Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s Shared Assets are Difficult to Split

Since Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi‘s (楊冪) divorce, Yang Mi has continued to work without a break whereas Hawick seems to have cut down on his workload in order to stay in Hong Kong to take care of their daughter.

In the past, Hawick would usually stay in China to work, leaving childcare responsibilities with his mother and father Lau Dan (劉丹). In Hong Kong for the last few months, he has been witnessed picking up his daughter from school and they seem to have a very close relationship.

Even though they have divorced, they have many shared assets that make a clear split difficult. They jointly own a company where Yang Mi has about one percent more share than Hawick and they have about 100 million yuan in shared property assets. Since 2012, they have been buying properties in Hong Kong. Every time they spend around 10 million and sometimes buy five units at a time! To complicate matters further, Hawick is also part of Yang Mi’s management agency.

Source: QQ

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @huppertspuppet
      my children speak fluent cantonese, mandarin, and english. for young kids, you can teach them up to 4 languages so in a way, there is no mother tongue for kids. it really depends on what you expose them to.

  1. Well they can be partners in work, if not partners in life. As long as both parties are mature about this situation, then it’s no issue.

    1. @coralie
      agree, partners in business, making money together. It’s not nessesary to divide those investments as long as they can deal with it.

  2. so they are business partners and own companies together. Rich.

    I remember there was a person in previous post who mentioned YM has a company and Hawick is a shareholder of the company and was badly thought to be having wrong info. Now this article clears the air.

    1. @gracechat25
      Actually, the company mentioned in the comment you talk about is Jaywalk media (a mainland company estimated around CNY 4 billions in value at the moment). Yang Mi is one of the founders and shareholders – Hawick is not a shareholder of Jaywalk (from what I know of Jaywalk)

      The company in this article – Leader fame limited – is a Hong Kong based company which was established before their marriage. Yang Mi has 40%, Hawick has 39% and Hawick’s mother has 21% of it’s ownership.

  3. All in all ,YM is the business minded here and owned much of the assets before she even married HL (who’s parents just tagged along for moneys sake). Its very obvious why HL father ,Lau Dan kept on holding on to his granddaughter as the gold chip against YM. The division of the asset is not the question here, it’s how much HL & family will bleed out from YM.

    1. @hanjin
      Lau Dan is a decent caring old man who has dedicated his life to family and television. He does not need to milk money off his daughter in law to improve his quality in life at his aged 75 so please don’t just open a new Jaynestar account to TROLL.Moron…

      1. @jimmyszeto oh yes Laud Dan is too respectable enough that’s why he can decide that there’s no one better in taking care of his grand daughter
        than himself. Is he better than the real mother here? Was YM givem a chance to be really close to her child? Even if their family is in showbiz for a long time…YM wealth surpasses them.! Yr the moron .

    2. @hanjin im with the other, Lau Dan does not need YM or her money, or her fame. He’s a respectable human being, don’t make your idol’s fandom look bad for saying stuffs like that.

      1. @littlefish ..if Lau Dan is a respectable man then he should know how to respect YM as the mother of his grandchild, right? YM has more right to raise her own daughter.

      2. @hanjin problem is YM doesn’t want the responsibility to raise her daughter. She just love her career. Raising kid is not just taking flight to see the kid. It involves commitment. When the kid is sick, the mum to be around to take care and give comfort. etc.

    3. @hanjin Try not to add things without basis. Lau Dan is a decent famous actor since acting in his earlier days The Bund which has lots of viewership. He is humble and thrifty and doesn’t spend lavishly and don’t need YM’s money. Lau Dan loves his grand-daughter. So does Hawick. They both have very good relationship.

      1. @gracechat25 doesn’t matter how much respectable he is of a person or how much he love his grandchild, the fact is YM is the mother and should have given her a chance to care for the child ever since ! They should have respected YM as a parent. One reason the couple’s marriage broke down is because of having too good of the in laws being the grandchild’s parent instead of the real parents.

      2. @hanjin YM is given a chance to care for her child, but her career and filming surpasses her time with her child. She chose to be busy with work and will only spend time with child when she has time. Not even taking care of the kid. Taking care of kid involves being with them, preparing their fav meal, teaching them values in life, nurturing them to be good person, etc. Not just having 4 hrs of time to look at her and then hop onto the plane.

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