Andy Lau Spends New Year’s Day in Hospital

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Andy Lau Spends New Year’s Day in Hospital

Andy Lau (劉德華) was originally scheduled to perform in a 20-session concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum last month, but had to cancel the last seven sessions due to loss of voice and flu. The 57-year-old star apologized for disappointing fans, and revealed that he spent New Year’s Day at the hospital for treatment.

Yesterday, the concert organizer announced that they have applied to book the Hong Kong Coliseum for several days in December 2019 to supplement for the cancelled concert sessions. However, if the application doesn’t work out, then money for the purchased tickets will be refunded. The organizer will provide an update on January 31.

Suffering a horseback riding accident in Thailand in January 2017, Andy took eight months to recover and his work schedule was noticeably slower in 2018. Many were concerned whether performing in a 20-session concert series would be too much for Andy, whose stamina has not been the same since his accident. The grueling concert schedule finally took a toll on Andy’s health, making him first lose his voice and then come down with the flu.

On his official fan club website, Andy thanked his fans yesterday and gave an update on his health status. He wrote, “I’m truly sorry, and apologize to everyone who was affected [by the cancelled concert sessions]! My physical condition has stabilized and I’m discharged from the hospital this afternoon! I will be healthy soon! Thank you for everything. It’s in my heart! Happy New Year!”

Fans were glad to hear that Andy has recovered and hopes that the application for a supplemental concert in December 2019 would be successful, saying that even if they had to “wait 10,000 years for their idol” they would be willing to do so.

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4 comments to Andy Lau Spends New Year’s Day in Hospital

  1. yuaida says:

    Maybe he should recognize that he is now 57 and not 37, and should start to acknowledge his own limitations………..Not a big fan of his, but only see that he is still trying to act if he is a young guy like the old days…………..The funny thing is that he still can’t dance two cents worth despite having held concerts for several decades………….Go figure why his fan base keep clinging on.

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    • rainbow28 replied:

      @yuaida Wow, so mean. He is not a professional dancer and he fell off from the horse and got recovered recently. You can’t expect his body to be flexible like kids/youths/dancers. Please be more realistic even if you don’t lije him. Also, everyone is different so you can’t compare.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    Andy is very lucky to have such lenient fans because if I was a ticket buyer I could be pissed off that he’s holding back the refunds for tickets till he realises he physically can’t rearrange the dates, also Andy’s unrealistic expectations that he could pull off 20 concerts and the worst of all I will be refunded initial ticket value when paying up to 50x the face value after shopping around for a ticket…

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