Faye Wong’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Li Yan Shares That She’s Failing Math

Li Yan (李嫣) is attracting all the reds when it comes to her math homework and she doesn’t mind sharing it.

The 13-year-old, who is Faye Wong’s (王菲) daughter with ex-husband Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), currently attends a private school in Switzerland which accepts a total of 250 students per school year. According to reports, tuition at the school costs nearly HK$850,000 (approximately US$108,500) a year.

On Friday, Li Yan shared a story on her Instagram, which were snapshots of her graded math exam. The exam paper had many errors, and some questions were not even answered. Yan said, “Math and I are not meant to be.”

Like her older half sister Leah Dou (窦靖童), Yan’s excellence comes in the form of art. Both girls took on their mother’s genes, and have exception talent when it comes to music and art. While Leah chose to become a singer, Yan is interested in painting and calligraphy. She had her first art showcase at only 6 years old, when she displayed 44 of her paintings at an event in Yunnan.

Yan has also shown interest in fashion: last year, she modeled for the French children’s fashion brand Bonpoit in Paris, walking the 2019 Spring/Summer series fashion show.

Her father Li Yapeng once told famous Chinese host Chen Luyu (陈鲁豫) that while Leah is not his biological daughter, he raises her as his own. He shared that Leah is also not very good in school, only passing in English. The art gene really funs in the family after all.

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Source: HKET.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They sound like me as I was terrible in math but I never failed it. I struggled to get Cs. I did very well in English and foreign languages and excelled in that area but was bad in Math and weak in Chemistry.

    1. @hetieshou That’s always the case I observed in my ex classmates as well. The artistic ones are usually bad in math and science but excel in linguistics and art. The intellectual ones are the vice versa of the artistic students. It’s only a small minority within the class who can excel in both areas. Think of the normal distribution bell curve. Most people (> 80%) fall within the central area of the curve and only an extreme small percentage is what the society calls “gifted”.

      1. @rika
        Yes and good observation! Most of my brothers did well in all areas. But my late parents were disappointed in me as I was bad in math and science but did well in art and linguistics. I was always getting compared to my brothers so a lot of pressure was on me throughout school. I was proud of my brothers but hated to be constantly compared to them and living in their shadow.

      2. @hetieshou No offence but I never understood parents who love comparing their kids. Unless they themselves are Mr and Mrs Perfect; otherwise I truly don’t see the point as all the children are individual entities by themselves, not clones of one another.

  2. I don’t know about being good in arts translate to bad in math for some. I think sets and English and all disciplines all r relayed to math. Could be a different field of math that they r good at. Visual math is also math, artistic people r probably good at that than ones without the artistic skills.

    1. @orchid123
      I never thought Faye was pretty. Just lean and tall. Back in the 90s, don’t recall her prettiness was ever a selling point. I think people started tagging her as that when she dated Nicholas tse. It’s funny how people starting calling her goddess as she got her forties and suddenly became a pretty woman.

      1. @m0m0 I concur. I never find her pretty but just skinny and tall. I do like some of her songs and her voice thou. Goddess! Yes, just like how Michelle Chen went from a supporting cast in t/dramas to a goddess all of a sudden just cuz her film made it to the top. haha ….

      2. @m0m0
        I just checked on Faye Wong’s look again. Agreed that she is not pretty, just decent looking (tall, slim and has pretty big eyes). However, her two daughters look pretty ugly, especially the younger one, Li Yan.

  3. If it costs over $100k USD to attend such an exclusive school , I would make sure my kid gets the best tutors and extra support so they can’t be close to failing. Sure, I’ll a nurture their artistic side but I would also make sure they can pass in academic subjects too!

    1. @babycakes
      well, with the kind of money Faye has, assuming her kids are not too big of swindlers, they should be OK. For this lifetime. Plus going to elite schools means better connections and higher chance of marrying into a rich or prominent family. I don’t think Faye is shooting her kids to get into Harvard at least not with these grades.

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