Angelababy’s Salary is Shockingly Low

Though filming in China has always been lucrative, the filming fees between top-tier and second-tier artistes is wide ranging. Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨), who has won multiple Best Actress awards for her films, commands 109 million Chinese yuan, while Angelababy (楊穎) only earns CNY 10 million, which is lower than some second tier celebrities!

After Angelababy’s filming fee was leaked, netizens did not show much empathy for the actress and took the opportunity to criticize her acting. There were many harsh comments including, “Wow and she still wants to act–her acting is not even worth CNY 1000”  and “I don’t want to see her dramas at all–producers should just give the money to other actors who have talent and are hard working!”

Though Angelababy has a good attitude and is polite to crew members on set, many directors allegedly do not want to cast her as they are afraid that viewers will be disappointed by her one-dimensional acting skills. Many pointed out that she only has one expression where she would widen her eyes.

In her 2017 drama General and I <孤芳不自赏>, it was rumored that since could not complete her scenes within the required time frame and a body double stepped in for her scenes, requiring the need for Angelababy’s face to be photoshopped in afterwards. When her variety shows were also filmed in the same way, there was a lot of backlash from the public.

Government Issues New Restrictions

Aside from Angelababy’s filming fee, another trending topic on Chinese social media was the new government restrictions placed on Chinese dramas. As idol dramas surge in greater popularity, the broadcasting authority is concerned about the influence they have over viewers. It was alleged that romantic dramas cannot be too saccharine and unrealistic. Obvious gay relationships and characters can not be depicted, and it is recommended that the storyline be changed to purely friendship. Youth dramas should not have underage romances, violence or crime. Previously banned, the time-travelling genre will not be allowed unless there is a reasonable scientific explanation. Fantasy-themed productions will need to have a scientific explanation, and monsters and ghosts will not be allowed to reincarnate.

Netizens commented that these proposed restrictions are ridiculous, and they should just ban filming dramas altogether!


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  1. These restrictions are ridiculous!!! Guess all their dramas will just be about love, love, and love. SNOOZE FEST. No gay theme, sure, I get it cuz of the conserve culture. But why such restrictions on time travel amd fantasy? And the no reincarnation thing. Why is China so obsessed and upset with the concept of reincarnation??? Reminds me of how they also restricted the Dalai Lama from reincarnation years ago. Like seriously? How is that even possible if it is a thing? And why is it an issue for the Chinese govt whether or not the Dalai Lama to reincarnate? Is it not enough you control your country and its people right now that you also have to control the underworld?? So absurd.

    1. @gnomageddon

      If you dig a little deeper. Dalai Lama is a CIA asset, just like the Falun Gong. They are there to destabilize Chinese society just like America’s current full-court press against China on multiple faucets.

      1. @anon are you referring ro his supposed involvement with the CIA Tibetan Operation? If so, the mission of the program was to keep Tibet politically autonomous. Which for the Chinese govt is seen as anti-China. Anything that goes against their ideologies and any sign of autonomy or pro-democracy must be abolished according to the CCP. Are you implying that a country will be destabilized solely because people want freedom and democracy and not oppression? If so, how come so many Western countries aren’t destabilized or fallen apart? The CCP isn’t trying to protect the country and its people. It’s trying to control. And that is a very totalitarian. Do you really want to live in a country where you cannot freely express yourself? Where you cannot make informed decisions because the news outlets are all filtered to show pro-Chinese stories only and you don’t get to see the full picture? Are you really siding with that type of practice and ideology? I don’t have a problem with how a country wants to run. That is out of my league and not in my pay grade. But as a normal person, I find it difficult to accept this type of control over my own life and thus find it sad to see it imposed on so many others.

  2. Yet some of us think China is so wonderful to call home, and see nothing wrong with the way the government is enslaving the citizens. Hi figure eh.

      1. @anon right on cur. I expected you to respond. And please don’t call me or anyone else ignorant, cause coming from you, it makes us look like Mensa candidates. Try, try real hard to have a good and happy day, cause I will. Peace out.

      2. @anon Entertainment restrictions are minor issues. The true enslavement is the oppression of freedom of speech, thought, and knowledge that has been encroached upon its people.

  3. all these restrictions that just born out of no where overnight…. it’s either you like it or you think it’s stupid but there’s no way for you to appeal or have a fighting chance to do otherwise.

  4. “Fantasy-themed productions will need to have a scientific explanation, and monsters and ghosts will not be allowed to reincarnate”…. I thought dramas, fantasy-themed or otherwise are usually work of fiction and limited only by the creativity and imagination of the scriptwriter and production crew. Why don’t they just put a disclaimer at the start of every episode reminding viewers the drama is a work of fiction including rating if suitable for children to watch etc… instead of restricting this and that.
    Viewers are mostly adults and can decide for themselves. If the story doesn’t make sense it will be dropped like a hot potato.

  5. I guess she is paid low based on her acting skills then, which isn’t great. I think most HK actors and actresses are usually paid less than mainland ones. Even then it still beats what they would earn back in HK.

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