Grace Chan Cooks With Twin Brother Derek

An active influencer, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) has been inviting her friends to make appearances on her Instagram. Recently, she filmed a video with her younger twin brother Derek. As Grace’s cooking skills leave much to be desired, she put her brother in charge of teaching viewers to assemble some easy to prepare dishes.

Using unconventional methods, Derek turned a waffle into an open sandwich. He believes that as long as the waffle is crispy enough, it can be treated as bread and is just as filling and convenient. He  suggested placing some cod roe spread or shrimp as a tasty topping, which can be served as an appetizer.

Grace later shared the video on Instagram and wrote, “It took a while for me to convince my brother to get Instagram, but once he did, as Aladdin would sing ‘A Whole New World’ was unleashed! (kidding) But being the fabulous brother that he is, he wanted to cook for me as a way of saying thank you, and whom am I to refuse a free meal?”

Derek later shared his thoughts on teaching Grace how to cook, “My sister’s cooking skills have definitely improved! But since it was all on camera, she had no choice but to eat my cooking.”

Many netizens enjoyed watching the siblings interact on camera together and requested that they film more videos together. They also praised Derek for his dark handsome features, which are a stark contrast from Grace.

Source: HK01

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    1. @m0m0 you already can tell they’re Indian so her two boys might have the Indian blood. It’s strange that their parents looks so Chinese that’s why I’m thinking they could be adopted when they were a little child. I remember Grace used to have dark skin like her brother maybe she bleached her skin to look lighter.

    2. @m0m0
      Yes I bet they are at least half Indian or middle eastern. I have a cousin who is half Iranian( his dad is Iranian) and looks nothing Asian at all. Many did not even know he is my cousin.

  1. Grace was a lot darker and looked a lot less Chinese and more south Asian. However, she seemed to have been able to become lighter . Wonder if her brother would perhaps lose more of the south Asian features following her footsteps?

  2. The brother definitely looks more Indian even when he was younger you can tell the Indian gene is pretty strong. But I don’t think they look like twins GC still looks a bit more Chinese to me.

    1. @wm2017
      They are fraternal twins so they don’t need to look alike. They are either Indian or Middle eastern mixed. I have a cousin who is half Iranian and he looks kind of like Grace’s brother.

  3. Ok, so I wasn’t going to read this article but so curious about her twin. When she won the MHK, I already find her to be some kind of mix, can’t be 100% Chinese. But now I see her brother, I’m 100% sure they’re mixed

  4. I have always thought her brother looks very Indian. If they are indeed brother and sister then they are either adopted or her parents used donor embryos. Don’t they have another sibling? Wonder what she looks like.

    1. @afan202
      Yes he looks very Indian or middle Eastern like my cousin who is half Iranian. Even if they are adopted or whatever, they will deny it as they would regard it as a shameful thing. I had some adopted cousins that looked nothing like my uncles and aunts but they lied about it since they were selfish. That can be the case here. Their older sister looks very Chinese/Asian.

  5. A real show-off. He should be dishing out Indian dishes instead.
    Hopefully do not follow the sister footsteps and grab someone’s girlfriend.
    She should not be acting, spare the audience her gasping and poor pronounciation of Cantonese.

  6. If you take a look at their family photo, you will immediately noticed they are no way from the same mom and dad as their sister. They were probably adopted or scientifically produced. Since they are fraternel twins.

    1. @annebee
      Yup, the 2 of them look very middle eastern/Indian. But of course their parents would try to hide that fact if they were adopted. Her brother looks like my cousin who is half Iranian, but my cousin knows about it. However, it seems like they are hiding it as they may think it is shameful thing sadly.

  7. There is no way they are pure Chinese. The brother looks Indian while Grace has the Indian shaped face and look too but she is much paler. Think either the mum had the twins with an Asian man or they are adopted.

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