Fans Can’t Believe Yang Mi’s “Unscientifically Slim” Legs

Known for her slim physique and delicate facial features, 35-year-old actress Yang Mi (楊冪) has starred in countless renowned dramas and is the face of several endorsements. The A-lister and mother of one was recently spotted by fans out shopping with friends, dressed in a pair of black leggings despite the sub-zero temperatures!

Fashionable Leggings Despite Chilly Temperatures

Dressed down in a black cotton coat and cap, fans identified the star from her chopstick-thin legs, and snapped photos of her out on the street and in a clothing store.

Netizens marvelled at how Yang Mi was dressed only in thin leggings despite the chilly climate recording negative seven degree celsius, and commented, “She’s the only one with such slim legs”, “Looks even thinner than men’s arms” and “Her figure is slim but not emaciated, she has boobs and buttocks,”

Source: ETToday

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  1. How anyone thinks that’s good looking is beyond me. It’s like finding a skeleton’s legs good looking.

    As to the buttocks and boobs comment, there’s lots of ways to get that, including undergarments and surgery.

    1. Pretty sure the boobs are surgically enhanced , there’s no way she’s that skinny and yet has “fat” only in the chest region. And are we forgetting about her wearing a butt pad before?

      Lol I say this as her fan I think there’s nothing wrong with surgical enhancement, looks great on my screen, win win.

      1. I know many skinny people with non surgically enhanced big boobs, so that’s an invalid point. Yang Mi doesn’t even have really big boobs, it depends mostly on what she’s wearing, since she changed her stylist there’s been no boob drama of recent. And what exactly does butt padding have to do with plastic boobs?

    1. There is an old saying, don’t make fun of other people’s appearance or else the same misfortune will befall on you or your offsprings. She’s not even hunched back, saying that won’t make her turn hunch back… but you or your family will. Is that even worth it? LOL! You should think twice before making fun of others.

      1. just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it is. check your eyes. it doesn’t make you a noble person by thinking that you are not judging. cursing someone is cursing yourself and your family and who so ever you care about.

      2. Anyone can voice out a different opinion if one disagrees. Start a discussion and remain sensible, respecting each other.
        Certain behavior and words are unnecessary and uncalled for.

      1. it is more common than you’d think consider they are always surrounded by aids and helpers who would correc their form. not on red carpets but in real life. round back is a sign of hunched back. in the top photo, you can see her upper back is round. also, there are youtube videos pointing out the fact. i walk around everyday noticing people with this problem. w/ pcs, phones, these days, we are all dropping our chins down which leads to it. chances are you or someone you know around you have this if you start looking around. it’s a very hard habit to break unless you make a concious effort for years not only when you’re reminded. not only it’s a visual problem, but it causes healthy risks like heart and breathing problems too.

      2. @momo ,
        Hey I see what you are saying now… maybe she is a little bit. I think many are now due to being obsessed with their phones and all. I need to be careful too as I don’t want to turn into a hunched back.

    2. I think what you meant is she has bad posture. We usually refer to it generally as hunched back without any insult meant but others may think of ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ kind of hunchback hence get offended.
      My kids and I also tend to slouch unconsciously and must keep reminding ourselves to ‘pull your shoulders up’ but I agree it’s a bad habit to break. It’s especially bad for my son and sloped shoulders makes it look so visually unappealing but I can’t be nagging 24×7. Have thought of getting those shoulder brace but not sure if it will be of help or will be too uncomfortable. Really envy those who can stand and sit ramrod straight as if they have something poked up their axx lol…

    3. @m0m0 I agree Yang Mi has a bit of a hunch back happening. I have seen a few Asian celebs with it. It is really noticable in a few of them . I know you did not say it out of malice, or being judgemental, but just an accurate observation.

  2. Chopstick legs look scary and ugly, but if a person is like that naturally, why be so jealous? I don’t think she is the only person in this world with chopstick legs. There are at least 2 people like that around my neighborhood. Scientific enough? They make me feel fat but doesn’t mean I should hate them. I don’t find it pretty, but I wouldn’t brag and make fun of them either.

    1. I want chopstick legs not because they look prettier, but I won’t feel so guilty when I eat more LOL
      Anyways, back to the article, this is old news. She’s known to have skeletal legs. Why was this brought up again?

    2. As someone with chopstick legs I can relate. Being naturally slim makes one look younger than their peers and normal to big-sized people may think we resort to drastic methods to appear that way. I think if Yang Mi has not had any plastic surgery and her boobs and buttocks are natural (albeit with some enhancement by wearing push-up bras etc..) then I think she looks good for her age.

    3. She was looking healthier years ago. A lot of these celebs think that to be pale and skinny is the way to go. A lot of the men are into androgynous clothes and heavy makeup. If a daughter of mine brought home a man like that, I would treat him like my daughter and tell her go get a man. If a son of mine brought home a woman looking like Yang Mi, unless it is her genetic history, I would be worrying if she is going to die from her frail and pale state. I certainly would offer to feed her.

  3. Yang Mi has always had a fine figure and is still very fashionable that’s why she’s been nabbing endorsements and magazine covers left and right. As people in the comments should be respectful to each other they should also remember not to body shame anyone. Yang Mi doesn’t have a hunchback, she used to have a bad habit of slouching unconsciously just the same way Zhao liying used to pick her nose and have unsanitary manners in public. Both have corrected them after much bullying. Yang Mi is skinny and shapely and those things seem to be in fashion in Asia, everyone has different tastes, there’s no need to be disrespectful.

    1. I read a headline that says Yang Mi is yearning for love. What she should be yearning for is a half pounder cheeseburger with all the trimmings, two slices of pizza, a large milkshake followed by a large well sweetened bubble tea. This should be repeated until about twenty pounds have been gained.

    2. What part of her figure is fine, except in fine which equals anorexic. She loojs like a ghost. Way too skinny, way too pake and has a very sad, negative face. Is that because she is starving herself. I do not find her the least bit desireble or attractive.

    3. I agree, it’s 2022 already, there’s no need to continue body shaming women. Chinese celebrities are always pressured to look a certain way. People should just criticize the unhealthy beauty standards of the entertainment industry. If you look at Chinese or Korean celebrities, they are all skinny and pale. Even male celebrities are pressured to be extremely skinny, look at Leo luo and allen ren (sorry if anyone is their fans). People just tend to pay attention to female’s body figure more.

      1. So true! Well said Problem is with standards not poor people that must follow them as they are part pf the industry. I remember one of the older Chinese stars commented how she feels sorry for young Chinese actors as they are so thin that they look like ghosts. The comment stuck in my mind for years and whenever I see them and I am shocked how thin they are in real life I remember it. It is high time to go for better healthier standards, Asians are naturally slimmer and have nice built without much mass, we should go back to that. If you don’t have enough muscles you will have hunched back and chopstick legs and a tons of health issues.

  4. I have actually seen many real life women with legs like or even skinnier than hers! I always notice women’s legs because I think mine are too stocky lol. I guess its just their genetic make up at the end of the day. She is also skinny but thats the nature of her job, but I think her legs will be skinnier than most peoples even if she put on weight.

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