Jacqueline Wong Finally Updates IG After 7 Months of Silence

After seven months of complete silence, controversial star Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) finally updates her Instagram account with a new post.

In April 2019, Jacqueline came under heavy media and public scrutiny following a leaked dash cam clip featuring her and singer Andy Hui (許志安) being intimate inside a taxi. The scandal was big enough to nearly end both of their entertainment careers. Andy is now on an indefinite hiatus, and Jacqueline herself is “banished” from the industry; her new TVB drama Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>, which had already completed filming, had to be re-shot with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) replacing Jacqueline’s role.

The TVB drama Finding Her Voice <牛下女高音> was also said to have been shelved, its broadcast date left in the air. Fortunately, TVB eventually decided to lift its ban on Jacqueline and release it as 2019’s anniversary drama. Also starring Owen Cheung (張振朗) and a team of famous veteran stars, Finding Her Voice has five more episodes left to air.

As it is near the drama’s finale, Jacqueline has finally decided to break her long social media silence, and update her Instagram with a new post.

The new post was a simple photo of her stack of Finding Her Voice screenplays. She said, “From going through the stages of being shelved, to rumors of getting reshot, then to canceling that decision, and then to becoming anniversary drama, I have many feelings for Finding Her Voice. Besides feeling happy that we get to enjoy the release in its original form, I also feel compelled to say that what I feel the most is fear. I was very scared. I was scared that I would affect the performance of Finding. I was scared that I would waste everyone’s efforts. Now, there are only five episodes left, and I truly want to thank to those who has given Finding a chance. I also want to thank you guys, the viewers, and especially the team and my costars for their understanding. I wish everyone well.”

Jacqueline also updated her IG display picture, featuring Jacqueline staring off at the distance with a bird flying in the background. What is the hidden meaning? Does Jacqueline wish for freedom?

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She may may a comeback if tvb decides to give her opportunity. Like Joel Chan when he came back after getting dumped. But I don’t know what kind of relationship she will need to have with tvb to get that. Btw, I never understood why tvb gave Joel another chance. Joel Chan at least had good acting talents and looks… I don’t know what she can sell to the audience other than her tarnished image

    1. I am guessing she’s testing out the water with her IG post. It’ll be interesting to see what it would take for TVB to give her another chance. If TVB would want to take a chance in pissing Sammi off. Shirley Yeung still hasn’t quite managed to make a comeback on TVB, and she didn’t cheat with a married man, the husband of a famous celebrity.

    2. @m0m0 Joel got lucky because he had producer Lee Tim Sing in his corner…I remember Joel saying in an interview that it was actually Tim Gor who gave him the comeback opportunity by vouching for his talent and casting him in his next series (and with Tim Gor’s clout, TVB essentially didn’t have a say in the matter)…and yes, Joel at least does have acting talent and was a pretty solid actor before the scandal, so TVB letting Tim Gor take that gamble made sense.

      Jacqueline, on the other hand, has none of the above, plus in a way, her scandal was a lot bigger in scope/scale considering how famous the other parties are, so to me, it doesn’t make much sense why TVB would take the risk. The only thing I can think of is perhaps TVB is desperate given their massive talent drain over the years, plus the current unstable situation in HK right now, so they are willing to gamble on just about anyone…(of course, this is IF Jacqueline is actually even trying to make a comeback…for all we know she might not even be interested in returning to the industry after everything that’s happened).

  2. @aidenchan
    Shirley yeung wasn’t on the rise when everything happened. I think she only lead one drama in tvb and was in decline. I think Shirley had a similar image though. Jacqueline was on the rise (although I am not exactly sure why) Jacqueline has better connections, so that’s why I think if tvb chooses to promote her, we will still continue to see her whether we like it or not.

    1. @m0m0 Yup, agreed…Shirley’s and Jacqueline’s situations had some similarities, but still not a good comparison because at the end of the day, it boils down to who they chose to cheat with….Shirley could still bounce back because the people involved were virtual nobodies for one and two, she had enough sense not to get involved with a married man, so the scandal was able to be contained to a much smaller scale…sure, she handled the aftermath poorly just like Jacqueline did, but the damage that was done was mostly to her own image…her career at TVB was affected, but in the overall entertainment industry, not as much. Jacqueline, on the other hand, basically committed career suicide with what she did….if she were a big name to begin with, then most likely she would’ve been able to bounce back easily, since connections alone can do wonders in this industry…but she is a small potato actress who got in way over her head with people 100x more famous than her and whose connections go beyond what she will ever be able to understand.

      One thing I do agree with though is that it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Personally, I think the media is grasping at straws where Jacqueline is concerned, as the way her IG post was worded, it could mean anything (not necessarily a comeback)….now if she continues posting again AFTER her series finishes airing, then that might be a better indication of something more…for now, I wouldn’t read too much into it….

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