Bosco Wong is Not in a Rush to Get Married

Seen currently in Shaw Brothers’ The Impossible 3 <非凡三俠>, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) reflects on his path to maturity as an actor. Despite his accomplished career, the 40-year-old is not ready to settle down and enjoys his independence.

Speaking about his role in The Impossible 3 as an unkempt and cowardly stunt man who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to an accident, Bosco said he personally did 90 percent of the scenes without a stunt double. Accustomed to filming action scenes, Bosco did not spend a lot of time in the gym preparing. “We filmed for a little over a month, and it was very rushed. We often had to work overnight, but it was a very humorous and fun filming experience. The script was very refreshing, and it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered a script like this. If the audience wants to, they can actually watch from the beginning again to look for clues.”

Felt He Has Matured

Joining the entertainment industry after filming a lemon tea commercial at the age of 18, Bosco has been working for 22 years and took part of many classic dramas including War of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶>, Heart of Greed<溏心風暴>, Witness Insecurity<護花危情>, and Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>. Though nominated for TVB Best Actor many times, he has never won. In 2017, he left TVB and joined its sister company Shaw Brothers to focus his career in China.

TVB recently re-aired Under the Canopy of Love <天幕下的戀人> and The Seventh Day <最美麗的第七天> in the late night slot. Shaking his head, he said, “I was so young then–I can’t act as an 18, 22-year-old anymore. When I watch my old performances, I feel awkward and find myself a little unlikable.”

Feeling that he has matured after so many years in the industry, Bosco said, “My personality is still very playful but as I encounter different work and acting jobs, there is a certain level of maturity that comes with that. The last 10 years has kept me grounded.”

Still Has Ambitions in Restaurant Industry

Learning how to manage his own restaurant has helped in his growth path, especially when encountering the challenges this year.  “In the past, I was working for myself. Now I have my own company and my own restaurant and crew. During the pandemic, I promised them that we would not close down, not lay off anyone, and not cut their salaries. I feel this is my responsibility towards them.”

Originally wanting to open another restaurant location, these plans has been put on hold due to the pandemic. However, this has not deterred Bosco’s ambitions. “Acting is my interest and my priority, but I still want to have a business in the food and beverage industry. My investments are not too high risk; I only invest in real estate and vintage cars so that I will not lose money.”

Doesn’t Have Image of Perfect Family

Though he has an accomplished career, Bosco is not in a rush to get married and believes in fate. “My family has never rushed me into getting married. I grew up in a single-parent household, so I never had the image of a perfect family. I was brought up by my grandmother, as my mother had to work so I am very used to being independent.

In regards to children, he feels that he will not be able to completely put aside his career to take care of them. “It’s more fun to play with other people’s children!”

Despite his partying image, Bosco discloses that he is actually boring in real life, “People think that I am very flirtatious and a player due to my appearance. However, my friends can prove that I’m boring. I only have two groups of friends, and we often meet up to celebrate all holidays together.”

Source: Hket

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  2. @ice006 I guess married life isn’t for all. I kind of see where he’s coming from being someone who is single and close to his age. The fact that he was not brought up in a typical nuclear family has probably influenced him also.

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