Kenneth Ma’s Mom’s Reaction to Jacqueline Wong Cheating

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has yet to respond to Jacqueline Wong‘s (黃心穎) cheating scandal with the married Andy Hui (許志安). Dating for over two years, the pair’s relationship is a well-known secret in the entertainment industry and they’ve also met each other’s families already. Thus, it came as a big surprise when the actress was caught cuddling and kissing Andy in a taxi. While hot commodity Kenneth chose to stay silent during this time, his mom accepted an interview from reporters waiting outside her residence.

The stunned mother frankly shared she was unaware about the incident and expressed the last time she saw Jacqueline was during Chinese New Year. In fact, she’s only seen the actress several times in the past when Kenneth brought her over for dinner on his days off. She added that her impression of Jacqueline was ordinary – she neither liked nor disliked the 30-year-old. When asked if the couple is in a stable relationship, she expressed she’s not one to inquire about the two’s relationship.

“Let’s say this – I don’t meddle in the kids’ business. If they’re suitable for each other and want to get married, they can tell me but they have not mentioned it,” Kenneth’s mom said.

As to whether or not she’s disappointed in her potential future daughter-in-law, she said, “I think I will let them deal with it themselves because I typically don’t get involved in this kind of stuff.”

She also revealed Kenneth is at home. “He’s fine. He’s watching a game and said he has to go to work later. I don’t know [if I should be worried] since I haven’t confirmed it,” the actor’s mom said.

Source: Oncc

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  1. Kenneth Ma’s mother was so nice and adequate in her interview with the reporters. She left everything to the couple to solve their issues and did not want to voice her own personal opinions. After all, Kenneth is a mature adult.

  2. Her response was very kind and appropriate. I hope reporters leave her alone. She is an elderly woman and shouldn’t be bothered because of other people’s mistakes. Wish the best for the Ma family. Glad to hear Kenneth is doing fine.

  3. Agree with the rest – Mrs Ma has handled the questions well. The press however,should leave her and his family (and similarly Sammi’s) alone.

  4. tvb is absolutely ridiculous, being kenneth’s management company, they still have the audacity to go bother his mother?? totally unacceptable!! kenneth is also one of tvb’s top male artistes yet they are so disrespectful to his mother. honestly if it was the media alone it’d be fine, but for tvb to live this on big big channel and have their reporter go and question her is over the top. just because they want hit rates does not mean they can go and bother people like that. tvb’s actions absolutely sickens me. but good job to kenneth’s mother, she was very good and kind with her comments and gave privacy to kenneth. god bless her.

  5. The mother probably was ambushed by the paps. I find her replies, if correctly translated as cold. I mean I thought they were close, have vacationed or met many times, it turns out not many times, not that close. I find her reaction to this betrayal rather cool. Maybe she never liked her. As for Kenneth, now I am worried, Watch game? Hiding away? Clearly in denial?

    Anyway for all his big talk and porn talk my impression of Kenneth is he is actually a decently boring good guy. That type one would like to marry but may find boring once in a while. It isn’t his fault. It is jacqueline’s fault. I think he is thinking things thru. Forgive or not forgive? Leave or not leave? Frankly if I got a guy like him, I won’t do stupid stuff and let him go. Jacqueline has missed out on a good guy, unless Kenneth is revealed to be the Seungri type, then I really do give up.

    Nancy Wu still single? Now’s her chance.

    1. @funnlim well, cold/cool is the best way to portray atm for Kenneth’s mom. This way they can stop harass her and the family on this matter. Also maybe Kenneth thinks they are GF and BF, but in fact they are not exactly? I’m not trying to support JW, it’s just some people are not clear of their relationship, and so one party can assume this and the other assume that. I do hope Kenneth is ok, and move on fine, because she’s not worth it. Whatever he does, do not take her back is all I ask for. Poor mother, have to witness and be tangled in her son’s love life just because her son got involved with a wrong girl.

  6. Kenneth is very filial to his mom. I feel he will be unhappy that paps went to interview her while she was going shopping and showed her the clip of that vulgar stuff.

  7. Why bother celebrities family? Poor lady wasn’t all prepared and she still maintain a slight smile in front of the reporters. Respect.

  8. The taxi driver made a killing selling the video!!
    All in a night’s work….
    They are too drunk to trace him…

  9. Kenneth Ma’s mother was very classy in handing the reporters and this incident. Lots of celebrities’ mothers would be rude and mean to the reporters, or they would refuse to have any interviews.

  10. The press should leave her alone really. But she was obviously trained to give this response. They are perfectly written for her to say. Just leave her alone, media won’t get a reaction from her anyways which was what they were after.

  11. If the reporters really need to find someone’s mother to harass, they should go to Jacqueline or Andy’s mother……

  12. That’s right why bother Mrs. Ma? Should have go knock on Jacqueline or Andy family members doors or follow them on the street like they did to Mrs. Ma see if they can handle all their situation.

  13. very well handled. either she’s got high eq or she was instructed to do so but regardless, good HR.

  14. Kenneth Ma’s statement to reporters is also very classy. He’s very protective of his family. Listen to his tone changes. He was calm when he talks about the affair. But, when he asked the reporters no to bother his family, his tone became stern and firm. You can feel some anger in there too.

  15. Kenneth’s answers to the reporters were very calm and classy, but the forced laughter breaks my heart. Hang in there Kenneth!

  16. Thanks for the link to Kenneth’s reply. As I suspected, he is playing it calm to diffuse the situation FOR her. He is a true gentleman. I don’t care what their so called true status of relationship is, I think I can safely say they were actively dating when she obviously cheated on him not only once with a very married man who obviously cheated on his wife not only once. I find Kenneth’s answer to be too diplomatic. I don’t expect him to cry or be angry since he probably was so shocked in private and was angry in private. But I can’t believe he became her spokesperson and justifying her actions as “she is young and she has long road ahead of her”. She is already 30 years old. She knew what she was doing. Don’t make her out as some doe eyed virginal girl who made her very 1st mistake. Kenneth, that green hat has covered your entire head as chinese saying goes. So I find this statement very telling of kenneth as a person. 1. it was a prepared rehearsed speech by TVB 2. he himself doesn’t have the heart to be mean to anyone in public 3. that part when he said he was very angry at first was perhaps his most honest statement apart from refusing to call JW by her name and referring to her as SHE or HER. In other words, he is very angry but he had to be diplomatic for image wise. Frankly when he said he had no right to comment etc etc I feel no, he is wrong. He may not be married to JW, why should his hurt be any less than a woman such a Sammi? Men can hurt too. Nowhere did he mention they are over but I think even if he doesn’t want to, his parents will probably tell JW to get lost. As for the part about Company is afraid for JW’s mental health and so decided it was best she doesn’t make any public statement yes, well that’s TVB telling Kenneth to say that because that is total BS. Why is it when someone did something terrible, no statement is made and mental health becomes an issue? Well, she got caught. If she wasn’t caught, she would still be kissing and fondling Andy happily somewhere. She got caught and now she can’t face the public in this scandal storm because it is absolute humiliation as well as identifying her as a villain. The longer she hides the worse it is. She should do the Andy way, go public, say sorry, hide away for a few years and self reflect.

    Sammi has yet to say anything, probably too heart broken and very humiliated. It is of course easier for a man to come out and make statements but in Kenneth’s case, again it is a very measured way of speaking, controlled as well but he betrayed his own calmness with some choice of words and his over exagerated mouth movements. In short, he too is shocked and hurt.

    For me, Andy can go away for all I care. He is in his 50s with enough stashed away for retirement and some business and enough of connections to survive. JW is in a precarious situation since she is on the rise and now not only is she hit by the scandal of cheating on her boyfriend who basically has a clean adorkable image and with a married man with a devoted wife, she is also pretending and doing all that whilst being friends with the man’s wife AND also cussing up a storm and is not ladylike AND she was the one all over Andy AND just not long ago she is supposedly deeply in love with Kenneth etc etc etc. I just want her to hide away and disappear. I feel very disappointed with these 2.

    As for kenneth, he will rebound. With this statement and when his anger abates, he will probably realise he can do better. Maybe he will find his Aimee Chan, who knows eh?

    1. @funnlim Oh JW responded …

      by giving a written statement. Coward. And needs to get company to tell her how to respond? Like how about the truth. How is there not to respond? Unless she says they broke up before that, she was very drunk, she was not a human being or just borrow any of what Andy said.

      And this article i eskewed…

      It focuses more on laws preventing cameras inside cabs or to notify passengers of having a camera inside. Why cabs have that is obvious. To protect themselves by recording problematic passengers. of course the cabbie was not ethical in selling the video but was it a crime? I don’t think so. The right to privacy does not include any acts carried out in front of total strangers in a public place. You do at your own peril. I think taxi is a public place. Grab, uber etc the same. So don;t go changing clothes inside the car unless after being warned you still chose to do so, you do it at your own peril. Of course the cabbie could have said hello I have cameras in here. But what the cabbie revealed is truth.

    2. @funnlim I agreed. Jacqueline’s career is definitely over. She’s too much of a nobody to bounce back from something like this.

      Funny thing I noticed when watching Come Home Love today, even the theme song that was sung by her was removed and replaced with a piano melody. Even though TVB said that they’re giving Jacqueline sometimes to rest, TVB is not known for being so nice. I think they’re scraping everything that she was in to do some damage control. Forensic Heros 4 is definitely a goner, which is such a shame because it’s Selena Li’s last series with TVB

      1. @iciel Some clever editing will save FH4 or refilm those scenes. Or just release it. I won;t avoid FH4 because of her.

      2. @iciel The articles out today are saying that TVB cut Jacqueline’s CHL song because netizens complained and threatened to boycott the show. TVB could very well have been already intending to do it but netizens got to it first? Either way, Jacqueline is definitely done for…

    3. @funnlim Totally agree with you! Men can hurt too! my mommy told me during her reunion with her uni mates this #loosewoman #vixen #homewrecker slept with married man before though just that they got away. so there you go, nobody is lucky forever

  17. The one thing I really dislike right now is people commenting on JW’s cussing. Talk about her behavior, her morals, her actions or her cheating. Don’t talk about her cussing. That’s so BS. Cussing/swearing is very normal for most parts of the world to express themselves verbally. It doesn’t mean someone’s vulgar for using swear words. If they say it in every sentence, we might have a problem. But swearing a few words isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t make someone crass.

    1. @coralie haha yea, typical Asian, must speak ladylike, no cussing. Funny thing I used to have a uni friend who put F in every 3rd words, and I like her, because she says things the way it is, no sugarcoating. She makes me laugh at the way she speak lol. Do t ask me why but I find her insert F every 3rd words pretty funny (or regular enough in 1 sentence anyway)

      1. @littlefish Yes, I never find it odd w/adults cursing whether it’s male or female. It’s normal to me. lol….Although, there are people who prefer NOT to curse due to their personalities/religion probably and I say go for it. Do whatever you like it’s your perogative really. I would not judge any female who curses. My sis does not like cursing because to her it’s unladylike and she’s a teacher so she’s all righteous and try to be a better role model which I respect. Everyone is different we shouldn’t judge anyone who curses as I don’t think cursing dictates anyone’s character. It does contributes it more of a slightly loose woman in this case as she’s w/2 older dudes and she came on so strong w/the married dude people will automatically think she’s trash w/the way you behaved and talked.

      2. @littlefish i think too much swearing makes it annoying. too much of something is excess and that can get old, fast. but true, most people who swear a lot tend to be pretty straightforward, honest people (like jessi from Korea.)

        @megamiaow i used to be one of those kids you mentioned that people could never imagine swearing, ’cause i never did. but what i said in my head is another story lol. now i don’t have reservations about swearing when i’m frustrated, but people start judging you as adults. wtheck is that lol.

    2. @coralie True. It doesnt make you a bad character because you swear, and its so common these days that will make most the world bad people. Theres definitely fewer people in the world who never swear than people who do.

      Everyone likes to think feminine girls shouldnt swear because it doesn’t physically fit the profile though. I forever get people wrongly assuming I dont, even if I have used it to their faces. Its always that shocked face, “Ive never heard you swear before!!”. They hear it a lot more after that lol

  18. well how does the public expect Kenneth to respond? Cry and beat his chest? Of cos he has to respond the way he did, be the gentleman and let people see that he’s trying to protect her, it’s all PR. Given the situation where he is being ridiculed for wearing a green hat, he might as well make the best out of a bad situation and score some brownie points by portraying himself as magnanimous. However he seems strangely too nonchalant which gives me the impression that all he said was very well rehearsed which may very well be the case. Anyways although he and Jacqueline have been linked, i was never under the impression that they’re in love or are real bf/gf, there’s something fishy in their relationship. So i won’t be surprised if these 2 were never an item, hence Kenneth can respond in such a detached cool manner. The only time i can feel his genuine emotions was when he implored the media not to harass his family.

    1. @passingby2 Yes, Kenneth’s response was most likely rehearsed, but still way better response than Jacqueline’s cowardly fluff apology on IG and Andy’s laughably fake crying at that press con. But you definitely have a point about Kenneth and Jacqueline’s relationship being fishy in the first place — while I don’t think it was a fake relationship created for PR purposes only, I do think that perhaps it wasn’t one of those relationships borne out of love…like maybe Jacqueline pursued him and he wasn’t attached to anyone and figured oh she seems like a nice girl, why not…kind of similar to Natalie Tong and Tony Hung back when they were still a couple — two people who always seemed completely incompatible, no chemistry, never showed any affection or anything other than polite acknowledgement in public, etc. Maybe that’s why the thing with Andy happened — Jacqueline probably realized Kenneth is a boring, bland ordinary guy who cares more about working and being with his family than out partying (which isn’t a bad thing actually) but instead of breaking up with him (since at the end of the day, being attached to Kenneth does benefit her), she continues to string him along while getting her thrills elsewhere…

      1. @llwy12 honestly if the #loosewoman #vixen Jacqueline wants to get her thrills she could have gone to non attached and non married men right? I guess she does not mind her future partner cheats on her in time to come (you play yours I play mind-kind of thing) and she does not mind perhaps her future daughter sleeps with married men in future, or son in law cheats on her daughter. She just does not believe in karma perhaps

  19. Unfair to approach Kenneth’s mother in the streets about this. She was right to say she doesnt get involved in the young peoples relationship. But still unfair to do this, shame on the media. Also Kenneth was very grown up and mature with is interview and probably the only thing he can do. It looks obvious that he does truely love her, whether she deserves that love is questionable, but that for them both to workout. He was great on the fact that he said he was not angry anymore but move towards being worried about her now and hoped the incident will just blow over and let things move on. How many people would say that after your gf has been caught with another man and a married man, then all he wants to do is to protect her. Whether this is management that has asked him to to this who knows, but I guess we will see in the future. Some people say he is bland and boring. How do we know, what because thats the way he looks??? Could it not be that Jacquline needs to grow up and stop all this partying and probably love the fact she is apart of a popular set. Either way through bad judgement, there are many people hurt and disappointed, which is never nice!

    1. @shorty I’m not dissing KM but he himself claimed to be boring and mot-tot lol. That’s why I originally thought both odd and impress that he and JW got together. They seem opposite and as they say, opposite attracts (obviously the attraction wasn’t for that long in this case.) JW is barely 30, her partying days are long from over if she’s indeed a party girl. I mean look at Andy, 50s and still think with between his legs. Meh.

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