Jacqueline Wong Wants to Move On from Cheating Scandal

The actress wants to “move on” and has “yet to think about” her future career plans.

On December 14, Jacqueline Wong (黄心颖) appeared at the Hong Kong airport in a gray coat and black cap. It has been eight months since Jacqueline disappeared from the public eye after her cheating scandal. In April this year, singer Andy Hui (許志安) was caught cheating on his wife Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) when he was secretly filmed kissing and fondling Jacqueline inside a taxi.

Living in Los Angeles over the past few months to avoid public outcry, Jacqueline was spotted at the Hong Kong airport yesterday. She was awaited by over ten media outlets at the airport. Jacqueline’s sister, Scarlett Wong (黄心美), who is also a TVB actress had requested her manager to pick Jacqueline up at the airport.

Already in tears during her interview, Jacqueline said, “I should move on, and look forward, whether it is what I feel like saying or want to say, I have done so both publicly and in private. I will not respond to this matter again. This time I am back to be with my family.”

When asked about her career plans in the future, Jacqueline emphasized that she is back this time to meet her family. When questioned again if she will remain in the entertainment circle or change careers, she replied that she has not thought about it, and will have time in the future to contemplate the matter.

As for whether she has contacted Andy, she answered that she will not respond, and clarified that she has not changed her name, nor has she switched jobs, and has yet to think about her career.

Source: Netease

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t know how she can move on from being a home wrecker — she still hasn’t publicly apologized to Sammi.

    Also, she’d do everyone a big ass favour by going away and never coming back. Every time she comes back, she incites a big media presence. It’s hurtful to Sammi who keeps having to eat her sh-t.

    But I suppose Jacqueline can’t stay away cause she’s such a fame whore. She could’ve easily gone out the back tunnel but she had to have reporters greet her.

  2. I don’t know how she can move on from being a home wrecker — she still hasn’t publicly apologized to Sammi.

    Also, she’d do everyone a big ass favour by going away and never coming back. Every time she comes back, she incites a big media presence. It’s hurtful to Sammi who keeps having to eat her sh-t.

    But I suppose Jacqueline can’t stay away cause she’s such a fame whore. She could’ve easily gone out the back tunnel but she had to have reporters greet her.

  3. I don’t know how she can move on from being a home wrecker — she still hasn’t publicly apologized to Sammi.

    Also, she’d do everyone a big ass favour by going away and never coming back. Every time she comes back, she incites a big media presence. It’s hurtful to Sammi who keeps having to eat her sh-t.

    But I suppose Jacqueline can’t stay away cause she’s such a fame whore. She could’ve easily gone out the back tunnel but she had to have reporters greet her.

  4. What a piece of trash human being. The entire interview is about herself. No apologies to Sammi Cheng nor to anyone else directly and indirectly involved. No apologies for her wrongdoing. I bet she still feels like she did nothing wrong.

    I won’t be surprised if TVB set this up as a publicity stunt to test how the public would react. After all there is a huge talent drain at TVB at the moment.

    I’m pretty certain if Jacqueline wanted to arrive in HK without the paparazzi she could. Like others have suggested, it seems like she’s in on it to test the water along with TVB.

    1. @anon I agree, had she wanted to quietly slipped in and out of HK, she could have easily done so, but she arrived with at least 10 media outlets waiting.

    2. @anon I agree about TVB testing the waters as I am sure they have clauses in their contracts about situations like this and they would fire her. However with TVB lacking any actors I think they would hope that people will forget. I think her biggest mistake after being exposed is not coming out immediately to apologise. But Andy Hui did it and his face has not been seen other than accidental by a posting from his wife of his reflection on the mirror. It probably hasn’t helped her either that the fact that Sammi has not addressed this nor has she really reacted to this in public as truly i think she just wanted to deal with this privately. With all the posting of IG and holidays after the concerts, I am positively sure that Andy Hui was with her as a lot of the photos were of his close friends and their families. I am not standing up for either of them, but who doesn’t make mistakes and what people need to remember is it is him who is married and just because someone peruses you it doesn’t mean you need to accept the invitation. He has learnt a huge personal lesson and damaged his career, which is a total shame as he is talented and he gambled on it and this is the end result of all the hard work. As for Jacqueline, she is young and she will bounce back in her social life, but as for career wise it maybe still too soon. As Hong Kong people to an extent are still quite reserved and these types of situations is a big thing to them.

      1. @shorts
        I think this is perfect timing! A couple of years would have been too late and Jacqueline would be totally forgotten just like any other crap actress that has left. If she hung around after the scandal, she would have been finished with all the lingering fury. Now she has found the right timing. I hope we as the audience all do not accept her so she will be forced to disappear from TV and move onto to club functions instead. We don’t have to give her a chance because she is not talented and not needed. Who cares where she goes to make her living….

  5. very cheap girl plays the victim card suddenly… I can’t stand her she should just switch career

    1. @aidenchan
      Oh I am so with u. This girl that s shameless. U could tell the crying was not genuine. So fake and why would anyone know if she didn’t leak the news that she’s back in Hk. This woman’s got thick skin.

  6. If her career can be salvage, she will be very thankful, gladful and happy for d HK political unrest to happen. Making use of the potilical unstability for her own opportunity. Speechless.

    1. @jlyl
      That is why I said Jacqueline is super super lucky. She should thank the current turmoil in Hong Kong, which has made people forget about her scandal and ugly cheating news.

      1. @orchid123 Exactly, hope d HK-er see what we see, when they remember d turmoil, they should remember this JW is grabbing this opportunity to salvage her career. Indeed, of sharing d pain n sentiment as a HK-er, she used it for her gain.

  7. I rather she just say ” I just want yo celebrate holiday with my family and walk away” instead of shedding those crocodile tears- she pulled a raymond lam. Ugh

  8. How come people still can travel to Hong Kong? I thought it’s a big mess and everything is being destroyed.

  9. She went to great lengths to avoid the press when she left HK. If she was truly back for her family and nothing else, she could’ve returned the same way —unnoticed.

    The cynic in me can’t help but wonder how long she rehearsed her airport crying scene. No remorse whatsoever. She’s only sorry she got caught.

  10. Had she not played such a “victim” card in this set-up by her self orchestrated media spiel, and with time, she MIGHT have been “forgiven”. She is 30 years old, She wasn’t conned by a more savvy older man. Looking at this now, anyone could be forgiven to think she did the conning and that stupid man walked into it. And WHY (pray) did she come back in the holiday/festive/tumultuous times to “join” her family. If she didn’t want to return to the entertainment field, would she return to Hong Kong? And when she keeps stressing SHE wants to move on, it sounds like she mean “can you guys move on?” sheesh

    1. @noodlez yup, the response of someone who is spoiled and used to getting her way…even her recent post of “life is short…do what you want..bla bla bla” shows no remorse or shame for what she did, with no regard for any consequences on others.

  11. Not surprised at all Jacqueline is back!. It’s a no brainer to stick to the HK entertainment industry. Even if she got 5% of her previous offers and endorsements, she will still earn much more than the average human. It’s lazy and easy. This is not grafting and reflecting on her mistakes. This is hiding from the limelight and finding the perfect time to come back…..

      1. @m0m0
        Both are suitable. Easy money rather than toil in the US for peanuts. Could do a Shirley Yeung and quietly go to crappy events and earn money probably in China. These people cannot cope with real hard work…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      “Even if she got 5% of her previous offers and endorsements, she will still earn much more than the average human. It’s lazy and easy.” …………………. 100% agreed.

      Who makes that kind of money as a professional? Not even a medical doctor in Hong Kong/USA/Canada. If she is not accepted by TVB, there are other TV stations, like VirTV, to take her. Why not? If she stays and works in the States, she will probably have to take a very simple life. She loves to buy designers’ stuffs and live luxuriously. The easiest and best way is to stay in Hong Kong and work as an artiste.

  12. Why does she have to slip some english in her speech ? So she looks like a chill girl who grew up abroad and has different culture and behavior ? I’m sorry, I’m Canadian and we do not cheat with married men, no matter how friendly or whatever chill we are.

    1. @thht She’s not the only one who loves to slip English on her communications. Look at Linda Chung esp during her wedding and when she first came back. Her other friends @ V group do not slip it in like that.

  13. FAKE ASS TEARS…..she will always continue to lurk and flirt with men liked her dont knwo whats so popular about her in the 1st place

  14. We can all agree that Jacqueline’s a rebel. But, what a lot of the public doesn’t know is that there has always been an ‘open relationship’ (I cringe as I type these two words) between Sammi and Andy. The insiders are all aware of this. But things were getting too out of hand between Andy and Jacqueline and was making Sammi ‘lose face’ amongst her friends. Hence the set up of the Taxi incident… to ‘expose’ Andy and Jacqueline, to shame her and make her back off. The truth behind why Jacqueline never publicly apologized to Sammi is because she knows Sammi and her friends are behind this whole Taxi incident. I’m not making excuses for J.. what she did is wrong. I’m only explaining why J doesn’t feel remorse and the need to apologize when Sammi knew all along what was going on and Sammi and her friends were the one that exposed her.

    1. @moseenaddict Yes, I think some Taiwanese or China TV outlet that speculates the very same thing. Not sure if it’s only speculations or it was indeed the truth. That woman was so funny when she said it too. This legendary singer who was w/him for so long and you had no idea the guy sleeping next to you is not being faithful she said no woman is that stupid. haha Lol…..

    2. @moseenaddict if Jacqueline & Andy were making Sammi lose face, then wouldnt exposing the scandal make everything worse? Do you really think the taxi was a set up? Jacqueline isnt the only one who suffered consequences; so did Andy. If Sammi really set this up to hurt her husband, then that’s pretty messed up, which I dont think she did.

      1. @luye Both Sammi and Andy are having affairs (sorry Sammi fans). Sammi is not exposed because she keeps a very low profile. Andy has always kept a low profile too, and Jacqueline is not the first, but just this #%&$^ Jacqueline was too flirtatious and too ‘open’ about things which caused Sammi and mainly her friends in the industry to become very upset with J. Sammi’s friends wanted to kick J out of the industry and away from Andy and other men. Note, Andy is not the only man J openly flirts with. Sammi was not the director of this incident. Sammi did come out and try to ‘save’ Andy by saying she forgives him etc etc… but Sammi never mentioned J.. just as J never mentioned Sammi. J doesn’t feel the need to apologize to Sammi cuz J knows Sammi knows about it and it was Sammi and her friends that caused all this. TVB also knows of this, that’s why they haven’t kicked J out completely and are still airing her dramas. If Sammi was really ‘that innocent’ and J did this to such a legendary celebrity, TVB would’ve frozen J long ago.
        Anyways, I was only answering the question as to why J never publicly apologized to Sammi…

  15. What is an open relationship? Some (actively or tacitly) tell / imply to their spouse they want (don’t want) to know if their partners have an affair. As a long married person, I assure you this type of conversation goes on amongst married ppl. All our friends talk about this issue openly. So what more when they are celebrities? However this does not mean it’s a signal to the spouse it’s a open relationship. Nobody in this world wants to be Sammi Cheng from the betrayal, shame and hurt she went through. And the world watching her. So no. I don’t believe for once, she would have explicity agreed to an open relationship. She probably had alot of trust in Andy so he can just goes around doing his own biz. This is for every marriage. No one can or should control or monitor another person 24×7. He still has his own choice over which she can do nothing. Leave the marriage or try to save it. Who knows the ending to this story? But so far. From every relationship I have ever seen when this happens. The husband has never left. Conversely, it is the wife who will do the walking; whether she is the victim or the perpetrator!

    1. @noodlez agree. Open relationship or whatnot, at the end of the day, he is a married man and JC went after a married man. Period. It’s not an excuse. In fact, it is such a poor excuse used by those who are trying to excuse JC and trying to shift the blame to Sammi. Shame on those people. Actually, these are the very same people who are actually kind of sided with JC from day one. Can even check their previous posts on the articles related to JC and see where they are coming from.

      Even if Sammi is behind it.. then what? Can you blame her to exposed their cheating? Lol. Hello, it’s not like she made it up. It is a fact these two are cheaters. And lastly, funny that someone even brought up about fact truth that we never know.. what truth? Truth is that these two were cheating and there is a video for you all to see but you guys are still trying to play conspiracy theories that aren’t even fact. 🙂

      1. @nicex
        Sammi is a legendary celebrity. I don’t think she wanted to expose her husband’s cheating to the whole world if she had a better choice to end it. I feel sorry for Sammi no matter what she did in this incident.

        You are right in saying that Jacqueline Wong stole Sammi’s husband. She did not have to if she had a better moral sense. She almost ruined Sammi’s marriage.

      2. @noodlez @nicex y’know the definition of an open relationship is that both husband and wife can openly have affairs outside their relationship and it wouldn’t be considered cheating, right? even if JW enters into a relationship with AH (a married man), it’s not considered immoral because all parties accept each other. it is only considered unethical if someone’s been kept in the dark.

        no one is blaming sammi, but if there is an open relationship, then she shouldn’t be blaming anyone either. and neither should her fans. because all of this was consensual. and of course she wouldn’t want the whole world to know. that would ruin all of their image and career. society won’t look favorably on relationships like this, as exhibited by numerous people on this website alone.

      3. IF Sammi and Andy agreed to an open relationship, then it doesn’t matter that they are married; they are free to date other people. Then the only one who cheated is JW – unless she and Kenneth had an open relationship also, in which case no one cheated and all of this is just a big nothing.

        Also, I don’t see the need to feel bad for Sammi. IF they have an open relationship, that means both sides agreed to the arrangement – in other words, both parties want to be married to each other and date other people. Maybe we just haven’t found out about Sammi’s secret relationships yet.

      4. @redbean Exactly, Redbean. Sammi and her friends have kept her underground private life pretty private so far. Andy should’ve kept a lower profile with JW, then it would not have upset Sammi and her friends and this would never have been revealed. But stupid JW was going over board and flaunting too much with Andy.. even at points where it was in front of Sammi and it made her lose face and feel stupid.
        Kenneth Ma.. if anyone deserves sympathy it would be him. TVB wanted to promote JW but needed to give her a more ‘wholesome’ personality, hence they set her up as a couple with Kenneth. Both JW and Kenneth agreed to being an onscreen couple. Kenneth never liked JW, not his type. That’s why he was so chill after the incident and even able to speak up on her behalf. He really was not hurt by her at all.

      5. @moseenaddict
        I never think Kenneth Ma was crazy about Jacqueline Wong. Agreed that she is not his type of girl. Jacqueline loves expensive things and wants to live a luxurious life. She is an aggressive, ambitious and high-profiled girl, while Kenneth is a simple, down-to-earth and boring guy. Kenneth’s interests are sports (esp. soccer games) and playing games at home. If the couple’s relationship and image were set up by TVB, what made Kenneth take her on trips to Europe and buy her expensive designers’ goods?

        Anyway, agreed that Kenneth Ma did not seem to be that hurt once he found out about Jacqueline’s cheating with Andy Hui. If he really loved Jacqueline, he would have been heart-broken.

      6. @moseenaddict

        i have said from the beginning that it was very abnormal how kenneth didn’t react to the cheating at all. but most people glossed over this by saying he has very high eq. i thought that might be possible, except what you’re saying now resonates with the situation so much more. i am interested in how you learned all this.

        when that ex-mr. hk came out and defended JW, i thought what he said made a lot of sense, too, because sammi and jw never spoke of one another. initially i thought they were just trying to keep the fiasco as low profile as possible, but that was very gracious of sammi. however, with how devout sammi is, i don’t think it’s easy for her to accept extra-marital affairs, so that makes me not understand her and AH’s open relationship status.

      7. @coralie Let’s just say, at this point in his life, Kenneth Ma has become a very ‘realistic’ man. If playing a couple with JW doesn’t hurt anyone, and he can make a few extra $$ and be favored more by TVB, he will do it. It’s been a long long time since Kenneth had a love interest, so as long as he is a single man, he wants to put money as his priority. Once JW got caught with Andy, Kenneth removed himself from her in a very honorable way – defended her a bit, and then stated that they are still friends. Bottom line – he could care less about her.
        As I mentioned, the insiders in the industry knows the truth – Sammi and her friends were out to get JW kicked out of the industry. Mr Ex HK knew about it too and he opened his big mouth. No one else in the industry would talk about this because it involves legendary idol Sammi, and her ‘powerful’ friends. No one wants to step on anyone else’s toes. It’s difficult to explain Sammi and Andy’s relationship.. cuz it’s a long one and a complicated one. So, I’m not gunna go there LOL

  16. Not condoning jw’s behaviour but it takes two to have an affair. At the end of the day, Andy is the one that is married. Not jw. Once again, not condoning what she did. But I’m puzzled as to why Chinese culture is so harsh on women in these situations. It’s like women are 2nd class citizens. So glad to be born and raised in Canada.

  17. This entire story sounds like a TVB drama. But, everything is possible. If it’s true, why do Sammi and Andy got married when they want an open relationship?

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