Andy Lau Romances Karena Lam and Chrissie Chau in “The White Storm 2”

Andy shares his secret for a long-lasting relationship.

In the film The White Storm 2: Drug Lords <掃毒2:天地對決>, 58-year-old Andy Lau (劉德華) has romantic entanglements with Karena Lam (林嘉欣) and Chrissie Chau (周秀娜). Although it is their first collaboration, Andy says he has much screen chemistry with both actresses. As his first film project since his painful fall from a horse two years ago while filming in Thailand, Andy is still dealing with post-trauma psychological pressures.

In The White Storm 2: Drug Lords, Andy is a gangster made good who transformed himself into a wealthy businessman. Although married to Karena, his former girlfriend Chrissie had written to him while on her deathbed to care for their son born out of wedlock, thereby creating a complicated love triangle between the trio.

Who Does Andy Truly Love?

Chrissie explained, “It must be both, because he met both women at different stages in his life. Whoever he was with at that time, he built the trust and love with her.”

As for Karena, she replied, “There are regrets in both relationships. My character Wen Fong is the luckier one. Because of Andy’s experience with his previous girlfriend, he is very anxious about Wen Fong, and dares not be frank with her. This causes marital problems.”

Andy replied, “My character loses his girlfriend because he was too easygoing, but now he would lose his wife because he becomes overly concerned about her. To analyze this circumstance, it’s similar to how many people have more than one lover at once. If you really have to make a choice, I think it’ll be impossible to make a comparison. Every relationship is equal.”

Keeping Romance Alive Through Being Mysterious

When it comes to how spouses can best get along, Andy and Karena think there are gray areas, and Andy thinks that secrets are unavoidable. “Everyone has his or her own habits and pet peeves, sometimes even a small matter would cause the other to flip. For example, some don’t like the other party to leave the toilet without flushing. You have to get along, understand, and draw a clear line which both parties cannot overstep.” He added, “You must understand that a sense of mystery is kind of charming for us humans, keeping the other party guessing occasionally would make the relationship last.”

Andy’s Bottom Line

Andy, who has been in the film industry for 30 years and acted in over 170 films, also has his bottom line when taking on work. He has not acted in supernatural films, and jokingly added that he does not want to try the genre. “I had many intimate scenes in the past, when films were not rated yet. In 1984, I shot Everlasting Love <停不了的愛> and the film was marketed with the tagline, ‘Even the swordsman is making love’. When the ratings were implemented in 1988, I tried not to film intimate scenes.”

Another one of Andy’s pet peeves is vulgarities. “When I watched Still Human <淪落人>, Anthony Wong (黃秋生) seems to spout vulgarities naturally onscreen. I imagined how it would be if I were acting the role. However, I recalled how I had once said something incorrectly at TVB; the three words sounded similar to a vulgarity. Afterward, there were many complaints and I had to apologize. Thereafter, I tend to skip (films) which required vulgarity, smoking, and even mafia films.”

As for 40-year-old Karena, she shared that she would not want to play maternal roles. “Because I still want to act in romantic movies, I’m afraid to be typecast once I start playing a mother.”

For Chrissie, she would not act in horror films. The 34 year old recounted, “Once when I took on many horror films, I became extra sensitive when alone at home or hotels. Filming horror movies need a lot of mental preparation.”

Trauma from Horse-riding Accident

The White Storm 2: Drug Lords is Andy’s first film project after recovering from his horse-riding accident. The star still has psychological fears from the accident. “As soon as I sit down, I would worry if there’ll suddenly be something flying in from the windows that would strike me. When I was driving the other day, I didn’t dare to step on the pedal even when the light turned green, as I feared a car would hit me out of nowhere. I suspect I have PTSD.”

Asked how he would try to overcome his psychological barrier, Andy replied, “I focus on work-related matters to prevent my mind from being idle.”

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