Edison Chen Stands Up for Nana Ouyang

As a collaboration between his brand CLOT and Mitchell & Ness and NBA, Edison Chen (陳冠希) recently released a line of basketball jerseys. He had invited 18-year-old Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜), a Taiwanese cellist and actress to model the new collection.

Netizens were quickly divided over their opinions on the new advertisements. One camp praised Nana as a good choice due to her youth, but the other side criticized her for having thick upper arms and being fat. Edison was quick to defend Nana, commenting “YALL DUMB….U DONT LIKE WHAT I POST UNFOLLOW ME B*TCH…. NANA COOL….”

Soon after, the search phrase “Is Nana Ouyang fat?” rose to the top of search ranking charts on Weibo. In response, Nana posted on Weibo a childhood photo with the comment, “The most motivating search phrase has shown up. Losing weight is a really personal thing; you need to set a goal in order to persevere….When I’m hungry now; I just look in the mirror. It’s very useful.”

Even though netizens have pointed out that she has thick upper arms, the photos still show that she has thin legs. Due to her profession as a cellist, she is not able to train her arms too much in order to prevent injury, so this may be one of the reasons why they look less toned.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What’s up with Chinese people’s standards when it comes to body image? This lady’s arms are no where fat? God, this makes me feel bad about my own arms.

    1. @sugadough

      Beauty standards differ in every country. In the west, they preach body positivity that appropriates overweight and obesity, which is wrong on many levels.

      Now I am not saying that this woman is overweight, and shouldn’t be a model. I think she’s fine. All I am saying is that we need to stop appropriating obesity in the west.

      1. @anon Oh God.. first of all, the West is not worshiping obesity, it’s trying to fight it. Second, you misunderstood the body positivity campaign. It is about combatting negative body image and consequent eating disorders. Third just because the West has some effed up beauty standards (that aren’t universally supported btw) doesn’t erase the fact that some Chinese netizens have really effed up world view to insult a young woman for her body just because it doesn’t fit their narrow standards. It should be called out regardless.

      2. @huppertspuppet

        ‘first of all, the West is not worshiping obesity, it’s trying to fight it.’

        Fighting obesity by having a fat overweight obese slob to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine is not what I consider to be positive body image and fighting obesity. Vogue magazine did the same as well. In fact it has had a negative response by the majority. Many, including myself, feel that such action promotes the acceptance of obesity from a societal level. Again, intentions may be good, but terrible choice of actions.

  2. Edison’s comment just seems more self centred rather than sticking up for Nana.

    Anyway, Nana looks fine to me. Plus she’s only like, 18. People should be ashamed for attacking a young woman like that. Nana shouldn’t have to look at herself in the mirror and not eat.

    1. @birdy2415 You are right, Edison wasn’t speaking up for Nana. He didn’t say anything when netizens initially commented on her flabby arms. He only retaliated when someone commented on his poor choice of model.

      Anyway when I first saw the news I was surprised why a nice young girl like Nana will choose to model for Edison.

  3. Im not a fan of Edison but frankly why blast the girl what wrong with a lil bb fat on her body she equals out fine i dont see anything wrong with her! What is so sexy about a bag of bones its like if you put shirt on someone you would want to see the features design and curves it brings out.If you put it one someone thats a stick figure its like hanging a peice of cloth on the hanger nothing but flat!!

  4. This story is wrong on so many different levels…
    I feel sorry for the girl, it seems she has confidence issues if she needs to look at the mirror to refrain from eating. If she’s an accomplished cellist, she should be proud of what she’s already accomplished at such a tender age.
    If it was a National swimmer with thick upper arms, you think netizens would be equally critical?
    Also, EDC should start speaking like an adult. My 2 yo speaks better English than him. He may not care (ever) how his image is negatively portrayed, but he owes his wife and child to be better portrayed in the media, and perhaps a better choice of words may be a good start..

  5. it’s not nana, it’s the outfit. how could anyone look skim in it other than stick figure models? but i don’t agree how nana said she would have to starve to tone up unless it’s sarcasm.

  6. He’s an annoying person but he is totally correct, if you don’t like him then unfollow him LOL!
    It sounds like the rude comments are from people hating him. So at least he was willing to admit he was the cause of it. But fends people off in an even more rude manner than the netizens.

    She isn’t fat at all, sometimes clothes and pictures tend to make people look bigger. In reality she might fly away if the wind blow. If she does get too skinny she’ll just make news again. Nothing satisfy netizens, so people should just concern about themselves and their health first.

  7. Firstly, I hope Ouyang Nana and countless other young women stay strong after seeing these kinds of humiliating comments. I hope there happens a major spiritual reform among Chinese netizens so that they’d be less venomous and use their negative energy into something more productive and positive. i can’t help thinking that this is the result of extremely fast economical growth, consumerism and the consequent competitiveness in the society and lookism (much like what’s happened in Korea and other nations that became spiritually devoid). Second, Edison Chen is a manchild with very little eloquence. I wonder why so many women agreed to sleep with him and take lewd pictures.

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