Huang Xiaoming Suffers Heart Palpitations From Rapid Weight Loss

Requested by the director of his film The Man With the Wig <戴假髮的人> to shed 33 pounds within a short time for his role, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) continues to suffer periodic side effects due to the rapid weight loss.

While praised for his youthful appearance post weight loss, Xiaoming had resorted to all types of intermittent fasting and tried digestive enzymes to drop weight quickly for the film. However, these are now causing side effects now such as gastric discomfort as well as occasional heart palpitations. Describing these as “rather painful,” the 43-year-old warned the audience against imitating his dieting behaviors.

During the filming period earlier, director Dong Yue (董越) had shared online about Huang Xiaoming’s discomfort on set as the actor had to fast on top of  enduring overnight filming schedules. Apparently, the 43 year-old had requested a few minutes’ rest from the director when he felt unwell on set.

Source: HK01

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  1. This is literally sacrificing health for work. I remember my teacher taught us a saying once, something along the line of “Men sacrifice their health to find money in their first half of their lives, only to use the money to find their health back in the latter half.”

  2. at the first glance that i saw HXM and Heart Palpitations, i immediately thought of his weight loss as the culprit before finishing off reading rest of the title.

  3. i suggest him to just try weight lifting instead of trying all these methods to stay thin. chinese boys are too thin nowadays and always obsessed w/ losing more weight. looking at my chuang boys, they are getting thinner by the day

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