“Captain of Destiny” Ending Spoilers

TVB drama Captain of Destiny <張保仔> has been airing to mediocre viewership ratings. Despite an attractive cast featuring Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Tony Hung (洪永城), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), viewers criticized the poor acting and costume choices. Concluding its broadcast on October 25. ending spoilers were leaked to the media.

At this point in the drama, Imperial Consort Yim (Elaine Yiu 姚子羚) has just given birth to a son. Emperor Jiaqing (Lau Kong 劉江) is also pleased to see that Man Ho (Ruco Chan) has successfully waged a battle against the pirates. While Emperor Jiaqing was preparing to reward him, Man Ho divulged all the sins of Fok Yee Tai (Lee Sing Cheong 李成昌). Emperor Jiaqing punishes Yee Tai by demoting him by six ranks.

Imperial Consort Yim discovers that Man Ho is an imperial prince. In the meantime, Shek Giu (Maggie Shiu 邵美琪) and Cheung Po Tsai (Tony Hung) discover that her husband Cheng Yat (Law Lok Lam 羅樂林) may still be alive. They enlist Man Ho’s help in finding the whereabouts of Cheng Yat. They come upon the shocking revelation that Man Ho and Cheung Po Tsai are brothers…

Subsequently, not wanting to be separated from Wong Tai Mui (Grace Chan), Po Tsai follows her back to Hong Kong in 2015. Unfortunately, the two bump into Bowie (also played by Ruco Chan). Tai Mui is heavily injured and ends up in the hospital. Tai Mui ends up losing her memory and forgets Po Tsai.

Tai Mui eventually recovers from her injuries and joins a mission aimed at capturing Bowie.  A gunfight erupts and amid the confusion, Tai Mui shoots Po Tsai. At that moment, Tai Mui suddenly recalls the romance she had with Po Tsai, but is it too late?

Source: Yahoo.com.hk

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. If you have watch till episode 27 you can conclude that some parts of this spoiler do not link so don’t be too worried. There might be a chance that it might not turn out like this though. I, myself do not really like this ending too. However, I could not decide if I want grace to end up with tony or Ruco. Even if you have decided on who you prefer her to be with, it’s kinda hard because these character belong in different timeline so it’s either Ruco or tony go into the future to be with grace or grace goes back to the past. However, I sincerely hope that it will not end as a loophole or not having a accountable ending. Haha, just came to my mind what if Grace end up with Bowie?

    1. @alien btw, if you recall, when grace enter the cave what she found was CPT coin. And what saved her from bowie’s gunshot was also that coin, so is there a bigger chance that she ends up with CPT? Or is it that CPT really love Grace that much that he is still willing to stand by her and protect her even if she ends up with 11th prince? I have a feeling that this ending might not be satisfactory considering logically of what must happen in order for her to be with Ruco or tony. Hopefully, the story overcome the odds and she ends up with one of them…

      1. @alien Mui does not deserve Man Ho. Though she claimed to love him, she didn’t have any trust in him. If you’ve watched ep 28 you’ll agree with me. This is a very hateful character who flip flops and can’t make up her mind and says contradictory stuff all the time. Man Ho’s heart died when she said all those hateful stuff to him in tonight’s episode. I say good for him.

      2. @isay Yes!!! How can a character be soooo annoying??!!! She always says the things that is very contradicting. Like wtf. Make up ur mind before opening ur your mouth pls!!!! She had hurt both guy terribly, and yet always claiming she does not meant to hurt them. Aiyoh. Just go back to ur own time line alone lah!!!

      3. @isay Haven’t seen ep 28 but one thing I like about Man Ho; he can admit when he is wrong and he can certainly move on. Good riddance to flip flop Mui.

      4. @funnlim just guessing, I think towards the end IF Mui doesn’t choose Man Ho, he’d probably be unable to move on, or perhaps marry someone and still think of her. There are character inconsistencies in TVB dramas.

      5. @ruomin02 I highly doubt it because it is against Man Ho’s character who is a man able to let go and move on. More so in issues of love. If he couldn’t move on that is an inconsistency. And I don’t see Mui’s impact that big on him anyway. He will move on to a woman he knows in the end he truly loves that is that cutesy maid of his.

      6. @funnlim ewwwwwww sorry i just can’t stand Kelly and Ruco together . I know they haven’t been together for long but I really wish they would get together. Though if they did I guess it would be a very unrealistic storyline (eg Ruco falls into ANOTHER twister to see her) hahahah.

        I really do think Man Ho won’t be able to let go of her you know. My gut tells me so. Well, let’s see.

      1. @tvbgodx Heh, gold star for getting that!

        I guess death by falling (heavy/hard) object then, we wouldn’t want the prediction extrapolation too far off course from the realm of real in TVB.

  2. “Imperial Consort Yim discovers that Man Ho is an imperial prince.”

    Is there an error with this statement? SHouldn’t it be Man Ho is NOT an imperial prince? Been predicting that since that idiotic flashback scene.

    Or maybe he was an imperial prince from another dynasty who time traveled when he was 3 to the present dynasty? Now that would be a twist worthy of M Night endorsement.

    And ending? Mui ends up with CPT. I don’t see how Man Ho travels to present day HK. Suggestion is there that Mui really really likes CPT. Rubbish. I will jump on Man Ho any time. He displayed more integrity than CPT displayed swashbuckling recklesness. And Man Ho marries Ha Sim. And Bowie dies a spectacular death but not before Mui delivers a monologue about right and wrong which frankly does not tie in with whatever she experienced and the present day happenings so I am wondering what’s the point of her time traveling or Bowie?

    Another prediction;

    Grace gets into the Most Improved/Best Actress list despite all the obvious criticisms (even now she is OTT) and Tony also.

    Grace should be in modern day romance story like Outbound Love. Why? She does way better in flirtatious smiling eyes shining twinkling scenes than those other scenes.

    As for Kelly, she may even get into most improved as well but frankly I am sick of her acting cute. When she stops acting cute she is actually a much better actress.

    Elaine maybe also in some category. She should be in most improved and she has improved like a million times since her rather cringe worthy god awful performance in Safe Guards. BUT even her improvement is not so much in terms of her performance in this series itself. Put it simply; she suffers from what Tony and Grace is suffering. Bad casting decision and I hate how she minced her words, like one word at a time and sounding not at all in tune with everything else.

    Mandy is ok as the supporting character. Just don’t put
    her as the lead.

    Ruco is definitely in best actor category. Will he win? Most probably not but seriously, so far for a a series so poorly written and surrounded by sub standard main costars but with very very good veterans, Ruco is the ONLY reason why this series is bearable and his Man Ho is the only character that seems to be developed in any way as a character at all.

    1. @funnlim I think Elaine deserves better, her acting is PRETTY good, you gotta admit. Not superstar-good or Fan BingBing-good, but she is pretty good.

      agreed, I don’t fancy Kelly’s acting at all, with all the hesitation and trying to act kind and cute. It’s getting on my nerves. I kinda hope Man Ho ends up with Grace though. WHat are your predictions as to Kelly marrying Man Ho? I thought for a moment perhaps it will happen by Man Ho’s mum arranging it, but then again, since I havent’ watched up to EP 28 yet, I’m not sure what’s happening at the moment. Do you have any links for English subbed COD?

      1. @ruomin02 Picture spoilers show them marrying. Likelihood is high if Man Ho’s heart is dead with regards to Mui and I hope he is because Mui is obviously smitten with CPT. In fact since Mui is introduced so late into the series in terms of to Man Ho, I think it is 99.99999% that relationships are set before they met. So they meeting and so called in love is an afterthought. I don’t know why the series took its time to let them meet.

        Kelly is ok if compared to Grace but I am also sick of her cutesy act.

        Elaine is terrible on a different scale simply because she doesn’t suit concubine yim. I don’t even feel she is threatening. She talks lazily, drags her words and slouches. Nothing regal, nothing commanding. Pretty good yes but terrible for a concubine so powerful, so influential.

        I don’t have good opinion on FBB’s acting. Better opinion for Sun Li.

      2. @funnlim EXACTLY WHY DID THEY INTRODUCE MUI TO MAN HO 2347019238471092384 EPISODES INTO THE DRAMA. If they had met earlier I guess there would be a much higher rate of them getting together. Thanks to the admin on myasiantv.com not updating her website, I don’t get to watch COD. I really wanna watch it but it’s only up to EP17 at the moment. AOD is down for me so, oh well. I don’t get how they’re gonna fit Man Ho & Grace meeting each other, their romance, their breakup, everything, in less than 13 episodes! That’s why, TVB dramas almost always give a disappointing ending. Either a cliffhanger or an ending which is extremely rushed/ with lots of loopholes, or rarely, a good ending

      3. @funnlim idk imo Elaine is good enough. She deserves more though. Seriously underrated.

        Fan BingBing? tbh I haven’t watched Empress of China yet, but my friends keep ranting on and on about how good it is. If you have: is it good or not?
        So I’m not one to judge about how good FBB’s acting is.
        But apparently she’s pretty good.

      4. @funnlim I don’t think Mui is in love with CPT. She said so herself that she loved Man Ho and it was painful to have to leave him (before that framing incident) yet she was the first one to point her finger at him and blabbed his big secret. I think she chose CPT in the end to make Man Ho forget her and she was probably touched by the fact that he was willing to follow her into the future. Not love but gratitude.

      5. @funnlim ahah i’ve finally watched all the episodes, up to date now. I think you’re right, Elaine does slur her words and she sounds lazy, like she’s not enunciating her words in the way an empress/consort would say it. I guess her makeup artists have done a good job though! (lol) and her smiles/ calculative looks are not bad

    2. @funnlim

      “Imperial Consort Yim discovers that Man Ho is an imperial prince.”

      More like the King declares Man Ho to be the imperial prince, I reckon.

      Grace has improved, only because she gets to be OTT lol.

      Kelly’s acting just feels forced out that’s about it.

      Will Ruco win? No idea, that award might end up in one of the leads for Lords of Shanghai, because TVB politics obviously.

  3. This drama is a train wreck. It’s only saving grace (no pun intended there) is Ruco. He’s like the only watchable one. The others were either too dramatic or didn’t make any sense, period. Even Mandy was unbelievable in her consistency and Joel’s character aint all that believable either.

    The only reason why I’m still watching is similar to why people can’t tear their eyes away from a disaster. It’s that mind-boggling.

    1. @coralie this drama is poorly written. wasted some of the good cast. yes…I still can’t believe i’m watching it despite the disastrous plots. so it can only be for one reason…RUCO.

      suck Mui back into 2015 alone. she doesn’t deserve the love of either man. Man Ho deserves a better woman and that can only be Ha Sim.

      1. @ruomin02 I like ha sim. Not her character cus she’s annoying and her tearful, breathy cries are darn grating to my ears…but the actress. This drama is her breakthrough imo. Now you know she can act and is displaying it tentatively for all to see. She has lots of potential.

        Grace, on the other hand…I had high hopes for her. Some of CofD’s stills were gorgeous and she looked stunning & powerful in them. I was expecting more from her. Alas this series is more like her downfall. Now I just look at her pitifully. They pushed her too high and she has fallen that much deeper. I honestly still blame the scriptwriter & director more though.

      2. @coralie sometimes I wonder, was their characters MEANT to be like that? As in, was Kelly MEANT to be a whiny character, because IF she was she’s DAMN good. However if she was meant to be graceful and kind like Sam-Ho in BTROC, I don’t think she succeeded.

        Same goes for Grace, little disappointed, but how was her character SUPPOSED to be portrayed? I’m not really sure, but both directors and her are meant tobe blamed. You can’t blame it all on the directors. Well, a) give her some leeway, it’s her first leading drama, b) imo OTT is much better than no expression/wooden

      3. @ruomin02 Grace’s character is super duper annoying. The most hateful female lead I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve already vented my frustrations about her elsewhere and can’t be bothered to repeat myself here. I wish Bowie had just finished her off in ep 3.

      4. @janet72 even Ruco can’t save this drama. He’s put in the most effort though, I can tell. The veterans are still great too. I think part of the reason I still watch aside from Ruco, is to gauge the absurdity of this entire drama. The plot twists are at the same time so cliche and so immature, that I just dare, like double dog dare them to use it. But of course, like all trolls, they never stop disappointing you. And it’s come to the point where I know I’m feeding the trolls, but dabnabbit, I just can’t back off

  4. Hmmm, i wouldn’t be so harsh as to say the drama is a flop unless you’re talking about the plot per se. There’s really no need to call the drama Cheung Po Tsai when the drama is actually all about Man Ho and CPT the pirate is more like just part of the plot and not the focus. The other part of the story i hate is the convenient long lost brothers plot twist. It would have been much better without it. I don’t like palace dramas but i like this becos of Ruco’s powerful acting in all his palace scenes where he’s dragged into all the conspiracies against his will. The saving graces for me are Ruco’s acting and those of his veteran co-stars like Lau Kong, Ngok Wah and Lee Sing Cheong. I think the setting is beautiful and the cinematography is awesome in some scenes. I especially liked ep 28’s opening scene where Man Ho stood all alone on the balcony top, staring at the wide expanse of the palace surrounding him, a lonely figure amidst all the grandeur. The feeling of isolation and loneliness was so overwhelming that our hearts must ache for him (and it really broke my heart watching this scene). Plus I have to say some of the CGI in the battle scenes were pretty impressive by TVB standards. This drama is so much better than some of the rubbish TVB has been churning out like Wudang Rules and Master of Destiny. So no, i won’t call this a total disaster.

    1. @isay i know right, why put the stupid brother plot twist? a little typical, you know, how TVB plots always expose this new family member in so many shows (eg EU).

      CGI was impressive for tvb standards.

      I think i got the “feels” for the grace + Ruco casting though! (hope you guys don’t mind me shipping them because I just get too many feels for the couple 🙂 )

      1. @ruomin02 After ep 28, i got no more feel for this couple. I just want Mui to get lost, stop hurting Man Ho. Love without trust, how is that possible? And how she repeated his words “If you asked me a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times, yes, I still don’t believe you”. Wtf!

    2. @isay This is how I feel as well, the whole pirate section in the first half of the series felt like filler.

      Grace’s character was so inconsistent. Hopefully Lords of Shanghai is good though.

    3. @isay Agreed! Especially on the part where the title is called Cheung Po Tsai when is about Man Ho. I feel like the title should be 11th Prince. Lol. The pirate story is more like a sub story to enhance Man Ho’s story. Another thing is imho I think that Tony acting the title of the show is a little bit unfair to Ruco. Not saying Tony is bad but considering he’s quite new, it’s just weird seeing him getting a lead in a series so fast. I know he’s the replacement for Raymond Wong but you know…

      @ruomin02 Haha. I don’t mind you shipping them as it’s your opinion and feeling. But for me, I really dislike Mui’s character as a whole in the show even if the character is supposed to be like this. I really hate the fact that she says she love CPT and the next, she says she love Man Ho. And in one of the episode when Man Ho and Mui got drunk and the next day Mui leaving, she said to Man Ho “My feelings to you is the same as my feelings to CPT” THE HELL? Ever since then I really hope she doesn’t get together with Man Ho and don’t remind me about what happened in EP 28. Despite Ha Sim acting cute all the way, I honestly prefers her over Mui to be with Man Ho. At least she trusts him and sincere to him.

      I certainly don’t hope Mui’s character will bring bad image to Grace though. I know Grace is a little OTT but she’s still new so I guess she deserves more chances.

      1. @unwinding No, it’s clear that the lead is really Ruco although Tony plays the titular character.
        By gosh, how badly is this Mui character written. Now she’s telling CPT that she loves him when just 2 episodes ago she was telling Man Ho she loves him and was forcefully kissing him lol! Can’t she make up her mind or does she want her cake and eat it too? Guess she understood that Man Ho no longer had the hots for her after he told her off that he didn’t understand the notion of thinking with a logical mind all the time, therefore she now turned her attention to CPT. Terrible horrible hateful character.

      2. @unwinding SORRY SORRY! bcoz as i mentioned in one of the other comments, I’ve only watched til EP 17.. I’ve watched till EP 29 now, fully updated, so I do understand what you mean! I was seriously fed up when she did that too! (yes esp when she said my feeling for you are the same as those to CPT – why be so mystical lah?) It almost seems like she’s leading them on. And in all those misunderstandings, like the one between CPT and Ruco, why couldn’t she just goddamn SPIT IT OUT? JUST SAY THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO BE WITH THEM AND STOP BEING A FICKLE MINDED IDIOT (i sound very aggressive here, but I don’t hate on Grace or anything, just the character Mui)

        However I really do think that Man Ho and Mui are compatible and really hope that they’ll get together (though it’s not probable)

        Btw when I saw the stills on this website : http://www.ahmike.com/2015/03/captain-of-destiny-overview-and.html
        I found out that IT IS TRUE, for some apparent nonsensical reason Tony is the assassin when CPT and Grace return to HK 2015!! WHAT IS THIS. CONFUSING AF

  5. The other thing I’m curious about is how the scriptwriter is going to wrap up Man Ho’s part of the story when Mui returns to present day. I hope they won’t leave us guessing about his fate. Hope he has a happy ending after all the misery he went through.

  6. Want to add that mui is especially shallow not only becos she refused to trust the man she claimed to love very much, she also betrayed his trust by revealing his secret! What a hateful character !

  7. What kind of a woman is Mui? She claimed she loves 11th prince but divulged his secret? She deserved to be duped by her boyfriend in the first few episodes.
    I’ve stopped watching after episode 26….so hurting to see Ruco being hurt. Perhaps TVB should watch Scarlet Heart to observe how the concubines and women folk behave in the Qing dynasty. There is not a wee bit of royalty here.

      1. @isay Ruco is awesome in my eyes as well as many.
        i’ll listen to your advice and watch the episodes. so far I only know the synopsis for episode 27.

        Ruco will be coming to Singapore to attend the awards…hope he gets the TVB award again.

      2. @janet72 i would watch Ruco in anything just for him. Of coz if that drama is really bad eg Slow boat home, I’ll take my time to repeat my viewing. So far I’ve repeatedly watched certain episodes of COD (just Ruco’s parts). He’s too good to not watch in this drama even if i hv to put up with overly promoted noobs who can’t act.

      3. @isay same here…i’m nuts over Ruco. those beautiful parts with Ruco, I’ve also repeated watching.
        he has the power to draw my attention. Love you Ruco.

      4. @janet88 and isay: That makes the 3 of us. I’m nuts and obsessed with Ruco and the 11th prince. I have rewatched all his COD scenes at least 5 times and skipped all the pirates scenes. When COD is over, I’ll rewatch all over Ruco’s scenes again. I just love his 11th prince character even though the storyline is crappy. Then I’ll rewatch all his old dramas again! LOL

  8. By god, this show just keeps breaking my heart. I just finished ep 29 and I am TT TT
    In this episode they give a hint on the relationship between Ha Sim and Man Ho. N Mui reveals that she loves CPT.
    This story had so much potential. They could have done so much with the characters. But now…….
    Sigh…… n I honestly I am still a Man Ho and Mui fan
    Despite knowing its definitely not goin to work out
    Cant help but wonder
    Is the reason she dont really trust him because his reincarnation shot her when she trusted him ?

    1. @jlimcyt By gosh, how badly is this Mui character written. Now she’s telling CPT that she loves him when just 2 episodes ago she was telling Man Ho she loves him and was forcefully kissing him lol! Can’t she make up her mind or does she want her cake and eat it too? Guess she understood that Man Ho no longer had the hots for her after he told her off that he didn’t understand the notion of thinking with a logical mind all the time, therefore she now turned her attention to CPT. Terrible horrible hateful character.

    2. @jlimcyt I am with you on this! I gave up watching CoD (do not enjoy CPT or the Pirates) to follow Nirvana in Fire and restarted after that ended – despite not being a fan previously, I think Ruco is really good here and has chemistry with grace despite being in less episodes together than Tony/grace. Seemed to be developing nicely up to ep 27/28 ( So much feels for the kiss at the end of ep 27 and I can even understand why she did not trust him as that’s consistent with her unyielding, straight arrow and lack of analytical skills self and appreciated the apology consistent with a self aware, self absorbed modern woman) but ep 29??? What the freak is that? You professed your love but said you have to hide it because you gotta leave to 2015 to one hot dude and then you “like” cpt which until now have never shown any slight romantic interest in except for familial affection! I take comfort that she says “a guy she likes” rather than “a guy I love” which is what she said in ep 27 and much earlier on when attired in western outfit, she said “gave an opportunity to man Ho and hope to CPT”. Perhaps this is not bad writing but bad acting – if Mui is supposed to portray conflicted emotions in that she wants to “let go” of man Ho as they are too different and she hurt him badly by not believing him particularly since she is leaving to 2015, grace chan is not nailing it. Please let her watch Nirvana in Fire on repeat to learn from Liu Tao who can express oceans of love / regret / conflict by a tear or an eyebrow!! Grace should probably hone her craft doing modern series first – her love scenes with Ruco are pretty believable I have to say (maybe consistent with her real personality) and she does have the X factor I believe – just more training please!! Ruco on the other hand, please go act in China – his interpretation of 11 prince is good and he really deserves much much better acting partners of his own age!! He reminds me of Chen sicheng in The Female General but better looking!

      1. @lizzie Of cos the China market is huge but i wouldn’t want Ruco to film in China dramas just yet. I hate those china dramas with cutesy female leads with alabaster faces and whiny voices. Plus the dubbing is horrendous. I want to watch Ruco and hear his voice, not someone dubbing for him! Ruco not only can act with his eyes, his voice can “act” too. His enunciation is always perfect and clear and his tone and pitch always spot on. He can be tender/romantic, ambitious/aggressive/authoritative and pained/conflicted just by changing his tone and pitch and emphasis is always at the right places in the dialogue. He’s as much a joy to watch as to listen to. Thus the audience would not be able to fully appreciate Ruco in mainland dubbed dramas as someone else’s voice would be “acting” for him.

      2. @isay Good point re dubbing – it would be a pity . For China dramas really got to pick and choose – some are really good and some are really with “alabaster face + whiny voices!”. I just watched Nirvana in Fire so am biased now coz that was really well produced and eel acted. Wang Kai was not dubbed and he sounds totally good!

    1. @janet88 totally agree! Found a fan made YouTube video of Ruco/grace (up to ep 27!) to the ending song sung by Ruco – gonna watch that instead of the last few episodes which seems to be turning into a debacle.

  9. That song by Ruco is so soothing…sorry people…I know I must have bugged you for being so nuts over Ruco.

    There was a part which Ha sim said she would want to be his maid in the next life….to which he gently asked if all she wants is to be his maid….I think I’ve melted when i saw his expression.

  10. Ah Mui doesn’t love either man, she was probably just on a rebound. She only loves herself most. If she loved either man that much, she wouldn’t have been so insistent to go back to modern times. Anyway, bad acting aside, I think her character is also poorly written, and TVB tried so hard to make a love triangle out of them but it wasn’t really convincing.

  11. Omg. I just watched epi 30. Seems like it’s going the down line as mentioned, but swapped role between Mui and CPT.

    Poor 11th Prince. Btw, I think 11th prince dont really loves kelly’s character. If he loves her, he will not ask her to die with him. Like wtf, he will do anything to save Mui rite?? It’s really off from his character. He is not the type who are afraid to die alone!!! And he will not cause harm to someone who trusted and stay by his side. Now officially I hate this writer. Damn to the max!!!!!

    I dont wanna talk bout Cpt and Mui now. Whatever the writer wanna promote them, its not working.

    1. @dramadrama Just finished it too. At least it’s clear that Mui loved the 11th prince but just doesn’t trust him completely. In the end, she accepted CPT because of his immense love for her. Not the best but still tolerable. I however cannot see any chemistry between Mui and CPT – he really has to go back to Qing dynasty!

    2. @dramadrama And yeah agree with you that 11th prince doesn’t love ha sim but she stuck by him and he appreciated that. If she doesn’t die with him, probably would have a worse ending as she would be hunted too. In a sense I get that sentiment but this being a tvb drama, not fleshed out properly yet again

    3. @dramadrama Lol he didn’t have a choice as they were all surrounded. He did try to send her back to the nunnery in an earlier episode but she wouldn’t leave him.

      1. @isay Yeah. I know Ha Sim refused to go back to nunnery in previous epi. Its just that still not convincing he will just ask her die with him just like that. I was hoping he will knocked her out and send her on boat with cpt. lol.

        And btw, I have a feeling that Bowie might actually be the 11th prince. Cos they way Bowie looked at drowning Mui, he seems wanting to save her, and swim away only after seeing police coming to save her. Well, 2 more epi to go anyway. Cant wait for it to end fast.

        To me, there is really minimal chemistry can be seen on cpt and mui.

  12. I really need to shout out loud my love for this gallant prince Man Ho. What a man! Not afraid to love and not afraid to let go. He still had feelings for Mui but decided that she wasn’t the right one for him as he tested her faith in him a final time and she still couldn’t completely trust him. Much credit has to go to Ruco for his excellent portrayal of this tragic prince. Love this actor and man so much, muah!!!!

  13. @isay while the show had its flaws, I do appreciate the fact that the heroine wanted to go back to her time because she had family there rather than stay in an era where she doesn’t belong “because of love”. Her trust issues are also understandable considering she was cheated upon – pity that grace is a bit too raw to play this role. Even sadder is that I can’t actually think of a tvb actress that can play this role too!

  14. if you notice, actually from day 1 the series have been shipping CPT & Mui to show how their relationship blossom over the episodes, from annoyance of each other to deep feelings. I think 11th is just a distraction (handsome indeed) that is written to create a love triangle and some spice in the drama. However, Grace failed big time in acting out Mui’s character. She can’t bring out the emotions well, so we don’t really see the character’s true feeling. Tony is not great an actor, but he’s not that bad. He had some great moments or when it’s not too serious he’s able to pull it off. Grace, on the other hand is too raw for most scenes and annoying at times. In fact, I find Kelly good in these few episodes when she acts non cutesy. Way better than Grace.

  15. At this point, with the time travel, finding great grandparents and the various gyrations, it would be hilarious to find that, in 2015,Yat Mui and 11th Prince were parents of a baby named CPT. LOL

    Even when a drama is going along well, it seems like someone at TVB just has to work extra hard to louse up the dramas. (Not to say that this drama has been going along well, to start.)

    I wonder if they had to revised the focus of the story due to the limitation in acting by some of the cast, i.e. Grace and Tony. They were the weakest links. The rest of the cast were passable and the old-timers were, as usual, great.

    And, without a doubt, Ruco was the best and strongest actor. He really needs to be given roles where he can show his acting range more. Some of his rom-com roles doesn’t seem to give him enough challenge to hone his acting skills even more.

  16. Ruco, Joel are saving grace for COP. Maggie ok.

    so heartbroken to see the army generals go all out to kill 11th prince…he is a the only worthy person in the entire Qing dynasty. hopeless emperor.

    1. @janet72 Well, thats what Ruco told the emperor. The he is not so evil and selfish like the rest of his brothers, cos he does not have his blood. Its literally slapping the emperor at his face. Really loved 11th prince character, and of course well played by Ruco. if only this drama is all about him, and focusing on him, joel and his generals bond.

  17. the non prince..Ruco is the only one who is worthy of the title. the rest of the princes are hopeless…that emperor is equally hopeless. that scene when he told Elaine to drink the poisoned wine and she wanted to see her son last time is supposed to be very sad, but I don’t feel it.

  18. That girl grace chan can’t act !! Who she think she is ? Thinking everyone like her ? Please ! She is not cute & bad at acting !!! SHE KILL THE WHOLE MOVIE BECAUSE OF HER ACTING ! what’s wrong with TVB? let a young girl who can’t act to be the main actress ? this movie is terrible!!!!!!!

    1. @tracybaby she thinks she is lovable because she is Miss HK…gosh now riding on Kevin Cheng, who is not that fantastic but sickening proud fella.

  19. Just watched epi 31. This drama is really going down hill. But they are lucky, as most viewers will still stay on with it, cos it will end tomorrow. Tony and Grace acting really cmi. I dont feel the love and heartache from him, and there is still no chemistry between them.

    I stayed with it cos I wanna know what happened to 11th prince, and how did the letter hidden in the painting, and what happened to Bowie. Thats all. If tvb will include the plots in the ending……

    1. @dramadrama athough this drama isnt really well written but since the pirate story and the palace story become one story its quite entertaining to watch.i like the fight and love triangle between ruco-grace-tony. its going to the climax now.
      i find the letter in the painting really interesting, the painting is from thief king’s ancestors,that means that man ho and ha sim hasnt died,otherwise thief king wouldnt exist. the question is why is cheung po tsai in this painting? the only answer is that cheung po tsai went back to ching dynasty and saved man ho from ching soldiers. thats why man ho can make this painting to warn thieve king not to kill cpt,hence cpt can save his brother,so thats why in the letter said something about you can chance the destiny. or this is just my fantasy,lol.

      1. @kolo stupid right? one minute about pirates, then palace politics and love story of joel chan/mandy, sickening Mui who is so mean.

  20. So Monday last episode? Now that Ruco is going to be killed, I don’t want to watch the rest. Saw the shots…that sickening Mui screaming again in episode 31. She doesn’t deserve any guy.

  21. There was this one thing that really irked me….Grace has all these ‘regrets’ about hurting two men she loves. Does she not remember that she has a man back in present day Hong Kong as well??? I didn’t watch the beginning but isn’t Matt Yeung playing as her bf?

    1. @jaylee

      No because she found out that Matt Yeung’s character was having an affair with another woman, and she dumped him before she time travelled.

  22. I am well satisfied with ep 31 n ep 32
    Just wished that they had really expanded on CPT love with Mui and Man Ho with Ha Sim
    Instead of the whole love triangle thing – the whole drama would have been OK if not for ep 28-30
    I am still lamenting over it – can’t even watch the marriage between Ha Sim n Man Ho

    still wished Mui ended up with bowie though – i feel kind of sorry for him
    He had to give up on her TWICE

  23. I dont suppose there is a fanfiction for them ?
    With BETTER character depth ? N plot ?
    Might just write one to get rid of this frustration in me

  24. Omg should have stopped at Ep 27. Chemistry between CPT and Mui is non existent and when did she even like him? Considering she loved 11th prince !! And Bowie and her had more chemistry too. Won’t be surprised if they really did date hence the chemistry coz neither she nor timmy can act as if romantically inclined !! Raymond Wong’s 2 second appearance is the CPT that should be…. Ruco really deserves tvb king as I can’t believe I finished this badly written show just for him!

    1. @lizzie
      I agree .. CPT & Mui no chemistry at all. I think she did love CPT, and realise it at the slapping scene, but it’s the kind of love that you try to deny because u don’t want it to develop further, but because the acting sucks so you don’t feel it.

      Not sure if Raymond can pull off the playful CPT side

  25. Damn, just finished the ending (finally!!!). Up till the end, I see no chemistry between mui and cpt. Like how I wished this 2 nvr existed!!!!

    And I pity ruco’s character, not cos he cant be with mui both times, but he deserved the female lead to be with him. lol. But the chemistry between him and mui are much more than cpt.

    The only part I loved most in last epi is when ruco dressed as CPT, and cameo of Raymond at the end. Wow both can be a better CPT than tony anytime.

    And how I wished it have a plot twist of mui. Plot twist: mui find too embarrassed to be with pumpkin usless unducated cpt, and decided that she actually loved her first love. So she hugged and forced kissed Matt when he was shot by bowie, telling him she forgave him cos she loved him soooooo much. Best twist ever!!!

  26. One negative thing > poor acting ruined the drama

    One positive thing > OMG surprise ______ cameo at the ending 😛

  27. I feel the reason why there are so many inconsistencies is because they had to cut CPT’s parts when Bosco and Raymond declined the role. There were simply way too many plot holes.

    Has anyone else noticed that the epic battle between CPT and 11th prince shown in the first episode was never shown again in the main part of the series and had no links with the story?

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