Hong Kong Protesters Outraged by Jackson Wang’s Patriotism

The recent actions of Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), the Hong Kong member of Korean boy group GOT7, is garnering both praises from Mainland netizens and backlash from Hong Kong protesters. Aside from Jackson wearing the Chinese flag on his back during GOT7’s South American concert and proudly shouting, “Call me China man,” he also shared a controversial blog post.

Recently, in response to Hong Kong protesters chucking the Chinese flag into the sea, China’s state-owned news outlet, CCTV wrote on Weibo, “China’s national flag has 1.4 billion flag bearers. I am a flag bearer.”

Not only did Jackson share that post, but he also accepted a Chinese flag from a fan during GOT7’s concert in Chile in July. The Hong Kong native immediately put the flag on his body excitedly and jumped, making the atmosphere very high. Mainland netizens praised Jackson’s patriotic sentiments and were even moved to tears. “He was very happy and proud of his Chinese identity,” netizens expressed.

However, when Jackson first debuted in South Korea in 2014 as the first Korean idol of Hong Kong descent, he often flaunted his Hong Kong identity. Yet, when he began to enter the Chinese market in 2016, he began to say he’s “from China,” which is highly controversial in Hong Kong.

Since he shared the “flag bearer” post, many fans resented him. In fact, there are forums online on the topic of Jackson betraying Hong Kongers. Due to hold a concert in Hong Kong at the end of the month alongside his GOT7 members, netizens revealed the boy group’s flight information and started to organize a “welcoming” event at the airport. Some netizens offered to print out the banner with the words “Betrayed Hong Kong,” which is what they would chant out loud in both Korean and English so GOT7 members understand.

Source: HK01

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The protesters are getting ridiculous. Hk is part of china. Whats wrong with him saying im from china? Besides, all hk people are decendants of chinese. Do they want to not acknowledge their ancestry.

    I know that now its a sensitive matter. I dont support hk protesters nor chinese goverment. The chinese goverment has their faults. The pp of hk are scared of that. Its fine to protest, but do it more peacefully and without denying where your roots are from.

    1. @dreamer Nothing wrong w/ saying he’s from China, per say. Issue is because of the very extreme environment going on over there, whatever he or any idol or celebrity says would’ve put him in the crosshairs from either side.

      Ironically, when the protests first started. its was news-worthy because it was one of the largest peaceful protests in the world in recent memory. Afterwards, there were reports and video of violence against protesters with organized crime members supposedly and pics of them being friendly with local chinese govenment members in the streets. And most/all reports were swept under the rug. Which is the very thing the protesters are protesting against in fear of.

      And if its the govenment who is supposed to protect them, but do not- what would they most likely do? continued peaceful protests met with violence or meet extremism with more extremism? I don’t support violence or extremism fyi lol, just stating that what’s happening to Jackson is the effect of the current environment over there and probs would’ve happened no matter what he said. Its happened alot in the U.S. ALOT. and unfortunately, it rarely peacefully resolves itself and historically- the only thing that makes people even calm down alittle is usually after something very tragic happens as a result of the volatile situation.

      Its really sad when people in Entertainment who just want to perform and entertain people all over the world have to get dragged into any messy politics and even get targeted.

      1. @chriyen yes people bash celebrities for not speaking out because of their popularity/influence, but when they do, there’s always controversy. People make it seem like celebrities have a responsibility to respond to social/political issues

    2. @dreamer
      Actually no one is denying HK is part of China, but it’s a SAR (special administrative region), with a distinct identity and different culture (including legal system, use of traditional Chinese characters vs simplified, freedom of press etc). The distinction is important to recognize. Especially in the current environment, where China is trying to assimilate HK, to emphasize that he’s from China, vs recognizing he has HK roots, is a show of support for the Chinese government. There are clear cut sides here and he’s made his choice clear. His choice is seen as especially disappointing since a) he’s from hk originally and b) he formerly recognized his hk identity. Likely he didn’t want to lose the mainland market, so he’s decided to choose $$ over loyalty to his roots.

    3. @dreamer
      More than 2 million came out for peaceful protests but were ignored. Protesters never hurted anyone except for self defense.

      Even though came from same place but hong kongers have evolutionized. You can also say human first came from Africa or Egpyt or planet earth but every place ppls quality r different.

      communist tried to turn hk in to a concentration camp like Xinjiang so that’s y protestors need to fight. Millions of lawyers and professional came out to protests but were ignored.

  2. Not wrapping himself in a British flag and pledging allegiance to the Queen surely hurt the feelings of protesters.

    It’s a precarious situation for celebrities to take a stand without incurring the wrath or praise of opposing sides.

  3. both his parents were Chinese athletes from the mainland, he works heavily on the mainland, did they expect him to be anti-Mainland.

    1. @rika

      Hard to believe wealth is no longer high priority in HK. Making money has always been the motivation of HK’ers and people in general everywhere.

  4. This guy is surely a hypocrite. However, we can’t blame him. Money comes first dominating human conscience.

  5. This guy is so brave <3 If he was looking to max his money, he could have just shut his mouth and not make a stance. And remember he is a celebrity. He's not one of those coward rioters and cover every part of their body and face and shine laser lights to get away with their violence.

    1. @linda8765 cover face because its communist arresting people. Look at Tiananmen square. China is all fake news and voted worst human rights. They used fake news to promote patriotism and brainwash Chinese. Why dont you do a thorough search in reliable sites at the horrible things they do to chinese in china right now for their greed and u would be ashamed to be chinese

      1. @goodday Haha communist arresting people? You mean the HK police who are arresting those who are violent. If I hit you I also expect to be arrested. Yep look at America, you get real bullets, not rubber ones and tear gas. Western media is biased as well. Worst human rights is decided by those who starts a war every year, those who wants to read one sided news will believe it as such.

        @goodday you have mentioned “reliable sites” and news a few times already on this forum. I guess you watch Fox News. Why don’t you take your own advice and try it doing it yourself first. I am proud, never ashamed. Those who are ashamed, go ahead and wrap yourself in a British Flag. The British use to say “dogs and chinese not allowed”. Go ahead and be a dog.

      1. @afan202 You guess I drank Chinese koolAid?
        I guess you pocketed money and expecting a green card? Or even better like Nathan Law, with a Yale degree in the process. Haha.

    1. @prettysup1 i think its gone far beyond American levels of polarization, like between Democrats and Republicans which is a bit insane. This isn’t really a “one or the other” question, he can have a dual identity, esp, since his parents are immigrants from the mainland, and he’s a 2nd gen immigrant in Hong Kong.

      1. @terrycrews19 exactly, it’s so complicated because some HKers believe they’re Chinese. I think it’s fair to say HKers dont hate China. They’re upset with the government. Like when protesters protest in their own country, it’s not because they hate their country. They just disagree with their government

  6. lol at “patriotic”. That’s way more credit than he deserves.

    True patriotism is more than performing simple rituals, like singing the national anthem or, in this case, dancing around in a flag cape.

    Those things are just symbolic gestures, and have no significance beyond that. Patriotism is actually working for the betterment of your country.

    What Jackson Wang is doing is not patriotism, but rather self-promoting.

    1. @oystergirl If he was just trying to max his income and self-promote, he’d earn more by just keeping his mouth shut and not do anything.
      His is patriotic because he knows the backlash he will get from his fans in Hong Kong, but he still does it because he is no coward. He does what he believes in.
      What do you think a true patriot does? Cover themselves and flash laser lights and be violent all in the name of democracy?

      1. @jimmyszeto I didn’t write that he is brave hence he is a patriot. I wrote that he is brave AND a patriot.
        Hong Kong rioters aren’t patriotic. I think we all know that. To clarify, these rioters dare to be violent, inflicting physical harm and interrupting other peoples lives, but yet they aren’t game to own up to what they have done.
        If I physically attacked you and caused you injuries, I would own up to it. I’m liable after all. But these people… hit and run. Covered from head to toe. They justify that it’s okay to be violent because they are “protesting”. Brainwashed by western media is not good. Continue reading your Fox News.

      2. @linda8765
        Firstly I’m in England so there isn’t any Fox news and secondly the only thing I’ve seen are footage of the violence and protests on the TVB news channel which my dad has on a lot of the time. I’m not supporting any side because HK citizens are the worst discriminators of people from China. Also not a supporter of China for obvious reasons…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        With the internet Fox news would be readily available to anyone. But, I guess with you in England and all, I can justify why you would want to sit on the fence for this one. I’m sorry if I came across too strongly and got you into defence mode.

      4. @linda8765
        Not being passionate enough to take one side is defence mode? Just merely pointing out that patriotism is manufactured through propaganda, censorship and teachings. Every country has it but some a lot more than others. Obviously, you are a manipulated product and not your real self but I can’t blame you for that since you did not choose to be like this…

      5. @jimmyszeto Man haha, to clarify what my comment meant:
        1) You said you’re in England and only know information about the protest from TVB (only when your dad turns it on). You made a clear stance on sitting on the fence (this means middle ground if you don’t know) because you don’t support either side

        2) I said I justify (reason) with that, because if I were you and only watching TVB (lack of information) and in England I would also not support either side.

        3) I apologised (it was actually a sincere apology) in my earlier comment because I didn’t expect you to reply in the way you did; telling me where you’re from, what news you’re watching and stating what you supported. It sounded like you were invested in this issue, which is funny because you only follow it through TVB. For me, commenting is just for fun. I mentioned fox news just to be sarcastic, I didn’t expect you to watch it or for you to respond seriously. I don’t force people to take a side. I might laugh at someone’s views, but it has no meaning for me to try to change anyone. What has this to do with your degree of passion? Um, I don’t know you. I don’t care about you. Maybe I mistook your seriousness for “defence mode”.

        4) Patriotism could be a product of propaganda, censorship and education. I wouldn’t go as far as labelling “obviously” that all patriotic people to be a product of those that you mentioned. I give people a benefit of doubt, for me that is what I value – fairness. Instead of labelling people as a manufactured product of propaganda, for me it’s nothing like you have mentioned. For me, it’s really the love for the culture, values, tradition and knowing what my ancestors fought for and lived through. That gives me a sense of self. Belonging.

        De-humanising me online (you wrote “manipulated product”), that’s not very upright is it? And then blaming my upbringing “that since you did not choose to be like this”, is all but assumptions. In university my lecturers would always tell me that assumptions are pretty weak. Or maybe I’m outdated and it doesn’t matter online whether one is decent or not. I would however imagine for those living in England to at least understand the Ofsted ‘Fundamental British values’ and at least one of the dot points, for instance basic “mutual respect”. A value I think which is pretty universal. But if not to some, I mean to some extent at least try ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do’.

      6. @linda8765
        Who is the one on the defensive here? No need to write an essay about your life. No one is interested. The whole process of developing into a ‘manufactured product’ is that the victims will not realise it is happening to themselves. Therefore, I can’t take any of your opinions seriously since they will be biased. Not your fault, I’m sure…

      7. @jimmyszeto How does a long response equate to being defensive? Ummm, I have a feeling that somebody hasn’t actually seen what a essay looks like? Ummm yeah. Maybe for somebody typing fast and reading fast is easy and fun. Maybe to some others it’s hard to formulate a small 4ish paragraph response. Though for me this doesn’t take time or effort. Nothing on this forum aggravates me, unlike somebody else who then becomes defensive (like some who aggressively go attacking others personally). You can say I’m ignorant, a PRC, a communist, have a bad upbringing, it only reflects badly on the writers part. Really, I like getting replies as it’s just for laughs in my view.

        I talked about my life? You mean how I see how my patriotism grew from my values? How is that about my life? It’s my opinions/views. Check in the dictionary but ‘opinion’ is a long shot to be a synonym for ‘life’. But who here talked about their personal life without anyone asking? Somebody from England, who I suspect still lives at home as they can only watch TVB when their dad turns it on? Ooohhh, flashbacks.

        I’m not talking about my life, just replying with my views to your presumed assumptions about me, and how you “don’t blame it” on my upbringing. What I talked about was my values/opinions/views, not where I live or if I have a dad. Nice to know you don’t care (“interested”) about me too. I would be worried if you did. Haha.

        Why are you quoting your own words “manufactured product”? Suddenly it doesn’t seem very upright to have created and used this to describe a person right? De-humanising especially for someone who once mentioned in this thread that they don’t support “discriminators”. It’s also beneficial to recognise that all opinions are biased, it’s “not your fault, I’m sure” to have not realised this. lols.

        On my part, writing and reading comments has always been light-hearted and fun. I think I mentioned that in my earlier comments but in no way do I go out of my way to try to influence others.

        The way that you have gathered, processed, judged and concluded (“therefore”) that my opinions can’t be taken seriously by you …. ummm… haha… how should I break this to you? Were you actually taking me seriously from the beginning? On my part that definitely wasn’t the aim. But if my comments did have that effect on you, I’m sorry I let you down.

      8. @linda8765
        We are victims of our own circumstances and environment. i’m not showing discrimination towards you. Sorry about that! Maybe I used poor choice of words to describe you as ‘manipulated or manufactured product’ but I couldn’t think of an alternative choice of words at the time. Maybe I should have used the words ‘slightly misled’ due to circumstances instead or ‘just a pawn on a chess board’ behind the real powerful decision makers. We are all victims of our own circumstances and upbringing. For example, I can’t find a noodle bar to walk into for lunch when i was younger. Had to make do with a sandwich and now I’ve become a big fan of sandwiches. I’m not discriminating but just can’t take your opinions on board as neutral comments due to the emotional and environmental factors that may have weighed upon you….

      9. @jimmyszeto No, it’s okay Jimmy! I respect your views and your upbringing that shaped a unique you! 🙂 I’m happy to see that you also respect mine. I don’t identify myself as a victim or a chess piece though, nor do I believe opinions can ever be neutral. I am in control of myself, and I am just me.
        Cool example, my favourite is Monte Cristo

      10. @linda8765
        Of course we won’t consider ourselves as victims because the whole brainwashing process, we will be oblivious to the process of it happening. The Kamikaze who sacrificed themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as ‘victims’.

      11. @jimmyszeto You can label yourself as a victim (or other things such as brainwashed, “slightly misled”) but don’t label me that.

        You said: “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment”. Why are you trying to group me together with you? You can speak for yourself and own experiences, I’m not stopping you, but why drag me with you? Cause I know I’m not that.

        I think I touched on this earlier, but I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.

        Quote: “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as ‘VICTIMS’.”

        Omg, ummm I can’t believe somebody would make out the Kamikaze to be victims…. Out of so many world history events why does this come to mind? They were the ally of Nazi. Lols. Heard of Hitler? Have a look into it! With this chain of thought somebody is having, Hitler is sacrificial and a victim. haha. Britain won’t be happy to have Nazi/Kamikaze sympathisers living there.

        Man, it’s nice to write to you, but the more I do so… it’s kinda like realising the gap is bigger than I first thought. This has almost become educational for somebody. Read more, learn a bit more about history…

      12. @linda8765
        No, I’m alright. Currently, It’s quite peaceful over here and I don’t feel much motivation to support either side. You belong to that group I mentioned far more than I am. Put it that way! Like I expected, you are bound to strongly deny it. That’s based on roughed up you are when arguing with the users here. Trying to play it down that ‘you are only trying to have a bit of fun’ is a shrewd way out though…

      13. @jimmyszeto Good to hear you’re alright! How do you know I belong to “that group”? Why are you comparing yourself to me? Does it make you feel good to label me? Drag me to your level? Typical of those that need to create a false satisfaction to put others with or under themselves, probably from their inadequate success of a life they are leading. E.g. invested in my response, then unable to respond directly hence making baseless statements about me personally and not on the topic, and then even writing about sympathising with Nazi/Kamikaze? I don’t don’t where Kamikaze came from, but fun rollercoaster ride. I love those.

        I give you respect on your stance, I don’t try to change you. Why? Cause I’m confident in myself. Unlike some other people. I don’t feel the need to label. I get no kick out of that unlike others. Basic manners, something British people emphasise (at least those that are living there) learn quickly. As I wrote earlier, I don’t “discriminate” by ranking others (especially who I don’t know) into groups. Why try grouping me with you and comparing yourself with me when you don’t even know me? Quote “You belong to that group I mentioned far more than I am”. Lols, haha. If somebody wants to be a “victim” that badly from their “environmental circumstances”, I will respect their choice ahah.

        I thought you genuinely meant it when you said you weren’t “interested” in me. Haha, I’m flattered to say the least. Your last few comments comparing yourself with me doesn’t seem that way. Opinions on the topic are nice, but why are you bringing me (personally) into this? You can talk about yourself, I don’t care, but me on a personal level?! Haha.

        Somebody are making statements without any basis. Trying to bridge the gap a bit by blurting out anything in hopes it will confuse others and work out. Pointing a finger with no basis, with three fingers pointing back at themselves. I’ll just sit and watch some people point their fingers, doesn’t get to me. I don’t need to point back. Sometimes I’ll deflect, but mostly laugh at how “invested” they are to bring me down. Again, I’m very flattered.

        This is considered arguing? Omg haha. Umm, perhaps for some that hasn’t been out there in the real world. Not enough guts and courage, for others not enough knowledge for a real argument. Scared of face to face confrontation? Maybe someone can’t because they have a thick accent and have a stutter or blank mind in a real life argument? Of course this is just somebody I imagine that don’t know what an argument is. Still stuck in fairy land. Inability to form responses that directly address the argument.

        Haha, I’m sorry to break it to some people, but seriously this is only entertainment level.

        Also, I don’t care about people who I don’t know on their degree of “motivation” and which “side” they support is irrelevant. It’s fun to laugh but I also pity them as they still haven’t gotten over themselves and think the world revolves about how they aren’t “motivated” enough… as if it would make a difference.

      14. @linda8765

        Modern world people aren’t stupid and won’t be buying your accusation of me sympathising with Nazi/Kamikaze without a seconds thought. It’s such a desperately, feeble attempt to twist my points, that I’m finding it quite amusing. No one is born as a baby with the thought of going on a kamikaze suicide mission. They were brainwashed and educated this way into thinking that is was the right thing to do. If these same people were born in a different country or lived in different era would they have been involved in Kamikaze? No, so these people were also stolen was living a normal life. I could have used any example such as ‘the Great Leap Forward’ or any other example and the logic will be the same. Obviously, there are further victims in the innocents who they have killed. I didn’t get directly affected by any of these historical events so I’m sure my views will be different to the ones that had their lives affected…..

      15. @jimmyszeto I’m not gonna question “modern” day people’s intelligence, never will and never have. Not to do with me how they think. They can have a good laugh reading this thread and see that somebody can’t make a direct response to all (or any) of the points someone else is making, and that some is taking this very seriously.

        How seriously one might ask? As serious as thinking I’m actually making an accusation about someone else on this thread of being a nazi/kamikaze sympathiser? I don’t label anyone individually, I mentioned this before. I don’t know anyone here, and they don’t know me. Specifically in response to your reply, I didn’t shove (directly) the word sympathiser on you. How is somebody, you? I put the word out there and somebody picked it up and attached it to themselves. Don’t expect you to be one (even though quote mean otherwise “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as ‘VICTIMS’ and now “further victims”) and honestly nothing to do with me so I didn’t ask directly. Comments like that, when I write it it’s obvious sarcasm and intended for the laughs… cause like it’s so ridiculous, I don’t expect someone to be one it’s funny?

        So even though I didn’t accuse, I sometimes experience others taking it on. This is typical of those that somewhat (to some extent) resonate with the label. It’s like a thief stealing a loaf of bread and feeling anxious when questioned. Of course not you haha.
        I would never ever justify and redeem to any degree the right of a individual human purposefully inflicting murder on others. Be it Nazi or Kamikaze. Lessening their condemnation and blaming other factors robs the honour of those that have died in their hands.

      16. @linda8765
        One is deluded and they are very animated. Somebody is losing its cool whom I’m not sure why….. Oh sorry, after all this back and forth, I’m starting to subconsciously adopt this way of speaking. Those comments were not aimed at you by the way. Those comments could mean anybody and that somebody may or may not be you. Ooohhh, I’m starting to sound sooo mysterious and the centre of attention now.Sorry,don’t be mistaken! I’m clearly talking about how I feel here since I use the word ‘I’m’. I’m not normally a coward and quite direct but I accidentally fell into this….

      17. @jimmyszeto haha people copying me is the greatest flattery. Pretty stoked about it haha. I heard weak people “subconsciously adopt” characteristics of successful people. I see some have taken an “interest” though desperately denied it. Slap in the face for someone? It’s okay! It’s cool, I’m open to educate/give my opinions for those who are lacking. I just found out the best way to do so is to unintentionally trigger their nerves. Light hearted fun for me gets to them for some odd reason. It would go from their inability to retort to all (if any) of the points, and then they would blurt things off topics and then succumb down “unconsciously” realising their need to copy and learn from me in their own free will. Very effective, but from experience it only stems from those who is severely lacking and/or just had their egos destroyed. Hahahahah.

        “Back and forth”? Is this “back and forth” already? Seems straightforward enough to me…. maybe not to someone else, omg haha.

        Oh it’s good, I’m use to people personally attacking me off topic because of their inabilities or their dire situation. But unfortunately to some who wants to bring me to their level, it has never touched or changed me in any way. Change only happens to those who are not confident in themselves, particularly those on the losing end. It has in fact provided me the entertainment… I laugh, reply and laugh again. I never expected my responses to generate a “mysterious” vibe or become “the centre of attention” to someone else. Definitely generated “interest” from someone who tried to withhold but ultimately failed to do so. Couldn’t resist. Weak but it’s okay, not a fault. Lols.

        Awww, you’re admitting you’re a coward? “I’m not normally a coward and quite direct”. Everyone understands themselves the most, if you insist on this yourself, then I guess so alrighty. I heard cowards have a tendency to “unconsciously” duck and avoid answering ‘on topic’ on the points presented, especially when challenged. In order to protect their already dwindling ego they go full on, attacking/labelling/grouping others on a personal level based on nothing. Even when the other party is chilled as, cowards go full on and even go as far as changing themselves. Heard it stems from their inferiority complex. Cowards can typically get help from counselling or a therapist though!! Get well soon!

      18. @linda8765
        Not sure why you went off topic and mentioned that you are used to people attacking you because like I said those comments could be for anybody. You should be commended though for being direct for once. I’m not sure why people would attack you since when you tell people they should stop reading Fox news and blame that western media is influencing our thoughts then I’m sure you are just concerned for our well being. For you to label the west as brainwashing us, it is a bit delusional to refuse to accept that you might also be brainwashed by your own circumstances. You can shout, stamp your feet and scream ‘I’m not a victim’ but, who knows?

      19. @jimmyszeto Omg, who started being off topic? As I have mentioned before I was merely deflecting and responding some comments someone has posted that was off topic first directly targeting at me. You this and you that… but somebody here has managed to erase their own pathetic memory… hahaha … and can’t face up to it…and then reason to why they are “not sure”… it’s okay, self admitted cowards as I mentioned like to duck.

        Ooohh somebody is taking this oh so seriously. Hahahah. Really hit their sore spots. I think I wrote this before, but I clarified some time ago that it was sarcasm and intended for the laughs (fox news). Yes, I am finding it refreshing to hear from people I don’t know their light (but then actually serious and way too invested) hearted opinions… some of which are self designated “victims” and “cowards”. I can only laugh.

        “For you to label the west as brainwashing us…”. It sounds like someone also agrees that labelling isn’t cool.
        I never labelled. It was only someone else. In fact I’ve been telling to a particular person not to label… but this person has taken in my teachings and now teaching it to everyone else too. I’m proud this person has learnt under my wing.

        No one is “shouting”? Maybe only one sided (from the side the person who first mentioned it). This is consuming someone so much they are imagining that threads like this is the same as talking face to face. “Shouting”?. Omg lols hahaha. Lack of face to face confrontation? Never had one? Now it comes to “stamp[ing] your feet and scream”… maybe more hidden psychological problems from this overactive imagination? Lols. At least I helped someone fulfil their empty social life.

        I agree, “who knows” what I’m like? No one here knows me and I don’t know them. But for those themselves that self designate “victim” and “cowards”… we all know and trust that person’s judgement on themselves. Hahahaha, it’s okay.

      20. @linda8765
        Nice rant typical of someone in denial. How am I labelling you when I’m just stating the obvious? There is only one group and we are all the same group but you seem to think you are something special. The only person grouping you is yourself in the putting yourself in this ‘immune to any external influences’ group which can is nonexistent and can also be named ‘the deluded’ group. Unless you had previously put on a backpack on and manually followed every historical event, then you are just like all of us who received their information from the media, influenced by people around you and from environment whilst from growing up. Your opinions will be brainwashed by these factors but you cant accept this reality. You are just making the numbers and not an outstanding exception within this world. Maybe you should try and show some respect and speak directly to others rather than trying and be something that you are not….

      21. @jimmyszeto
        “There is only one group and we are all the same group”… yes in my view I agree if the statement was about us all being alive haha… but especially no to the reoccurring point: “Of course WE won’t consider ourselves as VICTIMS because the whole brainwashing process, WE will be oblivious to the process of it happening. ”

        How did I group myself? Hahahaha. If I labeled myself I’d be fine. I have the right to do that. But remember what somebody wrote? “The only person grouping you is yourself”, really? I see this written a lot – You (we) are this … and you (we) are that.

        Your opinions about yourself, I respect. I wrote that many times. Labelling yourself as a “victim” or a “coward” or “misled” etc that’s okay. You are the only person that has the right to say that yourself. But why use “we”? More the merrier? Lols hahaha.

        You don’t know me and I don’t know you (I’ve made that a point many times). Why does an individuals opinion HAVE to represent mine as well? Who gives someone the right to represent everyone else and label “the obvious” on everyone? “The obvious” being your own specific opinion on a specific topic on a specific person. Great, but don’t force it upon me. Somebody can continue being the “coward” “victim” which was imposed on themselves, but I’m not going to be apart of that.

        I never denied that my upbringing didn’t shape me and who I am today. Many of those who are very much in the losing end in the quest to label others and themselves as “victims” of their “circumstances” fail to progress on their point – hence change their point from this:

        “Of course WE won’t consider ourselves as VICTIMS because the whole brainwashing process, WE will be oblivious to the process of it happening. “. Giving the example of “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as ‘VICTIMS’.”

        To this:
        “‘immune to any external influences’ group which can is nonexistent and can also be named ‘the deluded’ group”

        People aren’t blind. It won’t fool those who can read. Easy to tell the big difference between the two statements, and some might even question why did somebody change their original point (and pretend they didn’t). I am not “immune” to ALL “external influences”. My upbringing has shaped me. No one denied that. What was the point for writing that when no one denied it. But that doesn’t make me a “victim”, and it doesn’t mean I’m “brainwashed” and “oblivious in the process”. Especially it can’t be judged by people who don’t know anything about me.

        “Maybe you should try to show some respect and speak directly to others rather than trying and be something you are not”.
        Ahhh, respect! I taught respect to someone earlier on this thread when they labelled me inhumanly as a “manipulated product”. It would seem to be a slap in their face and a bit awkward for them to ask others to “show some respect”. I introduced on this thread the Ofsted ‘Fundamental British values’ and in particular “MUTUAL respect” to somebody. Seems like they don’t understand what mutual respect is… to them maybe something like disrespecting others and their opinions but then commanding respect of their own from those same people.

        The key word is mutual respect. I have been respectful to myself and others. I don’t label, change someones opinions, and make someone something they are not, even more so especially that I don’t know anyone and they don’t know me here. I am not a “victim”, don’t label me as one. I respect your opinion of yourself to be a “victim” and a “coward”. Hahaha, lols. Respect has nothing to do with “speak[ing] directly”. Looks like it’s time for someone to hit up the dictionary.

        Typical of those who try to bridge the gap directly using words like “special”, “deluded”, “manipulated product” about me to comfort themselves. And even bringing about Kamikaze and reasoning with them to be “sacrificial” and a “victim”. All of this as a means to try to save themselves from being BEYOND destroyed. lols hahaha.

        Can really see what stage of the losing game somebody is in. Yes, it’s all a fun game and it’s sad that it seems that I’m the only one enjoying it. Those who are crying, don’t cry, run back to daddy and ask him to play some light-hearted comforting TVB to watch 😛 Or even better yet, read through this thread and see somebody being obliterated in the game.

        I’ve given so many chances for some to redeem themselves in this game. Replying again for the laughs but also giving the chance. Giving out 10+ free lives …something like that. No more 🙂 They now have even tried to change their original point whilst pretending they haven’t (as I have explained in this comment) hahahaha. What a sore loser, but expected from those who are self-designated “cowards”. I hope this page gets more traffic so that others can also laugh with me at somebody who is oh so ‘reasonable’… ‘reasonable’ enough to make out that the Kamikaze is “sacrificial” and a “victim”. hahahahhaha.

      22. @linda8765
        Self proclaiming victory for a argument or discussion every few sentences shows your desperation. If that’s what’s so important to you then I can award you the win to boost your own self praising ego. What i’m trying to do is prise open that narrow mind of yours for you to understand that brainwashing by your country and those external forces around you could be what made you biased in early comments in the thread and shaped your views for life. The amusing thing is you keep bringing up my earlier example of ‘Kamakaze’ which I clarified many time as ‘just one example’ as your own strategic propaganda to gain supporters from users here to put me in a bad light. You are using the tactics of what nations have done on us to influence people’s views right on this site and you still refuse to accept that you may have been brainwashed yourself in a similar way? I could have used example of students beating up teachers during the Great Leap Forward instead of the Kamikaze. The students were not born to hate the teachers and whilst they worked with them. They suddenly turned on the teachers because of other influences. The students can also be seen as victims although they did not suffer from physical pain but their minds and thinking have been altered. All the same logic! You can continue to falsify my support of the West or Japan, Hong Kong or evil killings against me. It’s sick that you are doing that bringing it up sufferings again and again in order influence readers. Whilst, I’m using historical events as ‘examples’, you are using them as strategy just to gain followers . I mean, how sick and low can you get? Even if I had made a mistake and could have used a lighter example, there is no need to use others suffering to boost your cause. All I was pointing out and still trying to point out is one thing and that is your nation or your circumstances is what could be brainwashing you. Whether you are from England, HK or China , it could still be happening…

      23. @jimmyszeto
        HAHAHAHAH. I never “self- promclaimed[ing] victory” for commenting on this thread. I only mentioned someone was on the losing end and seriously destroyed… but for those who wish to make me a victor and the person that started with this idea, I will respect their opinions… especially as I had mentioned before, in no way is this an “argument”. But if someone really took this seriously and pretended it’s a real argument … and went crying and running into their dad’s arms (didn’t expect that to really happen)… lighten up, it’s just comments on Jaynestars.

        Kamikaze as seen by someone as “sacrificial” and a “victim” is gold. I have the right to quote directly from someone who wrote this haha. I enjoy scrolling through comments like these, it never fails to get me laughing.

        I wrote this many times. I don’t care about people I don’t know. Who you support to me, is irrelevant. But I understand it’s hard for some especially self designated “cowards” and “victims” who I believe hasn’t yet been to see a therapist/counselling… who thinks that the world revolves around their opinions and who they “support”… as if it makes a difference….

        Another free life +1 in the game? Changing the original point and pretending it’s the same… and now the topic is going from brave and patriotic to Kamikaze to Great leap forward to mutual respect and now… to “falsify” somebodies “support of the West or Japan”…. how did Japan come in? Hahahha. Racking those pea sized brains for some insignificant come back? Nope.

        Followers could mean something for some type of people, but I’m aware that this is just Jayne stars (HK celebrity news). Relax. Take it easy. I want people to read and laugh with me, but followers? hahahahah. Could be somebody else’s failing aim… hahahaha, really the wrong platform if that’s the aim for some. hahah lols.

        I was labelled “you” are a “manipulated product”, then to “delusional”, “a victim” etc etc… and now “sick and low” and “narrow minded”. I don’t mind, but remember “show some respect” says someone earlier (who can’t do the same) Hahaha.

        “Even if I had made a mistake”… is this serious? Relax, your opinions are yours, I respect it. Your opinions are not a mistake. Just you. Not trying to change it or anything. No need to make a u-turn on your opinion and points (and no need to change the original point to something else). Take this lightly.

        “Your circumstances is what COULD be brainwashing you”.
        Nice! Yes, the new changed addition of the word “could” is good (changed from ‘is’). I’m not brainwashed. I agree with that statement. And now am I deduced to be from England, HK or China? Hahahha, omg lols. pfft.

      24. “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS” Hahahaha

      25. @linda8765
        Don’t worry. You won’t be sued. No need to deny making insults and self proclaiming victory when you have been prolific at it.

        Yeh. The kamikaze killed themselves and others believing that is was right because they had been brainwashed to do so. Therefore they were also victims alongside all the others who they killed. The extent of how much sympathy we should give the murderers and those who were murdered is another topic of discussion.

        That’s a gem of a line from you ‘I’m not brainwashed’ like it’s some kind of a fact. Who on earth would know that they are brainwashed? If they knew then the students wouldn’t have brutalised their own teachers during the ‘great Leap Forward’. Another example, the historical event ‘the Taiping Rebellion’ wouldn’t have grown so massive through brainwashing religious teachings. Those china examples are for you since you are so obsessed with using my Kamikaze example as propaganda to gain those precious support to gain that traffic like you earlier mentioned. Each country will have patriotic/religion based similar examples.I do hope you get that traffic/likes since they mean so much to you. Maybe you are not brainwashed to the point to take extreme actions like those historical events but certainly enough to show hostility to others ‘HK/China conflict’ opinions on this thread. The ‘could’ be part is certainly not for you. That’s reserved for people with minimal interaction with any form of media or other people. After all those comments from you, trying to sound special and mysterious, then coming up with this gem of a line ‘I’m not brainwashed!’. Hahaha. Errr..maybe back it up with some evidence before making these childish statements. It’s first for me to hear a hilarious like like that. That’s for sure!

      26. @jimmyszeto Hahahah, “sue[d]”? Wow, ahahah, only can laugh at this. Hahahha oh no, someone is still in their little dreams. How did they even think of this? Ahaha, I can tell it hit a few sore spots and that erupted something very unrealistic. Actually sue if you can!!! I dare them, sue!!!! SUE, SUE, SUE. Hahahaha, this is gold. Can’t sue? Play it down and then give some excuses huh? Typical as seen. I’m waiting for the excuses, maybe their daddy is making dinner and they reasoned that they have to wait for another time. This is the new gold, only after reasoning that Kamikaze are “sacrificial” and “victims”. “Another topic of discussion”, good for someone to realise that they have been off topic for a while… hahaha, yes “sue” me for replying with reasoning on a topic I didn’t start. Hahaha, omg lols.

        Why are somebody so insistent in making me “brainwashed” – “like it’s some kind of a fact”. Do they know me? No….
        I can only laugh and think it might be the lack of therapy for the self designated “coward” and “victim” tags. lols hahaha.

        There is no need to give another 100 examples on the “brainwashed” example. Readers who can read can get it. I get it. Kamikaze to you are “sacrificial” and are made out to be “victims”.
        “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS” and that “We are all victims” Hahahaha. You can be a “victim” if you want, but I have the right to say I’m not.
        I think there is no need to read any further hahaha, very twisted reasoning in my view. And for me to be labelled as to “take extreme actions”…. when were my views extreme? Kamikaze aren’t victims…. and how can anything on Jaynestars comments be “extreme” in “actions” pfft hahahahaha. Who is being “extreme” here lols!!!

        You don’t know me, but you’re labelling me “brainwashed” etc etc to somehow make your points more validated? Idk. And then somehow I am now “special and mysterious” to somebody hahaha. Sore loser syndromes. Maybe they are below the average Joe, idk hahaha. Jealous of others who are better and more “special”, maybe hahaha. I don’t know the need behind this urge to label me as “brainwashed”. I simply defended myself, but someone who said wasn’t “interested” in me are now asking for “back it up with some evidence” on my personal life… hahaha, can tell that “interest” has peaked. Slap in the face for them (x100 for those who have read this thread will know they kinda did that to themselves yes hahah).

        Don’t cry child, you’re “childish statements” labelling and forcing a stranger online you don’t even know to be “brainwashed” is a bit obsessive. The only “obvious” “facts” they hold in this labelling are their opinions and their destroyed ego trying to make a pathetic comeback. Maybe to them their views would be somehow validated after making the other person “brainwashed”.

        Child, run to daddy’s arms crying and let him comfort the remnants of the destroyed ego. Let him listen to your “childish statements” and let him go and fail to find a noodle shop and bring back a sandwich. Hahahhahaha. And then suggest to him to “sue”. lols, this will never fail to get me laughing hahaha. Come at me, sue me!! “Don’t worry” child, sue[ing] doesn’t scare mature people, maybe only those who still live under the same roof as their parents. Come at meeee!!! hahahahaha. How did this even cross someone’s mind idk, but lols. i’m looking forward to how somebody is gonna explain how the Kamikaze are “sacrificial” and a “victim” in England. Wait, no… they probably give out excuses and play down “sue[ing]” hahaha, because what they write aren’t AT ALL accountable. Hahaha, pitiful attempt “that’s for sure!”. Waiting for their pathetic excuses now HAHAHAHAHAH.

      27. @linda8765
        I merely said ‘you can’t be sued’, referencing that you don’t need to tread around the edges and deny that you are firing insults or self proclaiming victory when you have been prolific at it in every post.

      28. @jimmyszeto “Don’t worry. You won’t be sued.” (as if they had the power and guts to) and now like I predicted an excuse by a pathetic loser, retracting into their shell with an excuse. Direct quote:
        “you can’t be sued”. HAHAHAHA. How pitiful can someone get hahahaha. Has zero self-respect to themselves. So I guess that “you can’t be sued” is the excuse I mentioned somebody would have to have to play it down. hahaha omg lols. Why mention “sue” in the first place? What brought the word and concept into the pea sized brain? Oh yeah… pea sized brain.
        A child’s threat is predestined to backfire into their own face, no guts (as explained by self designated “coward” label) or power or money, just a low level child that constantly overestimates themselves Hahahaha. Yeah I thought so. Hahaha. This is gold….

        “Don’t worry. You won’t be sued” – the same person in less than a day comes back down to reality and writes – “you can’t be sued”…. Hahahahaha
        Then don’t bring it up when you’ve got nothing hahahaha. Pathetic loser.

      29. @linda8765
        ‘I’m not brainwashed’
        That has to be quote of the week! If you are just defending yourself like you said then you have done a crap job. Blindly defending yourself is a very stubborn way to go about it. Proves just how delusional someone can be without even considering there is even a slight chance they themselves might have been influenced by the state. Absolutely unreal…

      30. @jimmyszeto
        Yay! Under my influence (though you resisted copying me) you now like quotes too! Hahaha 🙂 Nothing wrong to follow someone that they admire (typical weak people do that all the time) and copy their characteristics. Hahaha. Nothing wrong to state I’m not brainwashed. Please keep quoting me on that statement, it’s100% better than somebody else self-designating “coward”, “victim” and “brainwashed” by their “circumstances” on themselves. Hahaha, lols. Please, keep quoting me on that!! Hahahaha.

        BUT I see you have changed your point once again in hopes to validate yourself.
        Direct quote from your point NOW:
        “Proves just how delusional someone can be without even considering there is even a SLIGHT CHANCE they themselves might have been INFLUENCED by the state.”

        I did not ever deny the “slight chance” I could have been influenced (how I mentioned several times ‘shaped’) the present me. I ACTUALLY wrote numerous times I am ‘shaped’ by my upbringing. Very clearly I wrote that multiple times… maybe it’s their bruised ego playing a trick in their mind and wanting things to go their way (so they can label me as “unreal” and “blindly defending” myself), or someone needs to start to relearn english… especially now living in England hahahaha.

        Don’t forget, your ORIGINAL point was that (direct quote):
        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” just like how “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS” hahaha.

        Yes, I’m defending myself on this. You used “we”, I’m not a part of it. Just how can somebody even write that? Hahaha, maybe those with IQ under 25…. or family lacking sufficient funds to send them for a proper education? I don’t know and care about the dire situation of people I don’t know, at least it makes it entertaining. Lols. Oh yeah, but when time permits, check the definition of “sacrificed” and especially the word “victim”. It seems that somebody might not know what it means hahahaha (if they self-designated “victim” on themselves, I guess).

        But really this continuous change of the original point in hopes to confuse readers and to claw back some of remnants of a destroyed ego is fun to watch. What happened to self-respect? Hahaha. I taught someone ‘mutual respect’, and I see a lot of “show some respect”…. but what happened to Self-respect? Why change your original point in lightening speed and pretend it was unchanged? (to something I agree on?) Hahaha, petty.

        So desperate they can even sprout out the possibility of sueing, the way in which they wrote it no more like a child’s threat (“Don’t worry. You won’t be sued.”) hahahaha. “Don’t worry” we all knew there would be no sueing and it was all “empty talk” by a useless child who would then make pathetic excuses to play down what they just said. Hobble back to daddy and ask for more comfort hahaha. Maybe ask him to work harder to send somebody to get at least some type of education or even enough for petrol to drive to the nearest “noodle shop” to cure those cravings hahahaha.

      31. @linda8765
        Nice one for bringing my parents, their financial background and upbringing into it. Maybe you should attack my children and my gran too? What a pathetic human being you are! Using propaganda to influence others and now personal attacks. I wonder where you learnt all this from? Possibly personally influenced this way in the past before and now using these same methods yourself.

      32. @jimmyszeto Hahaha what, gonna “SUE” me? Hahahah omg lols. Pretty sure I hit a few sore spots there, though it shouldn’t hurt if it were not the case (was not intended to badly wound, get well soon). Also, “bringing my parents”? It’s only dad, should only be singular, only wrote about working harder for him… I didn’t write about their upbringing. Learn to read.

        Ohhh, I’ve realised a lot of the words I use, somebody is starting to learn and use it too! I’m flattered. Like the word “pathetic”, well done. “Don’t worry, You won’t be sued”. Hahaha, now that idea is funny and whoever thought of that is pathetic.

        It’s funny, because it was not me who started with personal attacks and oversharing personal life unlike somebody else.

        “Maybe you should attack my children and my gran too?”
        Note: this advise is only my opinion, no need to take it too seriously like you have – only my thoughts since you asked.

        I would strongly advise not to raise children (if any already) especially if the ‘parent’ doesn’t even understand what “propaganda” is and using it clearly in the wrong context ahah, read your above comment and see. Not only the word “propaganda”… but also the words “victim” and “sacrificed”. Should know it should not be used to describe and reason with Kamikaze. If they don’t even have that reasoning, it’s hard to raise children… and teach them that they are “victims” haha. Other than that, I would also advise for those with grandparents to keep this thread out of their lives, it would be a shame for them to see that their grandchild has turned out this way… being educated over jaynestar comments haha… could make them feel ashamed.

      33. @linda8765
        What a absolute lowlife you are for bringing my parents into it and personal degrading attacks. Are you really so mentally hurt to go this route for the sake of a online disagreement. I worry for the well being of the people around you. Imagine if someone actually disagreed with you face to face. What a low life scum individual… Doesn’t matter how much education or money you have with characteristics like yours…

      34. @jimmyszeto Hahaha, the person with “absolute lowlife” is the one who is a self designated “coward” who needs counselling/therapy and gives child like threats such as “suing others” hahahaha. Of course, as expected. The only thing they can do is realise they have been copying me (remember pathetic and sometime ago even the way I write) and change it up with “scum individual” now hahahaha. And also takes plenty for educational lessons from me. From “essay” to “long transcript”… not quite there, but made some improvements ahahha. Glad to see it’s sinking in that pea sized brain.

        I didn’t start the personal attacks first. I didn’t get offended from it “manipulated product” and “brainwashed” because it’s not true and I didn’t go around crying and trying to “sue” hahaha. “Take a deep breath and calm down. Take a sip of water to cool down a bit…” Hahaha, take the advice that somebody said earlier ahahhahaha.

        I wasn’t the one to mention your dad first (it’s parent not parents haha, good lesson here), and telling him to work harder for you isn’t exactly a personal attack or even “degrading”. Or maybe you think it’s “degrading” because it’s TRUE lols. But oh well, if you want to take it as a personal attack (and cry on the side then try to sue) and play this situation down because you can’t continue with changing up your original point (and pretending you didn’t) then so be it 🙂 hahaha. Sad to think a family is lacking petrol to go get noodles, but still the son isn’t making any decent income to help out… instead spends his time here on jaynestars haha. No wonder the TV can only be turned on when dad is around… to save electricity?

        The destroyed ego and mindset of a self-designated “coward” and a Kamikaze sympathiser (reasons that they are “victims” and “sacrificial”) are irredeemable. Hahaha

        Story telling on a summer day:
        Setting: Dad speaking to imaginary child (don’t think anyone would want to be with something like this… let alone bear a child with those weak genes and IQ, so I can only think maybe the child is imaginary… but anyways, both still live with grandad):

        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” just like how “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS”. Repeat with me, my child!! “We are victims!” We are victims!”
        hahahaha… end scene.

        Thank goodness I’m not born into a mentally unstable family that idolises “victims” like “kamikaze” hahaha. At least though that child might get instant noodles hahaha 🙂

      35. @linda8765
        Looks you can’t get over my ‘manipulated product’ comment which I made days ago. Wow, I didn’t know the extent of the impact that statement had on you. Thought you said you was having fun but seems like you are emotionally hurt. How was that a personal attack anyway when I’ve repeatedly said that we are all influenced the same way by our surroundings and the nation? Sorry, if that has hurt you so much. I had my doubts earlier but observing your repeated denials and aggressive personal attacks then looks like the brainwashing on you has been a lot more progressed than I had initially thought. Especially with stubborn statements such as ‘I’m not brainwashed!’.

      36. @jimmyszeto Hhahaha are you talking about yourself? So “impact[ed]” they even thought of sueing hahahaha. No, “manufactured product” was my reasoning that I didn’t attack first. If this wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t come back to reply to retards for the fun and write eventful stories hahaha… everyone can see this has been off topic for a long time, but I stick around to mock hahaha remember this?:

        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” just like how “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS”

        Hahaha, still gold. And yes, please keep copying me on the use of quote. 🙂

        Those who can’t even pay for petrol to get noodles and a proper education…. in particular the self-designated “cowards” and “victims” who hasn’t yet seen therapy…I feel for their dad, whose only entertainment is to turn on TVB for them hahaha. Don’t cry child, it’s okay. Being the dead weight in the father son duo isn’t that shameful (it’s shameful) hahahaha. Seems like that story time scene really hit the sore spots… yes it is fun and I see it “emotionally hurt” someone hahaha.

        New story time hahaha:
        A random person walks by and sees a sloth like person on the floor, not begging but their overall shape and the way they moved looked like they were in the stage of withdrawal. “Victims”, “Sue”, “imaginary child” he kept shouting out. Moving closer the random stranger identifies that this sloth like person is the renowned retard that sympathises with Kamikaze labelling them as “victims” and “sacrificial”. His known the be the joke of the town, and is a regular patient of the psychiatric ward. His father is working hard to pay debts and has only just managed to keep them off the streets, but his son (this begger on the street) has a liking to threaten others “to sue” hahaha. Though seen through by everyone as childs play, the random person, feeling sorry for retard’s father, throws the left over noodles he was eating to ground. The begger scrambles over it…. “scum” he said repeatedly and thrusts into his mouth … “mmmm” he sighed…. his cravings cured hahahaaha.

      37. @linda8765
        Wow. Looks like you didn’t take my recommendation to take a sip of cold water to calm yourself down. That ‘manipulated product’ comment has hit your hard and you can’t seem to accept the reality. I hope you will be the same again after this because the last thing I wanted to do was inflict lasting damage since my initial intention was only to point out that it might not be just bravery for Jackson Wang to act patriotic. It’s a shame you can’t respond directly but have to resort to wild imagination gibberish. Nevermind though, can’t expect someone so brainwashed by what they learn, read, dream and imagine to be too sane. Reminds me of that account a while back who used to write roleplays to seek attention on this site. Think she felt embarrassed in the end and left after I pointed it out.

      38. @jimmyszeto Hahahah, I see the destroyed ego and self designated “coward” and a “victim” has finally sunk in ahahha. Now using to some excuse to leave this thread as “the last thing” and fakes being unwounded because too useless and incapable about facing up to the ever changing points. Oh remember this? Yes, I copy and paste on nearly every comment…
        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” just like how “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS”
        Hahaha, who said I’m a “she” hahaha. If this is bye bye, continue on sloth. hahahaha.

      39. @linda8765
        Is that what you see? Not surprised because extremely brainwashed people always see things differently. Always sees that their own views are justified and refuses to consider others opinions. Signs of deluded imagination that sees things which are far and away from reality….

      40. @jimmyszeto “Is that what you see?” Huh, I know I’m interesting (though you tried to say otherwise), but your obsessive behavior with me is slightly creepy. What I see matters a lot to you, I know, otherwise you wouldn’t have written that. Hahahha,

        I saw your comment about me on another thread. I know it’s hard to keep in the rage and not vent it out after having me end you… the effects of a seriously destroyed ego and loss of dignity would make someone full of rage. Otherwise it won’t explain running to another thread to read my comments on another topic and then comment on it (without tagging me). Hahahaha. Keep up with “sipping water to cool down a bit” hahahahaha.

      41. @linda8765
        Once again spamming with repeats of the same material. Also using my same accusations of you back at me. It’s like a helpless child playing the copycat game because so desperate to annoy others. And surprise surprise…No mention of the main topic of whether you are brainwashed or not. Nevermind though. For someone who has desperately self proclaimed victory for days will go into any resorts to win. Family attacks, personal attacks, repeating tragic events like it’s a game, copy and pasting quotes and spamming. What tactic next? I already explained that ‘manipulated products’ comment I can retract it if you are so threatened by it. Just ask…

      42. @jimmyszeto Look at your own comments, I’m replying to those repeats with the same attitude. The story time was too impactful that caused someone to run to another thread in seek of help hahaha. Weak like a sloth looking for left over noodles haha. Pitiful. Hahahaha. These comments did well to educate you it seems. I remember someone copying the way I wrote and then particular words.

        I replied on the other thread that you started about the “brainwashing” part which I find only highlights some of the more pathetic and mental problems you have…. the obsessiveness you have – not with the topic which you have abandoned – but with me and my personal life. Hahaha. Don’t cry haha I know, it’s hard to admit that I’m “interesting” even though you vehemently denied it several times. But really, it’s time for you to find a therapist, or is it because there’s not enough budget for that? Daddy will cancel TVB and sell the TV to save up for the treatment for you 🙂 hahaha, yes self-designated “coward”, things are gloomy but can become a bit better with help. Sincerely hope your destroyed ego and whatever remnants you have left can rest in peace hahahahaha.

      43. @linda8765
        Family and personal attacks in long tedious rants hey..I guess you will just say ‘just having fun’ and all the excuses BS. Looks like you are hugely emotionally invested in this. I recommend you use that emotionally charged energy to do something more useful than think on how to write out your next long transcript of personal insults and attacks. Take a deep breath and calm down. Take a sip of water to cool down a bit…

      44. @jimmyszeto Hahaha, “long tedious rants” that people still read (AND reply)… because I guess it’s funny to see someone trying to reason that Kamikaze is a “victim” and “sacrificial”. And then try to drag me and make me a “victim” when I’m just a stranger to them. When the “excuses BS” combo comes up, all I can think of is some child threatening to “sue” hahahaha. For what? Idk, but as predicted… what was their excuse to withdraw this threat? And tell me “not to worry” hahahaha. Yes, “take a deep breath” and “sip of water to cool down”… to sue is out of somebody’s capabilities, should just “calm down” and realise where they stand in this world.

        “Personal insults and attacks.” Well said, who started it first with “manipulated products” and that they “don’t blame it on my upbringing”? ahahah. Ohhh brings back memories. Slap in the face for preaching but was the one who started it and use it consistently.

        What more, they can’t even maintain their original point from changing drastically… and still pretends they are ‘arguing’ the same point. Their end point is the point I have agreed all along (that my upbringing has shaped me to become who I am today, but I’m not a victim and not brainwashed ahaha).

        Well maybe for somebody it takes “emotionally charged energy” (those who just had their egos destroyed?) and brain space from their pea sized brain to “write out” “long transcripts”… it’s sad to think some people need to “write it out” on paper and transcribing it than just quickly typing and hitting ‘post comment’. Yes, different abilities lead to different productivity levels.

        I’m happy this is educational and finally somebody has seen what an essay looks like, I have noted the use of the word “transcript”. Not exactly the right word. Check it up sometime 🙂

      45. @linda8765
        Linda, if the police weren’t there, there will be no violence. Violence is not against people, not shops, there is not looting, violence is only against police who used excessive force against the general public.
        If you push me, I will push you back. Is that violence?

      46. @afan202 What made you think I have a PRC education? Haha lols. Miss the mark and doesn’t offend me at all, only highlights that the only method some people have (when on the losing end) is to personally attack without any basis. Hope it makes someone feel a bit better though. Probably needs it from their doomed and gloomy life. I laugh at statements like that though, it’s the product of their inability to win an argument which then manifests into ‘off the topic’ personal attacks and assumptions, typical of a sore loser.

        @afan202, if the police weren’t there – blocking traffic and train platforms by physically making a human wall and pushing/intimidating ordinary people from boarding, digging up concrete to use to throw at opposers, provoking violent physical/verbal abuse on suspected spies and Mainland tourists, and setting fire to the police station… all which happened without police interference. The rioters tie suspects up and beat them. Umm, not self defence.

        One rioter even chased a defenceless guy on a stretcher, who was on the way to the hospital still trying to hit him. Man… “if you push me, I will push back”? No, it’s more like “if you don’t support us, expect to be hit”.

        Violence was used against people, against property. It’s scares everyone. There is a thug like attitude amongst rioters, blocking commuters, smashing windows, booing those who don’t side with them. Violence should never be used. There is no way to justify that.

        Not even police who some people blindly see “used excessive force”, because they didn’t. Tear gas and rubber bullets are harsh? Welcome to America and something called real bullets. Somebody should try the violence these rioters have imposed in Hong Kong to America. Imagine doing a riot there and setting the police office on fire, I would only dream to be hit by tear gas and rubber bullets. haha.

      47. @afan202 By US/Western standards, the police ain’t acting with “excessive force”. Check out those protests in France that has been going on for awhile now (strangely it gets under-reported compared to HK). Anyway, no country would allow demonstrators/protesters to occupy/disrupt the operations of an entire airport. You think the US would allow what happened to HKIA to occur to JFK or Hartsfield Jackson? Nah…the National Guards would be called in to forcefully clear everyone out.

      48. @pocky i honestly think HK police arent the best trained for protests. When they used tear gas during peaceful protests, they received criticism from HKers & the international community. I agree that occupying an airport for DAYS wouldnt be allowed in the US because of US police force. Maybe HK police was trying to not create more tension between police & protesters by using excessive force

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