter what happens, we have to talk about it with each other first. We shouldn’t find out what happened from an outsider.”

Sean Has Big Temper

In an interview, Amy had mentioned that she struggled with Sean’s fiery temper in the early years of their marriage, “ At first, I didn’t know why he would always get so upset. I wondered if I did something wrong. I kept asking myself why. But now I know. He has a very passionate personality. I’ll just leave him to deal with it.”

Despite Sean’s temper, Amy always has a way to control him. Sean confessed that he once made Amy so upset, she ended up kicking him out of the house. “I had to stay at my friend’s place for the night,” he said.

After each fight, Sean said he tends to be the one who gives in first. “There’s no other way. She’s not afraid of me. When it comes to her, I have no choice but to surrender.”

Sean praised Amy for being the perfect partner — well-educated, talented, and extremely intelligent. “She has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. She can teach me English, horseback riding, and Mandarin. She also knows how to fix TVs!”


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11 comments to Amy Kwok Once Kicked Sean Lau Out of the House

  1. funnlim says:

    One would say she married beneath herself. But Sean is a graduate from university of life.

    Don’t want children or can’t have children?

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    • mike replied:

      @funnlim Is she from a rich family or something?

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      • orchid123 replied:

        @mike I think so. Not many people could afford to go to study in the States as an overseas student without the support of his/her family, at least not in the last 25 years.

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    • anon replied:

      @funnlim “One would say she married beneath herself.”

      That statement is very typical HK mentality. Please don’t sound like a bigot. Love has no boundaries regardless of educational status.

      In other news, I miss Amy on-screen.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @anon It is not bigotry, it is an observation. We can say now love is boundless but back then, surely there were the same observation.

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    • coralie replied:

      @funnlim Dunno how she married beneath her…Sean Lau is famous and talented.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @coralie Quite simply because she is highly educated and she is not. Which is why I said she may be said to have married beneath her even if he is rich famous talented. But that is a moot point considering they’re happily married for so long.

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  2. angeltien says:

    congratulations to sean! well deserve!

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  3. nomad822 says:

    One of my favorite couples!They always seem so down to earth and comfortably at ease happy with each other in every picture I see of them.

    Maybe technically Amy may have “married beneath her”,
    Esp since Sean Lau wasn’t famous back then – he was ok, but nowhere the movie box office calibre he is now,
    And some also called it beauty (fair) + beast (he’s dark and not handsome) pairing back then.

    But I always felt it was a very wise choice in compatability, Amy chose well. Despite being way more highly educated; she doesn’t work or act, and is free to do whatever she wants as he seems happy to provide (without megastar ego)
    Sean also seems really patient – I recall reading of one shopping trip where he waited outside for her friend and her, despite being a mega box office hit these recent yeats.

    Sean seems (wisely) concede to her as well. This is one of the key happiness men don’t realise. Give/ budge one inch, and get 2 feet in return from women, who are more emotionally inclined to soften and reciprocate.

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  4. blurjen8 says:

    can amy fix my TV?

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  5. tess says:

    They are the golden couple. Love them!

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